Best Above Ground Pool Light

Best Above Ground Pool Light

Warming your above-ground pool with a solar heater is ideal for using it on chilly days. But you can do more to use your pool both day and night, even if it’s cold outside.

An above-ground pool light will come in handy to illuminate your pool at night. As a result, you will take a dip in your above-ground pool even during the night.

However, you don’t want to pick just any pool light but the best pool light for your above-ground pool.

The only problem is that finding the best above-ground pool light might be a bit of a drag. But that’s only the case if you don’t know how to narrow down your options.

You will need a buyer’s guide to help you know what to check for when shopping around. As a result, you will exponentially increase your chances of landing the best deal on the market.

We have rounded up the best above-ground pool lights in this review. At least this helps you narrow down your choices to pool lights worth buying.

Also, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you pick other incredible units that might not make this list. We understand that we couldn’t exhaust the best above-ground pool lights.

That’s why we’ve included a buyer’s guide. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are The Best Above-Ground Pool Lights?

Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light

Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light, 110-120V, is a pool light that suits any above-ground pool. But it works best with Intex above-ground pools.

So, you want to choose this one if you recently bought an Intex above-ground pool.

The pool light sticks onto the wall of your Intex pool using a magnetic mounting system. And this makes installation a no-brainer.

Since it is also waterproof, you can install it below the water line to illuminate the pool water for clear visibility at night.

Besides installing it to provide an in-pool light, you can also install this pool light on the outside wall of your above-ground pool.

That means this pool light could provide the light you need inside and outside the pool; you only want to decide where you need the light the most!

The pool light is wirelessly powered when using it as an in-pool light. The featured magnetic technology transmits power signals through your Intex above-pool walls to the LEDs.

As a result, this pool light emits light without connecting it to a wall outlet or power source.

However, this pool light requires connecting it to an outlet if used as an outside light. The great news is it includes a 26-foot power cord for this connection.

You want to plug this cord into a wall outlet supplying electricity in volts ranging from 110 – 120V.

The pool light is safe to use even if used as an outside light since it only draws 12V from your wall outlet. You can even choose between 4 colors to compliment your mood.

If you decide to use it as an in-pool light, you will marvel at how excellent it illuminates the pool evenly. It is an excellent pool light for Intex above-ground pools, but any above-ground pool could use it. So, consider buying it.

Manufacturer Intex
Model Number28697E
Product Dimensions10 x 7.88 x 5.88 inches
Item Weight2.93 pounds
Light Diffusion24Ft
Light Source TypeLED

Hassle-free installation.It doesn’t work with in-ground pools.
It illuminates 24 feet away.It is not very durable.
It is an excellent in-pool light.
Best Above Ground Pool Light Reviews

Pentair EC602128 Amerilite Underwater Swimming Pool Spa Light

Pentair EC602128 Amerilite pool light features a prismatic tempered glass lens to focus all the light where you need illuminated. The result of this is brilliant pool light to illuminate your above-ground pool.

Since this is an underwater pool light, it features materials that make it water-resistant. One such material is its stainless steel shell that guarantees excellent performance over many years.

Besides, this shell is corrosion-resistant to add more durability and elegance. Therefore, your pool light will withstand the chemical treatment of the pool water.

The pool light consumes 500 watts to provide sufficient light to illuminate your above-ground pool.

It is easily one of the most powerful pool lights with this power consumption. If its powerful bulb needs a replacement for some reason, you will be happy to learn that a bulb change is easy and convenient.

What’s impressive is you could replace the bulb with the whole pool light below the waterline.

Safety features make using the pool light safe and convenient. The featured heat-sensing technology cuts off the power supply to the unit to protect it from malfunctions.

Also, gold-diffused low water cutoff automatically switches off the pool light when the pool water level decreases. These features work to make the pool light safe to use.

The 50-foot power cord is extraordinarily long to connect the pool light to any wall outlet. You want to connect this unit to a 120V wall outlet. You can even create different colored lights.

But this requires a snap-on lens cover with the color you prefer. If you want to illuminate your above-ground pool or spa, this is one of the pool lights to pick.

