Our Pick for the 8 Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters

Our Pick for the Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters

If you spend many hours per day in your garage during winter, you need the best 240v Electric Garage Heater to keep you warm and comfortable.

You might get frostbites if your garage isn’t warm enough in winter. Plus, your productivity will reduce if you’re not comfortable in your garage.

But with the best 240v garage heaters, you will be comfortable, and your productivity will improve significantly. As such, you want to invest in our pick for the best 240V electric garage heaters.

But buying the best high-performance electric heaters relies on knowing what to keep a closer eye on when shopping. You will consider a few factors when shopping for electric appliances, including electric garage heaters.

And that’s because the best electric heater for garages has to have essential features.

If you’re looking for the best 240V electric garage heaters, you’re at the right place! We have rounded up some of the best units with incredible power outputs to keep you warm and comfortable in your garage.

We have also included a buyer’s guide with all the essential features to check for when shopping. So, you want to sit down because we’re diving deep into the topic regarding the best 240V electric garage heaters.

Top Picks for The Best 240V Electric Garage Heaters

Power Zone EH-4604A Mount Garage Heater

This POWER ZONE EH-4604A MOUNT GARAGE HEATER is the perfect heating solution for commercial and industrial garages. You can strategically mount it on a ceiling, and its radiated heat will reach everyone for a comfortable work atmosphere.

This electric heater has what it takes to make your garage comfortable.

First, this 240v electric garage heater features three heat settings. And that means you get three heat outputs in BTUs. The three heat settings ensure you have 17065, 14105, and 11285 BTUs.

As such, you can always set the correct heat output to attain your desired temperature in a short time.

Since this heater features three heat settings, it consumes various watts, depending on your selected heat output – 17065 BTUs consume 5000W, 14105 BTUs consume 4000W, while 11285 BTUs consume 3000W of electrical power.

The steel-heated tubular heating elements are durable and provide sufficient heat for many years. The thermostat also featured in this garage heater ensures the unit maintains your selected heat output.

Therefore, your garage will have a constantly comfortable working atmosphere.

Also, this particular unit features a Thermal cutoff safety device to prevent overheating. It is a fan-forced heater transferring heat fast for a comfortable environment within minutes of turning on the garage heater.

It uses 240V electricity to function. So, you want to ensure your electricity supply is 240 Volts. Consider adding this heater to your garage ceiling to have the warmth you need during the cold season.

Manufacturer ‎Power Zone
Product Dimensions‎17.91 x 13.78 x 14.57 inches
Item Weight‎25.1 pounds
Item model number‎EH-4604A
Watts5000 W
Heating MethodForced Air
Three heat outputs.It features no remote control.
Very durable heating element.It features no tip-over safety switch.
Safety overheat protection.
Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters Reviews

Stiebel Eltron CK 200-2 Plus Heater

This STIEBEL ELTRON CK 200-2 PLUS HEATER is perfect for any surface, such as your garage wall. It is a German-made electric heater with an incredibly quiet fan. The fan produces no more than 48 dBA of noise, making it one of the quietest 240v garage heaters on the market. 

It also produces sufficient heat to warm a 215 square feet room within a minute. What’s more, it features a thermostat with an adjustable knob. That means you can select a given heat output, and this heater will maintain your perfect warmth.

You can also use your conventional wall-mounted thermostat to control this particular garage heater. The adjustable thermostat allows you to keep the garage above the freezing temperature for a comfortable working atmosphere.

This is a high performance electric heater producing 2000W of heat, enough to keep your garage warm. It is also durable and can handle heavy duty usage, thanks to its Aluminum metal construction.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term investment for your garage, this electric heater is an excellent option.

Installation is also hassle-free as it comes with wall-mounting brackets. It requires hardwiring, but that’s a non-issue for DIY enthusiasts. It is also safe for use as its thick Aluminum face remains cool to the touch.

And that makes controlling it safe and convenient. If you’re looking for a powerful yet highly efficient electric garage heater, you can consider this particular garage heater.

