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2 Amazing Bath Bomb Recipes (With & Without Citric Acid)

Is there anything more relaxing and soothing than a long, hot bath after a stressful day? Learn more about the Amazing Bath Bomb Recipes so you never lose them again.

Yes there is…and the answer is a long, hot scented bath using bath bombs you made yourself!

Seriously, once you discover how easy and inexpensive these bath bombs are to make, you’ll make sure to have a stash on hand to make those bad days better. Bath bombs transform a bath from just soothing to absolute spa quality. You can feel yourself sinking further and further into a state of relaxation with every fizzle and pop of your bath bomb.

The Benefits Abound

Don’t be fooled into thinking the benefits end at relaxation though. These little treasures aren’t just designed to add some luxury and pizzazz to your dip in the tub. The main bath bomb ingredients found in these recipes are incredibly beneficial for both your body and skin.

Bath bombs are wonderful exfoliating agents due to the baking soda contained within them. Not only will you have smoother skin from using these in your tub, you’ll also benefit from clearer skin with less blemishes, since the baking soda also helps to balance the ph level of your skin. You also can’t forget one of the other benefits of baking soda – it eliminates odors – enough said there, right?

Bath bombs contain citric acid, a natural substance found to have anti-aging effects on skin. Grocery stores should carry it or you can easily order citric acid online.

Don’t waste your money on anti-aging serums and creams. Take the years off with a simple soak.

Finally, while we’re talking relaxation and unwinding – we can’t forget about the benefits of aromatherapy. Bath bombs can be scented to whatever suits you best using natural products found at home or essential oils, which will be mixed with your carrier oil in the bomb. From lavender to orange ginger and everything in between – you can pick the scent you love best.

At the end of the day (literally), bath bombs are just a great way to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate.

Should You Buy or DIY?

The fastest way to bliss is obviously to buy your little bath beauties. The downer is the price though. Once you see how inexpensive it is to make your own, there’s no chance you’ll ever buy them again!

Even better is that bath bombs work best when they are fresh. When they’re homemade, you can be sure that they are not only fresh but free of harsh chemicals or inferior ingredients.

Plus, you can never be sure of what’s really in the products you find on store shelves or just how long they’ve been sitting there. That’s not reassuring when it comes to items you’ll be soaking in and absorbing!

Thank goodness we’re here to help you make these little pieces of heaven and relaxation for yourself. If you have been searching the net for the best bath bomb recipes to create these little bundles of bath joy, you are in the right place.

We’ve included two of our favorites: one with citric acid and one bath bomb recipe without citric acid for those with sensitive skin.

Bath Bomb Recipes (With and Without Citric Acid) Basics

Project Difficulty Level: Easy, even for DIY beginners

Time Needed: Each recipe should take no more than 1 hour to make after collecting ingredients

Ingredients: Listed under each recipe below

Peppermint Tea Bath Bombs without Citric Acid

peppermint scented bath bomb made without citric acid
If you have sensitive skin and tend to experience skin reactions from bath products, this recipe is for you! For this recipe we’ve omitted the citric acid. Citric acid may be good for your skin but for those with sensitive skin it’s best to avoid it as it can be a bit too harsh.

A little heads up: Bath bombs made with cream of tartar do not fizzle in water as actively as the ones made with citric acid. Nevertheless, the aroma in this bath bomb is very relaxing so it is worth it.

For this particular recipe we’ve chosen a peppermint scent. Peppermint has been shown to be a mood-enhancer that  lifts spirits and relaxes others . It’s also used to alleviate headaches, improve digestion, and enhance mental performance.

Moreover, peppermint oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Sounds like the perfect properties for a soothing bath bomb, right?

Let’s get started.

Things you will need:
1 cup baking soda
½ cup cream of tartar (substitute for citric acid)
3 tablespoons Epsom salt
2 bags of peppermint tea
Peppermint oil
Olive oil
Spray bottle filled with water (an old cologne spritzer will do)
Mixing bowl

Don’t forget your mold. You can buy bath bomb molds (click to see the type to use) that will help you easily shape your little beauties and make them look their best.  You can also use silicone ice trays, baking tins, or even your hands.

Note: This recipe is good for about 4 2×2 inch bath bombs. It is ideal to make small batches as the fresher they are, the more effectively they fizzle.



mixing baking powder and cream of tartar for a bath bomb


Step 1. Combine all dry ingredients. Combine baking soda, cream of tartar, and Epsom salt in a large bowl. Mix well.


Adding peppermint tea leaves and essential oils to bath bomb recipe


Step 2. Open the tea bags and add the dried tea leaves to the mixture. Then add about 20 drops of peppermint oil. (Peppermint oil is strong. It can burn the skin and irritate eyes – use caution when pouring it.)


