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Best Budget Stick Vacuum

A stick vacuum cleaner efficiently cleans the kitchen, living room, and the spaces under the furniture. Unlike many vacuum cleaners, a stick vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver and takes up little space while in storage.

And with its powerful suction, a stick vacuum cleaner easily cleans an annoying spill on the floor, eliminating the need to take out your dustpan and brush to clean the mess.

What’s more, a stick vacuum cleaner is usually lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and use. And with its swivel steering cleaning head, cleaning hard-to-reach places is a breeze.

These cleaning machines come in a corded and cordless design,Pho and each design has its benefits, as you’re about to see.

But to get the best performance from these stick vacuum cleaners, you have to opt for the best stick vacuums. We’ve rounded up some of the best stick vacuum cleaners that are very affordable.

Also, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you spot other best-performing stick vacuum cleaners when you see them. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are the Best Budget Stick Vacuum Cleaners?

TOPPIN Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cordless

While this stick vacuum may not be as popular as vacuums from brands like Dyson, it still performs incredibly well. And that’s why it is among our top picks for the best budget stick vacuums.

It costs a lot less than other stick vacuums but packs as much power (or even more!)

And that’s true if you check this unit’s suction power. It might surprise you to find that this stick vacuum has an astonishing 12kPa suction power. So, if your floor has dirt, debris, pet hair, or things like that, this stick vacuum offers a powerful floor-cleaning performance.

What’s more, the stick vacuum takes on any floor type – hardwood floor, tile floor, and low rug, among other floor types. This machine delivers incredibly powerful suction for any floor. As such, it is a perfect home-cleaning machine for any home.

But incredible suction power isn’t the only feature this machine packs. Well, it is also cordless for free cleaning performance. With the power cord out of the way, you will swing your hand freely to suck any dirt or debris on your floor.

Of course, this handheld vacuum has a detachable battery pack with impressive charge capacity. The 2200mAh lithium battery guarantees a 28-minute runtime. Since most cleaning takes about 10 minutes, you can be sure to use your stick vacuum twice before recharging it.

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner also features an adjustable wand. As a result, you can always adjust it to match your height. You might not expect this from upright vacuums, but this vacuum cleaner has LED headlights.

Therefore, you can clean all the dark spots under the furniture and bed. With this vacuum cleaner, you will clean every inch of the floor, day or night. Besides, it includes a crevice tool!

Two powerful suction modes.The battery takes four hours to charge.
Adjustable wand.The wand isn’t very durable.
High charge capacity battery.
Best Budget Stick Vacuum Reviews

Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

Why spend hundreds of bucks on a vacuum cleaner when you could source a highly durable and powerful stick vacuum at an affordable price? This stick vacuum by Bissell is just as powerful and maybe stylish as more expensive vacuum cleaners – only that it doesn’t break your wallet.

With this stick vacuum in your home, you have three ways of cleaning your residential space. First, you could use this machine as a stair vacuum. Your stick vacuum includes a floor nozzle that you’ll attach to the wand. Then you will suck in any dirt or debris on the staircase.

Second, your cleaner could be a hand vacuum. It includes a crevice tool for cleaning between tight spaces or gaps. Lastly, this cleaner works as a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

It weighs only 3 pounds, allowing you to move it around easily as you direct the nozzles to pick up any dirt on area rugs or hard floors.

The stick vacuum has a 0.76-liter dirt cup. You will clean your floors, stairs, and spaces in between for hours before this dirt cup is full. Besides, it is a corded stick vacuum, meaning there is no battery life to limit the run time, as is the case with cordless vacuums.

So, if you’re looking for deep cleaning performance, this 3-in-1 stick vacuum could be the perfect option.

3-in-1 stick vacuum.Its dust bin is a bit small.
Compact and easy to store.Its filters are not easily available online.
Unlimited run time.
Best Budget Stick Vacuum Reviews

TOPPIN Bendable Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Besides the ridiculously affordable price point, this stick vacuum has more to offer to its users. First, it is incredibly powerful, and you can bank on it to rid your floor of any dust particle.