Manufacturer ‎Stiebel Eltron
Product Dimensions‎13.6 x 4.9 x 18.5 inches
Item Weight‎12.32 pounds
Item model number‎CK 200-2
Watts‎2000 watts
Heating MethodForced Air
2000W heat output.Programming is a bit of a challenge.
Adjustable thermostat.Some users complain that it's a bit loud.
Cool touch Aluminum face.
Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters Reviews

Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater

Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt commercial heater supplies sufficient heat to your garage for a comfortable working atmosphere. It features an 8-inch fan that works quietly and distributes low-turbulence heated air for the best heating experience.

Besides heating your garage, it could also heat your room, as it has a wide application. Hospitals, schools, and workshops all can benefit from this incredibly powerful electric heater.

The unit has two power output options: 3000W and 6000W. And there is a switch for selecting these two heat outputs. If you press the switch to the Low position, the unit selects 3000W heat output.

But if you press it to the High position, your unit will be churning out 6000W of heat to warm your garage.

The heater features an adjustable thermostat that lets you select High or Low heat output. And it will maintain the heat output for a constantly comfortable working environment.

What’s more, this electric heater features 5 adjustable louvers for controlling the airflow. As a result, this unit will direct the heated air exactly where you want it.

It gives you two installation options. The first one is wall installation, while the second option is ceiling installation. Therefore, it is up to you to decide where to place your electric heater for optimum heat output.

Controlling it is easy, making it easy to use. Consider this unit if you want hassle-free control and exceptional performance.

Manufacturer Dr Infrared Heater
Product Dimensions14.5 x 13 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight27 pounds
Item model numberDR966
Heating MethodForced Air
Two heat outputs:3000W and 6000W.It only warms smaller garages.
Quiet and efficient fan.Unsupportive customer support.
It features an adjustable thermostat.
Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters Reviews

Comfort Zone 5000W Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater

COMFORT ZONE 5000W FAN-FORCED CEILING MOUNT HEATER is the unit to choose if you want excellent heat dissipation for a comfortable working environment.

It features a fan that forces heated air to circulate within the garage. As a result, your garage will attain your preferred temperature within minutes! 

It is a ceiling-mounted electric heater that saves up precious floor space. It is quite a powerful electric heater with a 5000W maximum heat output. Besides letting you set 5000W heat output, it also allows you to select 3000W and 4000W heat output options.

All you have to do is flick the featured switch to your desired heat output position. 

Aside from its impressive power, this garage electric heater is also very durable. It boasts a rugged heavy-gauge steel metal construction that makes it stand the test of time.

Also, this material makes it handle extreme heat conditions for exceptional performance.

You can target specific areas of the garage with the incredible heat from this heater. And that’s possible because this heater features Louvers.

Also, you can vary its mounting angle for better heat delivery in colder spots within your garage.

When it comes to controlling it, you only have one dual knob. You will use this knob to adjust the thermostat or turn the unit on/off. As such, it is easy to use this particular electric heater.

Safety is another feature that makes this unit a high quality electric heater for any garage. 

The built-in sensors shut off the electric heater automatically to prevent overheating. That means your garage will not be hotter than you want it to be, which is great! The power light also lets you know the unit is in operation.

You will then be sure to switch your heater off if it is still on, averting potential risks.  Consider adding this heater to your garage for a comfortable working experience in winter.

Manufacturer World and Main
Product Dimensions17.88 x 14 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight16 pounds
Item model numberCZ220
Heating MethodForced Air
5000W maximum heat output.The fan is a bit noisy.
Easy-to-use dual knob.Unsupportive customer service.
It saves up floor space.
Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters Reviews

HEXAGO 5000W Industrial Indoor Electrical Garage Heater

HEXAGO 5000W INDUSTRIAL INDOOR ELECTRICAL GARAGE HEATER allows you to select between two heat outputs: 3000W and 5000W outputs. It connects only to 240V outlets to give you the perfect warmth you want in your garage.

With its incredible heat outputs, you can be sure to get 17060 BTUs of heat from this electric heater.

