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Best 55 Smart Tv Under $800

Smart TVs come in various sizes, with 55-inch being the flagship size. A 55-inch screen is ideal for larger living rooms since they show larger pictures.

But being large isn’t enough. Your smart TV should also have a high resolution and HDR screen for improved contrast and color performance. Here, we will review the best 55 Smart Tv under $800.

Also, your smart TV should be compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant to allow you to command it by voice. There are plenty of features a 55-inch smart TV should have.

And the best part is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the best smart TV on the market.

This article looks at some of the best smart TVs under 800 dollars. It also looks at a few features to look for when shopping to help you spot the best TV sets.

So, be sure to read on for more information on some of the best TVs under 800 dollars. You can also use our guide below to source a TV set that performs excellently.

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What Are Some of The TV Sets to Consider Buying?

SAMSUNG 58-inch Class QLED Q60T Series

The first thing you notice about this Samsung smart TV is its 55-inch screen. Samsung boasts a Q60T QLED screen technology that excellently saturates the colors for impressive picture quality and sharpness.

The screen also uses its Quantum HDR technology to bring out the most delicate details in a picture. As a result, Samsung Q60T Series has one of the best contrasts.

The Quantum 4K Lite Processor works together with the screen’s 4K UHD resolution to give you a breathtaking viewing experience.

With plenty of screen technology and a high-resolution screen, Samsung Q60T Series shows more than a billion colors for a more detailed cinematic experience.

The smart TV also works with voice assistants such as Smartthings to allow you to control it by voice. It also has built-in Alexa for controlling it by voice!

With your voice assistant, you can perform multiple tasks at once. You can also change a channel, power the smart TV on/off, or tell it to play your favorite track.

You can as well use Google Assistant and Bixby as your voice control devices. Samsung has set a high standard as far as voice assistant devices go.

It doesn’t restrict you to only one voice control device, and that’s a plus for this smart TV set.

You might appreciate how easy it is to use this smart TV, thanks to its TIZEN™ operating system. Besides having a brilliant screen performance, this TV set also has super-performing speakers.

The Dolby audio technology fills any living room with crisp sound and excellent sound effects. Besides, you can connect the TV to the internet via its Wi-Fi connectivity and access unlimited entertainment content.

Samsung Q60T Series is a smart TV that is also ideal for HDR gaming. Therefore, gamers can also consider buying this set.

Quantum HDR gaming performance.Only 3 HDMI ports.
It has a Quantum 4K Lite Processor.The screen is a bit fragile.
QLED screen technology.
Best 55 Smart Tv Reviews


SAMSUNG UN58TU7000FXZA smart Tv has a 55-inch screen that uses a 4K Crystal Processor to give you stunning picture quality.

The processor isn’t just ultra-fast but also high-performing to process 4K picture quality. Therefore, this Samsung smart TV boasts a 4K Crystal UHD screen that brings movie scenes to life.

As if that’s not enough, your TV set also uses HDR technology to show a broad color spectrum. With your TV’s HDR capability, you can be sure to see over a billion colors when watching a movie.

As a result, your smart TV will show impressive color correctness, even when showing dark movie scenes. Gamers could also appreciate the HDR gaming performance that this TV displays.

The LED screen technology has quantum dots that guarantee a stunning picture display and high contrast ratio.

The screen performs impressively, even when showing fast-moving images, thanks to its 120HZ refresh rate. It has what it takes to be a gamer’s TV set with its impressive screen performance.

The speakers are also high-quality since the TV set uses Dolby technology in its speakers. The elegant and sleek TV design makes your TV set beautiful to watch from any viewing angle.

What’s more, you can control your smart TV by voice since it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smartthings.

You can connect the TV to your home’s Wi-Fi network to access unlimited content online. You could also use an ethernet cable.

And do you feel you have a favorite movie on your Apple device and you want to cast it on your smart TV? With Apple AirPlay 2, you can share what’s on your Mac to the 55-inch screen!

Control your smart TV by voice or use its OneRemote to watch your favorite content.