To be very precise, your stick vacuum boasts an eye-watering 17kPa powerful suction, thanks to a 600W powerful motor.

Whether you have a hard floor, marble floor, or tiles on your floor, this stick vacuum cleans any floor type. Therefore, it is a versatile stick vacuum with a cleaning head that is easy to maneuver.

What’s more, the cleaning head has a wide suction mouth to get all dust particles with a single suction.

While this machine cleans any floor excellently, it doesn’t perform quite as impressively on carpets. But it’s still an incredible stick vacuum that cleans every inch of the floor, thanks to the swivel steering cleaning head.

What’s more, this stick vacuum features a lay-flat handle and foldable tube for easy usage.

It cleans hard-to-reach places, making it a perfect option for the elderly looking to clean their homes easily and excellently. The stick vacuum goes the extra mile to purify the air gushing out, thanks to 4-stage Hepa filters.

As a result, your old man (or old lady) will breathe in clean air.

But we encourage you to clean the air filter regularly for excellent air filtration performance. The machine is corded, meaning you don’t have to worry about restrictive run time.

And its 0.8L dust cup allows you to clean the entire house before emptying it. So, if you’re looking to clean bare floors with sufficient power while ensuring the air quality is uncompromised, this is the stick vacuum to buy.

17kPa suction power.It is not ideal for carpets.
600W powerful motor.It heats up after some time.
Excellent air filtration.
Best Budget Stick Vacuum Reviews

Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a stick vacuum cleaner that performs three functions, this could be your cleaning machine! Meet your diverse cleaning needs with this stick vacuum cleaner.

You could transform this stick vacuum into a hand vacuum or stair vacuum whenever you want to clean every inch of the house!

This Eureka also features a durable and powerful motor to improve its suction power exponentially. The 2 Amp motor ensures the capture nozzle collects all dust, leaving no single dust particle behind.

And the swivel steering makes the stick vacuum cleaner easy to maneuver, even in tighter spaces.

As a result, you will achieve cleaning efficiency that you might not accomplish with competing vacuum cleaners. And when talking about tight spaces, we mean places like between the seat cushions or gaps like that. Attach the crevice tool and suck in dust from such tight spaces.

While the 18-foot power cord guarantees an extended reach, the cord can still restrict movements. As a result, cleaning under some furniture might prove more challenging.

This is a downside of many corded units, but at least the power cord is long in this stick vacuum cleaner. But the stick vacuum cleaner performs incredibly well with its 240W motor. Therefore, it’s an incredible buy.

240W powerful motor.It is not very durable.
18-ft. power cord.Not ideal for fury carpets.
It includes a crevice tool.
Best Budget Stick Vacuum Reviews

TOPPIN Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cordless

If there’s one guarantee from this stick vacuum cleaner, it is dust-free air while using it, thanks to the 5-layer filtration system. The filtration system comprises high-density filters that trap dust and debris from the gushing air for pollution-free air for breathing.

But you will clean this air filtration system regularly for efficient air filtration. The stick vacuum is cordless; no wonder it only weighs three pounds.  No power cord is in place to restrict your hand movement.

Not only does the cordless design give the machine a minimalist look, but it also increases cleaning efficiency.

So, if you’re looking for a full deep cleaning, this could be the perfect stick vacuum cleaner for you. What’s more, its battery pack is powerful, boasting a 2200mAh charge capacity. With such an incredible juice pack, the stick vacuum sealer has a 28-minute run time.

Since the battery pack is removable, you could charge it with compatible charging docks. The charging time takes four hours, which is unreasonable given the run time is only 28 minutes.

But this stick vacuum cleaner makes up for this downside with incredible suction power – we’re talking about 12kPa of powerful suction here!

Use the power setting to shift between two speeds. You will use the high motor power for more stubborn dust particles.

