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Best Backyard Hammock

Do you want something soft and comfortable to relax on in your backyard? A hammock is perfect. That said, there are so many hammocks to choose from that it can make your head spin.

This article reviews five of the top backyard hammocks and then discusses what you should look for when you shop.

Best Backyard Hammock Reviews

Eagles Nest Outfitters Camping Hammock

If you need an affordable hammock that is more than spacious enough for a single person, this Eagles Nest Outfitters Camping Hammock could be right for you.

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Camping Hammock is designed as a two-person unit; it can fit two people, although it’s probably best for one. It’s well over nine feet long and six feet wide.

Although the Eagles Nest Outfitters Camping Hammock can handle a lot of weight, the hammock itself is lightweight, portable, and comes with its own carrying bag.

This hanging hammock comes with all of the hardware needed to hang it between two trees or posts.

The 700D high tenacity nylon taffeta material used in the construction makes it one of the toughest around, and it can handle up to 400 lbs.

The material is soft enough for excellent comfort, although the ventilation capabilities aren’t great, so it may not be ideal for hot days.

Tough and durableTakes a bit of work to set up
Lightweight and PortableVentilation could be better
Great weight capacity
Comes with everything you need
Can handle two people
Best Backyard Hammock Reviews

Patio Watcher Hammock

If you want a nice hammock for your patio or your yard, something super, this Patio Watcher Hammock comfortable is ideal for hot days and warrants further investigation.

The Patio Watcher Hammock features soft fabric instead of nylon that many other hammocks are made of.

The material may not be quite as tough as nylon, but the trade-off is that it is very comfortable, and it features excellent ventilation; this is not a hammock you will get sweaty on.

The weight capacity is 450 lbs.

The Patio Watcher Hammock comes with everything you need, particularly the stand, so you don’t need two poles or trees at certain distances. The stand is all you need.

Moreover, the Patio Watcher Hammock is 77 inches long and 55 inches wide, which means that it is large enough to hold a single person with ease and comfort and can also be used for two people if need be.

Good weight capacityNot as tough as a nylon hammock
Quite tough for fabricEasily gets dirty
Good ventilation
Comes with a stand
Big enough for two people if need be
Best Backyard Hammock Reviews

Y- STOP Hammock Chair

This a hanging hammock chair, something that allows you to be super comfortable when sitting upright.

With a hammock chair, you get a combination patio chair and hammock, formed like a chair, with a seat and a backrest for comfort and support; however, it is hung like a hammock.

The Y- STOP Hammock Chair comes with everything you need to hang it up, including hardware and instructions.

What’s remarkable is that all you really need is something horizontal like a beam or a branch.

To be clear, what you get here is not as much a solid seat and a backrest as a cushion that is specially designed for this purpose.

Instead of a chair with a solid seat, you get a cloth hammock with a really thick, plush, and supportive pillow.

This way, you can also adjust your sitting position as needed. This is one of the most seated hammocks that we’ve ever seen.

Allows you to sitNot for laying down
Comfortable and softOne person only
Good ventilation
Very easy to set up
Best Backyard Hammock Reviews

Original Pawleys Island Presidential Hammock

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If you are looking for a massive hammock that is more than ideal for hot and sweaty summer days, check out the Original Pawleys Island Presidential Hammock.

The Original Pawleys Island Presidential Hammock is made of Duracord, a rope-like material made of polyester, so it’s highly durable, yet is as soft as cotton, so you can lay on it in comfort.

This is the densest type of rope with exceptional weight-bearing abilities, not to mention that it is mold- and moisture-resistant.

Keep in mind that this hammock is designed to be hung between two poles or trees.

What’s nice about the Original Pawleys Island Presidential Hammock is that it is not solid; there is plenty of space between those ropes, which allows for excellent ventilation, so you don’t get too sweaty.

Moreover, this hammock is massive, measuring 82 x 65 inches, allowing it to fit two people, although we think it’s best for one.

Well ventilatedCan be challenging to set up
Very toughLittle bit snappy
Great weight capacity
Can resist weather
Very large
Best Backyard Hammock Reviews

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

If you want a tough and comfortable hammock that comes with a stand, so you don’t have to bother with trees or poles, the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is a great option.

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock comes with its own metal stand, so you don’t need to deal with tying it up to trees or poles, but that said, the stand does require assembly; it’s heavy and not portable.

However, the stand and the hammock together are pretty tough and can hold up to 450 lbs.

Not only is this hammock durable, but the double cotton design makes it very comfortable and soft, not to mention that it is well-ventilated.

It’s also machine washable. It’s also worth noting that this hammock is the largest one on our list.

Ideal for two peopleStand is heavy and not very portable
No need to deal with tying it to treesTends to sag in the middle quite a bit
Great weight capacity
Looks nice
Good ventilation
Best Backyard Hammock Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

a blue and green stripe hammock in the backyard

Before you go shopping for a hammock, take a look at these purchasing considerations.


There are camping and backyard hammocks. Camping hammocks are generally smaller and lighter.

Another difference is between lying and sitting hammocks, with the former being more of a bed and the latter a chair.

Room and Space

Always make sure that the hammock is large enough to fit you comfortably. Keep in mind that many hammocks that are designed for two-person use are really ideal for single people.

Also, consider how much space you have.


Hammocks can be made out of materials like nylon, cotton, plastic, and rope, and each of those materials has its specific pros and cons.

Do some more research on this front to find what suits you best, although that said, in terms of comfort, you really can’t go wrong with cotton.


Pay attention to weatherproofing. Although not 100% necessary, it helps to have a hammock that can handle a little rain.

Stand vs. Hung

The other thing to consider is whether you want a hammock that you can hang from a tree or poles or one that comes with its own stand.

Hammocks with stands are less portable because you always need the frame, whereas a hung hammock can always be used wherever trees are around.


If you want a hammock for your yard, something simple, durable, and comfortable, we recommend the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock above all others.

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