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Are Indoor Smokeless Grills Worth It?

An indoor grill is an excellent alternative to an outdoor grill because of many reasons. But we will only mention a few of these reasons.

First, these smokeless grills are more portable, and you could take them with you to the RV and experience the great outdoors in the wild with a full stomach.

They also pack impressive cooking power to yield an authentic BBQ result. What’s more, they are affordable units that you could invest in for an indoor grilling experience.

Cleaning them after grilling your steak is also effortless as they are usually non-stick. But you might be concerned if these kitchen appliances are worth every penny.

Indoor smokeless grills are worth it since they are versatile kitchen appliances. You could grill steaks and vegetables using these affordable and smokeless grills.

Contact grills even fold up for more compact storage needs. So, if you have limited storage space in your kitchen, contact grills are the models to consider buying.

Smokeless indoor grills like the Chefman Panini Press Grill are one such contact grill. Be sure to read on for more information.

How To Reduce Smoke Buildup in The Kitchen

Unlike outdoor grills that use energy sources such as charcoal gas for cooking, indoor grills use electricity. And that means you don’t have smoke filling your kitchen space.

The heating elements inside the indoor grills use electrical current to function, and this eliminates smoke buildup.

But the grill plates might still produce some smoke that fills up the kitchen grilling meat.

When wet ingredients meet the heated cooking surface, smoke will form and fill up the kitchen space. Fortunately, you can reduce smoke by doing the following tricks:

Pat The Ingredients Dry with A Paper Towel

Nothing makes your dinner more refreshing than grilled meats and veggies. But to make your grilled meats taste even better, you might need to marinate your steaks.

If you decide to marinate the steaks, do it in advance for the flavors to infuse properly.

Also, ensure you pat the steaks dry with a paper towel to reduce smoke buildup from the hot cooking surface.

Once your steaks are dry enough, you can gently place them onto the superheated grill plates for crispy and excellently grilled steaks. And when grilling your steaks or veggies, your indoor grill will produce no smoke. Therefore, be sure to do this trick.

Season Your Steaks with Dry Spices

Any chef will tell you that placing a wet steak or any food on a hot cooking surface will cause unnecessary splatters and smoke in the kitchen.

But you can reduce smoke formation by seasoning your foods with dry spices. Besides, dry spices flavor your foods excellently while eliminating splatters, making cleaning a complete breeze after using your smokeless grill.

Therefore, consider seasoning with dry spices.

Coat The Grill Pan with Some Oil

Foods cooked with an indoor grill have authentic grill marks. But your food might stick on the grill grates and begin to burn and cause smoke in the kitchen.

You can prevent your steaks from sticking to the cooking surface by coating the pan with a thin cooking oil layer.

The thin oil layer also ensures your food has a crispy crust that locks in all the flavors. Also, the cooking surface will be easy to clean since no food will stick to the grills.

Besides, some indoor grills have removable parts that are dishwasher safe for more effortless cleaning.

Replicating The Smokiness of Gas Grills

Indoor grills are worth every penny because they produce no smoke as they use clean electric energy. And this is one of the reasons why these kitchen appliances are worth the price.

But you might miss the smokiness of the outdoor grills when using your electric-powered indoor grill.

You can replicate the smokiness to have an outdoor gas grilling experience using a liquid smoke product.

You only have to brush the cooking surface with a one-quart teaspoon of liquid smoke, and you will have the experience of a woody outdoor grilling.

How Do Indoor Grills Eliminate Smoke?

How smoke rid in smokeless indoor grill

The cooking surfaces of these kitchen appliances are non-stick. As a result, food will not stick to the cooking surfaces and burn to cause smoke buildup.

But this is only one trick up the sleeves of indoor smokeless grills.

Also, these units have a drip tray for collecting the grease from the cooked steak. Since the drip tray collects all the dripping grease from the food, no grease will make it to the heating elements to cause smoke in the kitchen.

What’s more, indoor smokeless grills run on clean electric energy, eliminating smoke production while allowing you to have cooking times.

Therefore, indoor grills perform incredibly well to give you authentic grill marks without filling up your kitchen with smoke. And this makes them worth the investment.

How Does Electricity Generate Heat in Indoor Grills?

Indoor smokeless grills are temperature-controlled kitchen appliances that can produce heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you have set the correct temperature using the temperature selector, the electric current will flow through the heating elements that produce infrared heat.

A set of special reflectors then focus this heat on the foods cooked. And the result? An excellently grilled food.

Besides, the thermal effect of electric current ensures your indoor smokeless grill produces sufficient heat without producing any smoke. And the more the wattage rating, the more heat a unit will generate.

Therefore, indoor smokeless grills are worth it in every sense.


Indoor smokeless grills are worth the investment because they are more portable in comparison with gas grills.

You can carry them to wherever you go and have authentic grill marks on your cooked steaks. What’s more, they fit in compact spaces, especially if they feature the contact design, making them an ideal option for compact storage.

Also, they use infrared heat for cooking while not producing any smoke, making them smokeless options. They have removable and dishwasher safe parts that make cleaning a complete breeze.

Their cooking surfaces are also non-stick, which makes cleaning more effortless. Therefore, indoor smokeless grills are worth the investment in every sense, and you should invest in the best models.

That’s the only way you will have authentic BBQ grill marks!

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