7 Best Caulk for Showers and Bathtubs Reviews

Whether you need a shower or bathtub caulk getting the right one is important. Not all caulk whether it’s silicone caulk, sanded caulk, paintable caulk, or waterproof caulk – is equal, and it has to be chosen based upon its application. Here are the 7 best caulk for showers and bathtubs

The caulking you use on windows is not going to be the same as the bathroom caulk.

Caulk is used to seal a joint between two surfaces, such as the spot where a bathtub meets the wall or floor. It can also be used if there are cracks around tubs or showers. It is important to stop any moisture from getting into the floor area or behind tiles. If moisture is allowed to permeate those areas, you can end up with water damage and mold. Choosing the right caulk for showers and bathtubs is a must if you want to avoid these and other water issues. Here are some of the best caulking products you can buy:

Dap 18425 Alex Plus Dry Caulk

This caulk is a good, general caulk. It is paintable only 40 minutes from when it is applied. It can be used for bathtub caulking and shower caulking, and it will reduce the growth of mildew. This product is used with a regular caulk gun and offers easy cleanup. It also has a 35-year durability guarantee.

Gorilla Clear Mold & Mildew Resistant Sealant Caulk

Gorilla caulking is completely waterproof along with being mold and mildew resistant. It dries quickly after application to bathroom surfaces and becomes a translucent white. It is going to keep water out, stop water damage, and prevent water leakage while also stopping the growth of mold and mildew. Note that it is not paintable.

GE286 Silicone Premium Waterproof Kitchen and Bath Momentive Performance Materials

This silicone caulking product is waterproof, mold-resistant, and it protects against mildew stains. It is flexible, strong, and water-ready within 30 minutes of application. It will not shrink or crack even with extreme temperature changes. This GE caulking also will not discolor the metal. It’s a great caulk for a shower or bath.

Sashco 13010 Adhesive Caulk

This caulk is great when dealing with shower grout. It is clear and easy to paint. It is flexible and clearer than most silicone caulks. It offers a wide range of applications as it binds to almost any material including fiber cement. It offers a strong bond in the bathroom. It can be stored anywhere as it is freeze-thaw stable.

GE Sealants GE5070 Advanced Caulk – Mold and Mildew Resistant

Mold and mildew not only look bad, but they can cause health issues if they are extreme. This caulk deals with this as it offers a 10-year mold and mildew protection guarantee. It is flexible, offers a strong permanent bond, and cures in 30 minutes. It’s great even in really wet conditions.

Red Devil 0405 Duraguard Kitchen & Bath Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

This silicone acrylic caulk is tough and watertight. It is good for anywhere in the bathroom. It is strongly adhesive and easy to apply as well as clean up. It’s paintable and will dry fairly quickly.

Loctite 2-in-1 Seal and Bond White

The Loctite 1515861 is also described as the Loctite Polyseamseal Tub & Tile adhesive. There is no need for a caulking gun for the application as it comes in a squeezable tube. It is great if you are caulking bathrooms that also need repairs and patching up. It’s a dual-purpose adhesive that can be used to lay tile and seal gaps. It’s flexible and sticks to ceramic, glass, fiberglass, and metal, as well as wood and wallboard. It will cover almost any bathroom caulking job that needs doing.

Type of Caulk

These are various types of caulk to use in a bathroom, depending on what needs to be done. Here are some of the descriptions to help with your choice.

  • Silicone Caulks – These repel water and are used to seal metal surfaces, windows, and plastic. Silicone caulk is really sticky and has a longer dry time compared to other caulks.
  • Acrylic Latex Caulk – This is a flexible caulk that works well on surfaces that are not level and are porous. However, acrylic caulk is not as water-resistant as silicone. It can be used in areas of the bathroom that are less damp.
  • Polyurethane Caulk – This is for high-water areas such as shower basins and bathtubs. It is resistant to water and stops mold growth and mildew spores. It’s a strong adhesive, too.

Choosing the Right Caulk for Showers and Bathtubs

While there are a lot of caulks to choose from, there are some basic things to look at before you make your purchase.

  • Decide what type of caulk is best for the area. Do you need paintable caulks? Mildew-resistant caulk? Do you need caulk for a nonporous surface or a porous surface?
  • Choose a color
  • Check cure time

Health Effects of Mold Growth

The health effects that mold and mildew in a bathroom can have are important to point out. They can cause allergic reactions and lung issues, and they can also be harmful to those with compromised immune systems. The effect of mold growth on health is a prime reason to use proper shower and bathroom caulking. You want one that is going to deter any chance of mold or mildew growth. While clean caulking looks great, the right one is also going to protect your health, too.


  • What is the best caulking to use in a shower? Use one that is comprised of pure silicone, as it bonds well with most bathroom materials.
  • What caulk is mold resistant? Caulk that is silicone is the most resistant to mold in areas exposed to water and humidity.
  • Can you caulk over mold? While you can caulk over mold, it is not suggested. Safely remove as much of the old caulking as possible before applying the new caulk. While the chances are the new caulk would kill the mold, you want to make sure it is not underneath it as well.
  • Is black mold in shower caulk dangerous? Yes! Black mold, otherwise deemed as Stachybotrys, can cause bad allergic reactions and release spores. This is a mold that needs to be removed carefully before any new caulking is in place. Use safety precautions when doing this.

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