Manufacturer Manufacturer
Model NumberEC-602128
Product Dimensions10.12 x 10.12 x 7.72 inches
Item Weight12.07 pounds
Voltage120 Volt
Light Diffusion8.13-inch
Light Source TypeIncandescent

500 Watts powerful bulb.The bulb isn’t very durable.
Prismatic tempered glass lens.It doesn’t support LED bulbs.
Stainless steel shell.
Best Above Ground Pool Light Reviews

Pentair AquaLuminator 2010 Convertible Above Ground Pool Light

Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator is another easy-to-install pool light. It perfectly fits on the water return hole on above-ground pools.

Since all above-ground pools have existing water return holes, you will install this pool light without cutting an extra hole on your pool.

The installation takes minutes to shorten your time to prepare your above-ground pool for night swimming sessions.

The pool light makes the best return fitting while also providing light to your pool. It uses the brand’s Hydro-Opti technology to provide sufficient light even when using it inside the water.

As a result, it maintains its excellent performance throughout.

The pool light requires you to connect it to a wall outlet, and it comes with a 25-inch cord for this connection.

Since the cord is a bit short, you want to use an extension power line to connect this pool light to a wall outlet inside or outside your house.

The pool light is outstanding as it features cutouts to allow water to return to the pool. That means it combines a light fixture with water return for efficient performance.

You will not void your above-ground pool warranty since you will not cut any hole in your pool; the pool light fits onto the existing return hole.

The included plumbing adapter ensures the pool light fits on the water return hole tightly. The pool light even includes green and blue transparent caps to cover the LED light source.

As a result, you will have a multi-color performance. This pool light will serve you excellently if you have an above-ground pool. So, consider buying it.

Manufacturer Pentair
Model Number98600000
Product Dimensions8.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches
Item Weight5.24 pounds
Light Diffusion24Ft
Light Source TypeLED

It is compatible with all above-ground pools.It doesn’t have the best design.
It is easy to install.The cord is very short.
It produces a bright light.
Best Above Ground Pool Light Reviews

Poolexa 10 Inch Large LED Multicolor Pool Light

Poolexa, 10 Inch Large, LED Multicolor pool light boasts stainless steel material that makes it very durable. If there’s one thing stainless steel does incredibly, it is to resist the chemical treatment inside your pool water.

And this results in a corrosion-free pool light that performs excellently throughout the years. As such, you can expect this pool light to illuminate your pool water for years.

The pool light is 10 inches wide and features LEDs. If you combine its enormous size with extra bright LEDs, you get a pool light that illuminates with sufficient lumens.

The LEDs consume less electricity than incandescent bulbs consuming more than 500 Watts. Therefore, this pool light is also energy-efficient.

You will control your pool light efficiently via Bluetooth. Your smartphone will be an ideal control hub for this pool light.

As you might expect, it has a dedicated app that works on iOS and Android platforms. And this ensures you can use pretty much any smartphone to control it.

Also, you could control it manually, but this is less convenient.

Specifically, you can choose between 20 different colors, making this pool light multi-colored. The pool light includes a control box with a controller.

You will use this controller to adjust the lighting performance of your pool light.

The included power cord measures 50 feet long to reach any wall outlet outside your home. Even though you will connect this unit to a 120V outlet, it only draws 12V for safe performance.

That means it doesn’t electrocute visitors taking a dip in your above-ground pool. Therefore, this is another worthy pool light for above-ground pools.

Manufacturer Poolexa
Model Number-
Product Dimensions‎15.51 x 11.06 x 3.82 inches
Item Weight‎7.48 pounds
Voltage12 Volt
Light Diffusion10.23-inch
Light Source TypeLED

It is 86% energy-efficient.It is challenging to install.
It is a multi-colored pool light.No warranty information.
Efficient Bluetooth control.
Best Above Ground Pool Light Reviews

HQUA PN01 120V AC LED Pool Light

HQUA PN01 120V AC LED Pool Light has one of the most extended power cords since its power cord is 100 feet long.

