Looking for the Best Fubbles Backyard Bubble Fun Pack?

Fubbles have been synonymous with bubble fun for generations. Most of us probably played with basic bubble wands when we were kids. These days, the brand’s selection has expanded considerably: if you want to create an instant iridescent shower, just wait until you see some of their more powerful motorized bubble blasters! If you are looking for the best fubbles backyard bubble fun pack, you are in the right place.

Whether you are seeking to recreate your childhood, or just getting your kids into the same hobby – this is the right season to start experimenting! The Bubbles Fun Packs we have gathered here provide the largest concentration of bubbles, meant to last for the whole season and be shared with friends.

Remember Fubbles Bubbles?

If you didn’t get to play with Fubbles Bubbles when you were a child, then you may be wondering why all your kids’ classmates are talking about them.

Fubbles™ is one of the most recognizable brands behind the bubble wand: a late 80s novelty that made it easy to leave a trail of bubbles behind your hand. They use a patented soapy liquid that creates surprisingly sturdy bubbles. Some come with longer or larger wands, meant to create a variety of sizes and shapes.

For example, some kids compete at creating the largest possible bubble. Other times, the goal is to leave behind many small bubbles or to try to elongate one bubble as if you were signing away your personal information with the wish of a wand.

The relative simplicity behind this game is exactly what made it flexible. It would take countless hours to get bored of it!

The Top Fubbles Backyard Bubbles Fun Packs

If you are looking for Fubbles Bubbles, the following options will give you the most bang for your buck.

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Mini Tumblers, 3-Pack

If you have a handful of kids (whether yours or not) who need to stay entertained for a whole afternoon, this 3-pack of mini tumblers may create three new fans of the brand.

This “party pack” includes three small bottles, each with a standard bubble wand. Each bottle includes 2 fluid ounces of bubble solution, which is enough for a couple of hours of incessant play. The bottles come in assorted colors, and are small enough to make for a small party favour at a large gathering, as they are all individually wrapped.

This version comes with a safety cap that, although easy to open, leaves no room for any small dangerous pieces falling. All parts in this model were rated as safe and non-toxic under Federal requirements. . Because of this, it is safe for kids as young as 3.

The cap is meant to prevent spilling, even when opened by a clumsy pre-schooler. However, the bottom container can also be unscrewed by someone with a bit more dexterity, in the event a refill is needed.

The plastic is non-toxic, but it is not particularly sturdy. Therefore, these mini tumblers are a good option for a first-timer, but they are unlikely to remain as a trusted companion after the party is done. A good toss against the window should be enough to break it.

Small and light.With only 2 ounces of bubble fluid, it will need frequent refills.
Can be refilled easily.The plastic is unlikely to last for long.
Non-toxic and safe.
Best Fubbles Backyard Bubble Fun Pack Reviews

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Tumbler, Includes 4oz Bubble Solution and a bubble wand

So what happens when you only have one kid, and you would like them to try their hands at bubble-making? This option includes a portable and refillable bubble maker, attached to a water-tight 4-ounce bottle.

The most notorious feature of this bottle is the cap’s no-spill design. This was design to let children flip and toss around the bottle without wasting any bubble fluid. The cap uses a cleverly hidden rubber lid to hold the wand. The suction is strong enough to keep fluid in while allowing a kid to pull out the wand easily.

Below, the bottle has an additional screw-on lid, which you can open to refill the container. Overall, the bottle is small enough that it can be easily grabbed by a child as young as three. On the other hand, the package instructions say that this toy is meant for toddlers as young as 18 months. Do note that this will probably require you to hold the bottle and hand the wand to your kid.

There are some reports of the no-spill cap occasionally dripping a bit. This seems to happen when the rubber lid gets moist, so it doesn’t create the right suction. On the other hand, the bottle itself received extra praise for its resilient, soft shell plastic. Unlike the one used by smaller bottles, this one seems capable of resisting a few dog bites, or even you stepping on it.

4 fluid ounce capacity.The bottle is too large to be held by a toddler.
Resistant plastic.Occasionally, the no-spill cap can let a few drops escape.
Best Fubbles Backyard Bubble Fun Pack Reviews

Little Kids Fubbles Premium Long Lasting Bubble Solution

So what happens after your 4 fluid ounces run out? If you are trying to reduce plastic waste at home, but don’t want to leave your kids bubble-less, then this supersized refill offers a good compromise.

Most Fubbles Bubbles products have an additional screw-on cap meant to allow you to refill the bubble fluid. Back in the day, most parents would usually mix a bit of water with detergent or liquid soap. This would immediately decrease the quality of bubbles we could create – prompting us to buy a brand new Bubble-making bottle.

