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5 Beautiful Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas to Boost Storage

Open kitchen shelves are an excellent choice for many homeowners because of their visual appeal, ease of access to kitchen items, and extra storage. If you are looking for the best 5 beautiful open kitchen shelving ideas to boost storage for 2021 and beyond, you have come to the right place.

This article explores five beautiful variations of kitchen shelves that you can set up on your own or with the help of a professional to boost storage space in your kitchen.

While you may not be able to use all the shelving kitchen ideas below, you can choose one or two that will best fit your space.

Let’s hit the ground running and see what each of these kitchen shelving ideas has to offer.

1. Remove Cabinet Doors

To achieve an open shelving plan, you can start with what you have in place already by removing the doors of the kitchen cabinets.

Most contemporary kitchen designs use wood as the material for kitchen storage units. As such, it is easy to remove cabinet doors to leave the shelves exposed.

Removing doors off a couple of cabinets means that now the shelves are left in the open, and you can access them and the items on them more easily.

a cabinet door for dinnerwareIf you are pressed for time and money, removing cabinet doors to expose the shelves will be an excellent solution for you as it takes only a few minutes, and you won’t have to spend too much money on the project when you do it yourself.
For a twist or to match your kitchen’s bright outlook, you can paint the interior sides of the cabinets with paint of your preferred color. However, keep your kitchen color palette simple by just painting the shelves a matching color as the wall.

2. Create a Coffee Bar Using Open Shelving

As a coffee lover, you might want to take your morning coffee from a stylish coffee bar in the kitchen. It will take you only a couple of days if you work on it alone, though you can always work as a couple to ensure you bank on multiple ideas.

You can easily add a couple of shelves above your coffee pot table to turn it into a complete bar holding your espresso supplies, a couple of cups for your coffee, decorative kitchen items, and other kitchen essentials.

The new shelves can float above the pot or table, with stylish brackets holding them in place. For a conspicuous elegant look, go for decorative brackets and slabs of wood with a hint of the rustic appeal of coffee.

a coffee bar photo

If you would like a farmhouse outlook, natural wood shelves will come in handy, especially if your floor is made of natural wood.

Basic wood shelving will do just fine, but the brackets have to be strong enough to support the weight of the wood boards you use to make the shelves.

Steel brackets are sturdy enough and will do the trick, but you might have to paint them to match the rustic color appearance of the shelves or entire coffee bar.

3. Hanging Shelves

Where space in the kitchen is limited and the walls aren’t an option for floating shelves, consider going vertical by suspending light wood shelves from the ceiling.

For this idea to work best for you, ensure you strategically place the hanging shelves in crucial parts of the kitchen, such as slightly above the sink or cooking area. You can also hang them above a kitchen island.

a goblet hanging rack

The shelves can hold kitchenware that is less prone to breakages if it falls, such as decorative wooden dishes, plastic utensils, and paper beverage cups.

Hanging shelves may assume a natural look, but you can also paint them with your preferred color, say white or blue, to match your white tiles or blue wall tiles.

Tiles are an open book, whether on the wall or the floor, and you will want them to blend well with the new open shelves.

4. Tier Them Up

Making tiered shelves is one of the best ideas for kitchens when space is a limiting factor. One shelf alone is not enough. Nor is an overly long one good, since most parts will be far removed from the main working places in the kitchen like the sink and cooking area.

a bunch of kitchenware

Tiered shelves introduce a relaxed appeal because tinier things often look more attractive than bigger ones in tight spaces.

Rough cut wood is suitable for DIY tiered shelves if you want that natural farmhouse appeal. Be sure to use smoothening materials to get rid of any unpleasant edges.

When placed right above the sink, tiered shelves can hold cleaning supplies like dish soap and are suitable for dish placement as you wash.

If you place it above the cooker, you can use it for holding your favorite dishes as you wait to serve them, various dish wares, decorative dishes, and different household utensils.

5. Go for Wall-to-wall Shelving

Where there is plenty of space on any suitable kitchen wall, a wall-to-wall kitchen can be erected to cover the entire length of the wall to boost kitchen storage space.

a decorative table

With this option, tiering is possible and will lead to even more space for holding your cooking supplies and dishes.

A wall-to-wall shelf gives you the upper edge for easy and modest aesthetic customizability. For example, it is easy to paint the wood white to achieve a white color combination with the white tiles on the kitchen wall next to the shelf or the entire kitchen.

White kitchens are the most preferred by people because of the reflective nature of white color, which makes rooms recede and appear more prominent and spacious. A white wall-to-wall shelf will blend well with the characteristic white entirety of well-designed white kitchens.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to boost storage in your kitchen using these five simple kitchen shelving ideas.

You can execute the ideas individually or as a couple if you have the right supplies, including wood, brackets, wood screws, and an open mind to build open kitchen shelves that blend well with the entire kitchen.

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