Best Cookware for Outdoor Cooking

Do you need outdoor cookware that won’t cost a fortune? If so, you have come to the right place. Let’s get to it and help you find the best cookware for outdoor cooking.

Best Cookware for Outdoor Cooking Reviews

Stanley Base Camp Cook Set

If you want a complete set of cookware that will allow you to cook all of your meals on the go, something super portable, this Stanley Base Camp Cook Set could be suitable for you.

All components are made with high-quality stainless steel. This means that all the cookware is very durable, plus it won’t rust. However, it’s also relatively thin, vital for travel because it’s not too heavy, and thin pots allow for quick heating.

This is a nesting cookware set, which means that everything fits inside of each other, thus forming a compact package that you can shove into your camping pack. On a side note, everything included is specially designed for easy cleaning.

You get a 3.5-liter pot, a vented lid, a 3-ply frying pan, a cutting board, spatula, serving spoon, four plates, four bowls, four sporks, a drying rack, a heat-resistant trivet, and a locking bungee cord to keep it all together.

Lightweight and portable.Pot doesn’t retain heat too well.
Good price.It can be damaged if dropped.
Everything you need for several people.
Best Cookware for Outdoor Cooking Reviews

MSR Quick 2 System Cook Set

Here we have MSR Quick 2 System outdoor cooking set with a few cooking components and enough hardware for two people to eat.

As with the previous set, all components fit into each other like a nesting doll, forming a compact package ideal for transportation. All pieces are lightweight as well.

The kit comes with a 2.5-liter hard-anodized aluminum pot and a 1.5-liter aluminum non-stick pot. You get a standard pot and a non-stick option. You also get a strainer lid, two insulated mugs, two plates, and a flipping talon pot handle.

The handle locks into place, so you can boil water and head food while retaining maximum heat. The handle also locks everything together for easy transportation.

Enough for two people.Non-stick coating may flake if it gets too hot.
Dual pots – one is non-stick.It can be damaged if dropped.
Lightweight, compact, and portable.
Best Cookware for Outdoor Cooking Reviews

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cooking Set

If you are looking for a full-scale set of high-quality outdoor cookware and dishes, the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cooking Set is worth checking out.

With this cookware set, you get a 2-liter pot with a strainer lid, a 3-liter pot with a strainer lid, a frying pan, four plates, four insulated mugs with sipper lids, a stuff sack, and washbasin, and a folding handle. It’s enough for two to four people.

The pot handles can be removed from the pots and attached to the side brackets for extra portability. That said, this cookware set doesn’t nest into each other like the others, so it’s not nearly as compact or portable.

However, this cookware set is made with anodized aluminum combined with non-stick coatings, and the dishware is polypyrene, a type of durable plastic. We like how durable and long-lasting all of the components are.

Enough for four people.Not overly portable.
3 pots and pans.A bit on the expensive side.
Easy to clean.
Best Cookware for Outdoor Cooking Reviews

Optimus 8019750 Terra HE Cook Set

If you are looking for super affordable cookware that gets the job done and doesn’t cost a small fortune, this Optimus 8019750 Terra HE Cook Set is an excellent option.

You get a three-piece cookware set consisting of a frying pan, a 1.75-liter cooking pot, and a 1.7-liter cooking pot. The 1.75-liter pot features a heat exchanger that allows it to achieve the desired temperature about 20% faster than comparable pots. The 1.7-liter pot has graduated lines for easy measuring.

The pots and pans are made of PTFE non-stick rugged anodized aluminum; aluminum is very lightweight, plus surprisingly durable for how light it is (although the overall durability is not fantastic). Your food won’t stick, and the pots are easy to clean.

It comes with a special sponge designed to clean these pots without scratching the non-stick surface. Everything fits neatly inside each other to form one compact and portable package.

Frying pan doubles as a lid.Could use more lids.
Lightweight and portable.Overall durability is relatively low.
Good price.
Best Cookware for Outdoor Cooking Reviews

Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set

If you want something reasonably inexpensive, simple, durable, and portable set of cookware, this Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set is another good option.

The Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set comes with 10 pieces, including a 2-quart pot with a lid, a 1-quart frying pan, a 1-quart tea kettle, a serving ladle, 2 bowls, a serving spoon, and a cleaning sponge.

The whole set weighs under 2 pounds, with all of the components fitting inside each other to form a compact and portable package. It comes with a carrying bag for even more portability.

The cookware is made out of aluminum oxide with a Teflon coating, so food doesn’t stick, plus it makes cleanup easier.

Lightweight and portable.Not much heat retention.
Non-stick.Limited impact resistance.
Can cook multiple things at once.
Best Cookware for Outdoor Cooking Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy cookware for outdoor cooking, consider the following.


One of the most important considerations is what the cookware is made of. Generally speaking, the natural choice is aluminum. Steel cookware is fine, but keep in mind that aluminum is lighter. If you want your cookware to be easy to clean, a non-stick coating helps.


Always pay attention to how much food or water the pots and pans can hold. You don’t want a mini pot to cook for four people! Make sure your pots and pans are large enough to suit your needs.


Of course, there is a bit of a trade-off, mainly because high-capacity cookware made out of durable materials will naturally be a bit heavier than smaller and thinner cookware. It all comes down to your needs. On a side note, nesting cookware that you can stack and store inside each other is always a bonus.

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When it comes down to it, the Stanley Base Camp Cook Set is by far the best cookware for outdoor cooking on the list today. It’s high-quality yet straightforward, and it’s reasonably priced.

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