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Best Backyard Water Slide in 2022

To plan the perfect slide extravaganza, you have to pick the best backyard water slide in 2022 for your outdoor space.

When the inevitable heat of the summer approaches, you might find yourself thinking about ways to keep your kids cool and entertained.

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s water, and nothing beats having fun on a water slide.

It’s crucial to do the research and avoid getting a slide that will ruin the fun by flopping unexpectedly. In this article, we’ll review five high-quality water slides.

We’ll focus on their main features and talk about the details as well.

Best Backyard Water Slide Reviews

Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide

If your backyard has enough room to fit a 25’ x 6’ waterslide, then the Wow World of Watersport giant water slide is an excellent option.

There’s so much to like about this slide, starting with the heavy-duty PVC material it’s made from.

The material is extra-thick, so you don’t need to worry about damage. The installation process is quick due to its minimalistic design.

It comes with a built-in sprinkler system, and all you need is a regular garden hose.

The water slide comes with two sleds that can be used simultaneously to make the fun even more plentiful.

So, if you’re worried about the hard impact on the ground, sleds are there to soften it. Finally, you get a one-year hassle-free warranty.

Extra-thick PVCBasic design
Sprinkler systemNo need to add soap
1-year warranty
Best Backyard Water Slide Reviews

Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

One of the strongest and, at the same time, lightest materials for the best backyard water slide is chemical-grade nylon.

That is what you get with the Deluxe Inflatable water slide park. This is a full-featured water slide that requires an effortless setup.

You get an air pump to help with the setup, and it’s extremely quick. Your slide will be up in no time.

Also included are the four stakes that provide extra stability. Counting the fact that this water slide supports up to 235 lbs., stability is essential.

The kids can enjoy a built-in water gun, climbing wall, slide, and even a small splash-down pool.

In terms of variety, this is one of the best options on the market, and it’s nearly guaranteed that kids will love it. On top of that, it comes with a repair kit in case there’s an accident.

Heavy-duty nylonPricey
Includes repair kitSupports up to 235 lbs
Includes air pump
Best Backyard Water Slide Reviews

Intex Surf’ N’ Slide

If you want to give your kids something to enjoy this summer but also want to stick to a budget, Intex Surf’ N’ Slide can deliver that combination.

The shark design compensates for the otherwise simplistic construction of this water slide.

It’s meant for kids aged six and above, but it’s generally a smaller option when it comes to backyard water slides. The 16-gauge vinyl provides plenty of elasticity and sturdiness.

Additionally, the Surf ‘N’ Slide comes with two surf riders that feature heavy-duty handles for extra safety.

A landing mat is included as well as extra padding to keep the kids safe.

Holds the inflation wellEasy to dry between uses
Budget optionLimited weight capacity (170lbs)
Slide stays wet
Best Backyard Water Slide Reviews

Team Magnus Slip and Slide

Imagine waking up on a sunny and hot summer morning and thinking that it’s a perfect day to have a slip and slide party in your backyard.

Team Magnus is one of the best backyard water slide options on the market and has the potential to turn that plan into reality.

The 31-foot long and 5-foot wide slide is truly a fantastic option for your backyard. It takes around three minutes to set up in your backyard.

The water slide is made from durable PVC, but the recommended weight limit per child is 50 kg.

The slide has a basic design, and if you want to have fun with bodyboards, you will have to purchase those separately. The same applies to other accessories such as water guns and wet suits.

Large water slideAccessories sold separately
DurableMax Weight 50 Kilograms
Great for kids’ parties
Best Backyard Water Slide Reviews

H2OGO! Double Water Slide

During the summer, you have to think about the little ones as well. Most water slides are for kids ages five and above, so the toddlers are excluded from the fun.

Sometimes, the simplest design can make a kid happy. The H2OGO! Double Water Slide is an example of one of the best backyard water slide options for ages three and up.

It’s 18 feet long and has a double lane slide, so two little ones can use it simultaneously.

There’s a wet-drench pool at the end for extra safety and even more fun. It also has a water cascade alongside. All you have to do is connect a garden hose to it, and it’s ready to go.

18 feet longNot very slippery
AffordableFor kids ages 3 and up
Easy to setup
Best Backyard Water Slide Reviews

Best Backyard Water Slide Buying Guide

There’s no doubt that once you purchase a water slide, the kids in your life are going to be ecstatic. However, there are many options to consider before buying the best backyard water slide.

Additionally, you have to mind your own budget and consider the size and access of your backyard.

Having all that in mind, let’s go over some of the essential details to pay attention to when buying a water slide.

The Material

Material-wise, there are two main options, PVC and chemical-grade nylon. Both are durable and long-lasting. They’re also elastic, which is essential for a water slide.

However, nylon is known to be more lightweight, so it’s a better option if you’re going with a giant water slide instead of something smaller.

In your search for the best backyard water slide, you’ll also run into synthetic rubber, laminated polyester and, neoprene.

Something to keep in mind when choosing the material is also how easy it is to repair it. Manufacturers often sell repair kits for PVC water slides, which prove very useful when small punctures happen.


The complexity of installation will vary on several factors. First, how big is the water slide?

If you’ve purchased a large water slide, then you should make sure that you either have a pump at home or that one is included in the package.

If you want to minimize the installation process, then picking a water slide that requires less assembly time is probably a good idea.

Slides and Chambers

Another thing worth thinking about is the number of slides and chambers in a water slide. That will all depend on the model you choose.

Sometimes more slides mean more fun, but that’s not to say that a one-slide option can’t be fun, too.

Young children are likely to love any option and, more chambers mean a longer installation process and heavier slide, so keep that in mind.

Picking the Slide for the Maximum Fun Time

All of the reviewed water slides are high-quality options, and each brings something unique to the table.

Still, we find that Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park is the best backyard water slide and is our winner for several convincing reasons.

We love that it’s made from heavy-duty nylon, which makes it durable and lightweight.

But we love it even more because it has many fun features such as a water gun and climbing wall.

Since it’s definitely a pricier option, we declare the runner-up to be Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide, which offers an excellent price to value ratio and offers immense potential for fun during the summer.

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