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Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Can you even use a stick vacuum cleaner for vinyl floors? Here are the best cordless stick vacuum for vinyl floors review.

Vinyl floors are supposed to be the next frontier when it comes to durability and convenience. It is usually budget-friendly enough to cover large spaces and keep a room fresh even during the hottest summer.

And yet, they often get a bad rap because they do not age very well. While it is nearly impossible to break or crack vinyl floors, they often lose their shine quickly as they age.

As a result, the common belief is that you should vacuum them at all – and stick to old school sweeping and mopping.

In reality, many newer models will protect your floors. Vacuums for vinyl, plank, and bare floors just need to allow you to adjust the suction power and maybe pack an extra soft brush.

Our Picks for the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

H20-180 4-in-1 VacLife Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This 4 in 1 model offers high and low suction settings, both as a handheld vacuum and cordless stick vacuum. It is bagless but comes with a large dust cup that can hold over 1.2 liters of dust and debris.

This model was designed to continue working for as long as possible and hit as many floor and dirt types as possible.

It does not wholly excel at any of these categories – but if your priority is to get everything done with a single device, then it is still a good choice.

Pet hair mode? Check. Replaceable HEPA filter? Check, plus a spare! Washable parts? Check that, too, including the head accessories.

That being said, we wouldn’t recommend placing any of them in the washing machine.

Battery life is more than decent: when in low mode, it can run for up to 53 minutes, although it usually decreases its performance slightly during the last 10 minutes. On the other hand, it will barely require 4 hours for a full charge.

Another remarkable feature is the relatively quiet noise level: while on Max mode, it will not go above 65 dB, so don’t expect the neighbors to come complaining. 

The brush head is V-shaped and can pivot for up to 180 degrees, which will help you reach hard corners on vinyl surfaces.

However, there is room for improvement: a lot of thought was put into making sure this vacuum cleaner could transition from handheld to stick mode without fuss.

However, the resulting design made the cup hard to lock, and many users reported the process was less than intuitive.

Large dust cup capacity.The cup is hard to lock.
Low noise levels.Suction power decreases as you approach the end of the battery life.
Includes replaceable filter.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

Created for carpet and hard floors alike, the Shark Rocket vacuum is a powerful 2-in-one model that can protect your vinyl floors and dust your home from floor to ceiling.

Although completely bagless, this is still a corded model. Naturally, this is enough to provide it with some solid pros.

The Rocket can offer more substantial suction power by being permanently connected to the power source, even if you need to deep clean the carpet.

What makes the Shark a favorite? First, the improved maneuverability. The main brush roll has soft wheels and can pivot without leaving any skid marks behind, whether on luxury, vinyl, plank floors alike.

Yet, we are here to review vacuums for luxury vinyl plank floors.

The superior swivel steering should make unnecessary additional tools (such as crevice tools or a precision duster). However, we found them helpful, especially when operating the vacuum on handheld mode.

The pet multi-tool is also great for localized suction whenever your furry companions leave a small cotton ball behind. Since you won’t need to push or drag the vacuum when on pet mode, this will also protect your floors.

Very strong suction power.It needs to remain plugged.
Easy to pivot and maneuver.Heavy.
Efficient pet hair collection.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

BuTure Cordless Stick Vacuum

26KPa of power is nothing to sneer at, especially in the realm of cordless vacuum cleaners. And yet, this is the intensity offered by the BuTure Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner.

This model is equipped with a telescopic tube that will help you extend your reach considerably, as well as a series of extra tools that will help you tackle different floor types.

The “true HEPA” filter is also remarkable. It is located behind a 5-stage filtration system that uses a washable plastic “honeycomb”. This will help you separate any large particles, such as cat litter, sand, or noodles, from the smaller air particles in your home.

Combined, the filter system can tackle 99.9% of all small air particles.

As for the design, we noticed an exciting improvement: this unit’s wall mount allows you to store away the vacuum while both in stick or handheld mode.

If you simply don’t need a stick vacuum or need to leave it charging to tackle the couch later, this mode will come in handy.

On the other hand, the battery capacity was relatively modest. Even on Eco mode, you will probably only get up to 35 minutes of continuous operation.

The total charge time is still 4 hours, or even a bit more.

Although light, users also commented that the main telescope felt frail.

Very high suction capacity.Poor battery.
It can be stored and mounted as a handheld vacuum.Feels frail.
Impressive filtration system.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Eureka RapidClean Pro

The Eureka RapidClean Pro is an outstanding cordless stick vacuum for anyone looking at a super-clean, very tidy household.

In addition, the overall design has a couple of intelligent improvements that will make the task easier on your energy levels.

This includes the traditional swivel steering. This is centered on two axes, allowing you to bend around corners or tackle the floor hidden underneath the couch without crouching.

In addition, the dust cup was brought higher up the machine. This will allow you to extend the telescope until it is almost entirely flat and slide it underneath very low furniture. 

The inclusion of LED headlights then completes this conscientiousness.

That being said, some users found that the unorthodox dust cup location made the RapidClean harder to maneuver.

This may be a matter of getting used to “carrying the weight” on a different location, but it may be a dealbreaker for some.

The other main advantage is the Easy Rest feature. This allows you to rest the vacuum against a nearby counter or doorknob.

The vacuum will then slide into the correct position and remain propped and safe while you take a break.

Other more classical aspects of this vacuum are also pretty good. The foam-based filter is washable and will trap most dust particles. The battery can last for up to 40 minutes without fading, which is right on average.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a screen or battery charge indicator: just an essential green light that will indicate when it’s fully charged.

360° Swivel.It may be hard to maneuver.
It can be extended completely to clean underneath the furniture.No battery light indicator.
It can be propped against a counter easily.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Floors

In many ways, cleaning vinyl floors is different from achieving clean carpets or deep cleaning upholstery or curtains.

Vinyl floors don’t trap dust inside them as quickly, so your main enemy here will be accidentally damaging the floor.

Yet, it is possible to clean vinyl floors using a vacuum cleaner. The key is to use the right cleaning tools and to set them correctly.

Keep your tools soft

You should never use abrasive materials on a vinyl floor. This includes wire wool and many acidic “fast shine” products.

Many bleach-based disinfectants can also strip away the top protective layer on your vinyl floors, leading to permanent damage.

Adjust the settings

The key to vacuuming vinyl floors is to lower the suction power to a minimum. If at all possible, use the “bare floor” mode if your vacuum cleaner has one.

Finally, you can also change the brush roll. Use the parquet roll or the soft instead. If not, you should at least make sure it is clean and free of sand or debris. This will minimize the chances of accidentally scratching the floor.

Steer clear from steam mops

Although commonly advertised for deep cleaning, a steam mop may harm your vinyl floors. This is because they are not the most heat-resistant of floor types.

Once again, you will run the risk of ruining your floor’s top protective layer.

Mop right

Add half a cup of vinegar for every 5 liters of water when mopping. This will help you strip away any greasy residues from your floor in a natural and non-abrasive way.

Ideally, these floors should be mopped using two different mops: a wet one first and a separate dry one at the end.

Final Thoughts

Vinyl floors usually require additional TLC. As a result, while most multi-floor vacuums claim they can handle them, some may accidentally leave skid marks or scratches behind.

The five stick vacuum cleaners we have reviewed here offer good suction power but protect your vinyl floors.

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