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Are Above Ground Pools Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

So you’ve bought an above ground pool for your backyard. While it won’t raise the value of your home, you’re sure your kids will have a great time in the pool, making it a worthwhile investment.

But there is one thing you may have forgotten to look into: Are above ground pools covered by homeowners insurance?

It’s important to check that the above ground pool is covered by homeowners insurance, and not without reason.

According to a survey carried out by the Center for Injury Research and Policy, more than 1,000 children drown each year in the United States.

Besides being terribly tragic, such an accident can ruin your life if you’re held financially responsible for an incident on your property.

How to get the right Insurance Policy

Making sure you have the right insurance policy for your above ground pool can help avoid any such situations. For most insurance companies, swimming pools are labeled an “attractive nuisance.”

It is recommended that you seek the advice of a homeowner insurance agent before installing an above ground pool.

Make sure accidents are covered

The insurance policy has to cover accidents. Remember, you must ensure that your pool is insured and complies with any local standards.

If any unforeseen injury or even death takes place, the owner can easily be held legally responsible for this.

Disclose to your insurance company about the new installation, or else the insurer might simply refuse to help you with the claims.

A good homeowners’ insurance offers clients financial protection against most disasters.

It is like a package policy, which includes covering for property damage along with legal liability for any injured member of the family.

The standard policy of the insurance covers most of the potential disasters including the following:

  • Windstorms
  • Lightning strikes
  • Tornadoes
  • Winter storms

Personal property insurance

Most insurance companies consider above ground pools the personal property of the owner. Personal property includes sports equipment, furniture, and firearms.

They also include belongings that may be off the premises but are protected by the homeowner’s insurance.

Understand the Insurance Limit

There’s an upper limit to what an insurer will pay you for every object that you own. Above ground pools are usually easy to assemble and disassemble for the convenience of the owners.

This particular property of the pool makes it count among someone’s personal belongings. For most of the insurance companies, the standard amount for liability protection is not more than $100,000.

This might be insufficient when one has to deal with a fatal accident or death on their premises. It’s a good idea to purchase a policy that amounts to $300,000 or $500,000 at the least.

Homeowner’s insurance allows one to acquire an umbrella liability protection. This would give the owner a good $1 million for liability protection and includes everything in and around their property.

Final thoughts

So are above ground pools covered by homeowners insurance? Now you know it’s simply a matter of disclosing the pool to your insurer and making sure you have the proper coverage.

Once you have all this in place, you can set your mind at ease and enjoy your pool.

Ready to buy your own above ground pool?

Are you ready to invest in an above ground pool for your backyard? We’ve assembled a list of the best above ground pools to purchase right now.

Once your above ground pool is installed, be sure to outfit it with the best above ground pool lights to make swimming at night safer, as well as a solar-powered heater for winter swimming.

Learn more about above ground pools

Getting educated before buying an above ground pool is vital. Thankfully we have all the information you’ll need, from how to install an above ground pool liner and how much to fill an above ground pool to the best way to level an above ground pool.

You’ll also want to learn what to do with your above ground pool in the winter and how to heat an above ground pool.

As you get further into your research you may wonder if above ground pools can have different depths (spoiler: they can) or if above ground pools can be converted to saltwater in order to use less chemicals.

We hope you enjoy your new above ground pool!

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