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Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Bare Floors

If you’re looking to remove specks of dust, pet hair, and debris from your bare floor, you require vacuums for hardwood floors. And that’s because these vacuums clean bare floors efficiently.

Vacuums for bare floors pack sufficient suction power for efficient cleaning performance. Find out the best cordless stick vacuum for bare floors.

What’s more, your stick vacuum could also clean carpets, making it a model for cleaning the floor and carpet – a stick vacuum could be that versatile.

A stick vacuum for bare floors is also lightweight, with a cordless design for more portability.

As a result, you will effortlessly transport it to the room requiring cleaning. A cordless stick vacuum could be the cleaning machine your bare floors require for efficient cleaning. As such, it is worth the investment.

But with many vacuums on the market, finding models with the best performances is a daunting task. You don’t have to spend hours looking for the best models as we’ve rounded up a few best models.

Also, we’ve included a list of things to consider before buying a vacuum in our buyer’s guide. So, be sure to read on for more information on the best cordless stick vacuums.

What Are the Best Stick Vacuums for Bare Floors?

Simplicity Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking to pick up dust particles and debris from a bare floor, this vacuum cleaner does an excellent job. The vacuum cleaner boasts two speeds for picking up dust particles, including stubborn specks of dust.

You can save on battery power by choosing the low speed for loose dust particles, reserving high speed for stubborn dust particles. With the two-speed cleaning power, your bare floor will sparkle after cleaning it.

The battery pack is reasonably powerful, providing 10 – 25 minutes of run time. Of course, the high-speed cleaning power reduces the run time to only 10 minutes. So, you only want to use high speed for picking up stubborn dust.

But since cleaning a bare floor takes less than half an hour, the battery will last you through the cleaning exercise.

As you might expect from this incredible vacuum cleaner, its bare floor nozzle features LED headlights. These LED lights allow you to clean your bare floor even at night or when there is a low light condition in your living room.

Many cordless stick vacuums have a trigger switch. But this model has a one-click switch letting you clean the bare floor with simplicity.

Besides cleaning bare floors, this vacuum also cleans furniture upholstery, and it includes an upholstery tool for your furniture.

Also, it features a crevice tool for edge-cleaning performance and a dusting brush for shelves and desks in your home.

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner also features a 99.97% efficient HEPA Media filter. Therefore, it expels clean air via the exhaust port.

Two-speed suction power.The battery life isn’t impressive.
250W powerful motor.Some users dislike the one-click switch..
Certified HEPA Filtration.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Aleema Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Since you’re looking to clean your bare floor, this lightweight vacuum features a motorized floor head with LED lights. This floor nozzle sweeps while picking up dust particles from the bare floor.

The floor nozzle is motorized and performs incredibly well on carpets, tile, and marble floors. As such, this is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner.

It is also versatile as you can easily convert it from a stick vacuum to a handheld model. When using it as a handheld vacuum cleaner, it requires special cleaning tools.

Fortunately, it includes all the essential cleaning tools. These tools include a crevice tool, cleaning brush, and electric couch brush. Therefore, you can clean more than a bare floor if you invest in this vacuum cleaner.

Your vacuum cleaner boasts an upgraded brushless motor for a durable and more powerful cleaning. The 200W motor yields suction powers peaking at 23kPa, powerful enough to clean stubborn dust particles from a bare floor.

Whether it’s crumbs or pet hair you want to clean off the bare floor, this powerful suction power will impress you.

The 2200mAh provides run times of up to 30 minutes (of course, this depends on the power mode). What’s more, it is detachable, allowing you to replace it with another fully charged battery if it runs out.

Aside from this incredible battery power, the vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, thanks to the swivel steering.

Like all vacuum cleaners on our list, this model also boasts a 99.99% efficient Hepa filter. The 4-stage filter traps all dust particles and allergens from the air, allowing you to breathe quality, uncompromised air.

Therefore, this is one of the upright vacuums to buy, especially if you’re looking for clean air to breathe.

2200mAh powerful battery.The battery takes hours to charge.
4-stage Hepa filter.It is only ideal for bare floors and carpets.
It weighs only 2.84 pounds.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Samsung Jet 75 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

When cleaning dirt and debris from the bare floor, you will be sure to clean with unmatched efficiency. Besides the vacuum cleaner featuring a powerful suction power, it also features a powerful battery capable of a 60-minute run time.

This impressive run time could be useful when deep cleaning the bare floor to ensure that no speck of dust remains on the floor.

Even if you’re looking to clean your furniture’s upholstery, this vacuum cleaner still does an incredible job. It includes a combination tool for cleaning dust and debris from your upholstery.