It is a perfect solution for garages boasting 426 square feet of space. Any garage space beyond this might require a more powerful electric heater.

It is also a remote-controlled electric heater as it comes with a remote controller. This makes controlling it convenient and easy.

The built-in thermostat ensures the heat output you’ve selected using the included remote controller produces the required warmth without raising the temperatures to dangerous levels.

As such, this is another safe electric garage heater on the market.

You have a 9-hour timer for setting the heat output duration. Once the set time has elapsed, the heater will automatically stop providing heat.

Therefore, overheating is a non-issue with this specific electric garage heater. 

The fan-forced heat distribution makes the garage attain warmth in a short time. The featured adjustable louvers come in handy when you want to direct the heat to a specific zone.

The durable body construction makes your electric heater a long-term investment. This heater features durable steel with a rust-resistant coating. As a result, it will keep its elegance for a long time.

If you need an incredibly durable and powerful heater for your garage, you can also consider having this in your commercial garage.

Manufacturer Hexago
Product Dimensions13.98 x 10.63 x 12.76 inches
Item Weight31.5 Pounds
Item model number-
Heating MethodForced Air
17060 BTU heat output.The warranty is limited.
Convenient remote controller.It is not ideal for larger commercial garages.
Rust-resistant and durable material.
Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters Reviews

AKUSAKO Garage Heater

AKUSAKO GARAGE HEATER is ideal for your garage as much as it is for your workshop and factory. Therefore, it is an electric heater that you could use to bring comfort to any work environment.

Since it boasts a wide application, it has what it takes to take comfort to the next level.

First, the electric heater is durable and withstands heavy-duty usage, thanks to its sturdy stainless steel construction. This material makes the electric heater handle extreme temperature conditions without malfunctioning.

So, if you need a durable electric heater, consider buying this one.

Incredible power output is another advantage of this electric heater. It boasts three heat outputs: 3000W, 4500W, and 6000W. The three heat levels ensure you have sufficient heat that creates the warmth you need in a short time

. Consider selecting the maximum heat output if you need to heat the garage space in minutes!

It also features a built-in thermostat that guarantees overheat protection. If this thermostat detects a rise in temperature beyond your set temperature, it automatically switches off the electric heater to protect you.

Also, this thermostat protects the electric heater from malfunctioning due to overheating. Therefore, the unit has plenty of safety features for a safe heating experience.

The timer function ensures you can set the heating duration. And the electric heater will automatically stop once the time has elapsed. You can set this timer from 1 – 12 hours.

The unit even features an LED screen to show you the timer setting, making it easier to control this electric heater.

You can set the heat output and timer using the included remote control. The unit is fan-forced for faster heat distribution. And the result is comfort within minutes. The unit also saves space as it is compact.

Since you mount it on the ceiling, it saves on the floor space. Therefore, consider investing in this electric heater to save on space while receiving sufficient warmth.

Manufacturer AKUSAKO
Product Dimensions20 x 15.55 x 14.88 inches
Item Weight19.96 pounds
Item model number-
Watts6000 Watt
Heating MethodForced Air
6000W maximum heat output.It is a bit pricey.
Convenient remote control.The fan is a bit loud.
Durable construction.
Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters Reviews

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975 7500-Watt 240-Volt Hardwired Shop Garage Electric Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975 7500 provides radiant heat to any garage for optimum warmth. You can choose to mount it on a wall or ceiling for targeted heating. It also features louvers, and it performs incredibly well to channel its heat to the cold spots.

It has one of the best heating performances. Specifically, this electric heater gives 25,597 BTUs of heat, perfect for 750 square feet garages. It runs on 240V single-phase electricity.

As such, you want to connect it to an outlet providing this electricity.

Your electric heater features a fan that distributes heated air within the garage. And this fan features two-speed settings: low setting, producing 4700W, and high setting for 7500W heat output.

The overheating alarm alerts you to temperature rise, making this unit safe for usage.

