What is the Best Food Processor to Buy

What is the Best Food Processor to Buy

Nothing quite impresses in the kitchen like the best food processor. A food processor shortens food preparation time by chopping, shredding, and slicing the ingredients so you can concentrate on preparing your meals.

What’s more, a food processor can also mince, grind, and knead the dough. As such, it is a multi-functional kitchen appliance.

Since food processors are multi-functional, they could prepare various ingredients before using the ingredients to make a hearty meal.

Whether you’re looking to grind coffee beans or knead the dough, you can rely on a food processor for excellent performance. But getting the best performance from these food processing kitchen appliances means picking the best food processor on the market.

But the market has more food processors than you can count, and not all of them are best for you.

We cut short the daunting task of searching for the best food processors by recommending some of the best-rated units you might like. They feature powerful motors and boast multi-functional designs.

We have also included a buyer’s guide with features to look for before buying a food processor. So, be sure to stick around and read on for more information!

What Are the Top Picks When Looking for Food Processors?

10 in 1 Food Processor-2021 MAGICCOS 14 Cup Food Processor

Magiccos FP406 14 Cup Food Processor features an incredibly powerful high-speed motor. The 1000-Watt motor uses 120V 60 Hz electricity to power accessories for processing vegetables and fruits, among other foods.

This motor creates a rotary whipping motion that sweeps every part of the food processor bowl. The food processor then breaks the cell walls in your foods, allowing for the release of all nutrients.

Your body will then have an easy time absorbing the nutrients.

As you’d expect, this food processor features a food processor bowl with a 3-inch-long feed tube. Also, this tube is 2 inches wide, making food input a lot easier – better than what you get with many feeding tubes!

As a result of the wide feeding tube opening, you require no pre-cutting of the foods during input.

The bowl boasts a 14-cup capacity to prepare food for a whole family. When you opt for this food processor, you also receive 8 accessories that allow you to enjoy a whopping 10 functions in one kitchen appliance!

The accessories include a dicer cutting blade, egg whisk, chopper blade, dough blade, shredding blade disk, slicing blade disc, mashing blade disc, and spatula. 

Besides featuring 10 functions, this food processor also boasts an impressive and durable build. The kitchen appliance comprises a Die-Cast Aluminum base featuring a silver finish.

As a result of this material, the food processor beats other kitchen appliances hands down in durability and elegance.

It even features non-slip feet to sit on your kitchen countertop perfectly. Controlling it is also hassle-free as you only have one knob to control the food processing.

So, if you’re looking to process some of your favorite ingredients, this food processor is an excellent buy for your kitchen.

Model NumberFP406
Product Dimensions12.44 x 10.82 x 25.78 inches
Item Weight13.97 pounds
Wattage1000 watts
Capacity14 Cup Capacity
Rated Power120V-60Hz
1000W powerful motor.It doesn't process some foods.
10 food processing functions.It produces noise.
It is easy to control.
Best Food Processor Reviews

KitchenAid KFP1466ER 14-Cup Food Processor

KITCHENAID KFP1466ER 14-CUP FOOD PROCESSOR stands the test of time to give you relentless exceptional service. And it owes its durability and excellent performance to its high-quality polycarbonate material.

Besides durability, this food processor comes with a commercial-style hands-free dicing kit. The dicing kit allows you to process your foods while doing another task requiring more hands-on to complete.

This mini food processor features the brand’s ExactSlice System that optimizes the food processing speed.

Also, the base of this food processor features a lever that allows you to adjust from thick to thin when using the dicing kit or any of the included accessories.

You also have a control panel with easy-to-use buttons: off, low, high, and pulse. As a result, using and controlling this food processor remains effortless.

You can use the high button for hard ingredients, while the low button comes in handy when processing soft ingredients. 

Also, this food processor features a work bowl with a 14 cups large capacity. And this makes food processing for a whole family a non-issue. Therefore, consider buying this food processor if you have a large family.

Other accessories included are a 4-cup bowl, two lids (one has a feed tube), slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, multipurpose blade, 4-cup bowl blade, dough blade, and clean out tool.

