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Best Backyard Sheds

If you need simple backyard storage to keep your lawn and garden equipment and tools organized and out of the rain, you have come to the right place. Let’s get right to it and help you find the best backyard sheds.

Best Backyard Sheds Reviews

Keter Factor Outdoor Storage Shed

If you just need a small and simple shed for a bit of storage, something super basic like this Keter Factor Outdoor Storage Shed should be more than enough.

What’s nice about this shed is that the assembly process is relatively easy. You will want somebody to help you assemble it, but that said, the panels more or less pop into place.

The Keter Factor Outdoor Storage Shed is made of plastic for the most part, and it features a grey paint job, so it’s not the most stylish shed, but it is functional, not to mention durable.

It measures 70 x 44.5 x 82 inches, so it’s not huge, but large enough for a push lawnmower, some tools, and other lawn and garden accessories.

You may like how it has ventilation, so the inside won’t get too damp or smelly.

The shed is made of durable plastic so it won’t rust or be affected by rain.

The Keter Factor Outdoor Storage Shed is relatively stable, but that said, it should be anchored down if there is lots of wind.

Easy setup.Strong winds may knock it down.
Space-saving.Not the most stylish.
Good ventilation.
Best Backyard Sheds Reviews

Suncast BMS7780 Outdoor Storage Shed

This is a slightly larger and more visually appealing backyard shed than the one we just reviewed. It’s still very simple and functional, but it also doesn’t look bad.

One of the most impressive aspects of this shed is how durable it is. The multi-walled polypropylene resin panels are about as tough as it gets, not to mention very stable.

Although the assembly process can take a while to complete, it’s not overly complicated. Moreover, how the panels are assembled allows for a great deal of strength and durability.

There is also the fact that the plastic is totally weatherproof and impact resistant.

In terms of size, the Suncast BMS7780 Outdoor Storage Shed is relatively large, measuring 7’7, making it large enough for basic use, yet not so large that it takes up too much space.

You may also like the big double front doors for easy access and the windows that let in a bit of light.

Looks decent.Assembly takes a while.
Very durable and stable.Assembly hardware seems to be missing sometimes.
Decent amount of room.
Best Backyard Sheds Reviews

The YardStash IV: Outdoor Storage Shed Tent

If you are looking for a storage solution that you can assemble and disassemble in minutes, the YardStash IV Outdoor Storage Shed Tent could be suitable for you.

This is an excellent option because, as the name implies, this is actually a tent, not a shed, although it is designated for storage purposes.

The neat thing here is, of course, that because it is a tent, you can set it up in minutes, you can take it down, and you can quickly move it too.

The vinyl tarp used for the walls, floors, and roof is relatively durable. It can resist ripping and tearing, plus it is weatherproof, so being in the rain should not be much of a problem.

That said, it is still more or less a tarp, so you can imagine that it’s not the most durable or stable, nor does it handle strong winds very well.

Keep in mind that it measures 74 inches wide x 32 inches deep x 68 inches high, which should be enough for about two adult bikes.

Easy setup.Doesn’t handle wind well.
Lightweight.Limited durability and stability.
Best Backyard Sheds Reviews

2x4basics 90190MI Custom Shed Kit with Barn Roof

If you want a full-size shed that can fit a decent number of items, one that is made out of natural lumber and looks the part, the 2x4basics 90190MI Custom Shed Kit is something you should look into.

If you are thinking that this is the most affordable shed you have ever seen, think again because the kit only comes with the hardware, instructions, and some of the most essential building components.

The kit has everything needed to build a shed of up to 10 feet, but be aware that the lumber is not included. The lumber you need to purchase will cost you a good bit of money.

Moreover, the 2x4basics 90190MI Custom Shed Kit is a large shed, and it’s made of natural wood (if you buy good lumber), which means that you will need some power tools, and the appropriate skills to build the shed.

This is not the kind of shed that you can just pop up into place.

You need to know what you are doing as far as construction is concerned.

Kit with simple instructions.Lumber not included.
Very large with plenty of space.Requires tools and building skills.
The kit itself is inexpensive.
Best Backyard Sheds Reviews

HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed

If you want a very small storage shed that resembles a large box, this HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed could be right for you.

This shed comes in at 50 x 29 x 41 inches, making it by far the smallest unit on the list today.

To be honest, it’s more of a storage box, not an actual shed, as it is only a few feet high, so you won’t be storing large lawnmowers in it.

That said, it is large enough for basic gardening equipment, toys, and other relatively small items. However, a bonus is that due to its size, it’s something that you could place indoors if need be.

This shed is made out of high-density plastic, so it is pretty tough, and moreover, it’s also straightforward to assemble.

Space-friendly.Does not have much room.
Easy to assemble.Pricey.
Best Backyard Sheds Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Before you shop for a backyard shed, take a look below for the primary considerations that you should keep in mind.


The first thing to pay attention to is how large the shed is and what your needs are.

Do you plan on storing riding mowers and other large tools and pieces of equipment, or do you just need a small shed for a few miscellaneous items?

Siding Material

As you can see from the items we reviewed, your choices more or less come down to plastic and wood.

In terms of look, wood is generally better, although high-quality plastic may actually last longer. Sheet metal is another option, which is very durable, although it won’t be cheap.

Roof Material

The roof material is the same as for the siding. That said, keep in mind that if you want a wooden shed, you will need to shingle the roof to protect it from the weather.

All in all, if you want something durable, affordable, and easy to set up, high-density plastic is probably best.

Frame Quality

Not all sheds will come with so-called frames; some are just panels that link together.

However, if you want something long-lasting that can stand up to some bumps and strong winds, look for something that incorporates a metal frame into the mix.


If you want a shed with plenty of space, although you need to buy your own lumber, we think that the 2x4basics 90190MI Custom Shed Kit with Barn Roof is the way to go.

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