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The Best Five Below Lawn Games Available Right Now

There’s a name for the time reserved for being cooped up inside our living rooms, and that’s winter. As soon as the weather begins to warm up and the sun begins to peek from beneath the clouds, it’s natural to feel that urge to go outdoors.

Learn more about the best five below lawn games available right now in the market.

Children, on the other hand, are remarkably more prone to inertia. If your evenings indoors got too cozy during the school year, they may need a bit of an extra push when summer comes.

How can you get them to ditch the comfort of their computer? Essentially, by making the garden more enjoyable and interactive – and this is where lawn games come in.

What Makes for a Great Lawn Game?

By and large, lawn games are ruled by the same laws as regular games. If you want to get a big crowd to be immediately invested in a new game, then you need to find something that makes sense and that they can pick up quickly. After all, spending an hour reading rulebooks and puzzling over special scenarios is rarely attractive to kids.

That being said, easy to learn doesn’t automatically imply it’s simple or that it lacks a challenge. A good lawn game will give you many layers to improve upon. This will keep it interesting and awaken our inner competitive spirit.

The materials or props needed for the game also matter. Lawns and gardens are the terrains of fast-moving balls, dirt, and mayhem. Consequently, any lawn game sets you to buy should be sturdy and durable. 

Look for flexible plastic, wood, and rubber, rather than glass or even polished metal: the former is frail, and the latter may be dangerous.

Another commonly overlooked quality is that it should be friendly to all body types. Lawn games are often a great way to exercise, but they shouldn’t require any acrobatic feats or shows of strength.

This is particularly important if you plan to involve a group of kids that’s a few years apart. Any game that is solely based on speed or strength would provide an unfair advantage for the older kids, and therefore become boring for the younger ones.

Finally, lawn games and toys should also give your kids a chance to explore or develop other talents. This can be something as simple as hand-eye coordination, or more complex mechanical puzzles or strategies.

Our Picks for Five Below Lawn Games

These three games provide some of the best available methods to push your kids outside.

Five Below Inflatable Baseball Target Toss

This  5 feet tall baseball player may look like a proper body for an imaginary friend. However, this will be immediately contradicted by the big gaping hole in the middle of the catcher’s chest.

So what is the purpose of this quirky inflatable toy? If your son or daughter is a future baseball player in the making, then this lawn game should provide a chance to perfect their skills. Just toss any baseball towards the squatting player and aim for the hole in the chest.

At 44 inches tall, this inflatable device should be at the right height for any kids between 8 and 14. However, older kids and adults won’t exactly have to strain their back to hit the target – while smaller ones may just need to use a slightly smaller “field”.

Made from tarpaulin plastic, this movable target is easy to inflate and set up. Even a small manual pump should see it upright and ready in five minutes or less.

After you’re done, you can roll it up and carry it away. However, the resulting structure is pretty light, which may pose a problem on windy days.

Alternatively, you can fill up the toy with sand or water instead. Sand will make it pretty much unmovable, but it will probably make it last for ages.

Water, on the other hand, may create trouble, especially if you accidentally poke a hole into it. Reviewers noted that the plastic can be a bit frail near the seams. Also, the baseballs are not included.

Light.Does not include baseballs.
Easy to set up.It may be too tall for kids under 8.
Great for baseball fans.
Best Five Below Lawn Games Reviews

Five Below The Evil Grin Heli Ball

Lawn games don’t necessarily require grinding and crawling in the dirt. With the right toys, the fun can be found floating in the air!

Or at least, 15 feet above the ground, which is the maximum height that can be safely reached with this “heli ball”. This product is essentially a mini drone.

It is too light to support a camera or to carry your amazon packages, but it should provide you with a good excuse to explore the basic rules of physics, and maybe even scaring nearby birds.

The Evil Grin Heli Ball can hover over any surface. It doesn’t have a remote control: instead, it is controlled by an infrared beam located directly beneath it.

Simply place your hand a few inched beneath it, and then slowly move it around: the drone should trail right behind it.

It uses a non-replaceable 3.7V Lithium Battery, which you can recharge via USB. It comes already assembled, which is a relief, as it has many small parts that would otherwise be very difficult to handle.

This is a great toy for tweens and teens who are mechanically inclined. However, it needs to be handled with care, as reviewers noted it was pretty frail, and can easily break if it falls.

It can hover up to 15 feet above ground.The many small pieces make it unsuitable for small children.
Highly responsive infrared navigation.Fragile.
Rechargeable battery.
Best Five Below Lawn Games Reviews

Five Below Excavator Heavy Duty Equipment

The Five Below heavy-duty excavator is a remote-controlled toy car that can carry a few bucketfuls of sand or dirt around your playground.

This opens up many opportunities for role playing> even if your kids are not dreaming about the construction industry, there is just something irresistible about the idea of strong engines and heavy-duty equipment.

Despite barely weighing 1.2 pounds, this car is sturdy enough to climb a few small sandhills. It won’t require you to handle it with gloves if you ever take it to the beach or a countryside trip.

The remote control is pretty intuitive to use, even if you only look at the simple graphs included. While we missed the presence of a more thorough manual, we suppose that part of the charm of a remote-controlled car is precisely the exploration involved.

In that sense, this excavator will provide a few hours of reflexive fun, as your kids learn how to move it accurately or how to point the excavator at the right dirt mount.

This toy does not have rechargeable batteries. Instead, the car itself requires three AA batteries, and you’ll need another one to outfit the remote control. The batteries are not included.

Sturdy and cool.Does not include batteries.
Strong enough to move sand around.Very light.
Offers a good teaching opportunity.
Best Five Below Lawn Games Reviews

About Five Below

Five Below has been manufacturing affordable toys and family games for over 20 years. Many of their products offer re-imaginings of childhood classics, such as Fubbles or Play-Doh, for a really low price.

Throughout most of its history, Five Below has specialized in offering a wide variety of products in its brick-and-mortar stores. Many of these were placed across suburban and rural American, where they often established tight partnerships with local organizations.

Now, they have made the jump to the online marketplace – as we all have. Here, they offer an opportunity to provide your kids with the same toys that shaped your childhood.

How to Encourage your Kids to Play Outdoors

Before you set out for an impulse purchase, it would be useful to figure out what kind of lawn games and toys would be more enjoyable for your kids.

Outdoor play offers many benefits for health, physical fitness, and cognitive development – but it will be up to you to make the outdoors as irresistible as their gaming console!

Some of the keys to getting your children outside include:

Putting fun first

It is often very tempting to spend a lot of money on “educational” toys that offer a learning opportunity. However, they also need to feel fun and entertaining – otherwise, your kid won’t touch them.

Whenever you buy them a new toy, make sure you highlight the playful aspects of it first. You can leave the teaching opportunities for later.

Taking your kids for frequent outings

We all know that kid who feels immediately uncomfortable whenever exposed to direct sunshine, bugs, or plants. A big part of this discomfort comes from the unfamiliarity of it all: a child that doesn’t get to play in the grass early on will find it awkward.

Make sure your kids think of the outdoors as a normal, safe place. The best way to do this is by taking them on frequent hikes, beach trips, or to the park.

Leading by example

We should never underestimate the effect that our example has on our little ones. If you tell your kids to play outside, yet you are always within arm’s reach of the TV, your kid will be understandably skeptical.

Instead, make sure he or she sees you on barbecues, playing sports, or even walking to the store.

Final Thoughts

Lawn games are a great way to get the whole family to soak up some sun rays, get their heart pumping, and see novel sights. However, our own comfortable homes can often get in the way of this.

With the right lawn games and outdoor toys, you can make your garden or backyard interesting again!

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