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When converting your home into a smart home, you should prioritize your wall outlets and electrical appliances. A smart plug is the best device for controlling your wall outlets. That’s because it lets you control the power supply to the connected device (a smart TV and smart light) by voice and remotely via a mobile app.

You could turn your TV on/off from anywhere if you’ve plugged a smart plug into one of your wall outlets. As such, they are useful and could help add an extra security layer to your smart home. Some smart plugs even have the “Away Mode” for making it look like you’re at home.

But with many models on the market, finding the best deal on smart plugs might be a tiring process. This article presents you with a few best smart plugs on the market. It also looks at a few things to consider in your search for the best deal. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are Some of The Best Deals on Smart Plugs?

UltraPro 51411 Wi-Fi Smart Plug

When you opt for this product, you receive a pack containing four smart plugs for controlling your wall outlets. So, if you’re looking to control more than one wall outlet, you might want to consider this multi-smart plug pack. Setting up these smart plugs is effortless.

Once you’ve plugged them into wall sockets, you can be sure to control their power supply from a mobile app. Yes, the smart plugs do come with their mobile application – the UltraPro app. Install this app on your smartphone or tablet and turn your electronic devices on/off from any location.

The smart plugs have built-in Wi-Fi that allows them to connect to the internet wirelessly. And it’s this wireless connectivity that grants you remote control of your high-priced electronic devices. The smart plugs also work with various voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

The voice assistants obey your voice commands to let you conveniently control the devices sipping juice from your smart plugs. So, even if you’ve come home with hands full of groceries, you could still command Alexa to turn on the bedroom lamp or any device connected to your smart plug.

However, you’re going to set up these Wi-Fi smart plugs with the correct voice assistant app. If you intend to use Alexa, be sure to use the Alexa app to set up your smart plugs. And remember to do the same for Google Assistant.

Each Wi Fi smart plug works to power the connected devices on or off – nothing much. You can switch your appliances on/off remotely via a mobile app, as we’ve seen, or use your voice to shut down any device currently not in use. You could also set the smart plugs to work on schedule.

And with the countdown feature, your coffee maker will stop after your selected countdown time has expired. This is a great pack for indoor wall outlets, and it’s worth the investment. Use the app to power your devices on/off from any location or command your Christmas light to turn off without you leaving the couch.

4GHz Wi-Fi built-in.Not waterproof.
They support voice control.You can't draw high wattage.
Countdown timer.
Best Deal on Smart Plugs Reviews

Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

This is another pack containing four smart plugs for controlling your wall outlets. The smart plugs come in a white color finish that blends with any interior home décor. Besides the elegant appearance, the smart plugs work to control all the connected devices from any location. As such, you could power on/off your smart TV from anywhere. The smart plugs connect to the internet wirelessly via their built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Once you’ve connected them to the internet, you can use their Gosund app, which is available on App Store and Play Store, to power down essential appliances. The app is for controlling the power supply remotely. Although you could also control the power supply while you’re within your residence via the app, doing so by issuing voice commands seems more convenient.

Fortunately, these smart plugs support voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Each wall outlet device also works with Apple HomeKit. That only means you have more voice controls to help you control the power supply to your appliances.

You can control any device that draws appropriate wattage from the wall outlet using your smart plugs. Fan, coffee maker, bedroom lamp, and a smart TV are some of the devices you could power off a smart plug. But you will need to check their wattage to avoid overloading your smart plug and blowing it.

Use the timer and scheduler to control the power supply to smart home devices such as a coffee maker or smart TV. The timer and scheduler features turn your socket into a smart outlet. Once the countdown has stopped, your coffee maker ceases to brew coffee, which saves electric power!

Installation is quite a breeze – plug them into the wall outlets and set them up with your ideal voice assistant. The mobile app lets you create a group for your google home outlets and control them by a single command.

This way, you can be sure to control the smart light and smart TV in one command. These Gosund Mini Wi Fi smart plugs work excellently and could be worth every penny of your investment.

They support voice controls.Not ideal for the outdoors.
Remote smart plug control.They don't support heavy loads.
Timer and scheduler.
Best Deal on Smart Plugs Reviews

Kasa Smart Plug HS103P4

You could power up any device that requires 15Amps of electric current from these Kasa smart plugs. These smart plugs convert your wall outlets into smart outlets for conserving electricity and protecting your appliances from a power surge. Therefore, you could rely on these smart plugs as your surge protector.

When you opt for this package, you receive four Kasa smart plugs. Now, that’s enough to control four wall outlets. What’s more, the smart plugs connect to the internet wirelessly via 2.5GHz Wi-Fi. Once you’ve connected them to the internet, you can control your wall outlets from anywhere, thanks to a mobile app – the Kasa app.

It gets interesting what you could accomplish with this app. You can set a countdown timer for kitchen appliances such as a coffee maker. You could also schedule when you want your smart light to turn on/off. The app also lets you set the Away Mode for turning on/off devices when you’re away, fooling potential burglars that someone is at home.

You can also check the power consumption of the connected devices and switch them off to reduce unnecessary power usage. Therefore, the Kasa app lets you control your smart plugs in ways you might not have imagined.

