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Backyard Activities for Teenagers – Keeping Them Engaged

The adage “they grow up so fast” couldn’t be more true when you see your kiddos grow into teens. Some teenagers want to go outside and get started on new projects.

Others want to sit indoors with a bag of Cheetos and a bean bag chair. Either way, the idea of backyard fun isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility here.

But what outdoor fun can you enjoy with teenagers in the backyard? Here are the backyard activities for teenagers.

With any project with teenagers, you need to frame it to work with them instead of against them. Allow them to look up projects or take charge of design choices.

By allowing them to make it about them, you treat them as equals.

Below, we are going to get into some outdoor activity you can use to encourage your teenager. 

Classic Games Can Help Be a Distraction 

Backyard fun starts with good old-fashioned games. While they don’t like to be called this, kids love to do something to take their minds off whatever drama is going on in middle or high school.

Below are some classic games to consider:

  • Invite your teenager for a water balloon fight out in the backyard. You don’t have to get too complicated to use your backyard space.
  • Create an obstacle course using anything you can find. Pool noodles, tires, and buckets are a great way to turn miscellaneous objects into a fun game.
  • Giant lawn games, specifically board games, are excellent and unique ways you can engage your entire family. If you don’t own one, don’t buy it as a surprise. The idea is to engage your kids by asking them what they want.
  • A swimming pool in your backyard is challenging to beat. You can combine it with other water-based backyard fun (like water balloons and squirt guns) for a complete experience. 

Summer Projects You Can Tackle With Teenagers

Teens planting

When the simple projects run out, you can move onto more complicated topics. Remember that you can ruin these fun ideas if you make them all about your interests and hobbies.

Instead, your goal is to find out what they want. 

Even if it doesn’t seem attractive to you, kids have to spend their entire lives dealing with your preference on things.  You can give up some time for one of their projects. 

Here may be some options you can do with them: 

Water Balloon Piñatas 

An exciting twist on your classic water balloon fight involves piñatas.

Instead of fighting by throwing the water balloons, the satisfaction of smacking one with a pole can be just as fun. Here are some ways you can build this activity:

  1. Fill the water balloons with water.
  2. Tie them up as you would a standard water ballon 
  3. Get a piece of string or twine, ensuring it is long enough for your kids to reach
  4. Tie the other end to your water balloon. It won’t take long for your balloon to test the strength of your string. 
  5. Beat it with a stick. 

Have a camera with slow-mo capabilities nearby for some of the best videos ever for cool video effects. Your teenager will be happy to show some of those photos off to friends.

Plan a Garden Out 

For more of a long-term approach to things, teenagers also appreciate being challenged. The challenge isn’t always good for them, but giving them a piece of the backyard for their project is significant.

Giving them a garden tells them that you trust them with whatever they choose.

Teenagers can use the garden for anything. You kids can have a tea party, place comfy chairs, or put a picnic table out there; it can also be a personal reading space.

By giving them a place of expression, they can genuinely feel like part of your home. 

If they like nighttime experiences, you can also purchase some glow-in-the-dark lighting. This lighting can illuminate outdoor reading spaces and allow for late-night gatherings. 

Allow Them To Plan Outdoor Games and Events

Part of being a parent is finding opportunities for your kids to learn a couple of things. By allowing them the chance to throw parties that involve friendly games and events, they have the chance to manage a large-scale event.

The process is a great learning opportunity and provides a level of trust to your teenagers to develop their leadership skills. 

The event could be anything from playing video games in a tent with their friends to creating a giant game of chess where people are the game pieces.

Allow them to use the outdoor spaces with their creativity in mind. Also, a bit of fresh air won’t kill them. 

Final Thoughts

Whether it be a simple game or a summer-long project, the best way to engage many teenagers is to ask them what they want to do.

By giving them some level of control to develop backyard ideas, teenagers feel inspired to contribute something. After all, teenagers are always concerned about finding ways to express themselves. 

If you are looking for a unique project for you and your teenagers to tackle, here is a guide on waterproofing a wooden table for outdoor use. Thanks for reading!

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