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Best 55 Inch Smart Tv Under 500

Gone are the days when you had to spend thousands of dollars to get 4K smart TVs. Cutting-edge technology has trickled down and made it possible to acquire a 55-inch smart Tv with impressive 4K resolution at an affordable price range. What’s more, you can get a high-performing, full HD 55-inch smart Tv under $500! Here’s the best 55 inch  smart tv under 500 review.

But not all smart TVs under $500 are the best. You can be sure to find some Tv models that don’t live up to your expectations. But we’ve come up with this article after testing various smart TV models under $500 to give you some of the best models to buy. The smart TVs could transform your home entertainment since they work with Alexa and other voice assistants to allow you to control them by voice. So be sure to read on for more information.

55-Inch Smart Tv Under $500 to Consider Buying

Insignia NS-55DF710NA21 55-inch Smart 4K 

Insignia NS-55DF710NA21 smart Tv is still new on the market and has already created a reputation among its users. Since it launched in 2020, the Tv has always displayed crystal clear images, thanks to its 4k resolution. What’s more, it boasts a large, 55-inch screen that ensures you get the most out of your viewing experience.

Besides having an impressive screen size, this smart TV has convenient controls. You can choose to use a remote control or voice assistants such as Apple HomeKit to control it. So, the choice is yours. The smart Tv is also compatible with Amazon Alexa to give you an additional voice control option over your smart Tv.

You can switch between inputs, launch apps, search for titles, or select your favorite Tv station just by using your voice since the TV works with Amazon Alexa. The smart Tv also comes with the benefit of streaming over 500,000 shows, movies, and your favorite TV episodes. Therefore, you never get bored if you opt for this smart Tv.

The sound performance is also as impressive as the visuals. The Tv has DTS audio technology for a crisp sound. Its excellent speakers and enhanced graphics revolutionize your movie-watching experience. Parental control is necessary these days with too much information available.

Fortunately, the smart Tv has a V-chip for blocking the content you deem inappropriate for the young souls. You can, therefore, block Tv content based on their age ratings to keep your children safe from inappropriate content. Insignia NS-55DF710NA21 is a decent Tv at an incredible price range. Therefore, it could be worth being on your smart home’s wall.

Voice controls compatibility.Poor screen contrast.
Parental control.There's input lag when gaming.
4K Ultra HD screen.
Best 55 Inch Smart Tv Reviews

 LG 55UN7300PUF 4K Smart UHD TV 

The LG 55UN7300PUF is yet another smart Tv that boasts an impressive 55-inch Tv size. When you combine the Tv size with the Tv’s 4K Ultra HD display, you get nothing short of full HD pictures from your smart Tv. What’s more, the Tv has a built-in Quad-Core Processor that enhances the images to give you impressive picture quality.

Audio performance is also impressive, just as you’d expect from a high-end smart Tv. This LG smart Tv has a 2.0 Channel speaker system. The 20-Watt powerful speakers fill your living room with a crisp sound that’s also full of bass.

The LG ThinQ® AI chip also comes in handy to let you control your smart Tv by voice. Your Tv has a built-in Google Assistant with Intelligent Voice Recognition capabilities for instructing your Tv to select your preferred channels. You can also use other voice assistants such as Alexa to achieve the same results.

You can also browse the web using your LG smart Tv since it wirelessly connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Therefore, you can access unlimited content with this smart Tv on your wall. Besides streaming your favorite content from the internet, you can also use the TV to play video games with your game consoles. Therefore, it’s a versatile smart Tv.

You can stream sounds to Bluetooth speakers via the Tv’s Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Since the Tv has built-in Apple Play 2 and Apple HomeKit, you can cast your apple device’s content on your smart TV. Therefore, this LG smart Tv has what it takes to smarten your entertainment with its voice control and remote control capabilities. It is worth considering, given its impressive image quality and sound performance.

