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The Backyard Heroes Activity Tent and Alternative Play Tents for Kids Backyard Camping

The Backyard Heroes Activity Tent is a fantastic tent for turning backyards into natural campgrounds.

Whether you are inviting friends over or want to make a family camping trip, these backyard tents help kids play with their imagination. But how can backyard camping in an activity tent teach kids?

Here the backyard heroes activity tent and alternative play tents for kids backyard camping.

Activity tents like the Backyard Heroes tent provide children a preview of actual camping. If you plan on going on future camping trips, this is a great way to teach them what to expect.

It also provides an excellent way to recreate a camping experience without having to leave the house.

In the rest of this article, we will let you know where you can find these activity tents.

We will also provide you with a few alternatives to the Backyard Heroes activity tent and alternative play tents for kids backyard camping.

Where Can I Find the Backyard Heroes Activity Tent? 

First, it’s important to note that Playground Heroes also offers something called the “Backyard Heroes Adventure Playground.” This isn’t a tent; it is an entire playground set.

The tents are far more reasonable cost and can be found at many department stores. 

However, you will often find that these tent sets are sometimes hard to come by. To address this, we’ve composed a shortlist of alternatives you can purchase to create a backyard campsite for your kids. 

Five Alternatives to the Backyard Heroes Tent

Part of the fun of recreating the “Backyard Heroes” experience is the creation of tubes. Having multiple compartments give kids a reason to crawl around in there.

Bonus points if you happen to be able to fit a ball pit. Below are five different options: 

Playz 4pc Pop Up Children Play Tent

Playz manages to hit the most cost-effective combination of items with two different connected areas. The two tents allow brothers and sisters to share the same play space while claiming different zones.

Among backyard camping suggestions, this provides a solid overall experience. 

3pc Kids Play Tent with Ball Pit

Another way to improve your tent experience is through the purchase of a ball pit. Unusual backyard camping activities often don’t include a ball pit, so this can be an instant backyard hit if you have kids over.

For kids, you can consider this for a list of roomy backyard tents.

Fun Little Toys Kids Play Tent

Part of a kid’s backyard camping adventure comes with imagination. Part of imagination comes with creating camping scenarios with a fake backyard grill, shovel, lantern, and other toys.

This tent from Fun Little Toys is an excellent way to encourage your kid’s imagination. 

Kiddey 3pc Kids Play Tent

If you are looking to save a little bit of money, Kiddey has an inexpensive option when compared to others on this list.

It still has the fun tube you can expect with multiple compartments, making it suitable for impromptu ball pits. 

Marvel Heroes Kids Play Tent

Sometimes, a good old-fashioned tent is all you need to impress your kids. But kids also appreciate product placement, so when it comes to a literal “backyard heroes” set, consider this tent with Marvel heroes on it.

Those who love Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, or The Hulk will appreciate this one. 

Other Ways To Encourage a Good Backyard Camping Experience for Kids

Recreating the campaign experience in your backyard isn’t always as exciting as the real thing. However, kids can still enjoy it as much as regular camping with a bit of creative effort.

Here are some tips to encourage that good experience:

  • Pick a backyard playground design that appeals to your kids. Ask them what tent they prefer to ensure they enjoy it. 
  • Invest in some backyard water toys (water balloons, squirt guns) and chase each other around. 
  • Ensure you have enough outdoor play space. Go to the local park if you need to. 
  • Have as much imagination as your kids. Treat these outdoor tents like a “vacation house” for you and your kids. 
  • Mix other activities such as outdoor grilling and movie time into this event. Who says it just has to be about camping? 

The most important thing is that you and your kids have fun. Whether you buy a tent or put a tarp over a clothesline, you can have fun just by enjoying that good quality time. 

Final Thoughts

The Backyard Heroes Activity Tent is an excellent method to keep your kids entertained. Any of the alternatives here are just as good (if not better) when selecting entertainment for your kids.

Whatever you choose, be ready to have imagination and fun in your back pocket. 

If you want additional help with outdoor activities, check out this guide on how long it takes flowers to grow. Thanks for reading!

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