Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool

On hot summer days, there’s nothing better than having a pool in your backyard. Some might think it’s an impossible dream because their yard is too small.

Or maybe they have memories of their parents complaining about putting up an above ground pool in their yard when they were kids. If you haven’t seen an above-ground pool since the 1980s, it’s time to take a closer look.

Designs have come a long way since then. Some of them are so easy to install, you can start filling them with water in as little as 10 minutes. Here we made a list of the best 12 foot above ground pool to help you decide.

While not every backyard had enough space for a large swimming pool, there are a lot of smaller 12-foot options available. You may not be able to swim laps or play long games of Marco Polo.

But, a 12-foot above-ground pool definitely gives you enough space to splash in the water and soak up the sun.

Benefits of above ground pools

An above ground pool is a great investment if you have kids or need to keep cool in summer. While they won’t increase the value of your home, they’re much more affordable than in-ground pools and some of them can even be taken down and stored for the off-season.

Setup is usually pretty simple and, in some cases, you’ll be able to enjoy the water only a day or two after your pool arrives.

There are plenty of health benefits, too.

In addition to getting your family outside and away from the draw of smartphones and video games, an above-ground pool can also be used for exercise, acting as a giant water-therapy tub and giving people with joint and back pain an easy way to get some safe, low-impact exercise.

Things to consider

If you’ve decided a 12-foot above ground pool is the right choice for your backyard, there are a few things to think about when choosing the one that’s right for you.

One of the main things you have to decide is whether you want a pool that will stay up all year round or one that you can easily store in the summer.

Walled above ground pools are still available but they’re much easier to set up and maintain than they used to be. We chose one of these pools as our top choice because you can’t really beat their durability.

That said, there are also plenty of options available if you want something that sets up in minutes and can be moved from one place to another easily.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best 12 foot above ground pools on the market.

Our Top Pick

Embassy Pool 4-2412 PARA100 Above Ground Pool

There’s a lot to love about this gorgeous 12-foot round Embassy Pool PARA100 Above Ground Swimming Pool. 

It comes with everything you need for a smooth installation, including a 52-inch high pool wall, seven-inch durable resin top rails, and seven-inch wide vertical steel support beams.

The wall has an attractive white and gray marbled look that enhances the look of any backyard. It’s also flexible with a significant amount of vertical strength for additional stability.

Because the openings for the skimmer and water return are pre-punched, there are no sharp edges to worry about, making it easy to maintain the integrity of the liner during installation.

This kit includes the frame, liner, wall, and skimmer. The pump and filter are sold separately.

Beautifully designed pool that will enhance the look of any backyard.Comes with one color.
Heavy duty materials.Expensive
Easy to install.
Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool Review

Other Great Options for Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool

Intex 12ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool Set

One of the best things about this Intex 12ft X 30in Prism Frame pool set is how easy it is to assemble.

Detailed instructions are included, there are no tools required, and it’s ready for water in about 30 minutes.

This pool uses a strong, powder-coated metal frame designed with precision engineering so it’s easy to fit all the pieces together. The three-ply polymer liner is super durable and resists UV damage.

It fits perfectly into the frame to eliminate moisture collection and protect against rust.

Intex uses its innovative Hydro Aeration technology that mixes air and water, leading to improved filtration and circulation. Dirt and sediment clump together making it much easier for the filter to remove any visible contaminants.

This process also keeps the water feeling, smelling, and looking fresh.

Everything you need to get swimming is included. You get the frame, liner, a Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump, filter cartridge, and all the necessary hoses to get everything up and running.

Prism frame pools feature strong powder coated metal frames.Top railing will look totally misplaced until it’s actually full.
Includes cartridge filter pump.Filter pump isn’t heavy duty.
Big enough to fit family and friends.PVC Walls
Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool Review

Bestway 56680 Steel Pro

If you’re looking for a 12 foot above ground swimming pool on a budget, take a look at this Bestway 56680 Steel Pro. The simple design uses a no-tool assembly that’s easy to set up and made to last.

It includes a rust and corrosion-resistant frame with a UV protective coating as well as a three-ply PVC support band for extra stability. Plus, the lightweight liner is tear-resistant and won’t fade due to sun exposure.

Something unique about this design is the Chemconnect chemical dispenser. Rather than having a floating chemical dispenser, the Bestway system integrates it right into the valve so you can move around freely without worrying about bumping into anything.

You get everything you need to get started, including the liner, frame, filter, hoses, and filter cartridge. This is a great choice if you want to experience some cool summer fun without breaking your budget.

