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Are Expandable Hoses Good?

Have you ever tripped over a garden hose because the kids forgot to put it up last night? Maybe it’s the perfect time to buy an expandable hose.

This hose expands when water fills it up, but it retracts when the water pressure decreases or goes away. An expandable hose is just one example of new inventions that make our lives easier.

But are expandable hoses any good? Will they do the job? Yes. They are very light and don’t twist or kink.

That means you don’t spend your time wrestling with a garden hose that wants to go a different way. They are super easy to store and shrink on their own to about 1/3 of their expanded length.

Because expandable hoses self-empty when they shrink on their own, there’s no struggling to get water out of them so they can be stored during the winter months.

How does an expandable hose work?

An expandable hose works because they have two basic parts instead of just one. Inside is a thin layer of expandable latex capable of stretching out two to three times its length when the hose fills with water.

The outer cover is made of wear-resistant materials and shrinks or expands with the inner hose. Expandable hoses have high-pressure fittings on both ends.

This ensures a tighter fit and they are less prone to leak than regular hose fittings. In general, they are designed for convenience and for heavy-duty use.

Are there any advantages to using expandable hoses?

There are some great benefits of using an expandable hose. When it is being used, it expands up to three times in length. It is also as much as five times lighter than traditional garden hoses.

That makes storage a whole lot easier. All you have to do is take it out, turn on the water and watch the hose expand to a working length in just a few seconds.

When you are done, turn the water off and the hose will drain itself and coil back up. Now that saves you a lot of time, energy, and effort. The main benefits you can enjoy including:

  •         No carrying a heavy hose from one part of your garden or yard to the other.
  •         It doesn’t twist and tangle like a traditional garden hose.
  •         An expandable hose saves you lots of time because you don’t have to drain it or roll it back up.
  •         It’s compact for easy storage.

Tips for Taking Care of Expandable Hoses

Always start with the valve turned off.

When you fill the hose, make sure the shut-off valve is in the “off” position. This lets the hose stretched out to its full length.

Letting the hose stretch out fulling before starting the flow of water helps prevent the hose from dragging on the ground. When you are done, turn the water off, which allows it to retract to its storable length.

Make sure the water is turned off if the hose is not in use.

Even just a little bit of dripping water can cause damage to an expandable hose when it’s not in use. Make sure the water is turned off all the way.

If water is constantly dripping or leaking into the hose and the temperature drops below freezing, it can damage the hose. That’s one useful thing about brass fittings, they help prevent leaking.

Squeeze the nozzle to ensure it’s fully drained.

The hose will retract and release water on its own. But you can check to make sure it is emptied by squeezing the nozzle.

Don’t leave the hose in the sun for a long time.

The outer material of the expandable hose can be damaged by the sun if it is exposed to it for a long time. Try to store it in the shade if it’s not being used.

Store the hose out of extreme winter weather.

Even though the hose will drain itself, it needs to be stored safely if the temperature is expected to drop below freezing. A lot of snow can also damage the hose.

How to Know You are Buying a High-Quality Expandable Hose

a blueexpandable hose

  • Check the materials used in construction. The inside should have two to three inches of latex. Other materials are not as durable.
  • Choose brass fittings. A brass fitting is more durable and reliable than a plastic one.
  • Buy the right size. You want to purchase an expandable hose that fits your need. Don’t go to the extra expense for a 100-foot hose if a 50 ft hose will do. Measure the area or areas you will be watering to see if you need a hose that reaches 25 or 50 feet. If it’s too long, it makes it more work to deal with. Buy a length that is suitable for your projects.
  •  Make sure the outer layer is made from high-quality materials. Nylon with 600D*600D is a good choice.
  • Check the warranty information. Most expandable hoses come with a year warranty, some come with more. Be sure to check how long the warranty is on your hose.
  • Check to see if your expandable hose comes with extras. Sometimes they include special features like a spray nozzle or hose hangers, especially if you get it through a services LLC associates program from someone who is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program.

In Conclusion

An expandable hose is a great investment, and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. They make your watering chores a lot easier and more fun too.

They are lightweight, easy to use, portable, and don’t take much storage space. You can find a high-quality expandable garden hose through an affiliate advertising program at Amazon services LLC designed to help you find what you want and save you money.

You can purchase a high-quality expandable hose on an Amazon program, an affiliate advertising platform. 

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