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Backyard Activities for 2 Year Olds

Two is such a fun age to enjoy. As you watch your little ones get older, each milestone fills you with a mixture of happiness, pride, and love.

However, a bit of peace every once and a while would be nice. But with distractions in mind, what are some excellent backyard activities for 2-year-olds?

Below are some excellent ideas for backyard activities for 2-year-olds:

  • Creating obstacle courses made out of pool noodles
  • Making a water table that allows them to splash around
  • Making a ring toss game that’s fun for all
  • Making a water balloon and water gunfight
  • Creating an outdoor nature scavenger hunt

As babies become toddlers, they can create hours of fun out of almost anything. With a bit of creativity, you can help them out with that process.

Below are some suggestions for creating outdoor activities for 2-year-olds.

Motor Activities to Improve Dexterity 

The best sort of activities for 2-year-olds involve things to improve motor skills.

Suppose you are looking for an idea for kids at age to play, think about physical activities that might work for a variety of ages. Here are some suggestions: 

Water Tables

Water tables are best for younger ones who aren’t quite as apt for running around in circles. If you have a little one looking for a relaxing bit of outdoor play, set up a water table. 

You can do so with a clean cookie sheet, the top of a tote, or anything like a shallow bowl. While you are at it, also consider building water walls.

You can either get one off of Amazon or create one yourself with PVC pipes and bottles. 

Advanced Obstacle Courses

If you and your kids have ever watched Ninja Warrior before, a backdoor obstacle course is fun for toddlers who like a bit of action.

Consider constructing the path of household materials. These may include sturdy buckets, pool noodles, and makeshift climbing walls. 

Make sure on those makeshift climbing walls that you have tight ropes that they can use to climb up. Either pick that or some climbing rocks that you can hook to the side of trees

Ring Toss

The best time to do so is when you invite your friend’s kids over among backyard activities.

You can enjoy hanging out with your friends while your kids can also make the same friends over a game of ring toss. 

As a simple game that is great for developing motor skills, it is one of the most fun activities for toddlers. Also, most ring toss games aren’t too messy; make sure they pick up after the fact. 

Water Fight

This summer is a great time to break out the water guns, water balloons, and sprinkler systems.

While two-year-olds cannot participate in getting pelted with water balloons, some of them enjoy being part of getting wet. 

If your kiddo already has a penchant for running through the sprinkler, this is a great suggestion. Just make sure that you don’t get water guns that are too intense. 

Toddler Crafts

If you invite your neighbor’s kids to play at your house, one of the most solid activities for toddlers is arts and crafts.

Regardless of the toddler, building and discovery is an enjoyable way to develop fine and gross motor skills while also letting them take something to mommy or daddy. 

Just make sure they are somewhat versed with any of the tools you give them.

Simple Scavenger Hunt

Kids Scavenger hunting

Two-year-olds will still have some difficulty identifying more complex items, but they may still know many things in nature.

By telling them to collect simple known items around the backyard and rewarding them after, you assist them in working on their mental development. 

Outdoor Activity Tips for Toddlers

Whether it’s a play date or just your kiddo, it’s essential to be aware of your kiddos and their limitations. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when having fun with little kids:

  • Make sure you find a shady spot for more sedentary activities. Summer can get pretty hot for a two-year-old, and sunburns are no joke on their tiny body. Make sure your chosen play area has a bit of cover.
  • When performing DIY backyard crafts with someone else’s kids, determine what their parents are comfortable with their kid’s holding. You wouldn’t want to violate any parent’s trust. You should also know any dietary restrictions if serving snacks.
  • If you do play in the sun, make sure you have plenty of kids sunscreen. This situation is not something to run out of with a room of young kids still pushing the boundaries. Telling them no if their hopes have been up all day can lead to disastrous effects. 

Final Thoughts

Two-year-olds are well into the development beyond the chubby baby stage. As a result, they want to feel everything, run around, and likely trip in the process.

Make sure you have bandages ready as your kiddos discover the limitations of how fast their body can go before falling over. 

If you need some help with slip n’ slides (another outdoor treat), check out our article on how you make them slippery

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