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Are Dyson Stick Vacuums Worth It?

Dyson is one of the most well-known vacuum cleaners in the world. But with companies like Dreametech or Tineco giving Dyson something to think about, the landscape is now more competitive.

With this in mind, are Dyson stick vacuums worth it?

Dyson sticks are on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Dyson’s laser-based technology removes previously unnoticed dust, making them well worth the extra cost. 

Dyson vacuums go from $200 to $800. To be worth that cost, they have to be a step above most vacuums. Below, we will go through two of the major examples of this.

Three Dyson Vacuums That Show Us What They Can Do

Dyson has three central vacuums that show exactly what the company can do:

Here is how these three vacuums excel:

The Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum – Features Worth Talking About

Dyson excels at cordless stick vacuums, and the V8 is one such example as to why. 

The Dyson V8 Vacuum simplifies things by offering 40 minutes of run time and two power modes. It includes multiple tools to streamline your process:

  • A combination tool 
  • A direct-drive cleaner head
  • A mini motorized head
  • A soft roller clever head (for hard floors)
  • A docking station
  • A crevice tool
  • A mini dusting brush
  • A charger

It is about 50 inches in length, enabling you to reach far areas. It also weighs under 6 lbs. 

It has about 115 AW (air watts) worth of power. The bin volume is .14 gallons, and it has a lifetime washable filter. 

While this vacuum does not have anything too exceptional, the combined effort makes it exceptional. As a stick vac, It handles everything from hardwood floors to medium-pile carpet. 

It takes the best part of Dyson sticks and lumps them together. It exceeds the power of many upright vacuums.

The Dyson V15 Detect+ – The Premium Dyson Model

The Detect+ is Dyson’s premium vacuum. The HEPA filter alone is excellent at getting microscopic particles (0.1 microns).

However, the laser system is where the Detect+ works.

An angled laser is pointed towards hard floors and carpets just in front of the vacuum. This labor enables you to see tiny particles of dust. 

Those particles are typically impossible to see. This, combined with an LCD screen showing the quality of your filter, makes this feel like a premium experience. 

The price tag of this product reflects its quality, so be sure to check your budget. The included attachments include those listed above, but add these extra pieces:

  • A combi-crevice tool (for even smaller spaces)
  • A high torque cleaner head with an anti-tangle comb (good for pet hair on upholstery)
  • A low reach adaptor 
  • A hair screw tool (specifically for incredibly difficult hair)
  • A wand clip

The D15 can handle any floor type. It has just as much technology as robot vacuums, with half the price (provided you are willing to do manual work). This range of Dyson stick vacs also has a high battery life of up to an hour. 

The Dyson V7 – What Does Dyson’s Budget Option Look Look?

If you want something closer to Dyson’s budget option, the V7 is a good initial investment. Thankfully, it isn’t one of those corded vacuums, so you still get to keep convenience.

Instead, the sacrifice comes from a lack of laser sight, shorter battery life (30 minutes), and no screens. Overall, it isn’t too different from the V8. It also lacks convenient attachments.

The powerful suction is a feature of all Dyson vacuums. You can also convert any of these to a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

However, if you look for something that cleans carpets (thick ones), the V7 is less handy.

Still, among cordless vacuum cleaners, this is another reminder of why Dyson offers an excellent product. 

If you want a Dyson with a smaller price tag, the V7 will maintain Dyson’s quality. The only way to save further at this point is to be willing to forgo cordless models.  

Final Thoughts – Are Dyson Vacuums Worth It?

When asking that question, that depends on how much premium value you expect from your Dyson models. Dyson is best left to those who seek premium quality vacuums.

The Detect+ and v8 are worth it. The v7 is a bit more comparable to other standard vacuums. 

If you want to ensure your stick vacuum can handle heavy-duty work, check our review of the best stick vacuums for cat litter. Thanks for reading!

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