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Best Home Sous Vide Equipment

If you enjoy experimenting with recipes in the kitchen, then you know how important it is to cook your meal to the right temperature. Here are the best home sous vide equipment review.

Not only will this practice yield restaurant-quality results, but it will also ensure everyone enjoys their meal. 

However, we don’t need to mention that you will need the best kitchen equipment to cook food the right way. Sous vide equipment could give you the same restaurant-quality foods from your favorite restaurant.

These kitchen appliances are versatile since they can cook various foods – from custardy eggs to medium-rare steak.

But with many sous vide equipment on the market, finding the best models might be a chore. That’s why this article will go through some of the top picks to make your search easy.

Also, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you spot other best models since we could not list every best sous vide equipment. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are the Best Sous Vide Kitchen Appliances?

JATEN 5 In 1 Automatic Food Sealer Machine

When looking to cook food using the sous vide cooking technique, you will need to seal it first. You can then cook the food to a consistent and precise temperature.

But sealing food by hand doesn’t guarantee air will escape the plastic bag. And that means there will be no vacuum in the plastic bag.

But with this vacuum sealer by Jaten, you will excellently seal any food in a plastic bag. As a result, the food will stay eight times longer than if you used zipper baggies. Sealing food using this machine also has other advantages.

First, you will be sure to lock in the color and taste even after storing your food for an extended period.

Second, you will reduce food spoilage and spillage while maintaining freshness. Therefore, this sous vide equipment promises excellent food storage and preservation.

The machine itself is efficient as it is convenient. It boasts an intelligent touchscreen panel with buttons for getting the function you need by gently touching the touchscreen.

What’s more, this machine boasts 3D suction technology with an airtight sealing strip. A 30cm heating bar also ensures the machine completely seals your plastic bag with food inside.

You also have two modes to choose from – Gentle & Normal and Moist & Dry. You can then store and preserve any food type with this machine. As such, it is an investment worth considering.

Efficient high-speed motor.It can’t seal liquid foods.
Noise-free performance.It only has two modes.
It also vacuums canisters and wine stoppers.
Best Home Sous Vide Equipment Reviews

340Mm Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer

You can also seal your cooking steak (or any other food) with this vacuum sealer. It does an incredible job of vacuuming your food to give the food a long life!

To be more precise, your vacuumed food will stay eight times longer while in an excellent state. That is because this storage and food preservation method locks in the color and nutrients for a fresh meal even if you cook the food much later.

Besides sealing your meat, you can also seal vegetables, fruits, and marinated foods with this vacuum sealer. As such, it is versatile kitchen equipment for anyone looking to explore the sous vide cooking method.

The sealer is easy to operate, thanks to a single-touch button for sealing food in 6-10 seconds.

What’s more, the sealer also has an easy-to-open vacuum window for effortless food vacuuming. As a result, your sealed food will have no burn if you store it inside a refrigerator.

You only need to press the vacuum and seal bar together for the 3mm extra-wide seal strip to do its job. Therefore, this sealer is easy to operate.

Durability is something you can be sure to get from this vacuum sealer. And that is because it boasts high-quality ABS materials. Also, sealing efficiency is a guarantee, thanks to a 32cm heating rod.

You can seal your food in two modes: dry and wet. That means sealing any solid food, from steak to fruits. However, this is one of the sous vide machines that don’t vacuum plain bags even though it excellently seals them.

As such, you want to mind the sealer bag you’re planning to use.

Two modes of sealing.It doesn’t vacuum plain bags.
It extends food storage and preservation.It only has two modes.
High-quality materials.
Best Home Sous Vide Equipment Reviews

Aobosi 5 In 1 Automatic Food Sealer

This vacuum sealer excellently seals your fruits, meat, vegetables, or any other food that needs special sealing before cooking using a sous vide immersion circulator. You can also use this machine to seal fish and chicken before storage for later consumption.

Once you have placed the food in a plastic bag, this machine sucks the air out and seals the opening to make the plastic bag airtight. As a result, your food will have a longer shelf-life.

Besides, vacuuming your food in a plastic bag ensures the food doesn’t have freezer burns if you refrigerate it.

