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Best Battery Powered Smart Thermostat

If your smart home has an HVAC system, you will need a smart thermostat to monitor and control its temperature.

Although you could control your HVAC system using a hard-wired thermostat, controlling the HVAC system using a battery-powered smart thermostat is more convenient.

That’s because battery-powered smart thermostats control your HVAC system round the clock since they don’t rely on electric power from another source. What’s more, they usually connect to your home internet wirelessly since they have built-in Wi-Fi.

You can then control them remotely via a mobile app on your smartphone. And that means controlling the temperature setting from many miles away! If you’re looking for some of the best battery-powered smart thermostats on the market, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are Some of The Best Battery-Powered Smart Thermostats?

GoControl Z-Wave Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat

This smart thermostat uses four AA batteries to function. Once you have inserted the batteries into your smart thermostat, you can be sure to control your HVAC system from anywhere.

But remote control requires you to connect this smart thermostat to any Z-Wave hub. Some of the Z-Wave hubs it works with include Uplink systems and 2GIG GoControl security panels, among a few more.

This smart thermostat works with most Central HVAC systems such as heat pumps and standard air conditioners. Installing it is easy to ensure you can use it to control your HVAC system as soon as you take it out of the package.

Besides using battery power to function, you could also power it from your HVAC’s 24V AC wire. Therefore, it is one of the smart thermostats that require a c wire if you’re looking for an alternative power source. Fortunately, it comes with a user manual to help you install it.

It comes with the benefit of conserving electric energy, and this reduces the heating or cooling cost. If you have a heat pump system with 3-stage heat and a 2-stage cool system, this is a smart thermostat you want to consider installing in your smart home.

You can control it remotely via a mobile app to save energy. As such, it is worth considering.

Remote control.It doesn't work with Alexa.
It works with most Z-Wave hubs.It requires a Z-Wave hub.
It works with central HVAC systems.
Best Battery Powered Smart Thermostat Reviews

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

This Wi-Fi thermostat connects to your home Wi-Fi network to allow you to control it remotely. Of course, the smart thermostat has a mobile app for controlling it from anywhere.

The app allows you to control this smart thermostat in various ways. You can be sure to change the temperature setting or program your smart thermostat from wherever you are.

What’s more, the app has a usage report to let you know how much power your HVAC system is consuming. Also, the smart thermostat reports back on the humidity level. It is an energy star-certified smart thermostat that could save you money.

Since it is a Wi-Fi thermostat, it easily pairs with voice controls such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The result is hassle-free control by voice commands.

It also works with other smart home devices such as Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings for controlling it by voice.

You will also receive smart alerts via the app on your smartphone or tablet if you opt for this smart thermostat. That is possible since it has sensors for detecting temperature and humidity change.

You could power this smart thermostat using battery power or a C-wire. The great news is that installation is also hassle-free. Therefore, your smart thermostat will be ready in a short time.

Remote control.The display isn't a touchscreen.
It supports various voice controls.No dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.
It saves 23% of the energy.
Best Battery Powered Smart Thermostat Reviews

Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking for excellent air conditioning, this Wi-Fi thermostat does an incredible job. Not only does it help you control your HVAC system, but it also comes in handy when looking to save energy.

This smart thermostat has a mobile app for controlling it remotely and checking your monthly energy reports. You can then schedule the smart thermostat to save energy.

This device allows you to control the temperature of an entire home excellently. It could work with Smart Room Sensors to help you set an ideal temperature for the rooms with the sensors. As a result, you could customize the temperature for each family member (or even guests).

As a Wi-Fi thermostat, it is dual-band to connect to two Wi-Fi frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. And this only makes it a more convenient device for controlling your home temperature remotely.

Also, you could control this smart thermostat by voice after pairing it with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

This smart thermostat also features sensors for detecting humidity levels inside your residential space. You also get more smart features such as Auto Home and Away for saving energy even better.

This energy-saving feature uses Geofencing tech for excellent functioning. As a result, your HVAC system will not heat an unoccupied home. Therefore, this is another smart thermostat worth considering.

It works with Lithium-ion batteries.It doesn't include the 2AAA batteries.
Remote control.It doesn't come with room sensors.
Best Battery Powered Smart Thermostat Reviews

Google Nest Thermostat

This nest learning thermostat knows when you leave for work to power down the HVAC system, saving you money in return. It is one of the programmable thermostats that learn your schedule to know when you leave your home and when you usually come back.

