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The Best Handheld Circular Saw Options for DIYers

When starting a woodwork DIY project, having an easy and efficient way to cut and shape wood is absolutely vital for larger projects and anything you want solidly built. Here are the best handheld circular saw options for DIYers.

Many beginner DIYers tend to stay away from power tools, but as intimidating as a circular saw might seem, it’s hard to deny that they’re massively helpful machines to get you started on some especially fun and unique home projects.

This means finding a handheld circular saw that’s right for your skill level and needs, which can easily be done with a good bit of research and certainty on what you wish to use it for.

Below are just a few circular saws from some popular brands, each of which showcases the types of things you should look out for when buying one for yourself.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

If you want a powerful circular saw with a recognizable brand name at a low cost, you can’t do much better than this Black+Decker 20V cordless saw. This is definitely one of the bulkier models in terms of size, but this helps ensure you have enough weight to cut smoothly and safely, particularly thanks to the well-shaped grip and metal base.

For those looking to do more rounded edges, this device also comes with a pivoting shoe to ensure you always have control, and it means you can take on projects that might not be possible with a non-electric hand saw or more professional miter saw. It’s simply just everything you want out of a basic circular saw, albeit without the unique features that other models might have.


  • Lightweight size
  • Lithium-ion battery included
  • Metric measurement
  • Two-year warranty

JKPOWER Mini Circular Saw with Laser Guide, 3 Blades, Max Cutting Depth

Despite being a similar cost to the Black + Decker model from earlier, the JKPower Mini Circular Saw can be much more appealing to those looking for a saw solely for small crafts. This is because the JKPower Mini Circular Saw truly captures the word “mini” in its name, being extremely small and flexible, and perfectly fit for making cuts to smaller woods and crafts.

This doesn’t come at the cost of safety or power, as its copper motor is still strong and reliable while featuring unique safety features like a double protection switch to make sure the machine doesn’t activate accidentally. Its small size might lead you to be unable to work on larger projects with thicker wood, but that can be a non-existent problem for many crafters who don’t do many large-scale projects with wood.


  • Multiple replaceable saw heads
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Flexible and light design
  • Double-protection safety switch

DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 6-1/2 in. Cordless Circular Saw

If you feel like you might want something more heavy-duty, the popular and high-quality brand of Dewalt is absolutely able to bring something stronger and more reliable than most other options out there. This saw isn’t too different from the basic Black+Decker item listed earlier, but it comes with much thicker materials surrounding the saw blade for a firmer grip and much better safety while cutting.

Besides that, it’s simply just a high-quality version of what you can find from other brands. It’s exceptionally safe, its battery and motor are incredibly powerful, and its handle is easy to grip when running at full strength. It’s slightly more expensive than most other options due to the Dewalt brand, but that price comes with a fitting amount of efficiency and effectiveness.


  • 20-volt motor
  • Firm-grip handle
  • Well-tested design
  • Consistent brand

Final Thoughts

As always, the best tools for DIY projects are the ones that fit your needs. So long as you get comfortable with it and feel safe, any handheld saw from a good brand or at your ideal price point should perform exactly as well as you need it to. The models above are great examples of ideal DIY handheld circular saws, so as long as you look for features like these, you should be plenty satisfied with your purchase.

Power tools are an investment, and while that can seem nerve-racking for DIYers that want to take on some bigger projects, it’s worth doing if you want to bring your crafting to the next level. Just make sure to read their instructions carefully and take it slow as you start, and you should be plenty able to become a confident craftsman as you get more practice and experience.

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