The large work bowl has a lid with a 2-in-1 feed tube. That means you can choose which feed tube to use, depending on the size of the ingredients.

This unit is an excellent food chopper that processes your favorite ingredients to make that favorite salsa dish your guests crave. Therefore, consider adding it to your kitchen.

Model NumberKFP1466ER
Product Dimensions12 x 10.93 x 17 inches
Item Weight8.2 pounds
Wattage1000 watts
Rated Power120V-60Hz
14-cub capacity.The warranty is limited.
Stainless steel blades.Only two motor speed selection.
11 functions.
Best Food Processor Reviews

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor

This HAMILTON BEACH 8-CUP COMPACT FOOD PROCESSOR allows you to prepare various foods such as puree pesto, salsa, and cheese since it has all the features you need to prepare a mouthwatering meal.

First, this food chopper features an 800-Watt powerful motor that processes any food you shove down the 3-inch large feed chute. With this large feeding tube, you don’t require pre-cutting the ingredients!

This unit also features an 8-cup bowl that handles an entire family needs while remaining compact enough for storage in your limited storage space.

Since it processes foods faster than cutting by hand, you can bank on this multi-functional kitchen appliance to prepare meals quickly.

Controlling this food processor is also easy as it features a control knob.

This knob allows you to choose between two speeds and a pulse setting. The included accessories feature stainless steel blades that are very durable and razor-sharp.

Some of the included accessories are S-Blade for chopping, a shred disc, and a chopping blade.

The parts of this kitchen appliance are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Only the bowl, lid, and blades are dishwasher safe. Therefore, cleaning your food processor after use requires no effort. Also, your processed foods will contain no contaminants, thanks to the BPA-free components.

So, consider this unit if you want to prepare meals fast.

ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Model Number67601A
Product Dimensions13 x 9.25 x 16.25 inches
Item Weight9.6 Pounds
Wattage800 watts
Capacity8 cup capacity
Rated Power100 -120 Volts
8-cup capacity.Insufficient power for dough.
Multi-functional food processor.It leaks after processing 6 cups of food.
Dishwasher-safe components.
Best Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart FP-13DGM Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor

CUISINART FP-13DGM ELEMENTAL 13 CUP FOOD PROCESSOR is the kitchen appliance to choose if you want to prepare foods while following instructions in your recipe.

This particular food processor chops big ingredients with the precision of a surgical knife, thanks to its stainless steel razor-sharp chopping blade.

So, if you need to prepare a family-sized salsa meal, you can depend on this food processor for impressive performance.

You also get a 13-cup large work bowl if you opt for this food processor.

This unit also comes with a smaller, inner nested work bowl with a 4-cup capacity.

You could use this smaller work bowl to prepare ingredients if you intend to cook a smaller meal.

The featured SealTight Advantage system ensures the food processor seals the bowl in place and locks the blade for efficient performance.

The patented blade lock system improves the cutting precision of this food processor, improving the cooking outcome in return.

Controlling the unit is a no-brainer as it features four electronic touchpads: High, Low, Off, and Pulse.

What’s more, these touchpads illuminate Blue, meaning you can prepare the ingredients at night. The bowls boast wide-mouth feed tubes. And this makes loading foods hassle-free. 

The unit also comes with three pushers: small, medium, and large pushers, making this food processor one of our top picks.

The powerful motor churns out 550 Watts of power to cut through even the toughest of ingredients. 

Since this is a multi-functional food processor, it comes with various accessories packed in a storage case.

The accessories include a reversible shredding disc, adjustable slicing disc, dough blade, small and large S-blades, and a dicing disc with its cleaning tool.

This food processor handles any food preparation job with all the 550-Watt power and stainless steel blade accessories. So, consider adding it to your kitchen.

Model NumberFP-13DGM
Product Dimensions11.25 x 21.75 x 17.5 inches
Item Weight19.3 pounds
Wattage550 watts
Capacity13 cup capacity
Rated Power100 -120 Volts
13-cup capacity.Some foods clog the blades.
LED-lit control touchpads.The bowl is not very durable.
It is easy to clean.
Best Food Processor Reviews

Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor

This BREVILLE BFP660SIL SOUS CHEF 12 CUP FOOD PROCESSOR is a multi-functional kitchen appliance that processes foods with a precision never seen before!

