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Best Cambro For Sous Vide

Sous vide is a cooking technique that was exclusive only to high-end restaurants. But today, you can also do sous vide cooking if you have the best set of kitchen appliances.

Sous vide immersion circulator is one of the kitchen appliances you will need for sous vide cooking.

You will also need other accessories such as a container for holding a water bath, a plastic bag, and a vacuum sealer.

You will then place all the ingredients in a BPA-free plastic bag and vacuum seal it before putting the whole plastic bag with the ingredients in a water bath.

But to get the best cooking results, you will need the best sous vide equipment. This article will go through some of the best sous vide cookers on the market.

It will also take you through the steps of buying an immersion circulator for sous vide cooking. So, read on for more information.

What Are the Best Cambro For Sous Vide?

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano

This Anova Nano sous vide cooker promises satisfactory dining results. And it delivers on its promise with its 750W powerful performance. Your unit efficiently delivers heat to your food during sous vide cooking with this powerful cooking performance.

Since it is an electric kitchen appliance, it also uses between 110-120 volts of electricity. It is a powerful unit that can heat five gallons of water to 197°F in a short time.

You can then cook your favorite food using the sous vide cooking technique. Some of the foods you could cook using this appliance include pork, lamb, fish, beef, and vegetables, among many other food types. As such, this is a versatile cooking appliance.

Controlling this sous vide cooker is effortless and efficient as you can do it via a mobile app. The Bluetooth connectivity of this device allows you to control it by phone, thanks to a practical app.

However, this kitchen appliance has no Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can’t monitor your cooking remotely.

The clamp is not very adjustable, and this is another downside. But the sous vide immersion circulator still does an incredible job of heating a mid-sized water bath. When it comes to working hours, this unit can do sous vide cooking for 3,000 hours straight!

The flow rate also remains another excellent feature as this unit boasts a flow rate of 5 liters of water per minute. It is a water-resistant kitchen appliance that is high-grade plastic-made for unmatched durability.

If you’re looking to cook for up to four people, this sous vide cooker might serve you better.

Touchscreen display.It doesn’t include accessories.
App control.It has no Wi-Fi connectivity.
The app also has recipes.
Best Cambro For Sous Vide Reviews

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro

This Anova culinary sous vide cooker is insanely powerful since it boasts 1200-Watt powerful cooking. Also, it uses 120 volts of electricity to generate heat of up to 450°F.

It is a unit that handles more demanding kitchen tasks as it can cook for 10,000 hours straight. So, if you are looking for a compact yet powerful sous vide cooker for long working hours, this unit might be best for you.

Its material quality is also high-quality for durability and unmatched performance. Due to its excellent build and design, this kitchen appliance has an impressive cooking capacity of 100L, equal to 26.42 gallons of water.

That means it can excellently heat a water bath of 100 liters to cook food for up to six people. The sleeves boast stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning. Unlike many sous vide immersion circulators, this one has built-in Wi-Fi.

It also features the Anova app for controlling the temperature and cooking time from your smartphone. Also, you can remotely monitor the cooking progress via the Anova app.

Besides allowing you to control your sous vide cooker, the mobile app also provides recipes to cook your food better.

You can adjust or remove the clamp on this sous vide cooker to heat the water bath excellently. Adjusting the clamp is essential to keep the water level within the minimum and maximum levels on the stainless steel sleeves.

And with a flow rate of 12 liters per minute, this unit achieves your set temperature in a short time. As a result, the food cooked yields restaurant-quality results for tantalizing taste!

1200W powerful performance.It doesn’t include sous vide accessories.
12 Liters/min flow rate.It is not very durable.
10,000 hours of continuous cooking.
Best Cambro For Sous Vide Reviews

Greater Goods Kitchen Sous Vide – A Powerful Precision Cooking Machine

Great Goods is a powerful sous vide immersion circulator that packs 1100 Watts of power under the hood. Due to this sufficient power output, your water bath achieves high temperatures in a short time.

As such, you don’t have to wait for long to do sous vide cooking.

With such a massive power output, it is reasonable to expect your unit to achieve high temperatures. This immersion circulator doesn’t disappoint since it achieves temperatures ranging from 68°F to 203°F.