Since it’s among the best electric garage heaters, it includes a remote control. You can use this remote control to turn the electric heater on/off. Also, the remote can program the heater and adjust the thermostat.

The programmable timer allows you to select from 1 – 12 hours. When adjusting the thermostat, you can adjust it from 50 – 90°F. 

This particular electric heater has all the features you need to bring warmth to your garage. You can consider adding it to your garage to make your workers comfortable during cold seasons.

Manufacturer Dr Infrared Heater
Product Dimensions15 x 19 x 13 inches
Item Weight26 pounds
Item model numberDR-975
Heating MethodRadiant
Incredible 25,957 BTUs heat output.Installation is a challenge for some users.
Adjustable thermostat.The fan isn't very durable.
Digital control panel.
Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters Reviews

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Garage Heater

Since the market has plenty of electric garage heaters, you want to pick only the best units for your garage. You can be sure to find exceptional electric garage heaters the same way you could find a few substandard models.

As such, you want to keep a closer eye on a few features. And the features to check for when shopping include the following:

Electrical Requirements

Electric garage heaters are usually more powerful than residential heaters. As such, 120V outlets might underpower them or not power them at all.

And that means you will not get the warmth you need in your garage. Before buying an electric garage heater, you want to check its electrical requirements first.

These include the required volts and amps. Then you want to ensure your electricity outlet inside the garage provides the required volts and amps.

Since you’re looking to buy a 240V electric garage heater, ensure your wall outlet provides electricity in 240V and at the required amps.

Plug-In Heaters Vs. Hardwired Heaters

Electric garage heaters allow you to plug them into 240V outlets. But some require hardwiring to perform incredibly well and heat your garage as you intend them to do.

As such, you want to check if your favorite electric garage heater is a plug-in unit or it requires hardwiring.

Hardwired electric garage heaters take time to install. On the other hand, plug-in units require less installation. Once you’ve mounted them on a wall or ceiling, you only have to plug them into a wall outlet.

So, you want to check if a unit is a plug-in unit or requires hardwiring before buying it.

Heat Output

When shopping for electric garage heaters, you want to check their power outputs. And that’s because power outputs tell you how powerful electric garage heaters are.

The higher the power output, the more powerful the electric garage heater.

You can check the power output in British Thermal Units (BTUs). This type of power output tells you about the heat output. The more BTUs an electric garage heater produces, the more heat it provides.

So, always keep a closer eye on BTU ratings. You want to pick a unit with a higher BTU rating for sufficient heating power.

Alternatively, you could check for the wattage rating. Electric garage heaters with higher wattage ratings provide more heat.

Therefore, consider picking a heater with many watts if you want more heat for your garage. 

The Garage Size

You also want to consider your garage size in square meters or square feet before buying an electric garage heater. Then you will pick a unit producing sufficient heat to keep the entire space warm and comfortable.

Of course, you will have to measure your garage to know its space.

Generally, you will need about 20 BTUs per square foot area. So, if your garage boasts a 1,000 square feet area, your preferred electric garage heater should provide a whopping 20,000 BTUs.

You can multiply your garage area in square feet by 20 to get the BTUs you need to keep the entire garage warm and comfortable.


When buying an electric garage heater, you are also planning to heat your garage and keep it comfortable for many years to come. As such, you want to check the durability of the heater before buying it.

But durability depends on the construction material featured in an electric garage heater. So, pay close attention to the material quality.

Stainless steel should be your go-to material as it resists rust excellently. It also withstands extreme temperatures, making the electric heater more energy-efficient. Other materials are also incredible.

If an electric garage heater features high quality construction material, you can buy it since it will be very durable.

Safety Features

When you are buying an electric garage heater, you also want to check for safety features. These features protect you from potential hazards as they also protect the unit from malfunctioning. So, what are these features?

Cool-Touch Body

The body of the best electric garage heater should be cool for accident-free interaction with your heater. A cool-touch body should be a factor to consider when shopping for these heaters. So, be sure to buy a unit that is cool to touch even when it is in operation.