4K Crystal UHD resolution.The 1-year warranty is limiting.
LED screen technology.Streaming apps might exit abruptly.
It works with voice control
Best 55 Smart Tv Reviews

Hisense 65-Inch Class R8 Series Smart TV

Hisense 65R8F is a 65 inch tv that boasts ULED screen technology. With its 4K resolution, you can be sure to have an impressive performance from your smart TV.

The screen also uses Dolby Vision HDR technology and other gaming features, making the smart TV ideal for video gaming.

Like other models such as the Hisense H9G and TCL 6-series, this Hisense model is a Roku TV, meaning it uses Roku as its video streaming platform.

And like all smart TVs on the list, this Hisense Class R8 Series supports voice control devices. You can pair your smart TV with voice assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

You can then command your voice control device to select your favorite content from over 500,000 channels online. Roku presents you with over 5,000 channels and 500k movies and TV series.

Therefore, this Hisense smart TV comes with unlimited entertainment.

Hisense also breaks the sound barrier with its DBX-TV Pro Audio speakers. The high-performance speakers are also durable to give you crisp sound for an extended period.

Aside from two powerful built-in speakers, Hisense connects to the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Its high contrast ratio and 240Hz refresh rate ensure your smart TV can show all delicate details, even at fast picture motion speeds.

What’s more, the Quad-Core Processor converts the picture quality to UHD for unmatched clarity and sharpness.

The screen has the Anyview Cast feature for playing what’s inside your Android and iOS device on the TV screen.

And if you’d love to record what’s happening in Live TV, you can do so, thanks to the built-in PVR TV software inside the TV.

Whether you’re looking to watch YouTube, Netflix, or you want to play video games, Hisense 65R8F smart TV has you covered.

It lets you control it by voice, has a wide display, and connects to the internet wirelessly.

When you combine all those features with a high-performing screen, you get a smart TV that’s worth being on your wall.

Use VESA wall mounts to stick this smart Tv on your wall and entertain your guests with unlimited entertainment content.

4K screen resolution.Fragile screen.
Quad-Core Image Processor.Fewer HDMI ports.
Compatible with voice assistants.
Best 55 Smart Tv Reviews

LG 55NANO85UNA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 85 Series 55

LG 55NANO85UNA smart TV stands out with its proprietary NanoCell screen tech that delivers pictures in 4K UHD resolution.

The Nano cells filter the RGB wavelength, providing an impressive picture quality. It is easy to notice how this LG smart TV stands out if you compare it with a conventional RGB wavelength with no NanoCells applied.

The screen also uses α7 Gen 3 Processor 4K that makes your movie scenes clearer and smoother for a better viewing experience.

Like all the 4k TVs on this list, LG 55NANO85UNA is also compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

It pairs with voice assistants via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to let you control it as you see fit. You can be sure to turn it on/off or change to your favorite TV channel so that you don’t miss out on what’s happening in the outside world.

You can also command your TV to play your favorite song. The possibilities could be endless when controlling your smart TV with a voice control device.

The 55-inch screen also boasts LED technology that brings over a billion colors to life. With such a wide color spectrum, your screen will have a high contrast ratio to bring out those dark details to a sharp focus, just as much as it does for the bright scenes!

With a 120HZ refresh rate, the screen response time remains impressive to show every detail of fast-moving scenes without any blurry pictures.

What’s more, you can play any file format on your smart TV, thanks to the HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro screen tech.

Gamers could also use the HDMI ports to connect their gaming consoles and enjoy a breathtaking performance with no input lag. LG also has some powerful speakers that produce quality sound.

If you’re looking to cast what’s on your Apple device to your TV, you will appreciate the Apple Airplay 2 feature. Stream more content from LG channels and have unlimited entertainment.

LED screen technology.High power consumption.
High-performing processor.The plastic legs are flimsy.
It supports voice control.
Best 55 Smart Tv Reviews

Samsung UN55RU7300FXZA 55-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series 

If you’re looking for a curved screen, you should consider buying this Samsung smart TV. The TV has a 55-inch curved screen that lets you view your movies from any viewing angle.

The screen also uses its 4K UHD resolution to bring out those deep blacks to life when showing dark scenes.

