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Best 24-Inch Smart Tv with WIFI

Your 24-inch smart Tv could exceed your expectations if you’ve selected the best model on the market. Besides watching your favorite tv shows from your TV’s HD screen, you could also use the tv set as a monitor.

But this is only possible if your TV has a dual-purpose design like the LG 24LM530S-PU 24-Inch Smart Tv in the review below.

With the best 24-inch smart TV, your living room will also be full of nothing short of crisp and powerful sound for a heightened cinematic experience.

Therefore, you have every reason to select the best 24-inch smart Tv the market has to offer!

But with many 24-inch smart TVs on the market, finding the best models might seem to be quite a challenge. This review looks at some of the best 24-inch smart TVs on the market that are worth considering.

It also looks at a few factors to consider in your search for an ideal smart TV and answers some questions you might have. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What are some of the 24-inch TVs to consider?

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Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-Inch Smart TV

This 24-inch Insignia smart tv features upgrades that make it a new generation TV set. First, it boasts a 24-inch screen size. The screen’s picture quality is impressive since it displays Full High-Definition content. And the results are brilliant colors, rich contrast, and lifelike picture details on your screen.

What’s more, your Insignia smart tv uses a multi-core GPU for faster image processing. The GPU also comes in handy when searching for your favorite entertainment content, but more about this detail is a bit. Since this Insignia smart tv has a reasonably-sized screen that displays excellent pictures, it could be worth every penny of your investment!

You might expect more from a tv with great picture quality. Fortunately, this Insignia smart TV features the Fire TV Edition built inside. As a result, you can stream over 500k movies and tv episodes to your Insignia smart tv.

The Fire TV Edition also lets you watch live tv channels. Therefore, this Insignia Tv presents you with unlimited entertainment.

Control your smart Tv effortlessly using the voice remote control that comes with this Insignia TV. The voice control feature allows you to select your favorite TV channel, thanks to built-in Alexa. You can also power on/off your tv and select your preferred volume level by voice! Just press the microphone button and issue a voice command and sit back while the Tv obeys your commands.

Audio streaming is also powerful, thanks to the tv’s DTS TruSurround technology that excellently processed audio. The TV also boasts three HDMI ports that you will use to connect the tv to other peripheral devices when looking to stream video content.

Since this Insignia tv has smart features and performs excellently, it is worth considering.

720P FHD screen.The startup is a bit slow.
Multi-core GPU image processor.Some streaming apps lug.
500k entertainment content.
Best 24-Inch Smart Tv Reviews

LG 24LM530S-PU 24-Inch Smart Tv

The first thing you probably notice about this smart Tv is the 24-inch HD screen. This Tv delivers incredible picture performance that brings to life magnificent and outstanding color accuracy. The HD screen technology also makes the TV have an appealing visual contrast and image sharpness.

What’s more, you can also use this LG TV set as a computer monitor. That’s right – the TV boasts a dual-purpose design, giving you a chance to combine your Tv with your computer monitor. This is a significant advantage if you’re looking for something more than a household tv.

This LG Electronics Tv also has one feature that most TVs don’t have – a wide viewing angle! You could be viewing the screen from any vertical or horizontal angle and still get impressive color accuracy. And this works to ensure your screen performs better when watching it while standing or sitting.

You can easily watch your favorite games or tv channels from the TV’s 24-inch flat screen. That’s because this TV features what the LG calls “a magic remote.” 

This remote control works together with the TV’s WebOS 3.5 operating system to give you unlimited entertainment content.

And the exciting part is that the TV takes a short time to find your favorite content, thanks to the powerful operating system. Another significant plus is the TV’s built-in Wi-Fi that lets you connect the TV to other smart devices.

Once you’ve connected the TV to your smartphone or laptop via Wi-Fi, you can stream your smartphone’s content on the TV screen.

The audio quality is also incredible, thanks to the two stereo speakers, each rated 5W. You can be sure to rest your back on the backrest of your cozy sofa as you enjoy realistic stereo sound coming from your LG smart TV. With a 1366 x 768 screen resolution, 8Bit color performance, and powerful speakers, this LG TV is an investment worth considering.

Unlimited entertainment content.The warranty lasts only a year.
Wide viewing angle.It doesn’t include VESA mounts.
Dual-purpose performance.
Best 24-Inch Smart Tv Reviews

Vizio D-Series 24inch HD Smart TV

This Vizio D Series is a smart TV that you can depend on for brilliant picture quality. Its 24-inch LED screen boasts a 720p HD signal format for excellent picture details. And with a 60Hz refresh rate, this smart led tv shows more picture details even at faster motion speeds.