Adding olive oil or carrier oil to bath bomb recipe without citric acid


Step 3. Add 8 teaspoons of olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, or any other carrier oil. Olive oil works well because it is readily available and is mildly scented so it won’t compete with the peppermint oil.


Testing bath bomb recipe to see is it will form and stay together in molds


Step 4. Test the moisture. Squeeze some mixture in your hand and see how well they form or fall apart. If they come together, then you can already press the mixture into a mold or form shapes with your hands. On the other hand, if the mixture crumbles apart, spritz with water. Add the water little by little. Otherwise, it will fizzle as baking soda reacts with water.


filling bath bomb molds to make peppermint bath bombs without citric acid


Step 5. Mold your bath bombs. You can decorate each bath bomb with dried peppermint leaves, lemon zest, or dried flower petals. Add these decorations to the bottom of your mold before pressing the mixture in.

Pro Tip: Anything you add into your bath bomb will go down the drain so make sure that they are small enough and will not cause your drain to clog. Also be mindful of the environment and your septic system – make sure all items are biodegradable and earth friendly!


peppermint scented bath bomb made without citric acid

Pink Surprise Bath Bombs

fizzy pink diy bath bomb scented with essential oils

Now that you’ve got the hang of making bath bombs, it’s time to get creative with them. Bath bombs are completely customizable – whether you’re looking to soothe and comfort or just liven up a kid’s bath time – your choices are endless. Enjoy experimenting with colors, fragrances, and even adding hidden treasures inside them!

There are so many scents to try, from strawberry to mango to chocolate. Making them yourself is not only fun, but you get to reap the rewards of your efforts by bathing in lush luxury. Kids will love the funky colors or seeing a mini dinosaur or other toy come out as they fizzle and dissolve!

As always we’ll start at the beginning…

Things you will need:
1 cup baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
1/2 cup citric acid
3 tablespoons of Epsom salt
essential oil (you will need about 2 teaspoons)
3 tsp. olive oil
Spray bottle filled with water
red food coloring
bath bomb mold

Pro Tip: Baking soda and citric acid combined react with water. It is better to gradually spray the water instead of pouring an entire teaspoon at once.

If you can find one, using a bath bomb mold is ideal. Don’t fret if you can’t find one. You can use your hands, a baking tin, toy plastic eggs, ice cream scoops…etc.


measuring dry ingredients to make a fizzy scented bath bomb

Step 1. Combine all dry ingredients. Pour baking soda, citric acid, and Epsom salt in a bowl and gently mix them well.

adding food coloring to fizzy bath bombs

Step 2. Get a small bowl and mix about two teaspoons of essential oil and 3 teaspoons of olive oil. Here is the fun part because you get to customize your bath bomb to your liking.

Olive oil is the easiest carrier oil to find and has a mild scent but you can use almond oil or coconut oil as well. Now it’s time to add your essential oils for bath bombs. Take some time to research the properties of certain scents and which work well together.

For example, Lavender oil (essential oil) promotes sleep and is great in combination with Rosemary. Rose oil has a soft heady fragrance but it is also used to balance energy and improve skin health. It can be used in combination with vanilla oil which shares similar restorative properties and works well with the rose oil fragrance.

Once you’ve chosen your scent combination, you’ll want to incorporate a particular color that resembles the scent you chose. In our case, we’ve chosen red food coloring.

combining dry and wet ingredients to make fizzy bath bombs with citric acid

Step 3. Add the liquid mixture to the dry ingredients a little at a time while mixing them. Mix all the ingredients with a whisk, and incorporate well. Your entire mixture should be the color of your choosing.

testing moisture of fizzy bath bombs to make sure they will stay together

Step 4. Test the moisture by squeezing a handful of the mixture. If they form together and do not fall apart, then you are ready to mold your bath bombs. If not, carefully spray some water, mix, and test again. Gradually spray some water until the mixture can be molded without crumbling.

forming fizzy bath bombs into molds

Step 5. Form your desired bath bomb shapes.

Bath Bomb Recipes with and Without Citric Acid


Your bath bombs are now ready for a test drive – or soak. They also make excellent and affordable gifts for pretty much everyone on your list. Kids will love fun colors and scents, men would enjoy pine or cedar wood aromas, and of course, every girl needs a relaxing mint-infused soak occasionally.

Whether your boss has left you in tears, your kids just drew all over the house in crayon, or you burned dinner (again) and you just need to forget it all for awhile – you can now have the luxury of a spa in your very own home.
















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