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As a species, we rely on language to communicate feelings and ideas, and further our personal and group knowledge and understanding. One of the colloquialisms that have really made its presence felt in the last couple of decades is “cooking with gas”, which is used to signify someone doing well or making rapid progress.  

Originally an advertising slogan used to sell gas stoves in the mid-twentieth century, it’s one of those expressions that’s stuck around because it was, and is true. When you cook with gas, everything you make tastes better, it takes less time to prepare and it’s a far more efficient way of frying, grilling, broiling, and baking. Gas transforms cooking into an art form that anyone, and everyone, can master and enjoy. 

If you want to learn to cook with or continue to perfect your culinary expertise with gas the right way, then you’re going to need to use the right equipment, and the best way to open your mind, and kitchen to the endless possibilities of cooking with gas are with a range stove and cooker.  But finding the right freestanding gas range stove for you, and your kitchen is easier said than done.  With thousands of stoves and cookers available, how do you know which one is the right one? How can you find the stove that’ll up your culinary game and help you to smash through the home cooking gas ceiling? 

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We’ve done all of the hard work for you and have baked, broiled, grilled, and fried with more gas ranges than we can, or care to, remember in order to find the best gas ranges that can be used to cook up a storm in any, and every modern kitchen. And we’ve found, in our humble opinion, the five best freestanding gas range cookers that’ll help you to find your feet, and achieve all of your cooking goals and dreams. It’s time to start cooking with gas… 

Thor Kitchen 30″ Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range

When the professionals want to cook with gas, they look to Thor Kitchen to supply them with everything that they need and bring the gas hammer down, because they know that it takes power to cook like a god. They might not have the same amount of history behind them as their Norse namesake does, but in the time that they’ve been supplying the catering industry and home chefs with equipment, they’ve forged the sort of reputation that has already earned them a seat in Valhalla. 

Thor’s Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range is made from stainless steel and has a twenty-two thousand BTU (British Thermal Unit) four-point two-foot foot convection oven and four separate burners – two that can cook at up to twelve thousand BTU, one that can bring the heart at fifteen thousand BTU and a final monstrous eighteen thousand BTU capable burner. In other words, if you can imagine cooking it, Thor’s range cooker can turn your dreams into culinary reality. 

With electronic ignition and reignition, which is designed to make sure that your flame never goes out, this stainless steel behemoth has four simple-to-use burner controls and single temperature control for the main oven.  Easy to clean and straightforward to use, Thor has made cooking with gas simple, so that you can take your place among the culinary warriors and elite. 

This freestanding gas stove is made from durable, gorgeous stainless steel and has been designed to take all the punishment that even the most demanding home cook can, and will, inflict upon it. Even though your bills will plummet when you start cooking with gas, unfortunately, the initial outlay for this stove is a financial sting that you’ll feel for a long time.
And while we’re talking about the culinary punishment that this stove will happily endure, it’s worth noting that it also comes with Thor’s flawless two years parts and labor warranty. It isn’t exactly cheap or the most affordable stove on the market, but as an old aunt of ours used to say, you get what you pay for. 
With a twenty two thousand BTU convection oven, and four burners that between them are capable of producing fifty six thousand BTUs of heat.
Best Freestanding Gas Range Reviews

Avanti Freestanding Gas Range

Not all kitchens were created equal, and as unfortunate as it is, some kitchens are much smaller than others. But just because your kitchen has a little less room than that of the average suburban home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all of the benefits of cooking with gas. You can, and thanks to Avanti and their twenty-inch square freestanding gas stove, you’ll be able to slide your new gas appliance into the smallest of spaces. 

With a two-point one cubic foot oven and four separate, sealed gas burners, you’ll be able to start cooking like a MasterChef finalist almost as soon as the Avanti finds its new home in your kitchen. Its automatic ignition will also kick straight in as soon as you turn either the burners or the oven on, and thanks to its see-through oven door, you’ll easily be able to monitor the progress of whatever dish it is that you’ve decided to whip up. The Avanti is all about style and simplicity working in perfect communion and gas-powered harmony. 

And while we’re talking about style, whether you prefer the timeless, elegant look of stainless steel or the one color that never looks out of place in any home, black, Avanti has got you covered as this stove is available in both.  Small enough to fit any kitchen but large enough to cook for the hungriest family, it’s the only gas stove that you’ll ever need. 

While most ranges take pride of place and occupy more of it than any other appliance, in a kitchen.It isn’t exactly the biggest range stove you’ll stumble across, so if you’re looking for something slightly larger to outfit your suburban kitchen with, it might be wise to look elsewhere.
As soon as you switch the burners or the oven on, the Avanti’s ignition will kick in and you’ll be up to temperature in next to no time. This range is only 19.5 inches wide.
It even comes with its own broiling pan to make your culinary life that little bit easier. 
Best Freestanding Gas Range Reviews

General Electric Sealed Burner Range 

If there’s one name that is synonymous with American durability and build quality and that you can always count on it’s General Electric.  And even though the name might seem a little out of place, and odd, stamped on a gas stove (the second part of their name being what it is), with one hundred and forty years of experience behind their brand name, there isn’t any field of endeavor that General Electric can’t, and haven’t conquered. 