Whether you’re looking to knead bread, slice ingredients, dice, chop, or even shred your ingredients into the correct sizes, this food processor has you covered!

The unit features a powerful induction motor with a direct drive mechanism that transfers all the power to the chopping blades.

What’s more, this motor has an overload protection feature that guarantees durability and exceptional performance.

Also, this unit features a 12-cup work bowl that’s BPA-free. This makes the food processor safe for use, and home cooks could use it to prepare just about any dish they prefer.

The food processor even features a safety braking system that makes using it safer even further.

The work bowl features a 5-inch-wide feed tube that eliminates pre-cutting the ingredients. The blades boast a stainless steel material that makes cleaning an effortless task.

Also, this material ensures the blades retain their razor-sharp designs for impressive performance at all times.

You can be sure to shred and slice your ingredients to the desired sizes since this unit includes an S-blade system as one of the accessories.

Another accessory that allows you to adjust its cutting performance is the adjustable slicing disc.

With its 24 settings, you can set the adjustable slicing disc to cut ingredients into paper-thin thickness. 

Besides having a 5-inch-wide feed chute, this unit features two other feed chute options: 2.75-inch and 1.5-inc feed chute options.

As such, you can be sure to select the feed chute that accommodates the ingredients you want to process.

This food processor stands out fine with its exceptional food processing capabilities. As such, you also want to consider it when shopping for the best food processors.

Model NumberBFP660SILUSC
Product Dimensions9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches
Item Weight15.9 pounds
Wattage1000 watts
Capacity12 cup
Rated Power110 to 120 volts
100-Watt powerful motor.The power cord is short.
12-cup capacity.The work bowl is fragile.
Overload protection.
Best Food Processor Reviews

Vitamix 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECT™

VITAMIX 12-CUP FOOD PROCESSOR ATTACHMENT WITH SELF-DETECT™ is a brilliant food processor that automatically shuts off if you have not safely attached the included attachments or accessories.

And this makes it a safe food processor to use. The SELF-DETECT Wireless Safety System is more efficient than the twist-lock systems by some food processors on the market.

Besides the self-detect feature, your food processor also boasts unmatched food processing precision, thanks to its efficient accessories. These accessories can chop, mince, slice, shred, knead, and mix ingredients.

Therefore, this is a multi-functional food processor that speeds up food preparation in any kitchen. 

The featured clear bowl has a 12-cup capacity, ideal for a mid-sized family’s nutritional needs. The bowl is BPA-free and comes with lids and pushers to make loading foods easy.

To be precise, this unit comes with a small and large pusher.

Other accessories included are a multipurpose S-blade, two reversible slice or shred discs, and a storage case for the accessories. Of course, you also get a user manual to help you every step of the way.

This unit is easy to assemble and disassemble to fit in the tightest of spaces. And this makes it a perfect food processor for limited kitchen storage spaces.

If you want a 6-in-1 food processor, consider buying this unit.

Model Number67591
Product Dimensions11.75 x 8.5 x 12.75 inches
Item Weight6.17 pounds
Wattage550 Watts
Capacity12 cup cap
Rated Power110 to 120 volts
12-cup capacity.It is a bit pricey.
6-in-1 functions.The accessories don't work with some motor bases.
SELF-DETECT Wireless Safety System.
Best Food Processor Reviews

Kognita Multi-function Food Processor

KOGNITA MULTI-FUNCTION FOOD PROCESSOR is a multi-functional kitchen appliance boasting 8 functions in one unit. If you invest in this food processor, you could chop, knead, slice, shred, blend, grind, and emulsify your ingredients.

With all the 8 functions, you can do pretty much anything, even grinding your coffee beans. 

This food processor comes with all the essential accessories to help you process food ingredients. These accessories include a grinder, slicing disc, emulsifying attachment, kneading blade, chopping blade, and blender.

