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5 Best Gardening Shears Review and Buyer’s Guide

As spring heads into summer, gardens need to be cleaned from winter debris, landscaped, and flowers/seeds need to be planted. Here are the 5 best gardening shears review and buyer’s guide.

Every gardener requires a top-quality pair of shears to get the job done. Shears are needed for many jobs around the yard and are an essential tool, whether you are an expert or an amateur.

Best Shears Overall

Berger Hedge Shears elegantly trim and shape hedges. What is most appreciated about these shears is that they are comprised of wooden handles.

If you have ever used shears with rubber handles, you will note that they can become slippery when you perspire. Wood prevents this and maintains comfortability throughout your day. Also, users won’t need to replace them as often.

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Best Precision Shears

The Okatsume Precision Shears are designed to cut fresh growth. The blades are long and sharp. They are perfect for topiary design and defining hedges. These shears also have wooden handles and are of high quality.

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Best Battery-powered Shears

This shear has a lithium-powered battery. This increases the shear’s comfort and efficiency. It is lighter, so there is less pressure on the wrists while cutting. Users enjoy the battery-powered motor because there is no gas, smells, spills, or cords to contend with. It is also eco-friendly.

While it says that it really is a hedge trimmer, people are using it as shears.

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Best Lightweight Shears

Colwelt Hedge Shears trim boxwood, borders, and bushes with ease. They are 21” long and a mere 1.8 lbs. The sharp design gives a smooth cut and is perfect for shaping/manicuring.

The blades are constructed with forged carbon steel. They have an anti-stick coating, which increases their durability. Twigs will not slip off with this shear. The smooth, clean cuts of these shears enable new growth to form and are better for the overall health of the plant.

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Best Heavy-duty Pruning Shear

Gizmo makes the best heavy-duty shear. Users enjoy this shear because it is durable. Blades will not break, springs won’t pop, and there is a one-thumb safety lock when done. It is light and ideal for extended hours of pruning. The grip is a non-slip PVC.

You can make sharp cuts as these shears are comprised of Japanese steel, which is known for its durability. These shears can be used for cutting and trimming branches, flowers, and stems. They resist rust, corrosion, and sap.

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How Do You Use Gardening Shears?

There are many types of gardening shears, and the selection should be based on the project type. Garden shears are designed to cut stems and branches that are ¾” round. They are not to be used on large branches, as they will be quickly ruined.

To choose and use them, consider the following tips:

For Bypass Shears:

For Anvil Shears:

  • Anvil shears will crush branches and stems
  • Better for dead/dried out branches
  • Not for live growth

Before purchasing, ensure they are comfortable and can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning. Smaller shears for tinier hands are available as well as left-handed shears.

What Is the Type of Shears?

There are two types: Bypass shears and anvil shears. Anvil shears contain a sharp upper blade with a flat blade located lower on the shear. They cut like a knife used on a cutting board. Bypass shears are basically scissors with curved blades. The sharp upper blade cuts the branch while the lower one operates like a hook. It holds the branch to prevent it from sliding.

Do I Really Need Pruning Shears?

Some users select scissors over-pruning shears, and there are conditions as to when you can use what. Use scissors for general cutting. They only have six-inch blades and don’t often apply a great deal of cutting pressure. They are good for small potted plants, but nothing more. If you use them for larger projects, they will fall apart very quickly or will not make a clean cut through the plant. This will prevent proper regrowth from the plant and will not keep it as healthy. Pruning/gardening shears have longer blades and are made for tougher cuts. The handles are also shaped differently. Your entire hand can be used to apply pressure to the area as opposed to a small fraction.

They are designed for heavy-duty tasks and won’t disintegrate as quickly as scissors. They will not require as much strength and the cuts will be cleaner. Shears will have curved blades, which are ideal for holding the plant while cutting and are designed for large plants. Straight blades are used for hard-to-reach areas. They are not used for delicate jobs.

There are a variety of tools to accomplish various gardening jobs. The key is in knowing and using the appropriate tool for the task at hand. Trees require a tree trimmer or looper. Hedges require shears with the appropriate length for intricate work, trimming, and sculpting. It depends on how creative you want to get. Garden pruning shears are designed for more intricate work. However, users need to know what type of shear they need for what job. Scissors can be used for smaller jobs but will not do well with larger pruning needs. They will simply fall apart because they weren’t designed for that particular task.

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