Its learning capability makes it one of the highly-rated thermostats for its excellent energy-saving feature.

Besides learning your busy schedule, you could also program it as we’ve already seen. Then it will automatically schedule itself the next time without your input. And this makes it easy to use.

Also, it connects to your Wi-Fi network for remote control. You could also pair it with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit to control it by voice.

Therefore, it boasts an easy and more convenient control type. Its connectivity to the internet also puts you in control of your home temperature from anywhere. And the smart thermostat has a mobile app to control your home temperature remotely.

Depending on your HVAC system, you might require a C-wire to power up this device so that it can control your home temperature. Heat pumps, zone-controlled, heating only, and cooling only HVACs will require a C-wire.

But for other HVAC systems, battery power will work fine.

The Savings Finder is a new feature that looks for ways your smart thermostat could save energy. And given the energy report that you receive via the app, this is a smart thermostat you want for your smart home.

Therefore, consider opting for this device if you want an energy-saving performance.

Remote control.It is incompatible with some systems.
It supports voice controls.No room sensors.
It is programmable.
Best Battery Powered Smart Thermostat Reviews

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking for a smart thermostat that comes with its room sensor, you have just found it. You will be sure to receive a SmartSensor if you opt for this smart thermostat.

This sensor could help you customize the temperature of the room that matters the most. If you have rooms such as a baby’s room or bedroom, be sure to place the sensor in them to customize their temperature excellently.

The sensor ensures the smart thermostat adjusts the temperature and ensures your HVAC system uses less energy. As such, this is another energy-saving smart thermostat.

So, if you’re looking to heat or cool your residential space using less electric power, consider opting for this smart thermostat.

You could also control your home temperature remotely via the ecobee app. And that is possible since this device connects to your home Wi-Fi network to grant you remote control.

You could be in Serengeti watching the wildebeest migration and still customize your home comfort to the level other family members deem ideal.

Besides, this smart thermostat features the smart Home and Away feature to automatically adjust the temperature, thus saving energy in the process.

You could also control it by voice since it seamlessly connects with other smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, not to mention the ecobee Haven, one of the best smart hubs on the market.

It works with other voice assistants such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Smartthings to grant you more voice control. Therefore, it is a smart thermostat worth considering if you need more hands-free control.

Remote control.No dual-band support.
Energy-saving.It only includes one room sensor.
It supports voice controls.
Best Battery Powered Smart Thermostat Reviews

How To Buy the Best Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat

Since the market is never short of these smart home devices, you will need to consider a few features to source the latest smart thermostats for your residential space. And these features include the following:

The User Interface

Smart thermostats with a touchscreen interface are easier to control. They boast a one-touch touchscreen display for adjusting the temperature with a single touch.

As such, they offer efficient temperature control and comfort customization. But this will require you to be closer to your unit. Since a touchscreen interface guarantees ease of control, you can consider buying smart thermostats with touchscreen displays.

Remote Access

The idea for installing a smart thermostat in your home is to control your home temperature from wherever you are. Remote access comes in handy if you want to customize your home temperature when you’re many miles away.

But for this to be possible, your smart thermostat needs to connect to the Wi-Fi using its built-in Wi-Fi.

Additionally, it could also connect to a smart hub for remote control. Therefore, consider a smart thermostat that grants you remote access. But since those requiring a smart hub subject you to spending a few extra bucks, you could buy those with built-in Wi-Fi.

But if you’re looking to control other smart home devices remotely, invest in a smart hub.


This is a smart feature you want in a smart thermostat. It uses the smart thermostat’s mobile app and your phone’s GPS service to know where you are. As a result, your smart thermostat will always know when to power down the HVAC system and when to power it up again.

And in the long run, your smart thermostat will save electric power, slashing a few bucks off your electricity bill in the process. Since this is an energy-saving feature, ensure your preferred smart thermostat features it.

Auto Home and Away

Smart thermostats use different techniques to know if you’re at home or away. And the Auto Home and Away is one of the features they use to know if you’re present or absent.

If such a smart thermostat detects that you’re absent, it turns down the heat to save energy. It will only turn up the heat if you’re within your premises. Since this feature also saves you energy, you should consider a smart thermostat featuring this energy-saving smart feature.

Room Sensors

Room sensors assist your smart thermostat in customizing the temperature for each room. You only need to place sensors in rooms whose temperature you’d love to customize.