Switching from one accessory to the next one is a no-brainer; you will only have to attach your preferred blade to the center pole at the bottom of the work bowl, and you will be all set!

Since this food processor does 8 functions, it features a 500-Watt powerful motor. This motor features 2 speeds and a Pulse setting.

Therefore, you can choose to process your preferred ingredients as fast as you’d like. The grinder has a 7 oz capacity, the blender boasts 60.85 oz, while the work bowl has a 40.58 oz capacity.

Therefore, this food processor is spacious enough to prepare a meal for an entire family.

Cleaning the BPA-free parts is also easy. You only need to add warm water and 2 small drops of dish soap to clean the parts.

And in no time, the bowl and blades will be clean, ready to process your next ingredients. The safety interlocking system ensures the blade only chops ingredients after you’ve secured the lid on the bowl.

And this works to protect you from potential hazards. Therefore, using this food processor is safe.

The unit also features non-slip feet for vibration-free performance. This food processor surpasses expectations as it works more efficiently than many mini choppers on the market.

Besides, it boasts sufficient capacity, making it ideal for mid-sized families. Therefore, consider buying it for your nutritional needs.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions18.19 x 15.83 x 10.63 inches
Item Weight10.68 pounds
Capacity12 cup
Rated Power110 to 120 volts
500-Watt 2-speed powerful motor.Unresponsive customer service.
8-in-1 functions.The warranty is limited.
58 oz work bowl.
Best Food Processor Reviews

What To Consider Before Buying Any Food Processor

Whether you’re looking for the best Black Friday deal or you want a true workhorse in the kitchen, you will consider a few features before buying a food processor.

If you know what to look for, you will easily separate the best from the rest. Therefore, you want to select a food processor very carefully every time you buy one.

And to do this, you will consider the features below:

Cooking Capacity

Food processors feature a work bowl that holds a specific amount of ingredients. The cooking capacity refers to the size of the work bowl and is usually in cups (though it could also be in ounces or liters).

So, if you see a 14-cup food processor, you know its work bowl has a 14-cup capacity. 

Before buying any food processor, you want to check its cooking capacity. And that’s because you want a food processor that prepares enough ingredients for cooking a meal for your guests.

If you intend to cook a meal for a few guests, a mini food processor might suit you best.

But if you want to prepare a meal for many guests, consider buying a large food processor.

A 14-cup food processor is suitable in this case. Since the cooking capacity also affects the size of the food processor, you also want to check the cooking capacity to ensure there is enough storage space for the unit.

If you have limited storage space, buy a mini food processor.

Multi-Functional Design

A food processor could be a versatile kitchen appliance with its many processing capabilities. But food processors vary in versatility, and some feature more food processing capabilities than others.

As such, you want to consider versatility before splashing your hard-earned cash on a food processor.

You can do this by checking the functions of a food processor. A food processor could mince, grind, slice, shred, and knead the dough, besides performing other functions. Ingredients require different processing.

For example, you will knead the dough and mince the meat.

Also, meals require different ingredients. You can buy a food processor with functions you usually use to prepare ingredients for your favorite meals.

If you like minced meat, ensure your preferred food processor features mincer as one of its functions. The same goes for kneading the dough or slicing onions. 

Buy a food processor with more functions for more versatile cooking. Once you have a more versatile food processor, you can prepare any meal after processing its ingredients with your food processor.

So, check the functions first, then buy the food processor.

Blade Performance

Also, check the blades before buying a food processor. You want razor-sharp blades as they slice and chop ingredients with the precision of a surgical knife.

Also, check the material of the blades since material plays a crucial role in blade performance. 

Stainless steel blades are the go-to blades since they are industry-standard blades. What’s more, stainless steel makes cleaning the blades easy for the next food processing task.

So, check the blades to ensure they boast stainless steel construction and razor-sharp performance for unmatched chopping and slicing results.

Feeding Mechanism

When shopping for the best food processor, you want to pick one whose work bowl has a lid with a feed tube.

Also, you want to ensure the feeding tube size is adjustable for adding different-sized ingredients to the work bowl. 