And with its high contrast, the screen shows over a billion colors for an improved cinematic experience. The 4K UHD Processor and HDR screen show all details, even when showing darker scenes.

Samsung has improved the overall screen design, making the screen slim and minimalistic.

The 20-Watt Dolby speakers are powerful just as much as they’re durable. Once you turn the music up, you can be sure to fill your living room with nothing but crisp sound.

Samsung also puts a lot of work in their smart TV’s control. With a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smartthings, you can control this smart TV by voice!

Stream excellent sound to your Bluetooth speakers via the TV’s Bluetooth connectivity. Or connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network and access unlimited content online.

What’s more, the TV set has an on-screen guide to help you find favorite and exciting content to watch.

You can also watch the Apple TV on your Samsung smart TV, thanks to its compatibility with the Apple TV app.

You can also use the AirPlay 2 feature to your advantage and stream your Apple product’s content on your smart TV. Share the exciting movies and music with everyone else watching the big screen.

This Samsung smart TV is elegant, easy to control, and performs excellently. As such, it is one of the best 4K TVs out there.

Curved and slim screen design.Poor customer support.
Impressive color performance.The screen is fragile.
Powerful Dolby Audio system.
Best 55 Smart Tv Reviews

How to Buy A 55-Inch Smart TV Under 800 Dollars

The Screen Resolution

The first thing you want to check is the screen’s performance. A high-resolution screen produces sharper and clearer images. When shopping for a smart TV, choose a TV set with 4K UHD screen resolution.

A 4K screen shows tiny picture details with sufficient resolution, making such small details clear enough for viewing. Therefore, look for a smart TV with a 4K resolution and above.

You can also find higher resolutions, but such TV sets cost more. The higher the resolution, the better your smart TV will display tiny details in a picture.

What’s more, a 4K screen shows sharper texts, which is incredible for those users who love to read subtitles while watching a movie.

Therefore, don’t settle on a resolution that’s below 4K UHD when shopping for a smart TV.

High Dynamic Range

When shopping for a smart TV, ensure the screen also has HDR performance. HDR is a must-have feature for a smart TV.

That’s because it helps the screen to have high contrast for showing billions of colors. If your TV screen can display a wide range of colors, it will have excellent color correctness, thus improving movie scenes’ quality.

Besides, you might intend to show HDR content on your screen. If your screen doesn’t support HDR content, it will have insufficient color correctness, affecting the picture quality.

A 4K screen performs better when it also has HDR tech. If you combine a powerful 4K resolution with HDR tech, you get unmatched picture clarity for heightened fun and cinematic excitement.

Therefore, HDR helps the screen show more colors, have improved contrast, and showcase improved brightness. It is a must-have feature for a smart TV.

The Refresh Rate

Your TV manufacturer expresses the refresh rate in terms of Hertz (Hz). Hertz will show how many times your screen refreshes an image in one second to give you unwavering picture quality.

If you see something like 120Hz on your smart TV review, it means the TV refreshes an image 120 times per second.

The refresh rate is important for maintaining picture quality throughout your viewing session.

Be sure to look for a smart TV with higher refresh rates. A TV with high refresh rates can show fast-moving objects without the image turning blurry.

If you’re looking for the best refresh rate value, go for 120Hz and above. You will watch fast-paced scenes with the same sharpness, focus, brightness, and clarity as the rest of the movie scenes.

Contrast Ratio

Most people overlook the contrast ratio when it’s another must-have feature in a smart TV. Contrast ratio refers to the brightness levels your smart Tv can show when showing movie scenes.

Movie scenes are bound to have dark and bright scenes. An example of a darker scene is when it’s nighttime in the movie.

You want a smart TV that shows impeccable details of darker and brighter scenes for a real cinematic experience.

As such, you should buy a smart TV with a high contrast ratio.

A TV set with a high contrast ratio will show all the details of a darker scene, such as the shadow details, just as much as it shows the details of a brighter scene.

Therefore, select a smart TV with a high contrast ratio, especially if you love watching moves in a room with less ambient light.

Powerful Speakers

Your TV speakers should be powerful enough to project crisp sound all over the room. You can select TV sets with Dolby Audio speakers since they produce a crisp sound that fills the room.

