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The Best Epoxy Resins for Crafts

The crafty and creative options with epoxy resin is a long list.

You can use epoxy resin like a strong glue. You can use it to make beautiful imagery to update your old furniture. You can even use those epoxy resin-made beautiful images for jewelry.

With a crafty thumb, a mind full of ideas, and some epoxy resin the world is yours.

Today we’re going to share with you what makes one epoxy resin superior to the other. And we’re going to share with you the best epoxy resin for crafts.

What to Look for in Epoxy Resin for Crafts 

Looking for epoxy resin for crafts is different than looking for other types of epoxy resin. There are specific features epoxy for crafts need if you want to create high-quality work.

We’re going to go over what you should look for before you buy epoxy resin for your crafts and artwork.

Flow Speed: Flow speed or viscosity is as it sounds. It’s the speed at which the epoxy resin flows as it’s coming out of its container. For most crafts, you want epoxy resin with high flow speed.

Open Time: The open time is the amount of time you have to create after you’ve mixed the epoxy and hardener. For DIY projects, you want a longer open time. You have a lot of work to do, you need that extra time. You don’t want it to start to dry while you’re still creating.

Curing Time: The curing time is the time the epoxy resin takes to dry. The amount of open time determines the curing time. The shorter the open time, the faster it dries. It should be dry within 24 to 48 hours. The longer the open time, the longer it takes to dry. Longer curing times can last up to an entire week.


Application: What’s your project? What do you plan on making? These questions lead to the material you’ll be using. You want the epoxy resin you use to work with the material, from wood to ceramics.

Durability: Durability is important no matter what you’re using epoxy resin for. Once it’s dried, you shouldn’t be able to damage it with little effort. Like anything else, you want it to last. This includes looking for epoxy that’s UV-resistant. The sun can yellow epoxy easily. If you plan on having your artwork or craft outside for any period, you want a resin that’s going to protect it from the sun.

Transparency: Unless you plan on dying the epoxy resin, you want a clear resin. And when you want a clear epoxy, you want a clear You should see through it once it’s dried. The cheaper resins advertise that they give you a clear coating but it’s often far from the truth.

Safety: Safety Is important in any product you buy, including the epoxy resin. We prefer non-toxic epoxy. Epoxy resin is loaded with chemicals and you breathe in a lot of them when you’re working with it. So, check the ingredients and research the chemicals. Compare the ingredients to other brands. Do your due diligence. 

Best Epoxy Resins for Crafts 

Dr. Crafty Crystal Clear Art Epoxy Resin Kit, 2 Quarts 

Have you been wondering what the big deal about epoxy resin has been in recent years? It’s not new but it’s made a huge boom in the craft world in the last ten years. Here are the best epoxy resins for crafts.

The Dr. Craft epoxy resin comes in a kit. It also includes two 16.9 ounce measuring cups with spouts, two large sticks for mixing, and two plastic spreaders for an even finish.

You can use the epoxy resin for wood finishes but it works for any application.

It’s an easy-to-use formula with great consistency. You’ll get the same results every time.

It’s strong and transparent. It’s crystal clear.

It’s also UV-resistant. The sun won’t tear this clear epoxy down. Whatever you use it for, the resin coating is going to last a long, long time.

It’s not going to turn yellow from the sun or exposure to anything else. It stays crystal clear no matter what.

Once you mix the resin and hardener, you have a whole 45 minutes to create your creation.

The epoxy resin is non-toxic.

Universal thread design.Becomes heavy with water.
Expandable up to 100 feet.Water output is very poor.
Rust and crack resistant.
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Art ‘N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Kit, 16 Ounces 

Art ‘N Glow’s epoxy resin can work for crafts as well as creating molds for anything you want to cast. It can also seal certain materials together.

The max casting size is six fluid ounces.

You can use it on almost any surface; canvas, ceramics, concrete, granite, paper, precious stones, rocks, and wood.

It leaves a crystal clear coating that’s also hard as a rock. It’s super durable. You can’t damage anything with this epoxy very easily.

The resin is self-leveling and self-degassing. It’s also UV-resistant. Sun rays won’t break down the resin or turn it yellow.

A big bonus is that it’s odor-free but you still have to use it in a well-ventilated area.

The one to one mix ratio is easy and foolproof.

The company does testing to make sure the resin is compatible with other craft pigments.

Once you’ve mixed the epoxy and hardener, you get 40 minutes to create before it hardens.

It’s BPA-free and VOC-free.

Art ‘N Glow is made in the United States. 

Available in two different sizes.Issues with the adjustable turn wheel.
Anti-leak material.Water output is very poor.
Easy to store with in-built hanger.Prone to sun damage.
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Epoxy resin is a fantastic edition for any DIYer’s supplies. It’s fun to work with and it’s interesting to watch the different outcomes it produces. You can get creative and build almost anything you want.

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