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Backyard Fun Factory Pricing

As a parent, you want what’s best for your children.

Before making big purchases like a backyard fun factory, you want to make sure the investment in your kids is worth it.

It is highly likely your child or children, their cousins, and friends will use an outdoor playset like this for many years to come.

Learn more about backyard fun factory pricing here.

That makes pricing an important part of the decision-making process. A backyard fun factory is worth investing in just for being able to watch your kids have fun for years.

Description of a Backyard Fun Factory

It’s a lot more than just a wooden swing set. Since they are custom-built, they may have any combination of fun features. It can be designed as a backyard fort and include a swing set and slides.

The outdoor playset is constructed out of solid wood so it’s durable. The playset may have any combination of features from swings to slides, a deck to a basketball hoop on the side.

They are built to fit in the size of the backyard and can be a single level, or more. Parents choose how many and which features they want their kids to enjoy.

What do Backyard Fun Factory sets cost?

We have found very little on prices for Backyard Fun Factory sets. However, from what we have found so far, the sets cost around $4,000-$20,000.

We have reached out to the Backyard Fun Factory team for more details and will post them here when we get more.

Why Buy a Backyard Fun Factory

There are many advantages to building an outdoor play area in your own backyard. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Kids are going to get lots of beneficial exercise.The set needs quite a bit of space.
It can increase the sense of community and help with socialization.It will require a little maintenance on your part.
Your kids play in the safety of their own back yard.
Backyard Fun Factory Reviews

Built-in Safety Features

As a parent, you want to make sure your kids have a safe place to play. The backyard fun factory has rounded edges to help prevent splinters.

Deck ladders include grab handles, and boardwalks include side rails to help protect playing children. Bolts are counter sunken to help reduce injuries.

Roof peaks have sunbursts installed to help provide extra shade in key play areas.

Is the Playset Sturdy?

Photo of Backyard fun

Each backyard fun factory is made from 100% Redwood which provides exceptional durability and strength. The playset doesn’t shake or sway even when lots of kids are playing.

Swings are secured using heavy-duty hangers so there’s no slipping. Brackets, rungs, and handles are powder-coated, and all of the hardware is galvanized.

The pieces of redwood are screwed and bolted together so there are no nails or staples used in its construction. Flooring is carefully screwed into place from the bottom side to protect from splinter pockets.

Is it really customizable?

Yes, there is a custom option when you choose to purchase a backyard playset. Measurements are taken of the available backyard area.

Then, a playset is created to fit the area, ages of your kids, and interests.

Can adults enjoy the playset?

Technically, the backyard playset is designed for kids to have a blast. But who’s to say you won’t catch your hubby trying out the slide?

You may find your babysitter enjoying the treehouse. The whole family can enjoy it to some extent.

How does the playset help kids develop?

When kids play on a backyard fun factory, they develop in numerous ways, including:

  •         They build muscles and develop physical skills like balance, coordination, and endurance.
  •         When they play with other children, they learn decision-making skills, making resolutions, negotiation skills, and self-confidence.
  •         Play helps children build healthy bodies and reduce the risk of childhood obesity.
  •         Children learn how to use their imagination and develop new ideas.

Do they require a lot of maintenance?

In general, the backyard playset doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. You may need to reapply a sealer once a year to protect the wood.

Hardware needs to be checked periodically to make sure the bolts and screws remain tight and in securely in place. Other than that, occasional cleaning may be needed.

Final Thoughts

The price of a Backyard fun factory is worth it for most families who want to create a fun, safe place for their children to play.

There are many options and features including slides, swings, treehouses, rock climbing, and lots of other activity areas to choose from.

It is designed to fit in your backyard and will provide your children with lots of fun things to do. 

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