There is also a turbo action brush roll for cleaning dust from other surfaces. This vacuum remains more versatile than many robot vacuums since it includes multiple cleaning tools.

As a result, it is a vacuum cleaner with one of the best cleaning performances.

It is also one of the lightest stick vacs for cleaning the stairs, under the sofa, and high cabinets. Its filtration system offers one of the best filtration performances, thanks to its 5-stage system.

The filter traps 99.99% of dust particles and debris in the air. And the result? A clean air to breathe! Besides, the filter is clog-free for prolonged service.

Therefore, this is a durable vacuum cleaner for removing dust and other debris from bare floors.

60-minute run time.The battery takes 3.5 hours to charge.
Lightweight design.The wand is not adjustable.
The filter is clog-free.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Cordless Stick Vacuum for Bare Floors?

When looking for a stick vacuum for your bare floor, you will look beyond the cordless design these machines usually feature. That is because the best stick vacuum cleaner has more to it than a cordless design.

You also want to consider other features to potentially increase your chances of acquiring the best cordless stick vacuum. Before spending your hard-earned cash, be sure to consider the features below:

The Suction Power

When choosing a stick vacuum for cleaning your bare floor, you want to begin by checking its suction power. The suction power tells you how much cleaning power the stick vacuum packs.

As such, it is a crucial factor to consider when shopping for any vacuum cleaner.

Usually, the suction power is in Air Watts (AW). But it could also be in Amps, Watts, kilopascals (kPa), or cubic feet per minute (CFM). So, if you see digits with these words, that is the suction power of your preferred vacuum cleaner.

When picking a vacuum cleaner, look for a powerful model.

A stick vacuum with at least 100 AW suction power will clean the bare floor efficiently, leaving it sparkling clean. If the suction power is in kilopascal, look for at least 15kPa from your stick vacuum.

Also, look for at least 100 CFM from a stick vacuum cleaner. But for suction power in Amps, 5 Amps and above is the suction power to choose.

Power Settings

Stick vacuums could feature a button for controlling their suction power. Some models feature two-speed power settings, while others only have one cleaning power for all dust particles.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you want a model that allows you to set its cleaning power.

For example, a stick vacuum with a 2-speed power setting gives you the option to select a lower cleaning power for loose dust particles. Also, you could select a high cleaning power for stubborn dust particles.

Since stick vacuums with power settings give you more cleaning power options, consider picking stick vacuums with multiple cleaning power levels.

Battery Life

The battery life is a crucial factor to consider when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner for your bare floors. But battery life depends on the charge capacity of your vacuum cleaner’s battery pack.

A battery pack with more charge capacity has impressive battery life. Therefore, consider stick vacuums whose battery packs boast a high charge capacity.

When hunting for a cordless stick vacuum, look for one whose battery has at least 2,500mAh of charge. Such a battery pack runs for up to 40 minutes.

You could also look for units boasting a higher charge in their batteries for an extended run time.

Therefore, only pick stick vacuum cleaners with impressive battery power.

The Filtration

A vacuum cleaner could compromise the air quality in your home if its filter is inefficient. Usually, any vacuum cleaner expels air that it sucks in when picking up dust particles from bare floors.

Before removing air via an exhaust port, the vacuum cleaner passes this air through a filter that traps dust particles and debris. Therefore, the filter is an essential component of any vacuum cleaner.

But only a highly efficient filter traps all dust particles, debris, and allergen in the air. Hepa filter is usually 99.99% efficient, trapping all debris and particles in the air.

Due to this impressive efficiency, they are the best filters for cordless stick vacuums for bare floors. As such, consider buying vacuum cleaners featuring a Hepa filter.

The more layers the filter has, the better the filtration performance.

Dust Cup

Your stick vacuum cleaner temporarily stores the collected dust particles in a dust cup. You will then empty the dust particles in the dust cup into a dustbin once the cleaning exercise is complete.

For efficient cleaning performance, the dust cup has to boast a large capacity.

Usually, any 0.5L dust cup or a larger dust cup works fine and collects all dust from the bare floor. You will be sure to complete the cleaning task without stopping halfway through to empty the dust cup.

But only if the dust cup boasts a large size. Therefore, consider stick vacuums with dust cups no less than 0.5L.

Cleaning Attachments

Your goal is to clean the bare floor and rid it of dust particles and other debris. But you might also want to clean dust particles off other surfaces such as furniture upholstery and shelves.

Since you’re looking for a versatile stick vacuum cleaner, you want to ensure it features all the cleaning tools for the surfaces you intend to clean.