You can then slow cook your food at 68°F or cook it to a precise temperature of 203°F for deliciousness.

The brushless motor is durable and performs quietly. So, if you want a quiet-performing immersion circulator, this unit might be best for you. Using it is a no-brainer as the control is straightforward. This unit features a control knob for setting the temperature and time.

The clamp is adjustable to attach this immersion circulator to a stock pot and heat the water bath. You can also remove this clamp to clean it separately from the rest of the assembly. It is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean.

It is incredible how excellently this unit performs, yet it is sleek and slick. It is also elegant to complement your kitchen décor. The material quality is phenomenal since the sleeves are stainless steel-made, and the handle is high-grade plastic.

Therefore, this unit will serve you for an extended period.

1100W powerful cooking.Insufficient heating for some foods.
Sleek and slick design.It doesn’t support app control.
Quiet and durable motor.
Best Cambro For Sous Vide Reviews

How To Use a Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Besides using an immersion circulator, you will also need a few more kitchen tools to cook using the sous vide technique. These kitchen tools include a zipper-lock freezer bag that will come in handy during food storage. Also, you will need a vacuum sealer.

Once you have everything you need, you will place the food in the plastic bag and vacuum seal it. Then you will fill the Cambro container with some water and attach the immersion circulator to it.

Set the correct temperature and time, then dip the plastic bag with the food inside the water bath. Your immersion circulator will cook the food to a precise temperature for the time you have chosen.

You could experience significant water evaporation when doing sous vide cooking using a container and an immersion circulator. And this is a considerable problem when preparing a smoky pulled pork that requires you to sous vide the pork for 24 hours straight.

But you can use a few tricks to reduce tremendous water evaporation. First, you can seal off the opening of a 12-quart Cambro container with plastic wrap.

Aluminum foil also does the trick excellently. Of course, you will cut a hole for the immersion circulator to heat the water bath in a plastic container.

But adding ping pong balls to the water bath is a more efficient way to combat rapid evaporation and heat loss. Therefore, consider adding ping pong balls to prevent excessive evaporation when cooking for an extended period.

How To Pick the Best Sous Vide Equipment

When picking the best sous vide equipment, you want to consider a few features to land the best deal on the market. Considering the features below ensure you weed out substandard sous vide equipment in your search for kitchen appliances for equipping your kitchen:

The Power Output of the Immersion Circulator

A powerful immersion circulator achieves your set temperature in a short time. Also, it generates sufficient heat for warming the water bath for sous vide cooking.

Therefore, you should always look for a powerful immersion circulator when buying a kitchen appliance for sous vide cooking.

You can check the wattage on your preferred unit to know its power output. The higher the wattage rating, the more powerful your immersion circulator.

You can find 750-Watt immersion circulators that generate sufficient heat that heats the water bath to your set temperature in a short time

These units are ideal for sous vide cooking. But you can always find other immersion circulator models that pack more electric power. They are better for more powerful cooking and heat capacity.

Therefore, consider picking more powerful immersion circulators if you want the best cooking power.

The Controls and Display

The controls and display of a sous vide immersion circulator determine how easy it is to use the machine. When picking a sous vide machine, look for one with a large display that is easy to read.

Also, look for a sous vide machine with one-touch buttons for effortless temperature and time control.

The control knobs also set the temperature and time excellently and are also ideal for immersion circulators. But some users might favor one-touch buttons over them.

As such, it comes down to the control type that works for you. And that’s because one-touch buttons might be more convenient for you than the knobs.

But some users might find the control knobs more convenient. Therefore, look for a unit with a large LED display with a control type that is more convenient.

Water Capacity

An immersion circulator can only heat a water bath of a given capacity. Beyond the threshold capacity, the said immersion circulator will not work efficiently.

Therefore, the capacity of the sous vide machine is yet another essential factor to consider before buying an immersion circulator.

You can find sous vide immersion circulators that can heat a 100-Liter water bath. This is their water capacity since they can’t efficiently heat water baths exceeding this capacity. Of course, you will consider your family size before considering the water capacity.

If your family is large, say six members, you will need a machine with a large water capacity. A unit that excellently heats 100 liters of water might serve a large family well.

