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Air Fun Backyard Jumping Castle Rentals

Whether it’s your child’s birthday, a back-to-school party, or you just want your kids to enjoy some outdoor time, backyard jumping castle rentals are great ideas.

It doesn’t even have to be a castle. Here is the air fun backyard jumping castle rentals review.

There are many styles to choose from like inflatable moonwalks, bounce houses obstacles, water slides, and all sorts of inflatable games.

No matter what design you choose, they are a big hit with kids. They have fun bouncing, climbing, and sliding.

Renting fun backyard jumping castles and bounce houses provide hours of fun in your own backyard. Plus, kids will be getting a lot of valuable exercises.

Why Choose an Inflatable Bounce House?

An inflatable is a large object that is filled up with gas or air. Sometimes, nitrogen, hydrogen, or helium are used. A special pump is used to fill the large plastic structure with gas or air.

The gas helps it keep its size and shape. They are often called bounce house, but they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can take the shape of a castle, obstacle course, or fun houses.

Over the last few years, they have become very popular at parties and as event rentals. The huge gain in popularity made them more accessible for families and organizations to rent.

When kids are jumping around, they are using their major muscle groups.

Rigorous play they will get in inflatable rental bounce house obstacle courses, inflatable slide combos, or a rock wall is an important part of their physical and emotional development.

They can improve eye-hand coordination, promote good cardiovascular exercise and develop their social skills all while having loads of fun.

Plus, playing outside provides them with healthy fresh air and sunlight which encourages their bodies to manufacture vitamin D. Adults are not the only ones who suffer from stress.

Kids can relieve anxiety and tension by letting out negative energy by bouncing around.

Pros and Cons of Bouncy Party Rentals

There are a lot of pros and cons for bouncy house rentals. They make a unique choice for kid’s birthday parties. Here are some of the pros and cons of renting inflatable playgrounds.

Easy to set up and take down. There is almost no preparation for sitting up a bounce house.Hygiene concerns. If a jump house is not cleaned well, it can become a germ-fest.
Wide variety of options. Most rental companies have a large selection of bounce houses to choose from.Time restrictions. A bounce house rental will only be available for a predetermined amount of time.
Choose a theme. When you contact a rental company, you’ll have several themes to choose from.
Backyard Jumping Castle Rentals Reviews

Keeping a Bounce House SafePhoto of Bounce house of Air Fun Backyard Jumping Castle Rentals

There are several steps you can take to ensure kids can play safely on a bouncy inflatable.

  •         Adult supervision should always be present.
  •         Limit the number of children or adults in the bouncy castle at one time.
  •         Watch the weather. Rainy or windy days are not always safe.
  •         Explain to the children how to play safely. Set guidelines.
  •         Be aware of any established weight limits.
  •         Follow the installation instructions or any given to you by the company.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve wondered if it’s worth it to rent a bouncy house, it is. Kids and adults alike benefit from hours of fun play and activity.

Buying an inflatable can be expensive but renting one can be loads of fun without much work at all.

That leaves you plenty of time to plan and throw the party of your dreams complete with carnival games, cotton candy, and snow cone machines!

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