As such, room sensors are an excellent addition to your smart thermostat. But some smart thermostat models don’t come with these useful accessories. And you want to ensure your smart thermostat includes them in the package.

Also, room sensors detect unoccupied rooms. And your smart thermostat will then shut down the temperature regulation of the unoccupied room.

As a result, your HVAC system will use less electric power since it will only customize the temperature of the occupied rooms. Therefore, consider smart thermostats that include room sensors.

Compatibility with Voice Controls

If you need hands-free control of your smart thermostat, pair it with a compatible voice control device such as Alexa and Google Assistant. But as you might expect, your smart thermostat might be incompatible with some voice control devices.

So, you want to buy a model that works with your preferred voice control device.

Once you have paired your smart thermostat with a voice control device of your choice, you can be sure to control the temperature by voice. For example, you could ask Alexa to turn up or turn down the heat, and your HVAC system will follow your voice command.

Therefore, voice controls provide convenience, and it is something to look for when buying smart thermostats.

Electrical Power Needs

Some smart thermostats use battery power to function, with most models relying on electric power from a C-wire. But since we’re talking about battery power in this case, you want to carefully consider the type of battery your smart thermostat will use.

First, you want powerful batteries. Besides, powerful batteries provide steady and reliable power to your smart thermostat for an extended period. Second, batteries with sufficient power will not need frequent charging.

So, you have reasons for selecting powerful batteries. But to know a powerful battery, check its milliamp Hour (mAh) rating.

The higher the rating, the more powerful the batteries are. So, look for a higher mAh rating. Also, consider opting for rechargeable batteries. But non-rechargeable batteries also function well if you don’t mind replacing them once they run out of charge.

You could also select a smart thermostat that requires a C wire as an alternative power source. This means you could still power your smart thermostat if your batteries run out.

Integration with Smart Home Devices

You might want to control your smart thermostat remotely alongside other smart home devices. If this is the case, you want to ensure your smart home devices are compatible with other smart home devices.

But this will require a smart hub. What’s more, you could link a smart thermostat with a smoke detector, and it will stop the HVAC fan if there is a smoke buildup in your residential space.

Also, a smart thermostat that seamlessly integrates with other smart home devices allows you to link it with occupancy sensors. And when no one is in a room, the smart thermostat can turn down the heat to save energy.

Therefore, ensure you buy a model that integrates with other smart home devices for efficient temperature control.


How many volts do smart thermostats need to function fully?

Smart thermostats that use battery power to function require a certain voltage to function fully. Usually, they require 3.6 volts to function, and a dip below this voltage threshold could mean your smart thermostat will forfeit some functions.

For example, the Nest Learning thermostat requires 3.6V for all of its features to function. And if the voltage falls below 3.6V, it will disable some features such as Savings Finder and weather forecast to conserve energy.

Do battery-powered smart thermostats also require power from a C-wire?

Some battery-powered smart thermostats also use power from a C-wire to supplement the battery power if their batteries run out. A good example of such a smart thermostat is the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.

So, battery-powered smart thermostats could also use power from a C-wire to function.

Can I control my battery-powered smart thermostat by voice?

Yes, you could control your smart thermostat by voice, but after you have paired it with a voice assistant. Fortunately, these devices connect to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control them by voice using smart speakers connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

But they might be incompatible with some voice assistants. So, you want to make sure you’re pairing them with only compatible voice control devices.

What does Geofencing work to achieve in a smart thermostat?

Geofencing is a smart feature that uses the smart thermostat’s app and your phone’s GPS to know where you are. Then it instructs the smart thermostat to turn down the heat if you’re far from home.

And this action saves electricity bills in the long run. Therefore, you want to ensure you’re buying smart thermostats with this feature.

Wrap Up

Battery-powered smart thermostats can help you control your home temperature excellently without relying on some other electric power source.

What’s more, they connect to your Wi-Fi network to grant you remote control over them. Also, their Wi-Fi connectivity makes it possible to control them by voice using your preferred voice control device.

They have everything you need to control your home’s comfort while also saving energy. Therefore, they are ideal for any smart home. But the market has plenty of battery-powered smart thermostats, and you can be sure to find substandard models.

Fortunately, we have presented you with incredible smart thermostats that might be best for you. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you spot the other best battery-powered smart thermostats.

Therefore, finding the model that suits your smart home better is simpler than before. Install the best battery-powered smart thermostat and save energy while also customizing the temperature excellently from anywhere!

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