best battery powered video doorbell

Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell

Video doorbells provide a live feed of what’s happening on your front door. Since they have an HD video camera, they capture videos in a high resolution to show every picture detail in the background.

What’s more, video doorbells also have a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication.

These two features ensure you can talk to the guest at the door without opening the door for security reasons. Since video doorbells monitor what’s happening on your front door, they are ideal for your smart home.

Also, they connect to the Wi-Fi network to let you monitor your home from anywhere.

This article will look at some of the best battery-powered video doorbells that will monitor your smart home round the clock. Also, it will look at a few features to consider when shopping for these smart home devices.

So, be sure to read on for more information on these devices that could be your best home security system.

The Best Battery-Powered Video Doorbells to Consider

Ring Video Doorbell

First, this Ring doorbell camera boasts a 1080P resolution for crisp, clear picture quality. What’s more, this camera also sees at night to give you the same crispier vision.

Besides giving you excellent vision both day and night, you also get to listen to everything happening in the background, thanks to the built-in microphone.

Also, this Ring video doorbell has two-way communication, thanks to its built-in speakers. Therefore, you could talk to your guest at the door without opening your front door.

This feature keeps you safe to help you verify the identity of the people at the door before letting them inside.

Your Ring video doorbell also has advanced motion detection that sends you mobile notifications if motion is detected. As such, this device is ideal for your front doors since it gives you heads-up.

You can also control this smart lock remotely since it connects to Wi-Fi 2.4GHz.

The Ring app will come in handy when looking to control this device from anywhere. Also, you could connect this doorbell cam to Alexa to control it by voice.

Alexa will communicate with this device via the same Wi-Fi network. The built-in battery is also powerful, and you could recharge it if it runs out of juice. Therefore, it is a video doorbell you could trust to monitor your home 24/7.

Night vision.The customer support doesn’t reply quickly.
Water-resistant.It doesn’t connect to some Wi-Fi frequencies.
Durable Venetian Bronze material.
Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell Reviews

Eufy Security, Video Doorbell

This video doorbell has earned a reputation for recording crystal-clear video clips, thanks to its 2K camera. Each recorded video is so clear that you don’t have to experience the hassle of struggling to see each detail in the picture.

Besides allowing you to see visitors in sharp focus, this video doorbell also puts you in the efficient control of your home security.

It connects to Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz to allow you to connect it with a voice control device of your choice. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but you could also use other voice assistants to control it by voice.

You can always be sure to view the videos at any time since the video storage is local.

Unlike other video doorbells that require you to subscribe monthly for video storage, this one doesn’t subject you to such unnecessary expenses, which is a good thing!

This smart video doorbell secures your videos through a 256-bit encrypted connection. So, if you’re someone who values privacy, this video doorbell will give you great service.

It also boasts customizable motion detection. This device could secure your most targeted locations that porch pirates usually roam in when looking to steal your package.

You only need to draw an Activity Zone on your porch to monitor it 24/7. This device also sends mobile alerts if it sees someone approaching your property, thanks to the AI human detection technology.

And with its two-way communication, you can respond to the person at the door in real-time. You can power this video doorbell using a rechargeable battery or connect it to an existing doorbell wiring to a 24V power source.

It is an excellent video doorbell that monitors your property round the clock. Therefore, it could be worth the investment.

180-day battery life.No night vision.
Secure video storage.The user manual is a bit vague.
2K camera resolution.
Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell Reviews

2021 Newest Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

The 1080P camera sees clearly through the night, giving you one of the most excellent night vision performances. The IR night vision sensor activates itself when it gets dark outside, giving you eyes on your property even at night.

As such, this is a video doorbell camera you need to monitor your home both day and night.

The device boasts other features, including two-way communication. Once the visitor on the front door presses the ring button, you will receive an in-app call to talk to your visitor. Motion detection is another feature that you could bank on to secure your home further.

The PIR motion detection distinguishes humans from other random motion triggering objects to send security alerts. As such, this is another video doorbell that could stop porch pirates from stealing your package.

The 166° field of view is also wide to ensure your video camera monitors a larger area.

Since this video doorbell connects to Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, you can control it remotely. Also, you can control it by voice after connecting it with a voice control device of your choice.

When it comes to storing your videos, you have the option of using cloud storage or local storage. With local storage, you can use a 128GB SD card to store your security videos.

Given the excellent features, this video doorbell is a device that could help you monitor your front door 24/7.

6700mAh rechargeable battery.Unresponsive customer support.
Two storage methods.The batteries might drain quickly.
Wide field of view.
Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell Reviews

WUUK Video Doorbell Camera

This is another video doorbell camera with a 1080P resolution. The HD resolution performs excellently to reveal every detail in your video recordings.

And with such an impressive resolution, you can expect your video doorbell camera to perform in all light conditions. Fortunately, this is one of the home security cameras that perform excellently in the dark, thanks to its long-range night vision.

The camera features ultra-sensitive IR technology to see up to 16 feet away at night. As a result, you can monitor your front door both day and night if you opt for this video doorbell camera.

Communication is also just as efficient and state-of-the-art. This device features two-way communication for added security. You can also pre-record a message for your visitors.

Your video doorbell will send you security alerts if it detects motion around your home. The PIR technology makes this device pick out humans from the background to alert you if someone is at your front door.

And the good news is you will receive this notification from anywhere since this device connects to the Wi-Fi network.

You can also add your preferred voice assistant via the same Wi-Fi network to control it by voice.

This video doorbell works with popular voice control devices such as Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot, and Apple HomeKit, among other devices, for efficient control through voice commands.

What’s more, the rechargeable battery has a high charge capacity for extended performance. Therefore, this video doorbell could monitor your home round the clock!

