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Best Expandable Garden Hose

Do you need a long garden hose and want to avoid having to spool up 100 feet of rubber every time you’re done using it? Here are the best expandable garden hose.

We want to help you find the best expandable garden hose that gets super long when needed and shrinks down to size when it’s time to put it away.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses Reviews

Flexi Hose

Here we have a flexible, expandable, and super durable garden hose aptly names the Flexi Hose. It’s a relatively high-end product with a price tag to match.

While the Flexi Hose is not exactly cheap, it is made of high-quality materials, mainly an inner tube protected by four latex layers, combined with 3750D elastic outer fabric.

This hose is very durable and puncture-resistant, unlike standard garden hoses that spring leaks from minimal contact.

What’s remarkable is that the Flexi Hose expands by a factor of three. For instance, this model is supposed to be 100 feet long, but that’s the extended length.

When there is no water flowing through it, the length is around 33 feet, making it a very compact and convenient hose that doesn’t take up a massive amount of space. Besides the 100-footer, there are also 50- and 25-foot hoses available.

This hose can deal with pressure and temperature alike, plus it is UV resistant. The Flexi Hose comes with a rotating eight-pattern spray head, along with a rubberized, ergonomic, and slip-free handle.

Various lengths.Price is a bit high.
Space efficient.Can get tangled.
Superior durability.
Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews

Elk & Bear Expandable Garden Hose

This is a very similar garden hose to the other one we just looked at, with one difference being the material it’s made of.

Something worth mentioning is that the Elk & Bear Expandable Garden Hose features a lifetime warranty, which makes it well worth the cost. It’s not a cheap hose, but it is made out of durable and flexible materials, mainly woven nylon that is about as tough as it gets. Rocks and sharp objects should not puncture it, and it has a decent amount of UV resistance.

The nylon provides excellent strength, and it plays a role in the hose’s flexibility and expansion. This hose’s expanded size is 100 feet, but when there is no water in it, the length is just over 30 feet, making it significantly space-friendly. There are also 50- and 25-foot models available.

The Elk & Bear Expandable Garden Hose comes with a multi-pattern spray head, high-quality brass fittings, and a killer warranty.

Very durable.Connectors may leak.
Extremely flexible.Gets tangled easily.
Spray head included.
Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews

GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

A hose similar in terms of functionality, price, and durability is the GrowGreen.

The GrowGreen Expandable Garden hose is made of a mix of polyester and latex, which allows for a great deal of durability and flexibility. This hose can expand by a factor of three, which means that while it is only 33 feet long when no water is in it, as soon as you turn the water on, it expands to 100 feet. There are also 50- and 25-foot options available.

This hose is quite rugged. It can resist very high levels of pressure; it handles high and low temperatures well, UV rays don’t affect it too much, and it is very difficult to puncture.

You also get a spray head that has various settings. The brass hardware ensures that it forms a good connection and doesn’t leak.

Quite durable.Easy to tangle.
User-friendly.Spray head is not the best.
Space efficient.
Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews

TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose

It is interesting to note how similar these expandable garden hoses are. They differ in price by just a few dollars, if not cents, and their features are similar. We’ve got another nice one to look at here.

The FitLife Expandable Garden Hose weighs under 2 pounds and expands by a factor of three. The 100-footer is actually just over 33 feet when there is no water running through it.

You can opt for a 25- or 50-foot model, and unlike the others reviewed so far, you also get a 75-foot option.

This hose is made of latex and fabric, which provides flexibility and durability. The FitLife hose is may not be quite as durable as the others we have reviewed, but it still holds its own.

It also comes with a spray head and good brass connection points.

Expands by three times.A little less durable than the others.
Many size options.Gets tangled easily.
Good overall durability.
Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews

TBI Pro Garden Hose

This is technically the cheapest garden hose among our reviewed products, although just by a few cents. The primary difference is that it only comes in a 50-foot option.

The TBI Pro Garden Hose is made with an inner tube, four layers of latex, and strong fabric on the exterior.

This makes it one of the most durable and puncture-resistant garden hoses out there, not to mention that UV rays won’t affect it too much.

This material is also very flexible. Like the other hoses, this one expands by a factor of roughly three, which means that this 50-foot hose is actually under 20 feet when there’s no water running through it.

It has high-quality brass fittings, as well as an anti-leak shutoff valve.

Affordable.Comes in only one size.
Space efficient.Gets tangled easily.
Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Before shopping for an expandable garden hose, there are a few factors you should keep in mind.


There is only one type of expandable garden hoses. There are no different types (besides the materials they are made of).


These hoses can differ in terms of the materials used to make them. The best way is to go with a multi-layer latex interior combined with a high-quality nylon fabric exterior.

Always pay attention to the D, or Denier, a rating of the fabric quality and thickness.


To ensure that your hose doesn’t leak at the connection points, settle for no less than brass couplings.


Remember that the larger the hose’s diameter, the more water can flow through it, but the smaller the diameter, the higher the pressure. In terms of the diameter of the fittings, ¾” is standard.


These expandable garden hoses generally expand by a factor of three, so if it’s 20 feet without water in it, it will be 60 feet with water in it. Of course, the bigger your yard or property, the longer you’ll need the hose to be.


Most of these hoses are very similar, but our No. 1 pick for the best expandable garden hose is the Flexi Hose which appears to be the highest quality hose out of all possible choices.

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