Best Hanging Chairs

Are you having trouble deciding between a hammock and a chair? With a hanging chair, you get the best of both worlds. To help you find the best hanging chair, we have reviewed five of the most popular choices here in best hanging chairs.

Best Hanging Chairs Reviews

Sunnydaze Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing

If you want a simple, comfortable, and affordable hanging chair that will make you feel like you’re on a Caribbean beach, the Sunnydaze Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing is something to look into.

This is a really convenient hammock chair, as it comes with a simple wooden bar fitted with a hook for easy hanging. The lightweight design helps make hanging it more manageable; plus, it allows for a good deal of portability.

All you need is some sort of beam or branch to attach it to. A wooden beam not only makes it easier to hang but much more stable as well.

The chair itself is made out of thick polyester rope, which is both durable and comfortable. It is soft enough to be comfortable yet also durable enough to last for years. The Sunnydaze Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing can hold up to 300 lbs.

Keep in mind that this swing chair can be used indoors and outdoors, although it’s not overly water-resistant.

LightweightShould not get wet
AffordableCan irritate the skin
Good looking
Soft and comfortable
Quite durable and Easy to hang
Best Hanging Chair Reviews

Hammock Sky Large Brazilian Hammock Chair

If you are looking for a soft, cool, and comfortable hammock chair that is lightweight and affordable, look no further than the Hammock Sky Large Brazilian Hammock Chair.

What is really nice about the Hammock Sky Large Brazilian Hammock Chair is that the material is cotton. This is ideal because cotton is quite plush, soft, and gentle on the skin. Most would agree that it is probably a bit more comfortable than polyester rope.

Although a cotton sheet may be more comfortable than polyester rope, it’s not quite as durable. This hammock chair may have a 300 lb. weight capacity, but the material is easier to rip or tear, especially when something sharp is involved.

The so-called chill-out tech allows for excellent ventilation and airflow. There is also the fact that the Hammock Sky Large Brazilian Hammock Chair is very lightweight and easy to hang from any location, although it should be kept out of the rain.

Easy to hangNot water resistant
Good priceIt can get smelly over time
Super soft and comfortable
Keeps you cool
Fairly durable (all things considered)
Best Hanging Chair Reviews

Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

In terms of good looks and maximum comfort, the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair has to be one of our favorite options on the list.

What really stands out about the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair is its design, mainly how it is made of both cotton and polyester. The ropes themselves are made of polyester, so they should be pretty durable, as this hammock chair has a weight capacity of 265 lbs.

It can’t hold up quite as much weight as the others we have looked at, but 265 lbs. is not too bad. In all reality, you can expect this chair to be a little less durable than either option we reviewed so far.

However, what really stands out is the unique chair cushion. Unlike the other hammocks that just have the hammock itself, here you get a pillow to support your rear and back, a very soft and plush cotton cushion that provides excellent back support and a comfortable sitting experience. The cushion is also machine washable.

Super comfortableLimited durability
Lots of supportGets dirty easily
Easy to hang
Decent weight capacity
Very affordable and Machine washable
Best Hanging Chair Reviews

Caribbean Hammocks Polyester Hanging Chair

If you want a more classic rope hammock, one that is durable and has no problem getting wet, this Caribbean Hammocks Polyester Hanging Chair could be the one for you.

This hammock chair is made out of tightly woven polyester threads or essentially polyester ropes. These are very durable, and there is almost no chance that they will tear or break, at least with regular use.

Moreover, these polyester ropes are water-resistant. They should not absorb too much water, and what they absorb should dry quickly and won’t impact the ropes’ integrity. Although the ropes are not hard, they aren’t super plush, at least not like the pillow-covered hammock chair we looked at above.

However, because it is made of rope, it offers excellent ventilation to keep you cool. Moreover, it is also easy to hang and is also very portable.

Easy to mount
Not the most comfortable
Gets dirty easily
Superior durability
A bit of rain shouldn’t be a problem
Reasonable price
Looks great
Best Hanging Chair Reviews

Vivere Brazilian Hammock Chair

This is a soft, comfortable, and stylish hanging chair. It’s not ideal for outdoor use, but it certainly looks fantastic.

The Vivere Brazilian Hammock Chair is made out of 100% woven cotton thread. Although it’s not the most durable material, as long as you don’t puncture the fabric, it should be fine. It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Although this hammock chair might not have the highest weight capacity or durability, we think it’s one of the most comfortable, which is true both because the cotton is soft and breathable. You shouldn’t get too hot or sweaty in this hammock.

What does need to be said is that the Vivere Brazilian Hammock Chair is strictly for indoor use or covered patios, and it should not get wet.

SoftShould not get wet
BreathableWeight capacity could be better
Easy to hang
Lightweight and portable
Good price
Best Hanging Chair Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

a lady sitting in white hanging chair

Before you shop for a hammock chair, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind.


Pay attention to the listed weight capacity. Realistically, if the stated capacity is 300 lbs., you don’t want to get too close to that limit, as manufacturers tend to push the envelope. Simply put, get something that can hold your weight and then some.


There is nothing worse than getting a chair only to realize that your behind can’t fit comfortably. Always pay attention to the dimensions and compare them to your own measurements and size.

Chair Materials

As you can see from our reviews, the two primary materials are polyester and cotton. Polyester tends to be more durable and weather-resistant but also less comfortable and breathable. If you want, go for a mix of the two, as you will get the best of both worlds.


If you want maximum comfort, aim for a solid cotton chair that consists of one piece of fabric, and even better is if it comes with some sort of pillow.


For durability, polyester is the way to go, particularly polyester rope. Cotton is susceptible to ripping once it is punctured, which won’t happen with polyester rope.

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If you are looking for maximum comfort, our top recommendation is the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair. It’s also reasonably priced.

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