You can be sure to watch fast-moving scenes without losing the brilliant picture quality. The HD screen resolution also comes in handy when you’re streaming your favorite TV shows and entertainment content.

Watch your favorite movies in one of the most brilliant High-Definition resolutions with this Vizio D-Series.

Talking about your favorite movies and TV shows, this smart TV presents you with endless entertainment, thanks to its Google Chromecast built inside. The TV has hundreds of channels that you could watch for free!

You can also cast movies and entertainment content from your smartphone to the big screen since the TV features SmartCast™. The TV also has hundreds of movie-streaming apps that you can access with a touch of remote control.

If you’d still love to control your smart TV, but your hands are full, you can use voice assistant devices for efficient TV control. Use VIZIO voice, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit, among other voice assistants, to switch to your favorite channel or power your tv on/off.

You can also reduce or increase your TV’s volume using these voice assistants (the possibilities are endless). Once you’ve connected the TV to the internet wireless, you will be sure to have unlimited entertainment. It is a small TV, but it performs exceptionally well. Therefore, it is worth considering.

Google Chromecast.No USB port.
It supports voice controls.It doesn’t include a wall mounting bracket.
HD picture quality.
Best 24-Inch Smart Tv Reviews

Sansui 24-Inch 720p HD LED Smart TV

The 24-inch screen uses an LED TV technology for stunning picture quality. The 720p HD screen also gives you a vivid range of colors to spice up the already excellent picture quality when enjoying your favorite TV shows. Besides showing quality pictures, the screen also shows incredible brightness levels, thanks to a higher contrast ratio.

What’s more, the LED screen technology ensures your smart TV consumes less energy. So, if you’re looking to reduce your monthly energy bills, this is one of the smart TVs to consider buying. Audio performance is also just as brilliant. The TV features full-range stereo speakers that fill your room with crisp sound.

The TV uses the Linux OS as its operating system. With this OS, your TV excellently runs streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Facebook, Twitter, Seraphic, ScreenCast, VUDU, and so much more! Once you’ve connected your TV to the internet using its built-in Wi-Fi, you will stream your favorite TV shows without issues. Therefore, this is yet another TV that brings you unlimited entertainment content.

If you’d love to connect peripherals to your smart TV, you can do so via the two USB ports, three HDMI ports, an AV port, and an earphone jack. This Sansui 24-Inch Smart Tv has everything you need to have excellent entertainment. Therefore, it is an investment worth considering.

LED TV technology.The warranty only lasts a year.
High contrast ratio.No built-in voice control.
Powerful stereo speakers.
Best 24-Inch Smart Tv Reviews

What to Consider When Buying A 24-Inch Smart TV

When selecting the best 24-inch smart TV, there are a few things you will keep a closer eye on for consideration. They include the following:

The Screen Size

The first thing you probably want to check is the TV screen’s size. You can be sure to find TV sizes ranging from 24 inches to 75 inches. With such a size range, you might want to consider the size of your living room before deciding on particular screen size.

If your living room is a small one, a 24-inch smart TV might be just fine. But a larger room will need a larger screen. Therefore, always consider your room size before selecting a given screen size. You want a TV that rightfully serves all the guests in your living room. So, check out the inches before buying.

The Screen Technology

The next thing you probably want to check is the screen’s technology. There are four main screen technologies that manufacturers currently use: LED, LCD, OLED, and QLED screens (but you can also be sure to find OLCD and WLCD screens). OLED is the best TV screen technology, and make sure you hunt for smart TVs with this technology.

That’s because such TVs have the best brightness, thanks to their pixels emitting lights individually. Such TVs also have the best contrast ratios for unmatched picture quality. LED is also an ideal choice, especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

QLED screens are somewhere between the LED and OLED screens. Therefore, it is another great option for a boost in image performance. Select a smart TV that displays excellent picture quality when shopping.

The Screen Resolution

If you want clear images, you will need high screen resolution. 720p HD is sufficient enough resolution for your 24-inch smart TV. Your smart TV screen will still display crisp-clear images even with this resolution. But anything less than 720p HD will negatively affect picture clarity.