You can control the smart plugs hands-free since they also support voice assistants. Connect them to Alexa and Google Assistants via the smart plug’s Wi Fi network and command your smart TV to shut down. The smart plugs, therefore, convert your wall outlets into smart switches.

You could also control a group of smart home devices from the Kasa app. And with the smart action, your smart plugs can interact with other devices. For example, your smart plugs will automatically turn on the smart lights if the smart camera detects motion. Plug them into your wall outlets and let each smart plug work for you!

Built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.No USB port.
Control devices in one command.Not suitable for four outdoor wall outlets.
You can control power usage.
Best Deal on Smart Plugs Reviews

Amazon Smart Plug

This Amazon smart plug has what it takes to let you control your wall outlet by voice. It works with Alexa voice assistant to obey your voice commands. Unfortunately, Alexa is the only voice assistant compatible with this smart plug for your wall socket.

But hey! Alexa still obeys your voice commands and turns off your smart TV at your command, right? You could show up at your house with hands full of groceries and still control the connected smart home devices. Say the magic words and let the smart plug do the work for you. It is amazing what you could accomplish with the Alexa voice control ready to take your commands.

With this smart plug inside the wall outlet, you could fool anyone that you’re at home when in reality, you’re somewhere in Serengeti enjoying the wild beast migration. That’s because this Amazon smart plug features the Away Mode that automatically turns on/off the lights without your intervention.

This smart plug also has a scheduler. With this robust feature ready to serve you at any time, you can set the fan or smart lights to shut off at your preferred time. What’s more, you also have the chance to control your wall outlets remotely.

Once you’ve connected this device to your home Wi Fi network, you could turn on/off any connected appliance from anywhere. It is an excellent smart plug for your indoor wall outlets. But you’re going to set it up with an Alexa app to add skills. The good news is that the entire set-up process is quite a breeze.

Built-in Wi-Fi.Not ideal for the outdoor wall outlets.
It supports Alexa voice control.It doesn't work with other voice controls.
Space-saving design.
Best Deal on Smart Plugs Reviews

Teckin Mini Smart Outlet Wi-Fi plug

First, you will receive four smart plugs if you opt for this product. The smart plugs are as high-quality as they are elegant and compact-sized. They are, therefore, durable and will help you control your wall outlets in the foreseeable future.

If you’d love to add voice control to your wall outlets, then investing in these smart plugs is a brilliant idea. Each smart plug works with Alexa Google Assistant, and SmartThings for voice control. Once you have paired the smart plugs with your ideal voice assistant, you can command your plugs to turn the connected device on/off.

You have a few options for controlling the smart plugs by voice, which is a significant advantage. But voice controls only work when you’re nearby. Fortunately, the smart plugs also let you control them remotely via a mobile app. Download the Smart Life app free of charge on your smartphone or tablet and turn off any appliance you intend to turn off.

You might probably appreciate the multi-device control feature. Your smart plug can turn on/off multiple appliances in the same group within the app on a single command with this feature. Well, this brings convenience and saves time.

The schedule and timer could also save you from incurring enormous monthly energy bills. And once you’ve set your countdown timer, your coffee maker will automatically stop. These smart plugs work excellently and can supply power to any device rated 1200W. So, don’t exceed this power rating to avoid overloading your smart plug.

It supports various voice controls.They have no USB port for your USB cable charging.
Remote control.They're only for indoor use.
Built-in Wi-Fi.
Best Deal on Smart Plugs Reviews

What You Need to Know Before Buying A Smart Plug

When buying a smart plug for your wall outlet, you intend to get the best deal possible on the market. But there are a few things you will have to consider to make this happen. And they include the following features:

Indoors vs outdoors

You might have some wall outlets outside the house and have others indoors. The good news is that you can always source a smart plug for your outdoor and indoor wall outlets. But you will have to select the correct smart plug for your wall outlets carefully.

If you’re looking to control the power supply from indoor wall outlets, be sure to select indoor smart plugs. These smart plugs won’t work efficiently outdoors since they are not waterproof. Therefore, carefully select smart plugs for your indoor wall outlets.

But if you intend to control the power supply from an outdoor wall outlet, ensure you source the best outdoor smart plugs. These smart plugs are rugged, can support significant electricity loads, and can withstand the harsh outdoor weather. Always check if a smart plug is for indoor or outdoor use before buying it.

Hub Requirements

Some smart plugs require a Hub to connect with other smart home devices. On the other hand, some smart plugs don’t require this luxury. A hub is essential for controlling your smart plug using another smart home device. For example, if you connect a smart plug with a smart camera via a hub, the smart plug could switch on the lights if the camera sees someone on your premises.

And this could potentially add an extra security layer to your smart home. However, you don’t require a hub to control your smart plug remotely since you can do so via your smart plug’s app. But look for a smart plug that you could connect to a hub to boost your home security.

Wireless Protocol Standards

Smart plugs connect to the internet wirelessly through their built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. But not all wireless standards are ideal for your smart plug. Look for a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi standard for efficient performance over your home’s Wi-Fi network.

