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Best Deck Tiles of 2022

If you want to make your deck or patio look just a little better, be more comfortable to walk on, and weather-resistant, you might want to consider deck tiles.

We want to help you find affordable, durable, and stylish tiles that are easy to install. Let’s get to it!

Best Deck Tile Reviews

Interbuild Teak Patio Deck Tiles

If you want authentic wooden tiles ideal for indoor or outdoor use, which allow water to drain, these Interbuild Teak Patio Deck Tiles could be suitable for you.

Each of the Interbuild Teak Patio Deck Tiles covers one square foot, and you get 10 in a pack for a fairly reasonable price.

These are interlocking tiles that simply click together without the need for any additional installation steps, although you can always glue them if needed. However, if you don’t glue them, you can always snap them apart for seasonal use.

These tiles are made of natural teak wood, so they are both durable and good-looking; each tile features a stylish modern design. Be aware that the tiles are unfinished, so you will have to oil them yourself.

Moreover, the Interbuild Teak Patio Deck Tiles feature a plastic grate on the underside, allowing water to drain away if it rains, making these tiles ideal for outdoor use.

Real teak.The clips/snaps are not the most durable.
Reasonable cost.Impact resistance is limited.
Best Deck Tiles Reviews

Mammoth Solid Teak Interlocking Deck Tiles

We want to point out that the Mammoth Solid Teak Interlocking Deck Tile are sustainably sourced tiles, so you know that you are not killing the world around you for some tiles. Let’s take a closer look.

What you get here are 11 tiles in a single pack, with each tile being a square foot in size, with the price being just a little higher than the tiles we just looked at.

What’s remarkable is that you can choose either teak or acacia tiles, and whatever type of wood you go with, it is real, and it is sustainably sourced.

Simply snap the tiles together for installation; you can easily take them apart if needed. The fact that there is a bit of space underneath for water to drain is a bonus.

Moreover, these tiles look nice, as they feature small slats that all run in the same direction, along with the natural, unfinished teak color.

Because it is unfinished, the color will not fade. That said, to increase the longevity and weather resistance of the tiles, you may want to oil them yourself.

Easy installation.Requires a bit of force to snap the tiles together.
Minimal maintenance.Color can be a bit off.
Best Deck Tiles Reviews

Pandahome Composite Patio Deck Tiles

If you want affordable, durable, and weather-resistant deck tiles, and you want a single pack to provide perfect coverage, these Pandahome Composite Patio Deck Tiles are an excellent choice to consider.

These tiles are made of composite plastic and designed to look like wood, although they don’t look quite as nice as natural wood. On the other hand, because they’re plastic, they’re waterproof and weather resistant.

They won’t bend, warp, or crack due to temperature and moisture like natural wood does. All the tiles feature drainage channels, making them ideal for outdoor use and harsh conditions.

Moreover, this is a very cost-effective option to consider; a single pack contains 22 tiles, each of which covers a square foot, and the cost is just a little bit more than the product we looked at. These tiles are also easy to install, thanks to the snap-together feature.

Superior durability.Not the best looking.
Great weather resistant.May discolor over time.
Drainage channels.
Best Deck Tiles Reviews

Yaheetech Interlocking Patio Deck Tiles

Here we have Yaheetech Interlocking Patio Deck Tiles, another affordable and cost-effective option, as these tiles cover 27 square feet for just over $110, plus they look pretty nice.

You get so much coverage for a reasonable price. Moreover, these are also interlocking tiles, so you can just snap them into place and remove them if needed. The design of the tiles allows them to be cut to size for edges and corners.

These tiles are made of natural wood, which is why you can see the knots in them. Solid wood looks very nice, and it is pretty durable.

While these tiles come with drainage to deal with rain, this is wood, so you will want to oil these tiles regularly for increased moisture resistance. These tiles feature a non-slip surface, making them safe to walk on even when they’re wet.

Great coverage for the price.Requires regular oiling.
Natural wood.Requires flat and even ground.
Easy installation.
Best Deck Tiles Reviews

3rd Street Inn Acacia Deck Tiles

Suppose you’re looking for a selection. If so, there are about a dozen different patterns and colors to choose from among these 3rd Street Inn Acacia Deck tiles to create a stylish patio floor.

These tiles are made of solid acacia, which is well-known for its moisture and rot resistance. You will want to oil them regularly to increase their moisture and temperature resistance, but overall, they are pretty durable. They are also built with drainage channels.

You don’t need any hardware to install these tiles. As with the others we’ve reviewed, simply snap them into place. We want to stress that these are probably the best-looking tiles on our list due to the variety you have to choose from.

Fairly durable.Doesn’t handle winter too well.
Weather-resistant.Not scratch resistant.
Easy to install.
Best Deck Tiles Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Before shopping for deck tiles, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.


It comes down to plastic vs. wood. In general, wood has better impact resistance, not to mention that it looks better, although plastic is generally more temperature and weather resistant. It really depends on what you need.


Plastic won’t really need maintenance, whereas wood will. If you get unfinished deck tiles, you will need to oil them regularly to maintain their weather resistance. If possible, go for deck tiles that are finished and even pressure-treated.

Fade and Stain Resistance

Whatever tiles you get, make sure that they have decent fade and stain resistance, which means that they need to be scratch resistant, waterproof, and UV resistant.


In terms of the best deck tiles of 2022, our top pick is the 3rd Street Inn Acacia Deck Tiles, with the main reason being that there are about a dozen styles and colors to choose from.

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