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Best Coolers with Wheels in 2022

With spring at the doorstep, everybody’s thinking about the outdoors. Naturally, picnics are a considerable part of it. But what’s a picnic without a cooler? A problem, that’s what. Here are the best coolers with wheels in 2022.

So, a cooler is pretty much a no-brainer for those spring and summer months. But do you need to carry a compact one in your arms or, is there a more practical option in the form of a cooler with wheels?

With these questions in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of the five best coolers with wheels in 2022 for your convenience.

Best Coolers with Wheels Reviews

Yeti Tundra Haul

The most prominent feature of Yeti Tundra Haul is its incredibly tough construction. These wheeled coolers are made using the roto-molding method. Roto molding applies heat and rotation to create hollow parts which are remarkably resilient.

Then, the “Neverfail Hinge” system is applied for extra durability. Yeti Tundra Haul is certified as “bear-resistant,” which can mean a lot for picnicking in bear-occupied national parks.

The construction is intelligent, as well. The drain plug is on a different end than the T-bar handle, which means that draining this cooler is as simple as lifting it up using the handle.

The lid latches and keepers are made out of durable rubber. Not only that, but they are molded onto the cooler’s body, which means that they won’t move until you want to open the cooler.

The Tundra Haul is not only famously durable but also very portable. The two one-piece tires are resistant to both punctures and impact, plus they gel with all-terrain types, gravel, rocks, dirt trails, pavement – you name it.

The handle is made of high-grade welded aluminum, which ensures durability and a light weight. The handle is sturdy, clicks steadily into place, and very comfortable to hold.

Of course, when you need to lift this cooler off the ground without the wheels, you can use the onboard “Lipgrip” handles.

Bear-proofOn the heavy side
Rolls easily
Efficient contents cooling for days
Best Coolers with Wheels Reviews

Igloo Trailmate Journey


is widely-known in the cooler community for its vast array of features. The first thing that catches the eye with this cooling chest is its wheel size and construction. Right off the bat, you can presume just how durable they are.

The Igloo Trailmate Journey is widely-known in the cooler community for its vast array of features. The first thing that catches the eye with this cooling chest is its wheel size and construction. Right off the bat, you can presume just how durable they are.

The Trailmate series probably has the most massive wheels out of all wheeled coolers on the market. They are equipped with aggressive tread, which emphasizes traction on any terrain, be it sand, dirt, grass, or pavement. The wheels are also never-flats.

In front of the wheels, you’ll see a pair of stands with equally aggressive threaded corners. These stands provide impeccable stability when the Trailmate is laid flat. Even on slippery, sloped surfaces, thanks to these stands, the cooler will stay in place.

The glide handle, which happens to double as a butler tray, is designed very intuitively and isn’t flimsy in any way. Of course, the grip is very comfy and allows you to either push the cooler or tow it.

The handle adds leverage, making towing the load inside the cooler as much as 50% easier.

There’s plenty of storage space on the inside, and there’s even an optional food basket to keep the dry food (fruits, bread, condiments) in.

Then, there’s the mobile device stand, various cup holders, two built-in bottle openers, tie-down loops, accessory holders, and many other features. When taking out this cooler on a picnic, it’s likely that you won’t need to bring along anything else in terms of tools.

A variety of featuresIsn’t rotomolded
Rugged and stylishNo size variety
Very mobile
Fantastic wheels and stands
Best Coolers with Wheels Reviews

Pelican Elite 45Q

The Pelican Elite 45Q is rotomolded and features a top-quality polypropylene construction, which ensures that your food, condiments, beverages, and whatever else you’re keeping inside this wheeled cooler stays cold for up to a few days.

The 45Q has incredibly thick walls that ensure better cooling and more resilience than many other wheeled coolers. However, the thick walls would mean little, if not for a quality, sturdy seal between the lid and the body.

The Pelican’s freezer-grade gasket uses the embossed lip to lock in the air and provide a seal that won’t let any air out or in.

To accompany this feature, the Pelican introduces a powerful latching system. Most wheeled coolers offer a T-latch design, which is not bad.

However, Pelican Elite 45Q features Press and Pull latches, which give it a lot of locking force and are very resilient.

Like many others from Pelican, this cooler has a certificate from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). IGBC certification means that a cooler is tough enough to withstand the full force of a grizzly bear.

As for other features, there is a built-in bottle opener, molded tie-down slots, and a variety of other useful small features.

Fantastic ice retentionPricey
Tough buildOn the heavy side
Various cool features
Best Coolers with Wheels Reviews

Coleman 42-Can

The Coleman 42-Can isn’t winning any best cooler with wheels awards. It isn’t too remarkable for maintaining ice, with its temperature rising above 40° almost immediately.

This wheeled cooler, however, doesn’t even aim to be the best on the market. It’s an affordable soft cooler, ideal for taking many beverages, condiments, and food a short distance.

It looks like a carry-on suitcase, meaning that using it will be familiar to most people.

Coleman 42-Can won’t keep its contents ice-cold for days, but it will keep your beers cool for a few hours if put in the shade.

Using it is very straightforward. Flip the top open and load/unload. You can remove the plastic bucket inside the cooler for easier loading/unloading if you want to.

Bear in mind, however, that, due to its shape, Coleman 42-Can is not the most stable cooler when it’s rolling. It feels pretty much like towing your standard carry-on.

Familiar feel when pullingWeak insulation
Solid capacityNot too durable
AffordableRelatively unstable
Simple to use
Best Coolers with Wheels Reviews

Clevr 80 Quart

The Clevr 80 Quart is an interesting-looking cooler with wheels with a 20-gallon capacity. It can store more than 50 bottles or 70+ cans.

It features four 10-inch inflatable wheels, which are great for all terrain types. The handle makes maneuvering this wheeled cooler very easy, and the fact that there are four wheels included means that it’s much more stable compared with other models from this list.

It has a powder-coated steel exterior and a polypropylene interior, which is lined with injection foam. This means that, even though it isn’t rotomolded, this cooler can still keep its contents cool for days.

The downside with this one is that it’s cumbersome. Clevr 80 Quart weighs whopping 41.8 lbs.

Four wheelsDifficult to store
Attractive design
Best Coolers with Wheels Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few things to keep in mind when browsing wheeled coolers.

Handle Height

Ideally, you’ll want your cooler to have an adjustable handle height, as the comfortable size can depend from person to person.


The bigger the wheels on a cooler, the better it’ll fair on different terrains and in various weather conditions. Additionally, you’ll want the wheels themselves to be grippy and sturdy, with minimal spacing between them and the cooler’s body.

Storage Capacity

In truth, this factor depends on personal preference. If you’re looking for a lot of capacity, prepare for a large cooler. If you don’t need a lot of room inside, you’re better off going with a smaller cooler.

Which One to Go With?

This list contains the five best coolers with wheels on the market. Each one is good in its own respect. However, Pelican Elite 45Q takes the cake.

It features an intelligent sealing system, is IGBC-certified, is rotomolded, and has a great press and pull latch system. Although it is somewhat expensive, the fantastic features definitely make up for the price.

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