These smart plugs don’t need a hub to control them remotely. Your router works just fine to grant you remote control. Smart plugs that work via the Zigbee and Z-Wave wireless protocols are also excellent. But they require a smart hub to control them remotely. If you don’t want to invest in an additional hub, a smart plug with built-in Wi-Fi is ideal.

Voice Control Assistants

You could command your smart plug to turn on/off the connected home appliance. But not before you connect it with a compatible voice assistant. There are a few voice assistants your smart plug could use to obey your voice commands.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Smartthings are a few examples. But not all are ideal for your smart plug. That’s because your smart plug could exclusively work with only one voice assistant. But you can also find other smart plugs that work with multiple voice assistants.

So, you want to select a smart plug that supports your preferred voice assistant when shopping. Even better, look for a smart plug that supports multiple voice assistants, so you have options if one voice assistant fails to work for you.

Power Rating

You have to be mindful of what you plug into your smart plug. Some electrical appliances draw much power from smart plugs. And if their power consumption exceeds the power rating on your smart plug, you risk damaging your smart plug due to overload.

You want to ensure the connected appliance draws power that is below the smart plug’s rated power. For example, if your smart plug is rated 1200 watts, ensure the connected device doesn’t draw any power above this rating. Always keep things on the low, say 1000 watts in this case.

Number of Smart Plugs 

You might be looking to control more than one wall outlet in your home. If this is the case, you want to source a multi-smart plug pack. Most packs include four smart plugs. These are your go-to products if you intend to control four wall outlets in your home. Always pay attention to how many smart plugs you receive when you opt for a particular product.

Energy Monitoring Function

Some smart plugs have an app that lets you monitor the energy consumption by the connected devices. What’s more, you can switch off the connected devices from the app to save power. These are your ideal smart plugs, especially if you like leaving crucial devices unplugged.

The energy monitoring feature could save you from incurring unnecessary energy bills. So, select smart plugs whose apps have this feature.

The Devices You Need to Control

You might want to control multiple electrical appliances from a smart plug. But you can only plug one device at a time into your smart plug. So, what option do you have left? Well, you could opt for smart power strips.

These devices work just as fine and efficient as smart plugs, only that they support multiple devices at a time. Therefore, invest in a smart power strip if you need to control many electronics. Again, make sure the devices’ wattage doesn’t exceed the rating on the smart power strip.

The Away Mode and Scheduler

You also want a smart plug that automatically turns on the smart lights at intervals to conceal evidence of your absence in your warm and welcoming home. A scheduler also works as the Away Mode. You could set your security lights to turn on/off at specific times, letting potential burglars know someone was at home to switch the security lights on and off. So, also look for smart plugs with a scheduler and Away Mode.


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Can you control your smart plug from anywhere?

Yes, smart plugs connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network to let you control them remotely from anywhere via a mobile app. Once you’ve installed the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn on/off the connected smart home device.

Can I control my wall outlet by voice?

Yes, you could use voice commands to control your smart plugs. But you will need to pair them with your ideal voice assistant before issuing any voice command. Fortunately, pairing these devices with a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit is never much of a challenge.

Can I power a refrigerator from a smart plug?

Yes, you could power up a refrigerator from a smart plug if its wattage is below the smart plug’s recommended power rating. Since most refrigerators are in the range of 100W to 250W, you could power them from your smart plug. You only need to check the fridge’s wattage to ensure you don’t overload your smart plug.

Can I use my smart plug outdoors?

Smart plugs come in various brands and models, and they’re for specific wall outlets. But you can find smart plugs for your outdoor wall outlets. Also, you can find smart plugs that are powerful enough to handle your outdoor power tools. Be sure to check outdoor smart plugs such as Kasa KP400 Smart Plug, BN-LINK Smart Plug, and HBN Heavy Duty Smart Plug, among other smart plugs for your outdoor wall outlets.

Does a smart plug increase my home security?

There are two ways through which the best smart plug increases security layers to your smart home. First, the smart plug’s Away Mode will fool people that you’re at home by automatically turning devices (especially smart lights) on and off at intervals whose patterns you can’t follow.

Second, smart plugs could also turn security lights on if the smart camera detects motion. These are a few ways through which a smart plug could secure your smart home further. Therefore, smart plugs are worth the investment.

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Wrap Up

Smart plugs help you control your wall outlets effortlessly through voice commands. They are compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to mention a few voice assistants. Once you’ve connected your smart plug with a compatible voice assistant, you could command it to power the connected devices on/off without getting off your couch.

They also let you control the connected devices from anywhere. You could turn your Christmas lights on when you’re many miles away from home via an app on your smartphone. You could also control a group of appliances by a single command, all from the smart plug app. As such, smart plugs help you control your wall outlets in so many ways.

If you were facing challenges selecting the best smart plug on the market, we hope our buyer’s guide helped you immensely. You could check out some of our suggested smart plugs and see which ones work best for you. Or source for your best smart plug using the buyer’s guide in this article. Smarten your wall outlets by connecting them to the best smart plug!

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