Quad-Core picture Processor.Poor screen contrast.
Built-in voice assistant.Poor customer support.
Tv browses the web.
Best 55 Inch Smart Tv Reviews

Toshiba 55LF621U21 55-inch Smart TV

With Toshiba 55LF621U21 smart Tv, you can watch your favorite content and have unlimited entertainment. Whether you’re looking to watch Netflix, HBO, or HULU, among other entertainment platforms, this Toshiba smart Tv has you well covered!

The smart Tv comes with an Amazon Fire TV Edition for streaming live content on the web. What’s more, you get a heightened performance from the Tv’s 55-inch screen. The display also supports HDR picture quality with its 4K UHD resolution.

Besides, the Tv has streaming apps such as YouTube and Disney for convenient video streaming services. Users appreciate the voice control feature that ensures they don’t disrupt their comfortable sitting position when changing channels or switching between the streaming apps.

Connect your Toshiba with Alexa and instruct it to turn on/off or change the channel. You can also launch apps or search for live videos online by issuing voice commands. The sound system lives to its expectation since the Tv uses 10-Watt powerful speakers to give you a crisp, booming sound.

The Dolby Vision technology also doesn’t disappoint, as we’ve already seen. Toshiba 55LF621U21 has proved to be an excellent smart Tv for any smart home despite launching in 2020. It does too well for a tv that only launched recently. Due to its incredible Fire TV OS operating system, it’s a smart Tv that you can rely on for unlimited entertainment content. Therefore, it’s one of the best 55-inch smart TVs on the market.

Unlimited entertainment.Fragile screen.
Voice assistant compatibility.Unresponsive customer support.
10-Watt powerful speakers.
Best 55 Inch Smart Tv Reviews

Hisense 55-Inch Class R8 Series 

Hisense is another brand that has built a solid reputation over time. Their smart Tv Hisense Class R8 Series, has smart features that make it earn a spot on a list of the best smart TVs for smart homes. First, the TV is compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa to give you voice control over it.

With an Amazon Alexa voice assistant, you could change the channels, power the tv on/off, and instruct the TV to play your favorite music videos. The possibilities could be endless when controlling your smart Tv by voice. You also have the option of controlling the TV with its remote control.

Convenient voice and remote controls aside, this smart Tv also has a 4K ULED display that delivers superb image quality, thanks to its Dolby Vision® and HDR10 technology. You can also adjust the brightness to match your viewing taste since the display has 60 full-array local dimming zones.

The 55-inch screen also heightens your viewing experience, especially when using your iOS or Android device as the Tv’s streaming companion. It is a smart TV that lets you search for over 500,000 videos by titles, actors, and director. Users also love its streaming services that work efficiently to bring favorite Tv content to life.

The 10-Watt speakers fill your living room with crisp sound for an enhanced movie-watching experience. This Hisense Tv is still a new kid on the block, having launched in 2020, and has already impressed the whole neighborhood with its impressive picture quality and sound performance. Given that you can control it by voice, it is a great smart Tv for your smart home.

Two 10-Watt powerful speakers.It only works with wireless Roku speakers.
Built-in voice assistant.Software updates could be problematic.
Smooth picture motion.
Best 55 Inch Smart Tv Reviews

TCL 55S425 55-inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV 

TCL 55S425 has a wide 55-inch screen that displays large pictures. The screen also displays HDR images with its 4K UHD resolution. The LED screen performs excellently, making TCL 55S425 Smart Tv stand out from the crowd.

Like an Android Tv, TCL 55S425 has an operating system – Roku – for a user-friendly experience. Roku is a smart platform with plenty of streaming apps to enhance your watching experience. Aside from the impressive and HD display, this TCL smart Tv also boasts two powerful 8-Watt speakers.

The speakers have Dolby Digital Plus audio passthrough for enhanced sound quality. Connectivity is also exquisite since the TV has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also use the USB and HDMI connectivity to watch your favorite movie from other media.