Affordable alternative to a more complicated steel-walled pool.Filter pump isn’t heavy duty.
Superior frame design.Not the highest quality.
Easy to assemble.PVC Walls
Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool Review

Intex 12ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set

One of the easiest 12-foot pools to set up is this Intex 12ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set. It’s ready for water in only 10 minutes with no tools required and no frame to put together. Just spread it out on level ground, inflate the ring at the top, and fill with water.

The walls of this pool are made of laminated PVC. It features dual-outlet fittings to improve water circulation and filtration, keeping the water clean and fresh.

There’s also a drain plug that attaches to a regular garden hose that makes it easy to direct the water when draining the pool at the end of the summer.

This kit includes a filter pump and all of the necessary hoses so you’ll be ready to get the water flowing in minutes. A DVD with information about setup and maintenance is included.

Filter pump is included and is very easy to install.Took about 3-4 hours to fill up the pool.
Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls.Filter pump isn’t heavy duty.
Convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose.
Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool Review

Summer Waves 12ft x 36in Quick Set Pool

Summer fun is here with the Summer Waves Quick Set above ground pool. Designed with an inflatable top ring, the pool rises as it fills for quick and effortless setup.

This pool features stylish wicker print that matches your outdoor furniture, while the helpful filtration system will help keep your pool clean and sparkling. Just fill with water, and enjoy endless hours of splashing fun and unbeatable value.

The walls of this pool are made of durable triple layer poly-laminate PVC with polyester inner mesh sidewalls with a convenient, quick release drain plug with garden hose connection.

The kit includes a RX600 Filter Pump that Combines the functions of a skimmer and filter pump in one unit and attaches to sidewalls of pool for easy maintenance and to prevent tripping.

Family sized pool.Walls are made of PVC..
With stylish exterior.Not good for swimming laps.
Pump includedtook about 6 hours to fill up.
Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool Review

Intex 28211EH 12ft Metal Frame Outdoor Pool

It is the best time to beat the heat and make a splash in this Intex 12ft Metal Frame Above Ground Pool. Keep your pool water fresh with the included cover for round frame pool.

At 12 feet wide and 30 inches in height, this metal frame pool is great for having friends and family over to cool off. It’s easy to assemble and maintain and fits perfectly on a flat surface in your backyard.

It’s made of strong and durable material, Intex’s high-molecular Super-Tough PVC, which is highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact, and sunlight. 

The pool set includes an Intex 530 gallon per hour filter pump cartridge to keep your pool sparkly clean, and a helpful instructional DVD to help get you started.

The included pool cover helps keep your pool free of dirt, insects and debris when not in use. Constructed of high quality, durable 7-gauge, UV resistant PVC vinyl, this pool cover features drain holes to prevent water from accumulating on top.

It comes with nylon rope ties and a 10-inch overhang to keep your above ground pool covered and free from debris. 

Spacious for its size.Pump isn’t included.
Convenient drain plug.Made of PVC material.
Easy to use.Not the highest quality.
Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool Review

Viecam Avenli 12ft x 36in Inflatable Swimming Pool

If you are looking for a spacious and a great deluxe item for the whole family to enjoy, take a look at this Viecam Avenli 12ft Inflatable swimming pool.

At 12 feet wide and 36 inches in height, this inflatable pool can fit up to 5-7 kids which is great for having friends and family to cool off. It’s easy to assemble, simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring and fill the pool with water that can take four hours.

The pool set includes a small bag of repair tools. The pool features a convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose so water can be drained away from the pool or house area.

It comes with the new dual suction outlet fittings that improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity, but filter pump is not included. 

Spacious for its size.Pump isn’t included.
Convenient drain plug.Made of PVC material.
Easy to use.Not the highest quality.
Best 12 Foot Above Ground Pool Review

Are you ready to buy an above ground pool?

Now you’ve seen our selection for the best 12 foot above ground pool. If you’re looking for something bigger, check out our picks for the best above ground pools to buy right now.

Then, once the ground has been leveled and the above ground pool is installed and filled up with the proper amount of water, check out our picks for accessories.

Some you may want to purchase include the best above ground pool lights and solar-powered pool heaters to heat your above ground pool for winter. Or read up on how to winterize your above ground pool so it’s ready to go next spring.

Read more about above ground pools

Before making the plunge and buying an above ground pool, make sure you’ve learned all the basics.

Are you curious if above ground pools can have different depths, or perhaps if an above ground pool can be converted to saltwater? Or maybe you’re wondering if above ground pools can be buried (they really shouldn’t) or how to empty an above ground pool.

Regardless of your particular circumstances, we hope you enjoy your new pool!

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