6700mAh batteries.The batteries drain faster.
AI motion detection.Some users face challenges setting it up.
Two-way communication.
Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell Reviews

What You Should Consider When Buying a Video Doorbell

When scouring the web for the best battery-powered video doorbells, you will consider a few features. The features below will ensure your video doorbell perform excellently to give you round the clock monitoring:

Resolution of the Camera

When shopping for these devices for your front door, you want to choose the best resolution there is out there. Most video doorbell cameras have a 1080P resolution, but you can find some with a higher resolution.

For example, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell has a 2K camera resolution. Of course, the higher the resolution, the better the picture quality.

So, you want to choose the highest resolution you can get on the market. Besides, a high-resolution camera reveals all the details clearly, including smaller details!

Night Vision

Burglars love operating in low-lit areas because the darkness is one of their secret weapons. But you could render this secret weapon useless by installing a video doorbell with night vision.

Such a video doorbell will monitor your property at all times, even at night, to help you take action if you spot someone lurking in the dark.

When buying a video doorbell with night vision, ensure it can see far away into the dark for efficient nighttime monitoring. You can find some devices that monitor as far as 16 feet away, and they’re the ones to keep your eye on to stay ahead of potential burglars.

The further the night vision camera can see, the better!

Field of View

Besides monitoring your property both day and night, the camera should also see a wider area. This will let you see a possible threat from any angle, putting you in a position to act fast. But the question is: what angle is ideal for your video doorbell.

Well, a field of view that covers an angle of 180° is ideal. But you can select a wide field of view if you want to monitor a wider area. So, you want to go for the highest angle of field of view to monitor a larger area at once.

Motion Detection

Also, consider buying a video doorbell with motion detection. That’s because these video doorbells will alert you if they pick up motion from intruders. These devices use different techniques to detect humans in the background.

Video doorbells that use PIR technology offer excellent motion detection. And so do models that use AI. As such, they’re the ones you want to buy to receive accurate alerts.

Two-Way Communication

Your video doorbell should also allow you to communicate with the visitor outside before you can let anyone inside your home. But to do this, they should have a built-in microphone and speaker.

So, when the visitor presses the microphone button on your video doorbell, you will talk to him while also seeing his face for identity verification. Therefore, look for a video doorbell with two-way communication for safety.

The Charge Capacity of the Battery

Since you’re buying a battery-powered video doorbell, you want to ensure the battery is powerful enough to last you many days. So, look for the highest charge capacity on the battery.

A battery with a 6,700mAh charge capacity is great if you want to monitor your home for 180 days nonstop.

But you could go higher to select a 10,000mAh battery. The more charge the battery holds, the longer your device will monitor your home nonstop.

Therefore, select the highest charge capacity for the battery. Also, consider opting for a rechargeable battery.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

A video doorbell that connects to your Wi-Fi network gives you remote control over it. Also, it allows you to monitor your home from anywhere.

Your video doorbell could also connect with a voice control device if it connects to a Wi-Fi network. You will then control it with voice, which is great if you’re looking to receive voice notification if someone is on your front door.

So, buy a video doorbell with built-in Wi-Fi.

Type of Storage

Video doorbells could store videos on SD cards. But cloud storage is the best option. Besides, you can always access these videos remotely to see what happened a few moments ago.

What’s more, cloud storage could store videos for up to 30 days. And this means you can pull up a video feed of what happened on the first day of the month. So, consider opting for cloud storage for secure video storage.

Weatherproof Rating

Since you will install a video doorbell on your front door, part of it will face harsh outdoor weather. As such, the video doorbell should be water-resistant to monitor your home under any weather condition.

A doorbell cam with a waterproof rating of IP65 is an excellent choice. But if you can find higher waterproof ratings, don’t hesitate to select them.


Can a video doorbell record what is happening around it?

Yes, video doorbells could listen to what’s happening around them since they have built-in microphones for audio performance. What’s more, they also feature built-in speakers for two-way communication.

So, you could listen to what’s happening around your smart home since these smart home devices have microphones built inside them.

Where do video doorbells store videos?

These devices store the recorded video locally or in cloud storage. Local storage uses the video doorbell’s internal storage. But sometimes, you might need to add an SD card to boost local storage.

Alternatively, video doorbells could store their videos in cloud-based services. And a good example of a door cam that uses this storage type is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

How long do the batteries last?

This depends on the charge capacity of the rechargeable battery. If your battery has a higher charge capacity, it will take more days before recharging it. For example, a battery with a 6700mAh charge capacity could last up to 180 days.

That means you will get more days from your battery if its charge capacity is higher than 6700mAh.

What is the best camera resolution for a video doorbell?

1080P is the best starting point when looking for the best camera resolution. But as always, there is room for more. With that in mind, you can select video doorbells with 2K resolution since you can find them on the market.

Always select the highest resolution you can find if you want crispier picture quality.

Can A video doorbell record videos clearly at night?

Video doorbells monitor your home round the clock, even at night. Most of them can record what’s happening on your front door while it’s dark, thanks to their night vision cameras.

Also, their cameras see as far as 16 feet away, making them one of the best night vision cameras for video doorbells. So, consider buying these models.

Wrap Up

Battery-powered video doorbells function at all times to monitor your smart home round the clock. They are the best models if your area usually experiences a power outage.

Alternatively, you could install models that get their power from video doorbell transformers. A good example would be the ring video doorbell wired, in this case.

Whichever model you choose, you will first need to consider a few factors to get the best model on the market. Fortunately, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you stop the best models on the market.

So, take your time to find the best video doorbell and monitor your home round the clock.

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