Overheating Protection

You can be sure to find an electric garage heater that shuts off automatically when it’s overheating. And this protects you from unseen dangers as much as it protects the unit from self-damaging. Heaters with this feature have built-in sensors to help them shut off automatically.

When shopping for an electric garage heater, you want to pick a unit with this feature for safety reasons. Overheating protection ensures the unit lasts you years, thus improving durability. Therefore, check for this safety feature when buying an electric garage heater.


A thermostat in an electric garage heater works to maintain the selected temperature. As a result, the heater will maintain a comfortable work atmosphere throughout its operation. So, you want to check for a built-in thermostat in an electric heater for your garage. 

Some units could even work with your wall thermostat for more efficient temperature control. You can buy such electric heaters for your garage.

Besides maintaining the selected temperature, the built-in thermostat prevents the unit from producing more heat than necessary, which translates to reduced electricity costs. So, buy an electric garage heater with a built-in thermostat.

Programmable Feature

A programmable thermostat allows you to keep your garage warm, knowing it will shut off automatically when the set timer has elapsed. And this could mean you don’t have to remember to switch the unit off on your way home.

As a result, you will use not more than necessary electricity to power your electric garage heater. Since heaters with timers have added advantages, consider buying them for your garage.

Adjustable Louvers

If you’re looking to channel the heat from your electric garage heater to specific spots, adjustable louvers will come in handy.

You will adjust them to a given angle, and they will channel all the heat in areas needing more heat.

You can install your heater on the ceiling and adjust the louvers to direct heat to where you are. This is an excellent feature to have in an electric garage heater.

Therefore, consider buying electric heaters for garages only if they feature adjustable louvers.

Quiet Operation

Fan-forced electric garage heaters feature fans that blow out the heated air. This fan might be noisy as it spins to blow out the heat. As such, you want to ensure you’re buying a unit with a quiet-performing fan.

Check the decibels rating to know if your preferred electric garage heater is quiet. If a heater produces no more than 50 decibels of noise, you want to buy it since it is a quiet electric garage heater.


Does a 240V electric garage heater perform better than a 120V unit?

Electric garage heaters using 240V electricity are more powerful. They produce more heat, meaning your garage will be warm and comfortable in half the time it takes a 120V unit to achieve the same cozy work atmosphere.

Also, 240V electric garage heaters are more energy-efficient as they don’t lose much heat through wiring. Therefore, consider investing in 240V electric heaters for your garage.

Where do I need to place my 240V electric garage heater for the best performance?

Usually, you will install your 240V electric garage heater on the ceiling. But wall-mounted units also work efficiently. Therefore, you have two installation options available: ceiling or wall.

You can place your electric heater on the ceiling to save on precious floor space. And this makes these heat sources a space-saving solution for any garage.

How much heat does an electric garage heater produce?

It depends on the model you have bought. But electric garage heaters could give as much as 52,000 BTUs of heat. This impressive heat output is, however, ideal for larger garages boasting a 1500 square feet space.

Before buying an electric heater for your garage, you want to check its rated heat output. Check the BTUs and look for more BTUs if your garage is spacious.

Does a 240V electric garage heater consume more electric power?

These electric garage heaters are more powerful than 120V electric heaters. And they consume more electricity due to their incredible heat output. But their power consumption depends on their heat output.

If you select a higher heat output, say 20,000 BTUs, your unit will consume 5900W of electricity. So, the selected heat output has a direct impact on electricity consumption.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to keep your garage warm and comfortable, you should invest in the best 240V electric garage heater. The best electric heater puts out sufficient heat to warm your garage in minutes!

Also, the best electric garage heater is durable and easy to control. When shopping for these heating solutions, you will consider a few features to land the best deal on the market.

Fortunately, our buyer’s guide covered essential factors to consider when picking electric garage heaters. We have also rounded up the best-rated 240V electric garage heaters.

As a result, you might find the best unit for your garage with ease. Take the time to pick an electric heater that suits you best and bring warmth to your garage for excellent work productivity.

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