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6 Beautiful and Easy DIY Flower Bed Inspirations

Flowers are a whole world of beauty and vibrancy to explore with a DIY flower bed, brightening your outdoor living space and enhancing the feel-good effect that comes from colorful things in your space. Here are the 6 beautiful and easy DIY flower bed inspirations to brighten your outdoors.

You can always go for a traditional raised flower bed where you plant flowers and ornamental plants directly into garden soil, but there are many modern flower bed designs you can try to add a splash of color to otherwise dull, unusual, or awkward outdoor spaces.

Like any other DIY project, a DIY flower bed calls for creativity to turn simple and readily available resources like pallets, lumber, containers, glass bottles, tubes, old tires, and tree stumps into adorable flower beds with a dash of beautiful colors.

In this article, we discuss six beautiful and easy DIY flower bed ideas. They cost you next to nothing when you upcycle, repurpose, or recycle old items you have lying about in your backyard or garage.

Let’s hit the ground running for that fulfilling outdoor garden bed plan you will enjoy for a long time to come. Shall we?

1. Vertical Flower Bed Out of Wood Treillage or Pallet

A treillage or trellis is a structure made from a lattice of intersecting or interwoven pieces of bamboo, wood, or metal and is used as a display and support for vining plants or small shrubs. It may also have an open framework without the complexity of the intersections.

Vertical Flower Bed Out of Wood Treillage or Pallet

If you have unused lumber lying around, it’s easy to make pallets to use as vertical flower beds. Where none is available, consider buying some pressure-treated lumber from any lumber yard close to your home.

The trellis is easy to make once you have all the necessary tools, but if not, you can have them pre-cut at a carpenter’s workshop. Complete the framework with a closed-up back and holes in the front where the soil and flowers will go.

You can place the wood trellis or pallet flower bed vertically against a wall of the house or fence to change the scenery of any lawn space with a bit of color from dwarf varieties of flowers, shrubs, or succulents.

Note that with this design, the soil depth is not extensive. It’s easy to destroy your flower bed during water or direct rainfall. To be on the safe side, always ensure that you use a low-pressure garden hose to sprinkle water lightly onto the flowers.

You can also build a small sunroof over the flower bed to keep off hard-hitting rainwater drops while still ensuring your flowers get enough sunshine to allow them to grow into colorful blooms.

2. Raised Flower Bed Out of Wooden Boxes

Raised flower beds are great when you have limited space you would like to use to transform your outdoor living space into an area with a touch of the natural color of flowers and ornamental plants.

Raised Flower Bed Out of Wooden Boxes

There are thousands of raised flower bed designs you can try, but you are good to go if you have some ready lumber. Start by creating sizable boxes out of the lumber and filling each box with fertile potting soil to a considerable soil depth.

Due to the unyielding nature of impenetrable wood, growing large plants in these boxes is impractical. Instead, consider growing only small flowers, especially varieties with a fibrous root system.

3. Old Tire Planter

Most of us change car tires every three to six months, meaning that you probably have some lying unused in your garage or yard space where you keep items ready to go into the dumpster.

Tire planters are easy to make and will cost you next to nothing unless you decide to paint them with different colors.

Old Tire Planter

Painting the tires adds a splash of color and vibrancy, so the tire flower bed becomes one of the focal points in your outdoor space.

Arrange the tires in tiers and use fertile garden soil in each to ensure your planted flowers turn into beautiful blooms worth admiring any day.

4. Flower Bed Pond

Adding a water feature in an outdoor space is a great way to combine the effects of beautiful things you can see and hear.

Flower Bed Pond

Where you have limited space or can’t dig into the ground to avoid damaging underground gas or cable networks, consider building a raised pond with wooden edging enclosing the plastic basin or container that holds the water.

Plant your favorite blooms in terra cotta planters and place them inside the pond as floating flower pots. If you have a tiny boat planter lying around, you can plant some light flowers in it and put it in the middle of the pond.

Use strings to hold the planters in place but leave them loose enough to move about freely. Similarly, secure the boat to allow it to rock to the small waves. And you could add some fish as well!

5. Wine Bottle Border Flower Bed

Wine bottles are easy to find in many homes. Use the ones you have to build a colorful border enclosing a flower bed. Add a dash of color by using bottles of varying colors to enhance the beautiful foliage colors of your flowers.

Wine Bottle Border Flower Bed

Start by softening the borderline to make it easier to drive the wine bottles into the soil. Dress up the enclosed bed with soil to a considerable depth, but not too high to reduce the distance between the bed level and the tops of the bottles.

Since the flower bed here is planted directly on garden soil, you can use the free air space above by planting tall plants or flowers to tower high above the bottle border.

6. Boat Planter Flower Bed

Use a small boat on a raised platform or ground to plant your blossom friends to add a feel of the ocean in your outdoor living space. The boat planter can be placed anywhere in the backyard or near the house, depending on your preference.

Boat Planter Flower Bed

Bottom Line

Which idea or design inspires you the most to start your own DIY flower bed project?  Collect all the resources you need to build your garden box or vertical flower bed and then top it up with different types of flowers to add varying splashes of color in your outdoor space.

When it comes to flowers and color, only you can limit yourself. But why would you? Get your hands dirty and make a DIY flower bed using all the readily available or cheap resources you can find.

Get creative with the designs, and you will always enjoy the colorful appeal of your little blooming friends.

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