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Best Hard Coolers

No one likes drinking warm beer and eating soggy sandwiches with half-rotten mayonnaise. You might want to consider investing in a cooler with a hard body that can keep your food and drinks both cold and in one piece.

This article should help you find a good, rugged cooler, so let’s get right to it.

Best Hard Coolers Reviews

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

If you are looking for a simple, roomy, effective, and affordable hard-body cooler, this one from Arctic Zone is excellent.

This cooler features high-performance insulation with a radiant heat barrier that effectively keeps cold air inside while reflecting heat outwards. It should be able to keep ice frozen for up to three days.

This cooler features a so-called Rhino-Tech exterior, a fancy way of saying that it is built like a tank and can handle some punishment. Both the inside and the outside are very easy to wipe clean as well.

The zipperless flip-up lid is very convenient, as it creates a good seal without requiring you to fumble with a zipper.

Keep in mind that the Arctic Zone Titan Cooler has a leakproof interior lining to prevent messes from occurring. You may like how it has an adjustable shoulder strap, making it quite portable.

Keep in mind that this particular model has enough room for about 30 cans, but smaller and larger options are available.

Super durable.Smaller size is puny.
Spacious – various sizes.The zipperless lid can be problematic.
Best Hard Coolers Reviews

Coleman Cooler

If you like old school products, you will really like this Coleman Cooler, which essentially amounts to a large box that can keep things cool.

The Coleman Cooler is a steel-belted cooler that features several layers of extra-thick insulation. Just by looking at it, you can tell that the walls are made very thick, with some of the best types of insulation being used.

The fact of the matter is that this cooler can keep ice frozen for up to four days, even in 90°F weather.

This is a big and heavy cooler, one that you might need a second person to help you carry when it is full, but that said, this thing can fit nearly 100 cans in it, which is nothing short of impressive.

It comes with comfortable steel handles for easy carrying.

The Coleman Cooler may not look like anything extraordinary, as it looks like a grey box, but it’s built like a tank, and it keeps things cold, which is all it needs to do.

Built like a tank.Heavy.
Superior insulation.The latch can be a bit loose.
Ice lasts for four days.
Best Hard Coolers Reviews

Coleman Rolling Cooler

This is essentially the same cooler as the one reviewed above, with the only difference being that this one is built like a rolling suitcase.

The Coleman Rolling Cooler comes with the same excellent insulation as the Coleman Cooler reviewed above.

It can keep ice frozen and cans cold for up to four days in 90° weather. Just like the other Coleman Cooler, this one is also built like a tank. That hard body is virtually indestructible.

You might like how the Coleman Rolling Cooler has enough room for about 84 cans, which is plenty for any tailgating party or day at the beach.

What is fantastic about the Coleman Rolling Cooler is that it features large plastic wheels and an extendable suitcase handle. This means that you can pull it along like a suitcase instead of having to lug it around.

Superior durability.Not cheap.
Keeps ice cold for days.Some problems with the lid latch.
Plenty of room.
Best Hard Coolers Reviews

Igloo Polar Cooler

If you really want the best of the best, something that is durable and will keep ice frozen for days, there is nothing better than Igloo Coolers. They may be expensive, but you get what you pay for.

The Igloo Polar Cooler is absolutely massive, as it has enough room to fit about 190 cans on the inside, which is much larger than anything else we have looked at today so far.

It’s a big cooler, which also means that it’s heavy.

It comes with ergonomically friendly handles, but it will be too heavy for a single person to carry when full.

All of that said, in terms of insulation, the double-thick walls combined with high-quality insulation materials allow it to keep ice frozen for five days, and this is true even on the hottest of summer days.

As the name says, this thing really is an igloo. It comes with a threaded drain plug. The unique design makes it UV resistant; it has a double-secure latch and high-quality hinges.

When it comes down to it, this is the best cooler on the list today.

Massive capacity.Not cheap.
Superior durability.Extremely expensive.
Superior temperature retention.
Best Hard Coolers Reviews

Igloo BMX Cooler

Another Igloo cooler! However, this one is much smaller, more portable, and far less expensive, an excellent choice for being on the go.

This Igloo BMX cooler is 52 quarts in size, although there are also two much larger options available.

That said, we like this small one because it comes with a convenient carrying handle and it’s lightweight enough to carry around.

Like the other Igloo cooler, this one can keep ice frozen for about 5 days in 90° weather, which is very impressive. It has that same incredible insulation, that same fantastic lid, and more.

It even has a unique base designed to keep it elevated off hot surfaces.  If we had to choose the best portable cooler on the list today, this would definitely be it.

Portable.Limited capacity.
Various sizes.Relatively expensive.
Super tough.
Best Hard Coolers Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to buy a new hard-body cooler, there are some essential things to be aware of.


Always pay attention to how much the cooler can fit. Simply put, you don’t want to go out for a family picnic just to realize that your cooler can barely hold a sandwich and a beer.

Pay attention to the internal capacity in terms of quarts or liters.

Capacity is often listed in terms of cans, too, because, let’s face it, you’ll probably use your cooler to carry some cold ones.


Make sure that your cooler has good insulation; this is, after all, what the cooler is made for – to insulate food and drinks from the heat.

Having thick walls with several layers of insulation tends to work best, which is why Igloo coolers are usually so high-performance.

The most common insulation material used for coolers is foam.


Next, keep in mind how portable you need your cooler to be; wheels and a suitcase handle help. That said, how portable your cooler is will be directly related to how large it is.

There is, of course, an unavoidable trade-off to consider.

Materials and Durability

Generally speaking, a hard plastic shell works best. Some coolers may still use metal, but those days are long gone for the most part.

As long as the plastic is high-quality and impact-resistant, you really don’t have anything to worry about.


The bottom line is that if you really want the best hard cooler out there, you want to go with one of the Igloo coolers we reviewed. They are more expensive, but they’re well worth the investment.

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