A higher screen resolution, say 1080p FHD, is even better. So, look for 720p screen resolution or higher when shopping. There are 4K and 8K UHD screen resolutions on the market. You could also choose them, but they’re quite expensive.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Since you want brilliant pictures with excellent contrast ratio and color correctness, choose an HDR screen. A TV screen with this tech makes pictures look more realistic. And since HDR boosts picture quality, it is an excellent feature to look out for when shopping for the best 24-inch smart TV.

Audio Performance

Put so much emphasis on the screen when selecting your ideal smart TV. But don’t forget the sound performance.

You also need the sound just as much as you do the pictures. Some smart TVs use Dolby Audio tech for impressive sound quality. You could select such smart TV sets.

Others, on the other hand, use powerful stereo speakers for reverberating sound. They are also an excellent choice. If a smart TV has excellent audio performance ratings, you want to consider buying it. Besides, you want a smart TV that your guests can hear from every corner of the room.

Voice Control Assistants

One idea of having a smart TV is to control your home entertainment effortlessly. But that’s going to require voice assistants. Fortunately, some smart TVs feature built-in voice assistants to help you control them by issuing voice commands.

Be sure to look for smart TVs with built-in voice assistants. Others let you connect them with Alexa and Google Assistant to control them by voice. They are also excellent options.

With a voice assistant, you can control your TV in so many ways- you can reduce the volume, power on/off the TV, and change the TV channels.

Internet Connectivity

Smart TVs present you with an opportunity to have unlimited entertainment. But they require you to connect them to the internet. You could connect your smart TV to the internet wirelessly or use an ethernet port.

But since cables cut back on the conveniences, you want to opt for wireless internet connectivity. So, be sure to look for a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi. You will mount such a TV on any wall and still connect it to the internet and stream your favorite movies and TV shows.


You might want to connect your smart TV to peripheral devices such as game consoles, CPUs, and USBs to use your smart TV as a monitor or stream movies from an external storage device. If you intend to connect your TV with other devices, be sure to consider the connectivity ports.

Make sure your smart TV has USB and HDMI ports. You can also look for a TV set with an audio jack, especially if you’re looking to convert your TV set into a monitor. These connectivities are useful, and make sure they exist on your smart tv.


Photo of Smart tv

Can I get a 24-inch smart TV?

Yes, there are plenty of 24-inch smart TVs on the market. These small TVs are ideal for smaller rooms. They’re high-quality in terms of picture quality and audio performance. With their powerful speakers, they will efficiently fill your living room with crisp sound. Therefore, you can always get a 24-inch smart Tv that’s ideal for your small room.

Can I get a 24-inch Samsung smart TV?

Yes, Samsung has plenty of 24-inch smart TVs in their product line. What’s more, their small TVs are just as powerful as those from the leading brands. Be sure to check out their 24-inch M4500 Smart HD TV and see if it’s your ideal smart TV.

Can I also use my TV as a computer monitor?

Yes, your 24-inch smart TV could be more than a TV. You could also use your TV set as a computer screen if it supports dual-purpose functions. An LG 24LM530S-PU is a smart TV with a dual-purpose function.

Also, check out TV sets such as Sony KD-43X80J, Samsung QN65Q80AAFXZA, and LG C1 OLED. If your smart TV has an HDMI port, you could use it as a computer monitor. You only need to hook it up to a CPU using an HDMI cable.

What is the best screen resolution for a 24-inch smart TV?

You could find a 24-inch smart TV with a 1080p FHD screen resolution. But a 720p HD screen resolution works just fine. Your smart TV screen will still display clear images with a 720p screen resolution. But it doesn’t hurt to look for higher screen resolutions. Therefore, be sure to land on nothing less than a 720p HD screen resolution.

Wrap Up

The best 24-inch smart TV can perform two functions – it can also be a computer monitor besides performing tv functions. Also, high-quality smart TV gives you unlimited entertainment via its streaming apps. Some TV models even feature proprietary technologies to allow you to access countless TV shows and movies via the internet for free.

What’s more, you could also cast your ideal entertainment content from your smartphone to your TV’s screen for everyone to watch. Therefore, your 24-inch smart TV could revolutionize your home entertainment in ways you might not imagine.

If you were puzzled by the many 24-inch TV sets on the market, we hope this review has helped you select an ideal TV set.

Use our buyer’s guide to land the best deal on the market. Once you’ve sourced the best 24-inch smart TV, you will effortlessly control your entertainment and watch crisp-clear TV shows.

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