The extra-long power cord ensures you can connect the pool light to wall outlets far from your above-ground pool.

What’s more, the power cord has a 3-pin plug at its end for efficient connection to a 120V outlet.

The pool light features a chrome-plated face ring with screw holes. These holes make installation easy since you will screw the pool light into your pool wall.

Even though you could use this pool light with an above-ground pool, it serves in-ground pools better!

The pool light consumes only 35W of electricity, making it more energy-efficient than many pool lights.

Despite consuming less electrical energy, the pool light gives as much light as 300W units. Therefore, it is a highly efficient pool light option.

The pool light draws only 12V of electricity from your wall outlet to make it user-safe. The whole design makes the pool light waterproof for use under the pool water.

And that’s easy to notice if you check the waterproof gel protecting the LEDs from water.

The pool light boasts an IP68 rating that perfectly handles outdoor conditions. It also dissipates excess heat for an optimal working temperature.

And this improves the performance even further. Since this pool light functions excellently under any weather, it could light up your pool as you expected. Therefore, it is another excellent buy.

Manufacturer HQUA
Model NumberPN01
Product Dimensions12 x 12 x 5 inches
Item Weight11.15 pounds
Light Diffusion10.23-inch
Light Source TypeLED

6500K cool white color.Not ideal for some above-ground pools.
10-inch pool light size.No multi-color performance.
100-foot power cord.
Best Above Ground Pool Light Reviews

What You Need to Know When Buying a Light for An Above-Ground Pool

Buying an above-ground pool light is an investment like any other – you will check for the best units from the market. But finding the best light for your pool requires you to check for some essential features.

And those features are what we will discuss in this guide. So, you want to check for the following features when shopping:

The Type of The Pool Light

Pool lights for above-ground pools differ in design from pool lights for in-ground pools.

First, their installation is less permanent, unlike lights for in-ground pools, and you can always reinstall them if you relocate your above-ground pool. But generally, these pool lights come in two major designs:

Floating Pool Lights

These above-ground pool lights can float on water. Their design allows them to, which could be a blessing in a few ways.

First, you can quickly move them to light up the spots you feel are under-illuminated. Also, these pool lights are easier to install.

Just as they’re easy to install, they are also easy to uninstall after use. So, this type of above-ground pool light is ideal if you intend to use your light temporarily.

However, they could be unreliable as they’re likely to splash around. And this could mean insufficient light on some spots. Also, they could get on your way as you swim.

Wall Lights

Wall lights for above-ground pools offer some permanence since they’re in fixed positions. These pool lights attach to your pool wall using different mechanisms.

Some use magnetic attachments, while other pool lights use your existing water return hole. Whichever attachment mechanism they use, their installation is more permanent.

As a result, wall lights are more reliable since they provide a steady beam. While floating lights require batteries, this type doesn’t make the same demand.

You will power your above-ground pool light via a power cord mostly. However, these lights are more challenging to install. But they’re more reliable.

So, you will want to choose the type of pool light that works best for your above-ground pool.

Waterproof Design

Whether you admire a floating light or wall light for your above-ground pool, you want to pick a waterproof pool light. You have a few ways to check for a waterproof pool light.

First, check the IP rating. Above-ground pool lights boasting an IP68 rating are waterproof and will work underwater.

Second, some manufacturers use a waterproof gel that prevents water from reaching the electrical parts. So, these are two indicators that show an above-ground pool light is waterproof.

Besides the waterproof design ensuring the electrical components work optimally, it also ensures electric current doesn’t leak into the pool to cause accidents.

So, prioritize waterproof lights for above-ground pools.

Brilliant Light

Your goal for buying an above-ground pool light is to illuminate your pool at night with sufficient brightness.

You want to check for brightness because you want to see the pool water clearly at night.

This ensures you can see everyone inside the pool, and most importantly, any potential danger lurking under the water.

But brightness is usually in lumens. Any pool light with more lumens is brighter than a pool light with lower lumens.

So, you want to check the lumen ratings before buying an above-ground pool light. You want to opt for over 1,000 lumens. The higher you can get from an above-ground pool light, the better off you are.