What’s more, such speakers are powerful and durable. They can serve you for an extended period without rupturing.

Your smart TV’s audio is just an important feature as the rest of the features. Therefore, pay attention to the kind of speakers a smart TV has. They should be powerful and durable.


Your smart TV should have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. A Wi-Fi-enabled smart TV connects to the internet wirelessly, allowing you to stream unlimited entertainment videos.

A Bluetooth-enabled TV set, on the other hand, lets you stream sound to your Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, be sure to look for a TV set with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But that’s not enough.

Your smart TV should also have HDMI and USB ports. The more ports a TV set has, the better! You can connect gaming consoles, speakers, and a decoder to a smart Tv if it has HDMI and USB ports.

Go for HDMI port 2.0 for lightning-fast performance.

Voice Control Compatibility

Having more control options is better. Fortunately, smart TVs are compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can control them by voice. You only need to pair them with a voice control device and issue a command for a given result.

You can be sure to power your smart TV on/off, command it to change the channel or select your favorite music from thousands of music and movies available online.

Therefore, look for a smart TV that is compatible with voice assistant devices. If you can find one with a built-in voice assistant, that’s even better!


The warranty protects you from losing money if your smart TV malfunctions because of the manufacturer’s error. Maybe your smart TV has arrived with non-functional speakers.

Or maybe the screen has a crack. In these instances, the warranty will protect your investment.

But the warranty runs for a given period, usually a year. You can find some warranties that go beyond one year. The longer the warranty period, the better.

You will be sure that the manufacturer will cover you for a long time if you choose a product with an extended warranty period. Therefore, try buying a smart TV set with an extended warranty.


What can you do with a smart TV?

If you have an Android smart TV, you can access lots of apps on the Play Store. You can also browse the web and stream videos from apps such as YouTube.

Some smart TVs that use Android also have built-in Google Assistant for commanding them by voice. Therefore, there are plenty of things you could do with a smart TV set.

Can I watch Netflix for free on a smart TV?

Smart TVs come with native Apps. The Netflix App is one of those native apps. Smart TVs like Samsung, LG, and Sony, among others, come with the Netflix App.

Some smart TVs let you download the Netflix app. However, you will subscribe to Netflix to watch movies on Netflix.

What screen Technology do smart TVs use, and which is the best?

Smart TVs use LED, ULED, QLED, and OLED. OLED is the best screen technology, and smart TVs with this screen tech cost more.

QLED is the next best screen technology, and they perform better than LED and ULED screens. LED and ULED screens also perform exceptionally well, only that they aren’t the best.

An OLED screen is the best, but very expensive.

Can I use my smart TV to play video games?

Yes, you can play video games on your smart TV, but it will need a few features. First, your smart TV will need HDMI ports for connecting it with a gaming console.

Second, its screen should support HDR content since video games have a wide color spectrum that your TV will have to show.

The smart TV should also have a high refresh rate to maintain excellent picture quality, even during intense gaming.

How do I control my smart TV by voice?

Some smart TVs have built-in voice assistants. You can instruct them to execute a given command by voice. You can tell your smart TV to tell you the weather forecast or turn itself on/off.

It depends on the skills you’ve added to your voice assistant.

Besides, some TV sets work with third-party voice control devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. They also perform all the tasks that TV sets with built-in voice assistants perform.

Wrap Up

Smart TVs provide unlimited content to watch since they connect to the internet via Wi-Fi connectivity.

They also allow you to control them by voice since some have built-in voice assistants, while others are compatible with voice control devices. As such, they are convenient TV sets for smart homes.

What’s more, they have high screen resolutions with HDR tech for showing billions of colors. Some have powerful speakers that provide a crisp sound.

However, not all smart TVs on the market are best for you. We have compiled a list of smart TVs that might be best for you.

We have also included a guide to help you spot the best 55-inch smart TVs on the market.

We hope our article and buyer’s guide provided real value to you. Take the time to smarten your home entertainment by investing in a 55-inch smart TV with voice control capability.

Look for a high-resolution smart TV with HDR screen tech to take your home entertainment to the next level.

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