In case you have an ethernet cable, you can plug it into the Tv’s ethernet port and browse the web like you would over Wi-Fi. Since you can browse the web, you have access to over 500,000 Tv content. Now, that’s unlimited entertainment on your TCL 55S425 Smart Tv!

Installation is very easy. You can choose to mount your smart Tv on your smart home’s wall. Or you could place it on a furniture piece. Besides using Amazon Alexa to control the smart Tv by voice, you can also use other voice assistants: Siri, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. TCL 55S425 is an excellent smart Tv that can revolutionize your home entertainment system. With its compatibility with multiple voice assistants, it is a smart Tv for your smart home.

Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity.Unsuitable for gaming.
It browses the web.It is incompatible with VESA mounts.
LED screen technology.
Best 55 Inch Smart Tv Reviews

How to Choose the Best 55-Inch Smart Tv Under 500

When shopping for a 55-inch smart Tv under $500, there are a few features you’ll want to look at closely. Once you have found a smart Tv with all the features you desire, you can proceed to buy it. Be sure to check for the features below when shopping:

The Screen Size

Since one of your aims is to buy a 55-inch smart Tv, you want to check the screen size to make sure it is 55 inches wide. A wide display comes with the benefit of a wide viewing angle. That means you can watch your smart Tv from various angles.

But the large screen size is not enough. You will also have to look out for other features. As a result, you will end up with a large smart Tv that lives up to its reputation. Large screen size also ensures you have large pictures for a heightened cinematic experience. Therefore, be sure to check the screen size to ensure it is 55 inches wide.

Screen Resolution

Your smart Tv uses pixels to display images on its screen. The number of pixels on your Tv’s screen affects the image quality. The higher the number of pixels on a TV screen, the better the image quality. Your smart Tv’s manufacturer expresses the number of pixels on the Tv screen in terms of screen resolution.

So, you want to pay attention to the screen resolution when you’re buying a smart TV. a 4K Ultra HD is the screen resolution to go for when shopping. A smart Tv with this kind of screen resolution displays superb picture quality for a heightened cinematic experience. Also, ensure the screen supports HDR content for improved picture quality.

The Screen Technology

When it comes to screen technology, nothing beats OLED and LED Tv screens. OLED screens are the best but are very expensive. They display exquisite image quality with remarkable details and are TV screens of choice. If you can find a smart TV with an OLED screen at an affordable price range, don’t hesitate to buy it.

On the other hand, LED smart TV screens are also great and rival their OLED counterparts, only that they are not as outstanding. But they still show exceptional picture quality. The good news is you can find plenty of smart TVs with LED screen technology at an incredible price.

LED screens are less expensive and are a good choice if you’re working on a tight budget. LED screens are backlit to give you impressive performance. On the other hand, OLED screens don’t use backlit pixels. Instead, every pixel on the OLED screen shines and adjusts accordingly to create exquisite picture quality. Since OLED and LED screen technologies are what to go for, choose nothing short of LED screens. You can as well select a QLED screen since they work better than LED and LCD screens. QLED screens are somewhere in the middle of OLED and LED screens. So, they’re a better option at an affordable price.

Audio Performance

Powerful speakers don’t just produce crisp sound since they also last longer. A 10-Watt speaker is powerful enough to fill your living room with a crisp sound full of bass. You could also buy a smart TV with two-channel speakers for a balanced sound performance.

You can also select smart TVs with proprietary audio processing chips if you want exceptional performance from your smart TV. If you combine excellent imaging with improved audio performance, you get a heightened cinematic experience. Therefore, look for a smart Tv with a performing audio system.


Your smart Tv should connect to the internet to allow you to stream unlimited entertainment content. You can find some models with built-in Wi-Fi, while others have ethernet ports. They all connect to the internet are ideal options. But smart TVs with Wi-Fi capabilities are the best since they connect wirelessly to the internet, thereby eliminating the need for ethernet cables.