This home kitchen appliance is easy to use. It boasts a touchscreen panel with easy-to-use buttons. Also, it has LED indicators for guiding you every step of the way.

You also get two sealing modes – gentle and normal – for sealing your foods, depending on the food type.

And to ensure you seal your food properly, this machine boasts 3D suction technology. The machine has a 30cm heating rod for excellently sealing your food in a sous vide bag.

What’s more, the heating rod is 3mm wide for more sealing efficiency.

With this vacuum sealer, home cooks only wait for 12 seconds to seal their food. Then they can cook it to a precise time and temperature. Sous vide precision cooker will then come in handy when exploring sous vide cooking techniques.

Durability is a bonus as the vacuum sealer is ABS-made for shock-proof performance. This machine will serve you for sure whether you’re looking to vacuum and seal moist or dry food. As such, it is home sous vide equipment worth considering for reduced sous vide cook time.

Versatile usage.It does not vacuum some plastic bags.
Two selectable modes.Some users complain about durability.
3D suction technology.
Best Home Sous Vide Equipment Reviews

LORDSON Vacuum Sealer Handheld

This vacuum sealer is like no other since it is more portable and easier to use. If you opt for this vacuum sealer, you also receive non-toxic vacuum sealer bags. You can then seal foods such as snacks, candy, vegetables, meat, and fruits, to mention a few foods.

The vacuum sealer itself is rechargeable. And that makes it portable since you can charge the battery and carry it anywhere.

Besides vacuum sealing your foods, this device could also vacuum storage bags for your clothes, pillows, and quilts. As such, it is another versatile vacuum sealer.

This device comes with everything you need to start using it right out of the box. The package includes sealing clips, a silicone head, and air valves.

Also, you get a USB cable for charging the battery. Using the device is a no-brainer. You place your food in one of the included food vacuum bags and attach the silicone head to the vacuum sealer.

Then you suck out the air through the air valve on the vacuum bag using your vacuum sealer.

There is only one button on top of this device. Once you have attached the silicone head to the air valve, you will press the button to suck out the air.

The device will then seal the air valve once there is a vacuum inside the food vacuum bag. You can then spend the next 15 minutes cooking your food using the sous vide cooking technique.

It preserves the food 5× longer.It is only ideal for light-duty vacuum sealing.
It is rechargeable.It might not vacuum and seal other vacuum bags.
It is easy to operate.
Best Home Sous Vide Equipment Reviews

Dash Chef Series Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a complete sous vide equipment set, this package has everything you need. First, this package includes a hand pump. This equipment piece is easy to use since you only need to pump it to suck out air from the included ten sealer bags.

Second, you also get a sous vide cooking appliance that boasts stainless steel. This cooking appliance is very efficient, giving you gourmet-quality meals.

That’s because it has an LED screen with touch buttons for setting precise temperature and cooking time for your vegetables, meat, and fish. Of course, you can cook more foods with this sous vide cooking appliance.

You can set the temperature ranging from 104-194°F when cooking your meal. What’s more, this package also includes a recipe book to help you prepare some of your favorite foods.

Therefore, it offers more than many sous vide cooking equipment on the list.

Also, you can set the time from 10-72 minutes, depending on what your recipe says. One incredible advantage here is that this cooker has a large capacity.

The 85qt space is spacious enough for large families or picky eaters. It is an excellent sous vide bath for any meal and is worth the investment.

It includes a vacuum pump.Customer support is restricted to the US only.
Large cooking capacity.It takes a bit longer to raise the temperature.
Stainless steel material.
Best Home Sous Vide Equipment Reviews

How To Buy the Best Sous Vide Equipment

You will consider a few things when sourcing sous vide equipment for your kitchen. That’s because you want value for money by selecting the best equipment from a market with plenty of substandard sous vide equipment.

When buying sous vide equipment, be sure to check the following factors:

The Power Consumption

If you’re looking to do sous vide cooking, you should know how much electricity your preferred sous vide machine uses. Whether it is a vacuum sealer or sous vide cooker, it needs electric power to function. And that power comes at a cost.

