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Are Smart TV Bluetooth Compatible?

Smart TVs are meant to be the core of everyone’s home entertainment. If you want to relax or just take your mind off of things, your smart TV is there for you.

However, having too many cables lying around the whole can definitely irk you.

Having a Bluetooth-compatible smart TV is a great way to gain better entertainment without having so many connections as it provides a wireless network.

What Does Bluetooth Do?

The Bluetooth technology can accept any content – videos, pictures, and the like from any Bluetooth-compatible device you have.

It is a fast, wireless network that lets you stream any content to your smart TVs without having to install third-party wires and components.

If your smart TV supports Bluetooth technology, it can also connect to Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

Bluetooth technology is much like Wi-Fi that supports a wireless network. It also provides a local data network wherein different devices with Bluetooth capabilities can communicate.

In general, manufacturers utilize Bluetooth technology for small gadgets that work for short distances only. This is it is ideal for home entertainment devices like smart TVs.

Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, not all smart TVs utilize Bluetooth technology. Most of the televisions compatible with Bluetooth are flagship models.

However, due to the tight competition between the different brands, they are starting to include it even in the older models to gain more customers and increase their sales.

Having Bluetooth capabilities has started to become a standard feature among different devices, but still, not every television you can find is Bluetooth compatible.

How Can I Know If My TV is Bluetooth Compatible?

Most of the televisions you can find possess smart TV capabilities. This feature allows you to connect any Bluetooth device you have like computers, laptops, speakers, and the like.

You can also stream videos and open several applications through a Wi-Fi network and wired ethernet.

Through Bluetooth technology, the connection of all the devices is smoother and more efficient. This is favorable especially to the gamers who don’t need to connect their headphones to their TVs anymore.

But how would you know if your smart TV supports Bluetooth technology? Here are some ways to find out if your smart TV is Bluetooth-compatible:


If you want to know if your smart TV has Bluetooth capabilities and you want to get answers as quickly as possible, find the user manual that came with your smart TV when you bought it.

In case you cannot find the user manual or you accidentally threw it away as most people do, a simple visit to Google can answer your question too. Just search for the brand and model of your smart TV.

Check your settings and your smart TV remote

A very clear indicator that your smart TV is Bluetooth compatible is by checking your remote control. If you use two remotes for your television, grab the actual one that came when you bought your television.

If you see your remote control has smart TV options, it just means that your smart TV has Bluetooth capabilities. Some televisions require going into the settings and turning it on for activation.

Ensure that you have checked this if you have not found the smart TV settings immediately.

If you are still unsure whether your smart TV supports Bluetooth, you may want to check your connection to your Wi-Fi network and your Bluetooth device to be able to connect it to your television.

However, you can also check the settings of your smart TV itself.

From the “settings” menu of your television, select “sound” and proceed to “sound output.” If your smart TV is Bluetooth-compatible, it will show the option “Bluetooth Speaker List.”

What Can I Do if My TV Is Not Bluetooth Compatible?

If your television happens to be Bluetooth incompatible, there are available third-party devices like Bluetooth adapters.

These adapters are meant to give the same wireless technology to devices like televisions.

It varies in price and connects through a standard 3.55 mm stereo jack. You can easily find Bluetooth adapters in computer electronic shops, even in retail stores. You can also purchase it online.

You can use these adapters to connect your Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your smart TV.

Once you have a Bluetooth adapter, you can already connect your devices to a 3.5mm audio port, or a standard AUX audio port.

List of TVs with Bluetooth

Since the competition among the electronics industry is tough, most of the manufacturers are already producing smart TVs with Bluetooth capabilities.  The majority of the brands that produce Bluetooth-compatible smart TVs are the following:

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth-compatible smart TVs will help you enjoy your entertainment hub even better.

So, if you are keen on owning a smart TV that is Bluetooth-compatible, it is best to pay attention to the brand and model specifications before purchasing one.

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