Also, buy a smart TV with Bluetooth capability. You will easily stream sound to your Bluetooth speakers or Amazon Alexa smart speaker if your smart TV is Bluetooth-capable. Look for TVs with inputs such as HDMI and USB ports for playing music or videos from other devices. The more connectivity options your smart TV has, the more content you can access. If you’re a gamer, look for a smart TV with more HDMI input.

The Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times your TV screen will refresh the pictures per second. A low refresh rate could be your worst nightmare if you’re watching fast-moving images or movie scenes on your TV screen. Most TV screens have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is not best for watching fast-moving movie scenes.

If you want your fast-moving scenes to retain their sharp focus, you want to go for a refresh rate of 120Hz – 240Hz. You will be sure your fast-moving scenes will maintain a sharp focus and not become blurry. Therefore, go for a TV screen with a refresh rate ranging from 120Hz to 240Hz.

The Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is another important feature to consider when shopping for a smart TV. The contrast ratio refers to maximum and minimum brightness levels a smart TV screen can display. Since movies are bound to have bright and dark scenes, you want a screen that can display incredible details, no matter the movie scene’s darkness or brightness.

A high contrast ratio screen will display impressive details of a dark scene, just as much as it does for a bright scene. Therefore, look for TV screens with a higher contrast ratio. You will appreciate a high contrast ratio if you’re a gamer.


The warranty protects you from incurring a loss if your smart TV malfunctions due to the manufacturer’s error. If there’s a fault with your smart TV because of a poor manufacturing finish, you can apply for a replacement. Therefore, a warranty is yet another important consideration when shopping for a smart TV. But you need to understand that the warranty lasts for a given period. Therefore, select a smart TV with an extended warranty period.


Which screen technology is better: QLED or OLED?

Both screen technologies have strengths that make them stand out. They also vary in price. OLED screen technology is more expensive. Also, these screens have a better picture quality. On the other hand, QLED acts as a middle ground between OLED and LED screen technology. They also show impressive picture quality. OLED screen technology is, therefore, better.

What are the screen resolutions to choose when shopping?

There are three main screen resolutions that you will come across when shopping for a smart TV: HD, 4K, and 8K. 8K screen resolution is the best resolution you could find on any smart TV. But smart TVs with this kind of resolution cost more. 4K resolution is also great and will amaze you with excellent picture quality. Therefore, you can choose a 4K smart TV (or 8K if you can find one).

Does a smart TV have an operating system?

Your smart TV has an operating system, much like a computer. But its operating system differs from your computer’s OS. Your TV’s operating system could be different from your friend’s TV OS. Some of the platforms smart 55-inch TVs use as their operating systems include webOS, Boxee, MeeGo, Google, Android, and Roku. Therefore, a smart Tv has an operating system.

Can I control my smart Tv by voice?

Smart TVs are compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. You can control them by issuing voice commands, besides using a remote controller to control them. With your Amazon Alexa, you can instruct your smart TV to turn on/off or select your favorite channel. Besides, some smart TVs have built-in voice assistants. Therefore, you can control your smart TV by voice.

What is Fire TV Edition?

Fire TV Edition is an interface that enables you to stream unlimited entertainment content to your smart TV. You can be sure to stream over 500,000 videos and movies from your smart TV’s Fire TV Edition. Therefore, it’s a streaming service for your smart TV.

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Wrap Up

You can find an excellent 55-inch smart TV at a price range that’s below $500. What’s more, your smart TV will put you in total control over it by remote controller or a voice assistant. Once you have paired your smart Tv with an Amazon Alexa or a compatible voice assistant, you can turn it on/off or select a favorite channel by voice.

This article has presented you with some of the best smart TVs below 500 dollars. The TVs on the list have 55-inch screens and powerful speakers. They also have 4K resolution and are compatible with voice assistants. Therefore, they can help you transform your home entertainment into a smart one. We hope that this article has provided real value, especially with our well-written buyer’s guide. Take the time to buy the best 55-inch smart TV that’s compatible with voice assistants to smarten your home. Use our buyer’s guide to find the best deal on the market.

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