Made from heavy cast iron, so it’s durable, strong, and designed to last for a lifetime, General Electric’s thirty-inch wide and long-range stove has four separate, sealed, and easy to control burners, and a four cubic foot oven.  As soon as you switch it on, the automatic ignition will kick in and before you know it, you’ll be ready to start cooking, grilling, broiling, and basting. And when you’ve finished, this self-cleaning oven will make your life even easier, and clean itself. Isn’t technology wonderful?  

GE has also fitted their range stove with traditional thermal bake technology, so if you want to make your own bread or try your hand at creating mouth-watering cakes, this is the stove to do it with. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s even a handy storage drawer underneath the over, to keep your baking trays and tins in.  

That would be a range stove with five burners.All of the technological bells and whistles that the Frigidaire includes come at a price and in this case.
It's the only range stove that uses Frigidaire’s Air Fry system.If you install it in your kitchen, your pocketbook will bear the burden of your decision.
It's been fashioned from stainless steel, so not only will it help you to cook like a professional.
Best Freestanding Gas Range Reviews

Frigidaire 30″ Gallery Series Gas Range

Frigidaire has been helping to shape American kitchens for more than a century, and in those one hundred years, they’ve learned a thing or two about oven design and what the home-based cook wants, and expects, from their stoves.  And everything that they’ve learned, they’ve packed into this astonishing freestanding, range stove.  

The Frigidaire is one of only two stoves on our list to feature five stove top burners (that’s right, we said five – the Frigidaire has a central ten thousand BTU burner as well as the four standard corner burners) that between them are capable of generating over fifty thousand BTU’s of cooking power. It’s also the first freestanding gas range stove to feature Frigidaire’s patented Air Fry system that uses a unique combination of heating elements to ensure that the food that you use the oven to cook will not only satisfy your family’s taste buds, it’s also healthier too.  

Its five dials and automatic ignition are also easy to use, and as it’s been engineered to include a self-cleaning system, once you’ve finished cooking, it’ll take care of everything else. Frigidaire cooks, and Frigidaire cleans. What more could any chef ever want from their stove?  

That would be a range stove with five burners.All of the technological bells and whistles that the Frigidaire includes come at a price and in this case.
It's the only range stove that uses Frigidaire’s Air Fry system.If you install it in your kitchen, your pocketbook will bear the burden of your decision.
It's been fashioned from stainless steel, so not only will it help you to cook like a professional.
Best Freestanding Gas Range Reviews

Cosmo 36 Inch Gas Range with 5 Burner Cooktop

Cosmo believes that luxury isn’t something that only the idle rich should be allowed to enjoy, it should be something that the whole world is able to embrace. That’s why they’ve designed a range of luxury kitchen goods that everyone can use and enjoy, and right at the forefront of their incredible kitchen machines, is their freestanding gas stove.  

The second, and final five-burner stove, that between them can make nearly fifty thousand BTUs of heat, stove on our list, the Cosmo also features a three-point two cubic foot convection oven that has more than enough space to cater to all your family and friends demands and culinary requests. Simple to use and even easier to master, the Cosmo will make it possible for you to conquer the art of cooking with gas in less time than it takes Gordon Ramsay to make a room full of potential chefs cry.  

Made from heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the Cosmo will stand firm against scratches, dents, and dings and can be easily wiped down with a cloth and cleaned. And, best of all, it comes with a bulletproof two-year warranty that’ll protect you, and it, from any design flaws or accidental damage.  

When four burners aren’t enough, and you need that extra little bit of culinary power, you need to follow Cosmo’s lead and turn to five burners.Pricey.
It's an all-steel stove, and it’s been built to withstand all of the daily trauma that even the busiest kitchens will inflict on it.If you install it in your kitchen, your pocketbook will bear the burden of your decision.
And even if it doesn't last quite as long as you or Cosmo think it will, there’s always that two year warranty.
Best Freestanding Gas Range Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is A Freestanding Gas Range?  

A freestanding gas range stove is an oven that’s designed to be easy to use and simple to fit in the kitchen of any modern American home.  Engineered to replicate, and include all of the functionality of professional-grade stoves, they provide a cheap, clean, and efficient alternative to the more traditional electric stove.  

Usually built around a high-powered convection oven and using anything from two to five stovetop burners, they are more cost-effective than their electric counterparts, and tend to last longer, Chef’s also prefer to use gas to cook with as they believe that it delivers a more precise and easily controlled heat, which makes it a far more effective fuel to cook with.  

And one of the best things about freestanding stoves is that they’re usually incredibly easy to install, and replace should you ever need to.  

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Buyers Guide

The main problem with freestanding gas range stoves is their price. They are, for the most part, inordinately expensive, and unless you’re looking at cooking with a smaller stove like the Avanti, you won’t see any change from one thousand dollars. In fact, a few of the stoves on our list will set you back even more, so before you make any sort of decision, set the budget that you have for your gas stove in stone and stick to it.  

Having said that, if it was up to us and it was our money that we were going to be spending on a stove, there’s really only one stove on our list that we’d choose time and time again. And that would be Thor Kitchen’s freestanding range stove because cooking with all its gas-powered fury will make you feel like the culinary god that you were born to be.

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