Many high-end vacuum cleaners like black decker don’t have LED headlights, but guess what – this one has it! As a result, you can clean your dark spots under the bed and the furniture. Therefore, this is another excellent stick vacuum cleaner for homes.

12kPa suction power.It doesn’t clean carpets.
Impressive battery life.The battery takes hours to charge.
LED headlights.
Best Budget Stick Vacuum Reviews

How To Pick the Best Budget Stick Vacuum from The Market

Stick vacuum cleaners come in different designs, and we know that for sure. But the design that works best for you might not work quite as fine for another user.

And that’s why you will pay attention to the design of a stick vacuum cleaner before buying it. Also, you will consider a few features first. And the features to consider before spending your bucks are as follows:

The Run Time and Charging Time

Stick vacuum cleaners could run off battery power or wall outlet electricity. Models running off battery power are cordless, of course! On the other hand, models running off mains electricity are cored and have unlimited run time.

But cordless stick vacuum cleaners have a limited run time, depending on the charge capacity of their batteries.

Usually, cordless stick vacuums feature detachable batteries that you will charge. Their batteries take four hours to charge while providing only 28 – 30 minutes of run time. This run time could be more limiting if you select a given power setting, usually high motor speeds.

So, this means you have two options as far as power supply goes – choosing between corded or cordless stick vacuum cleaners. If you’re looking for unlimited run time, a corded stick vacuum cleaner is the best choice.

But these stick vacuum cleaners restrict your movement, depending on the power cord length.

On the other hand, cordless stick vacuum cleaners guarantee free cleaning head movements. But they limit their run time. So, if you don’t mind the limited run time and want to clean a wider area freely, the cordless stick vacuum cleaners are the best choice!

The Design of The Machine

Stick vacuum cleaners also feature different designs. Some models feature a 3-in-1 design, while others feature a 6-in-1 design. We mean to say you could convert your stick vacuum cleaner into three or six cleaning modes, depending on its design.

Stick vacuum cleaners feature different cleaning heads for conversion into different cleaning modes. A good example is a crevice tool for sucking in dust in the gaps between furniture cushions or crevices on the floor.

The more cleaning modes a stick vacuum cleaner features, the better! As such, be sure to pick vacuum cleaners with more cleaning modes for effective residential space cleaning.

Floor Heads

You can also expect stick vacuums to feature different floor head designs. Some models have a floor head with a motorized brush roll for cleaning carpets and hard floors. But some stick vacuum cleaners feature a soft floor head suitable for only cleaning hard floors.

Since your cleaning needs are likely to differ from another user’s cleaning needs, you have to pay attention to the floor head before buying a stick vacuum cleaner.

If you’d love to clean carpets and hard floors, a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush roll is a perfect choice. But if your concern is to only clean your hard floor, a stick vacuum cleaner with a fluffy floor head works fine.

The Filters

Stick vacuum cleaners have filters to ensure everyone in the family breathes in clean air while the vacuum cleaner is cleaning the floor. As such, you want to check your preferred stick vacuum cleaner has high-quality filters.

If anyone in the family has allergies, consider fitting the stick vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters.

When buying a stick vacuum cleaner, look for one with a 4 or 5-layer filtration system for unmatched air filtration efficiency. Also, clean the filters regularly and let them dry before putting them back into the cleaner.

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air. So, choose stick vacuums with multi-layered filtration systems.

The Included Tools

When buying a stick vacuum cleaner, check if it comes with standard cleaning tools. These include a crevice tool and dusting brush.

But if you’re looking for more functionality from your stick vacuum cleaner, check for other tools such as squeegee tools, a pet hairbrush, and an extension tube, among other attachments.

Besides, more cleaning tools mean more versatility. Therefore, buy a stick vacuum featuring more cleaning tools.

Adjustable Wand

You can be sure that your height differs from everyone else’s height, even within the family. And that means getting a stick vacuum cleaner that everyone can use to clean the house, regardless of their height.