Some food processors even feature pushers for pushing ingredients into the work bowl. Consider buying these food processors for safety reasons.

Loading food into a food processor with a pusher is safer than doing so by hand. Consider lids with a mechanism for adding liquids into the work bowl since you’re likely to add water or cooking oil to dry ingredients processed inside the food processor.

Powerful Motor

The motor spins the blades that chop, mince, slice, or dice ingredients. As such, the motor is an essential component of a food processor.

You want to check the motor power before buying a food processor, though. A more powerful motor yields impressive food processing results.

But motor power is usually in Watts. The higher the wattage rating, the more powerful the motor. You want to look for a motor with more watts as it is powerful.

If the motor is 500 Watts powerful, you want to consider having it in a food processor. And if it is more powerful, that’s even better. So, look for more powerful motors for unmatched performances from your kitchen appliances.

Safety Features

Food processors also have safety features that make using them completely safe. One such feature is the safety braking system by BREVILLE BFP660SIL SOUS CHEF 12 CUP FOOD PROCESSOR.

Another safety system – SELF-DETECT Wireless Safety System – is by VITAMIX 12-CUP FOOD PROCESSOR ATTACHMENT WITH SELF-DETECT™. When buying a food processor, ensure it has a safety feature.

Your safety always comes first. So, only buy food processors with a safety feature. 

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning your food processor before using it to prepare the next ingredients is essential. And you want a unit that is easy to clean. If you want to clean your food processor with ease, look for a dishwasher safe model.

The food processor bowl and included accessories are usually dishwasher safe.

Once you insert them into a dishwasher and add 2 small drops of dish soap, you will clean them effortlessly and use them during your next prep session.

So, ensure your preferred food processor has dishwasher safe components for easy cleaning.

Non-Slip Feet

Your food chopper should have non-slip feet to stand on the kitchen countertop firmly. When the machine is processing food, it should stand firm.

But that’s only possible if it features rubberized feet. So, ensure your favorite food processor features non-slip feet for efficient performance.

Ease of Use

The best food processor is also easy to control. When shopping for a food processor, look at its control panel to ensure it is easy to control. The control panel should have one-touch buttons for ease of use.

Also, the buttons should have visible labels for an easy read. 


What food processor capacity do I need?

The cooking capacity you choose should handle your cooking needs excellently. But you want to pick a food processor that prepares enough ingredients for cooking a meal for your guests.

If you have many guests, a food processor with a large capacity, say 14 cups is a perfect choice. But for fewer guests, consider stepping down to 8 cups capacity.

So, always consider the number of your guests before choosing any cooking capacity.

What does the pulse setting do in a food processor?

The pulse button on the control panel allows the machine to control the blade speed when chopping ingredients at extreme speeds. As a result, the food processor yields roughly chopped ingredients instead of mush.

Use this setting to control the chopping results.

How does a food processor differ from a blender?

First, blenders are great for crushing ingredients into liquids. But food processors finely chop ingredients while retaining the textures of such ingredients.

As a result, you can make pesto with chopped ingredients. You can buy food processors and blenders separately, or you can be smart and buy a food processor including a blender among its functions.

How many watts does a food processor consume?

Food processors use 120V 60Hz electricity most of the time. But you can be sure to find some models using 240V electricity to function.

Whichever model you choose, one thing still stands – the food processor consumes electricity. Usually, food processors consume between 500 Watts to 1500 Watts to function. 

Wrap Up

Food processors are a time saver for many home cooks. They cut ingredients to the correct sizes in less time, allowing you to prepare your favorite meal in no time.

Besides chopping ingredients, food processors could also perform other functions such as mincing meat or dicing your flavorful ingredients. As such, they are worth investing in if you love cooking at home.

But the market has plenty of these kitchen appliances, making it hard to find the best models. Fortunately, we have rounded up some of the top picks on the market.

They perform incredibly well, and we think they might serve you for years. We have even included a buyer’s guide with features to look for when shopping.

Probably what’s left is you picking the best food processor on the market to cook mouth-watering meals right in your kitchen.

Take your time and choose the best food processor to enjoy restaurant-quality meals.

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