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Backyard Activities for 3 Year Olds

People constantly talk about the terrible twos. However, two-year-olds are easier to catch in the act.

Once you get them to age three, it’s sort of like trying to catch a moving fighter jet covered in grape jelly.

If you want to wear them down a bit and have some fun in the process, what are some excellent backyard activities for 3-year-olds? 

Since they’re older, you can ump toddlers and preschoolers into similar activities. These activities can include treasure hunts, tea parties, hula hoops, and impromptu dance parties.

The idea is to keep them active and social until eventually, you can break out the lower-impact activities.

In the rest of this article, we will delve into many active outdoor activities that 3-year-olds love.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a list of things your kiddos are going to love. 

Water Activities to Beat the Heat

With the hot summer approaching, the first thing you will look at is activities to beat the heat. But when none of these works, you can’t go wrong with a water balloon fight.

Here are a few other options:

Backyard Pool

Whether it be breaking out the kiddie pool or having the entire family come together for the big pool, you can’t go wrong with something to cool you off.

Kids love to swim, and these physical activities can help burn some of that high-level energy. So break out the pool noodles and start floating around!

Sprinkler Systems

You can’t go wrong with a situation where kids play and run through sprinkler systems. Watching them scream and make up impromptu games is a fun experience for all to enjoy.

You can do so from the comfort of your lawn chair with a cool glass of iced tea. Just be ready for 20 questions once they get back. 

Water Table

During easy and lazy moments, a water table is still appropriate for older kids. This activity is especially good at connecting your older kids with younger siblings or neighbors.

For extra fun, make some soapy water with one part dish soap and five parts water. The result is a sensory experience for all involved.

Bubble Wands

Do you know that soapy water substance we talked about earlier? The idea is similar, but the ratio is one cup of dish soap to six cups of water

You’ll also want to add a tablespoon of glycerin and a couple of tablespoons of corn syrup.

Make that bubble solution and dip your bubble wands in there for some fantastic bubble solution. Dip your rods and bubble-blowing devices in there and create a great piece of entertainment for your kids. 

Other Active and Fun Ideas for Your Kids

Some days won’t be as warm as others. If you are looking for another kind of fun activity, check out our additional suggestions below:

Classic Hide and Seek or Tag

Do you remember those classic games we used to play when we were kids? Well, don’t forget they exist because it’s easy to do that when being pelted by today’s information world.

Check out some classic options:

  • Tag
  • Hide and Seek
  • Jump Rope
  • Jacks
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Red Rover, Red Rover 

If your kids don’t know these games, teaching them makes for a great bonding opportunity.

Balance Bike or Bike with Training Wheels

Both a balance bike or a regular bike are great options for activities. What you choose will depend on how much experience your kid has with bikes.

Here’s the difference between the two options:

To introduce your kids to the idea of pedals, you can choose to pick a trike

Outdoor Treasure Hunts

Avast ye mateys, be ye lookin’ for treasure?

If you are looking for activities for toddlers, send them on a scavenger hunt. Making it pirate-themed will put an exciting twist on it.

How often do you get to talk like a pirate? 

Final Thoughts

Both toddlers and preschoolers enjoy simple activities. Whether it be a family activity or physical activity, take any opportunity you can to allow your kids to run themselves out.

As a parent, you will thank yourself for the chance to rest. 

If you would consider outdoor camping activities, look at this article on the Backyard Heroes Activity Tent with alternative options.

Give your kids the opportunity for some fresh air with creativity.

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