And there’s no better way of ensuring everyone can use your stick vacuum cleaner other than choosing a cleaning machine with an adjustable wand. So, consider buying stick vacuum cleaners with adjustable wands for anyone to use when cleaning your residential space.

The Switch

Stick vacuum cleaners feature different switch designs. Some models have a trigger switch that you will press and hold throughout the cleaning process. But other models have a simple on/off switch that you press once to clean the whole house.

Simple on/off switches are easier to use as they don’t require you to press and hold them.  But they don’t give you as much control as trigger switches that you let go to stop the motor. Both switches work efficiently, and you should base your choice on one that’s more convenient.

The Dust Cup

Stick vacuum cleaners collect the dust particles they’ve sucked in a dust cup. The size of the dust cup doesn’t affect the run time much, but it does dictate the frequency of emptying the dust cup.

If you’d love to use your vacuum cleaner a few times more before emptying the dust cup, go for a large dust cup capacity. A 0.5L capacity is an excellent choice. But you could go for larger dust cups.

The Sound and Quietness

Since noise can be a nuisance to some family members, especially kids craving a peaceful nap, look for a stick vacuum cleaner with a quiet motor.

But how quiet should a stick vacuum cleaner be for it to be a perfect choice? Well, if the vacuum cleaner produces less than 60 decibels, it is quiet enough not to disrupt the peaceful sleep of your baby or pets.

Weight Of the Vacuum Cleaner

You also want to pick a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner when shopping around. Any stick vacuum cleaner weighing 5 pounds or less is a perfect cleaning machine.

Check the item’s weight before buying it to ensure you’re getting a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner. You want to get a lightweight unit because it is easier to maneuver.


How long does the battery of a cordless stick vacuum cleaner last?

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners run off battery power. And this battery juice runs out at some point. Usually, the battery packs enough juice for cleaning your house for 28 minutes.

This run time may be little, but most cleaning tasks take 10 minutes. As such, you can be sure to use your cordless stick vacuum cleaner twice before charging its battery pack for four hours.

Do stick vacuum cleaners have LCD screen displays?

Stick vacuum cleaners come in various designs. Some models boast LCD headlights, while others have an LCD screen for displaying essential data such as the current motor speed.

The screen could also display how much power the battery has left. A good example of a stick vacuum cleaner with an LCD screen would be the Proscenic P10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Plus, it has LED headlights!

How often should I empty the dust bin of my stick vacuum cleaner?

The dust cup in your stick vacuum cleaner could be full after using the vacuum a few times. But you want to empty it regularly to ensure efficient cleaning performance. Be sure to clean out the dust bin after every use.

Can my stick vacuum cleaner suck up dirt from wet surfaces?

Yes, some stick vacuum modes can suck up spilt liquids besides sucking up dust particles. That means you could use them to clean off the liquids on the floor.

But your stick vacuum cleaner can only suck up small amounts of liquids, usually 150ml and no more. So, be sure to mop up the place if the spilt liquid is beyond this amount.

Can I clean spaces between crevices with a stick vacuum cleaner?

Yes, your stick vacuum cleaner includes a crevice tool for this cleaning role. Attach the crevice tool to suck up any dust particle between the furniture cushions or crevices on the floor.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on stick vacuum cleaners. You can get a fairly affordable stick vacuum cleaner with impressive suction power that rivals the suction power of a more expensive model.

Besides the affordable price point, stick vacuum cleaners are lightweight, making them easier to use. They also have swivel cleaning heads for easy maneuverability. As such, they are worth the investment in every sense.

But finding the best models at affordable price points might not have been easier without our buyer’s guide. Our buyer’s guide highlights everything you should check before spending your hard-earned bucks.

Also, we’ve rounded up some of the best stick vacuum cleaners on the market. Therefore, finding the best-performing vacuum cleaner is easier than before.

Buy the best budget stick vacuum to efficiently clean your house while keeping the cleaning cost as minimum as possible!

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