The Cord Length

Wall-mounted lights for above-ground pools require corded electricity to function. You will connect them to your wall outlet for these lights to function.

If your wall outlet is far from the above-ground pool, you will want a long power cord. But if your wall outlet isn’t far from the pool, you will require a short power cord.

You want to measure the distance of your above-ground pool from the nearest wall outlet in feet. Then you will opt for a pool light with a matching cord length.

For example, if the nearest wall outlet is 100 feet away, your pool light will require a 100-foot power cord.

If you can’t find an above-ground pool light with a sufficiently long power cord, you could use an extension line to compensate for the shortage.


Whichever pool light you choose for your above-ground pool, you want to ensure it is safe for use. Waterproof pool lights are safe for use most of the time.

But a waterproof design doesn’t offer more safety. That means you will look for a few extra features.

You want a pool light that draws low voltage from your wall outlet to minimize electrocution if electric current leaks from your light.

Fortunately, almost all pool lights draw only 12 volts to minimize accidents significantly. Therefore, above-ground pool lights are usually safe for use.

But you still want to ensure your preferred pool light has the safety features.

Energy Efficiency

You want an above-ground pool light boasting a brilliant performance while using as little electrical power as possible.

Some pool lights consume only 40W of electricity while giving the same brilliant performance as a 400W light source. You can find other pool lights consuming less wattage while still giving the same bright light.

You can also check the energy efficiency percentage. If a particular above-ground pool light is at least 80% energy-efficient, you want to give it a priority.

Unless you find a pool light with a higher percentage, you want to settle for an 80% energy-efficient light for your above-ground pool.

The Size of Your Above-Ground Pool

Although this is not a feature of a pool light, you still want to consider it before buying any pool light. And that’s because you will need a given number of pool lights depending on the size of your pool.

Of course, you will need more above-ground pool lights if your pool is extensive. At the same time, a small pool will require fewer pool lights.

Besides checking the number of required lights, you will also check the brightness level (we’ve covered this already). An extensive above-ground pool requires brighter pool lights.

Also, it requires more lights. So, consider your pool size before buying above-ground pool lights for your pool.


How many above-ground pool lights do I need for my pool?

You require at least two of these lights for your larger above-ground pool. But you could invest in more pool lights for clearer visibility.

Also, you want to place your pool lights strategically to illuminate darker spots. So, consider buying two or above-ground pool lights for efficient illumination.

How much electrical power do above-ground pool lights consume?

Above-ground pool lights consume 50 Watts of electricity while giving sufficiently bright light. More efficient units consume even fewer watts, making them more energy-efficient.

You want to pick more energy-efficient above-ground pool lights to keep your pool running costs to a minimum.

Even if you’re keeping the pool heating costs low using a solar heater, you still want to keep the costs even lower.

And what’s a better way to do this than to light up the pool with energy-efficient lights? So, consider buying energy-efficient pool lights for your above-ground pool.

Is it safe to use an above-ground pool light in my pool?

Yes, an above-ground pool light is feature-laden when it comes to safety. First, these lights don’t allow an electric current to leak into the pool water.

They use various designs to guarantee protection from potential electric shock hazards. Second, they draw low volts from your wall outlet to eliminate risks.

As such, above-ground pool lights are safe for use in your pool. And this makes them a worthy investment.

Wrap Up

Swimming in an above-ground pool is fun, and that’s why you want to extend the fun till nighttime.

While heating your above-ground pool with the best solar heater makes it comfortable at night, adding pool lights to it heightens the fun.

And that’s truer if you’ve opted for a multi-colored above-ground pool light! Besides adding some fun, pool lights illuminate the waters to allow you to see everyone and everything in the pool.

As such, an above-ground pool light is a worthy investment.

But you want to choose the best above-ground pool light for the best performance. Fortunately, choosing the best unit for your pool is no longer a challenge.

And that’s because we have rounded up the best lights for your above-ground pools. We have even included a buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your choices to the final above-ground pool light.

So, the only thing remaining is you finding the best above-ground pool light to enjoy swimming at night!

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