If you want to clean the furniture upholstery, ensure your preferred vacuum cleaner includes an upholstery tool.

If you intend to remove dust particles from the shelves, a pivoting dusting brush has to be among the included cleaning attachments.

You will know all the surfaces you intend to clean before shopping for a stick vacuum cleaner. Then you will buy a model with all the necessary cleaning attachments.

Weight Of the Vacuum

Stick vacs come in different designs. And you can be sure to find some difference in their weight. Of course, some models weigh more than other models.

And that means carefully checking their weight before buying them to clean your bare floor.

When shopping for a stick vacuum cleaner, you want a lightweight vacuum.

First, a lightweight vacuum cleaner is more portable. You will end up using less energy to transport a lightweight vacuum to the room requiring efficient cleaning. Second, these stick vacs are easier to maneuver.

Therefore, always pick lightweight vacuums when shopping. Any model weighing no more than 15 pounds is a lightweight vacuum. Therefore, consider stick vacs weighing no more than 15 pounds.


Besides looking for portability, you also want to look for maneuverability. A vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver cleans more efficiently by picking up dust particles under the furniture and other hidden spaces.

But how do you tell that a stick vacuum is easy to maneuver?

If it boasts a swivel steering that goes 180° sideways and 90° up and down, then the cordless stick vacuum has excellent maneuverability.

You will be sure to remove all dust particles from the bare floor and other hidden areas if the vacuum is easy to maneuver.

Therefore, consider buying stick vacuums with excellent swivel steering.

Noise Level

Despite being cordless, stick vacuums could produce noise, disrupting your kid’s peaceful sleep. You want to keep the noise level down for a quiet cleaning experience. Besides, you don’t want to shift your kid’s attention to the noisy vacuum cleaner.

As such, buy a quiet vacuum cleaner.

If a stick vacuum produces no more than 70 decibels of sound, it is a quiet vacuum cleaner. And you can opt for it if its noise level is this low. Consider going for lower decibels for super-quiet cleaning experiences.


How long does the battery pack of my stick vacuum take to charge?

Cordless stick vacuums use battery power to function. Usually, these batteries drain after a given period, with many batteries draining after 40 minutes.

Once the battery pack is out of juice, it requires charging using a charging dock that could double up as a storage dock.

Charging the battery to full charge capacity could take up to four hours. So, consider investing in a spare battery pack.

Can I replace the battery pack with another fully charged battery pack?

Yes, cordless stick vacs usually have a detachable battery pack. That means you could replace their battery packs with another battery pack if the original one runs out of charge.

You want to invest in a spare battery pack and replace the depleted battery with the spare. Besides, charging a battery pack takes up to four hours.

Invest in a spare battery pack since you don’t want to wait for hours for the battery pack to charge.

Can my stick vacuum cleaner other surfaces?

A cordless stick vacuum cleaner is very versatile. It can clean other surfaces such as tile floors, marble, and hardwood. Also, it can clean upholstery and remove all specks of dust.

But cleaning versatility depends on the included cleaning attachments. So, look for a stick vacuum with more cleaning attachments for unmatched versatility.

Do LED lights matter on a stick vacuum cleaner?

Yes, LED lights on the bare floor nozzle could increase the cleaning efficiency of your vacuum cleaner. A stick vacuum with LED lights illuminates all dust particles in dark spots.

You will then direct the floor nozzle to pick up the dust particles in those dark spots, thus improving the cleaning efficiency. Therefore, consider buying cordless stick vacuums with LED lights.

Does a stick vacuum also pick up food crumbs?

Yes, your stick vacuum cleans more than dust particles from a bare floor. It could also pick up food crumbs, but only if the particles are tiny. Food particles the size of bread crumbs don’t pose any danger to your stick vacuum cleaner.

But if the food particles are large, consider using other cleaning methods to remove them from your bare floor.

Wrap Up

A cordless stick vacuum cleans bare floors efficiently. It removes dust particles, debris, and food crumbs from bare floors and other surfaces.

Even if your house has a sparkling marble floor, a stick vacuum cleaner could pick up dust particles and pet hair from the floor.

As such, these vacuum cleaners are versatile. They also boast sufficient cleaning power to render any bare floor dust-free. And that makes them worth the investment by all means.

But with many cordless stick vacs on the market, finding one with the best performance takes time – unless you know how to pick them from the market.

Fortunately, we’ve included a buyer’s guide with everything to check before buying a cordless stick vacuum. As a result, finding the best model takes less time.

We’ve also rounded up some stick vacuums we think might work best for you.

Therefore, only buy the best cordless stick vacuum to clean your bare floor efficiently.

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