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5 Best DIY Garden Crafts Ideas and Designs for 2021

Following the severe effects of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic globally, many people are now spending most of their time at home because of lockdowns and restrictions on traveling and social events. Here are the 5 best DIY garden crafts ideas and designs for 2021.

So, how do you make the best of your time at home? Take up a garden project with some garden craft ideas! If you are a spontaneous DIY enthusiast, all you need is a creative idea to get started. There’s more to your garden decor than adding a flower pot or starting an herb garden.

Science has proven that when our favorite plants or beautiful gardens surround us, our brains produce feel-good chemicals that boost our moods, improve our positivity, and enhance our thinking.

Not all of these garden craft ideas are about plants, but they will help you spend your time better and boost your positivity as you enjoy the enhanced beauty in your outdoor space.

There are hundreds of great gardening ideas you could try in 2021, but here are just a few of the best you can try without spending an entire fortune.

1. Spiral-shaped Vegetable Garden or Flower Garden

What better way to spend time in your garden than setting up a creative vegetable garden using items freely available to you? You can easily find all the stones you will need for a small vegetable garden near the house.

Spiral-shaped Vegetable Garden or Flower Garden

The spiral shape is an easy craft to make as long as there is enough soil to hold the structure together. Start by weeding out a small-sized portion and then arranging some stones in tiers in the garden center to form an island-like garden.

Arrange other stones away from the island to appear like a fence and enclose more space to form a complete garden.

The island and the outer space will be ready to receive some vegetables like capsicum, spinach, onions, tomatoes, and kales.

Note that you can use the setup as a flower garden by planting flowers instead of vegetables to form a stone spiral flower garden.

To avoid the nightmare of a boring flower bed, transform the setup into a colorful garden by painting the stones using different paint colors.

To take the notch higher, you can try integrating both flowers and some vegetables in the garden.

The spiral island can take up the vegetables while the outer space remains a bed for flower plants. Remember to leave some room to walk to the island when you have to do weeding or pick vegetables.

Planting flowers on the outer garden bed rather than the spiral center is a good garden craft idea. The flower roots will have more space for growth without disturbing the vegetables or becoming way too strong for the spiral garden to hold them.

The painted stones will complement the flowers or vegetable plants, resulting in a wholesome garden worth visiting often for the beautiful scenery.

Be sure to apply several coats of paint on each stone to reduce the chances of paint peeling off due to rainwater or water from your watering can.

2. Outdoor Coffee Table with Planter

Don’t have the time to plant a whole garden? Try out a simple flower planter in the center of an outdoor coffee table. If you already have a sizable table, you can hollow out the center and modify it to take up a small planter for holding flowers.

Outdoor Coffee Table with Planter

If you do not have a table, you can make one as part of the whole DIY project. Ensure you make sturdy table legs that will help the table withstand the weight of the soil-filled planter and flower plants to result in a chic coffee table your backyard will thank you for making.

Instructables.com has a detailed tutorial on how you can make a gorgeous coffee table with a planter for your backyard or garden.

3. Pyramidal Pots Water Fountain

Water features are among the most wonderful crafts you can try to bring some new life to your home and garden. Using flower pots of various sizes, you can make a beautiful pyramidal pots water fountain with the giant flower pot at the base and the smaller ones at the top.

Pyramidal Pots Water Fountain

The setup takes the delicate form of a staircase to make up a complete stunning water feature that you can install in your favorite flower bed or vegetable garden to make a sustainable ecosystem where excess water from the fountain can be used to water the plants. This would look great with a brown terra cotta pot and will give your garden some much-needed garden therapy.

Check out the tutorial for the pyramidal pots water fountain by Martha Stewart.

4. Upcycled Chandelier Hanging Flower Planter

Chandeliers belong in the house, yes, but why not upcycle them into creative garden crafts by using them to make a beautiful planter for flowers?

Upcycled Chandelier Hanging Flower Planter

For this fun craft, all you’ll need is an old chandelier, some soil, and a couple of painted or plain clay pots for the flowers. Plastic pots are also a good option.

Fill each clay pot with soft soil and plant a flower. When hanged up a tree or other suitable support, the chandelier planter is a strong statement of your personal style.

A well-setup chandelier planter sets up a good mood for summer days as you relax in your garden enjoying the soft summer breeze.

Shall we compare it to a summer’s day? With all the charm of the plant life in the pots, the chandelier planter is even lovelier than a dry summer season!

5. Teapot Bird Feeder

If you are a bird lover, you can make a charming teapot bird feeder and place it in your garden to attract a variety of birds to feed on food items and water from the pot. You’ll need one or several old teapots, depending on the design you choose.

Teapot Bird Feeder

To make the teapots even lovelier and more attractive for your feathered friends, apply a bit of paint on each. Here, you should keep off dark paint as it is likely to scare the birds away because they are visual animals with a preference for bright colors.

Any suitable spray paint on the pots will do and is easier to apply than using handheld paintbrushes. You can try acrylic paint because, although soluble in water, it becomes water-resistant when it dries and is safer for the birds than turpentine-based paint.

Bottom Line

Are you spending more time at home and have no idea how to make the best use of it? Try out any of these fun garden crafts to keep you busy and enhance the beautiful landscape in your garden and the entire home.

Pick your most favorite ones from the list and explore them for lots of fun and fulfillment as you pursue DIY garden projects suitable for your farmhouse or modern-day home.

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