This long-lasting solution allows you to refill old Fubbles tumblers and bubble bottles. Each bottle includes 64 fluid ounces of bubble fluid. The fluid is certified as non-toxic and meant to be long-lasting: that is, no matter how long it stays on your shelf after opened, it should continue creating bubbles easily. The cap closes with a standard screw-on lid, and it has an extra-long bubble wand underneath. This wand is meant to create extra-large bubbles. However, it is very light and tends to float on the fluid, making it harder to close back the bottle.

There are occasional reports of the solution separating if left uncapped for too long. However, this is usually fixed by shaking it for a few seconds. Also, note that the bottles are labeled as “assorted colors”, but this refers to the bottles themselves only. The solution is always transparent and completely dye-free. This is safer for kids with sensitive skin or potential allergies, but it may be disappointing if you were hoping for colorful bubbles.

Great for refilling old Fubbles Bubbles.The bottle is hard to close back again.
Long shelf life.If you leave the bottle open, the product’s shelf life will be shortened.
Certified non-toxic and dye-free.
Best Fubbles Backyard Bubble Fun Pack Reviews

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket in Blue

One tiny bottle per child may be practical when handing out party favors, but it is not the best way to teach children how to share. If you are trying to get your little ones to play together (or simply trying to reduce the amount of bags you are packing for your next beach trip), try out this bucket.

Each bucket is 11.5 inches tall and can hold up to 30 fluid ounces of bubble fluid. It also comes with three double bubble wands, which can be used to create regular and elongated bubbles. The bucket is made from resilient, yet light PET plastic, and it includes a thin handle that was designed to be grasped by small hands.

That being said, when the bucket is completely full, it may be too heavy for a small child to lift. The top of the bucket has a no-spill hole, where the wands are supposed to be inserted. As long as all three wands are in, there should be no risk of spilling or wasting the bubble liquid if it’s knocked over. However, accidents can happen while one of the wands is being used, in which case some liquid will invariably spill.

Just like all Fubbles Bubbles products, the bucket, wands, and fluid are all certified non-toxic and don’t include any small pieces that could pose a choking risk.

Practical for families with several kids.The bucket may be too heavy for a small child when it’s full.
Each bubble wand will let you create different types of bubbles.The thinner base can make it easy to be knocked over..
Easy to carry around.
Best Fubbles Backyard Bubble Fun Pack Reviews

Little Kids Fubbles Party Machine

On the high-end, high-power end of the bubble spectrum lies the Fubbles Party Machine. Rather than a standard bucket-and-wand set, this Party Machine is meant to create a curtain of tiny bubbles with almost no effort on your part.

The Machine is a large, 11.5-inch tall bucket with a capacity for 4 fluid ounces of bubble fluid. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot, it is enough to create a pretty dense cloud of tiny bubbles for a few minutes.

Instead of a simple bubble wand, the Party Machine has a set of six rotating bubble sticks attached to the top lid. Inside, a simple suction mechanism will take all the bubble fluid and send it through the rotating sticks. This will create a steady stream of small bubbles. As the machine is powered by a set of 4 AA batteries, all you will have to do is press a simple button.

The kit includes an extra refill bottle with an additional 4 fluid ounces of bubble fluid. Once that runs out, you can technically refill it with any bubble fluid or soapy water. If you opt for the latter, the machine may stop working eventually, as the soap scum can clog its insides. If you’d prefer to play it safe, you can also buy an original Fubbles Bubbles refill bottle instead.

Each bubble wand will let you create different types of bubbles.The thinner base can make it easy to be knocked over..
Practical for families with several kids.The bucket may be too heavy for a small child when it’s full.
Easy to carry around.
Best Fubbles Backyard Bubble Fun Pack Reviews

What Can You do with Fubbles Bubbles?

Whether you opt for a single bottle or for one of the more expensive Party Machines, chances are that bubbles will add an instant dash of magic to any outing.

Of course, bubbles are not just about color or the prospective of getting (slightly) wet. In addition to fun, they can open the door for your kids to play with shapes and physics.

After you’re done simply trying to create the largest possible bubble, try:

Replacing the bubble wand for a custom-made one! Use a bent straw and see how complex can the shape of your bubbles get.

Blow bubbles near a fan and watching them stick together

Trying to create the longest-lasting bubble

For a more complex crafting project, try creating a cube out of straws to make square bubbles. Learn how here.

Use food coloring to create non-toxic bubble rainbows.

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Final Thoughts

Bubble fun has been a classic summer pastime since the 80s – and for good reason. Even as an adult, it-s easy to get excited when surrounded by the majestic, floating beauty of bubbles. Plus, they blend well with water fights and other fun summer activities.

The Fubbles Bubbles line, manufactured by Little Kids Inc, includes a wide range of bubble wands and machines. All their materials are non-toxic and easy to use. The options we reviewed can all add some spice to any upcoming birthday party or backyard gathering.

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