But for smaller family sizes, a smaller water capacity will be ideal. Therefore, be sure to check the water capacity an immersion circulator can efficiently heat before buying it.

The Flow Rate

An immersion circulator draws water from the bath, heats it to a precise temperature before dispensing it back. And this process causes water to flow within the container. The faster the flow rate, the faster the water bath will achieve the temperature you set.

If you are looking to start cooking using the sous vide technique in a short time, you need a unit with a fast flow rate. Manufacturers express the flow rate in gallons per minute.

The higher the numbers, the faster the flow rate. Therefore, check the numbers to ensure your immersion circulator has a faster flow rate for faster cooking.

The Temperature Range

No doubt, a high-powered immersion circulator generates sufficient heat. But you should still check its temperature range to ensure it will cook your preferred food to your preferred temperature setting.

After checking the temperature range, you will attach the immersion circulator to a container such as the Lipavi sous vide container.

You can find sous vide immersion circulators that can generate water bath temperatures of up to 450°F. Since some foods need high water bath temperatures for the sous vide cooking technique, ensure your preferred kitchen appliance can meet the temperature needs.

Minimum and Maximum Water Levels

The sleeves of your immersion circulator are the parts that come in contact with the water bath. For the sleeves to heat the water bath excellently, the water level on the container should be within the minimum and maximum water level calibrations on the sleeves.

As such, check the minimum and maximum water level markings and ensure the water level in the container doesn’t rise above the maximum mark or fall below the minimum mark.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

These aren’t a necessity, but they could help you control your immersion circulator more efficiently. A unit that connects to the Wi-Fi allows you to monitor your cooking progress remotely via a mobile app.

That means you could be in another room and still monitor your cooking progress over the internet.

Bluetooth connectivity also works excellently but is not quite as efficient as Wi-Fi connectivity. That is because your smartphone will have to maintain the sync if you want to monitor the cooking progress.

You will not control the time and temperature once your phone is out of sync with the immersion circulator. Neither will you monitor the cooking progress.

But Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are robust features that could make your cooking more convenient. Therefore, consider picking units featuring these two connections.


Why should I add ping pong balls to the water bath?

If you’re experiencing rapid water evaporation, you can slow down the process by adding ping pong balls to the water surface. The steam will condense on the ping pong balls, and the water will drip back into the water bath.

So, if you are looking to slow down water evaporation, be sure to add some ping pong balls on the water surface.

How does an immersion circulator heat the water bath?

The heating elements are inside the sleeves of your immersion circulator. The sous vide immersion circulator draws the water from the bath into its sleeves.

Then it heats it to the precise temperature you set before releasing the hot water back to the water bath. The process takes time, with many sous vide machines heating about 5 liters of water per minute.

What is the water capacity that my immersion circulator can heat?

Sous vide machines have water capacity. This is the amount of water bath the unit can heat efficiently. Beyond the designed water capacity threshold, you will not achieve a precise temperature for restaurant-quality results.

Before buying any unit, check its water capacity first. Then make sure it can cook food for your family members at once in the water bath.

The amount of water your unit can handle depends on its water capacity. For example, your unit will efficiently heat up to 50 liters of water if its water capacity is 50 liters.

Some units have a high water capacity of up to 100 liters. So, it all depends on the designated water capacity of your preferred unit.

Can I adjust my clamp?

You could adjust the clamp if it is adjustable. Adjusting the clamp is essential to give the sleeves enough contact with the water bath for efficient heating.

An immersion circulator has a minimum and maximum water levels. But since evaporation of the water bath is a factor, you want to adjust the clamp to take care of the evaporation. As such, look for a unit with an adjustable clamp for excellent heating.

Wrap Up

If you want to achieve restaurant-quality sous vide results, you will need the best sous vide equipment. But the market has plenty of sous vide machines, and not all of them work excellently.

You will need a guide to help you spot the best models from a market full of sous vide machines.

Fortunately, this article has gone through the buying steps. Also, we have rounded up incredible sous vide machines that might be best for you.

They work efficiently and pack serious power under the hoods. They also have impressive water capacity to cook for an entire family. As such, they might be best for you.

Invest in the best sous vide equipment to cook your food with the same level of doneness with every cooking!

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