The more power a sous vide machine consumes, the more money you will pay in energy bills. As such, you want to buy a sous vide machine that uses less electric power to function.

Usually, sous vide equipment needs 100 watts of electric power to function. But a few models require even more electric power. As such, check the wattage rating when shopping for a sous vide machine for cooking your preferred meals.

Of course, with more wattage comes a more powerful performance. The great news is you will use one of these machines in minutes, meaning they will not affect your monthly energy bills significantly.

So, if you’re looking for more vacuum sealing power, opt for high-wattage sous vide machines.

The Controls and Display

You also want to consider the controls and the display to get a sous vide machine that is easy to use. The sous vide machines we’ve reviewed have one-touch buttons for easy control.

Also, they have LED screens with indicators to guide you in your usage.

When looking for other sous vide machines, be sure to look for models with touchscreen buttons and LED displays for easy control and time and temperature.

Besides, you want sous vide equipment that you can use right out of the box. As such, look for models with no learning curve for easy control and data read.

The Cooking Capacity

For a complete set like the Dash Chef Series, you also want to check the cooking capacity. Of course, this sous vide cooker has an 8.5-quart cooking capacity, which is ideal for large families. But not everyone needs the extra firepower that this sous vide cooking machine presents.

That means considering your family size before buying any sous vide cooker. If you have a smaller family, you might want to step down from the impressive 8.5-quart capacity.

But for an extended family with far too many people to feed, consider looking for more cooking capacity. Therefore, always check the cooking capacity to know the capability of your preferred sous vide equipment.

You can then go ahead to buy a model after considering your cooking needs.

The Flow Rate

If you’re looking to sous vide using a sous vide immersion circulator, you will need to consider its flow rate before buying it. Manufacturers express the flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM).

An immersion circulator with a higher GPM cooks food to a more precise temperature. Also, such an immersion circulator raises the temperature of the water bath faster.

But a high GPM means the water evaporates faster from the water bath. Immersion circulators such as Anova precision cooker nano have a 5 liter per minute flow rate, making them very efficient at sous vide cooking.

Besides, it boasts a Bluetooth connection for pairing it with your smartphone so that you can monitor sous vide cooking by phone. Whenever you are looking to buy an immersion circulator, be sure to check its flow rate first before spending your hard-earned cash.

The Water Capacity

Sous vide cooking uses a water bath to cook your food to a precise temperature. Whether you are using an immersion circulator for cooking or looking to buy a sous vide cooker, you will have to consider the recommended water capacity for cooking your preferred food using the sous vide technique.

Many models have a 5-gallon capacity for sous vide cooking. But you can find models with a capacity lower or higher than this. So, you want to check the capacity first. A high capacity means cooking more food.

But a low capacity restricts you on the cooking capacity. Therefore, check the water capacity to ensure your preferred sous vide cooker model can cook for all the guests or family members.

The Recommended Water Levels

When adding water to a container for sous vide cooking using an immersion circulator, the water should be within given levels. Also, you will consider the level when adding water to your sous vide cooker.

Usually, there is minimum, and maximum water levels for efficient sous vide cooking.

And you want to ensure the water doesn’t go below the minimum level, and it also doesn’t exceed the maximum level. As such, keep the water level within the minimum and maximum levels before cooking.

Check the sous vide model to know the recommended water levels before buying it.

Attachment Clip or Clamp?

Immersion circulators hold onto the cooking vessel using a clip or a clamp. Whichever you choose, ensure it allows you to adjust the height of the unit. One immersion circulator with a camp is the Instant pot Accu slim.

It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to cook meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and eggs using the sous vide cooking technique.


What are the sous vide cooking techniques?

This cooking technique requires you to place food in a plastic bag, suck the air out and seal the opening before placing the whole plastic bag with food in a water bath preheated to a precise temperature.

Is it necessary to vacuum seal eggs before sous vide cooking?

No, it is not necessary to vacuum seal whole eggs with shells. You can place the eggs in the water bath to explore the sous vide cooking technique. The shell will itself act as an airtight seal to protect the yolk and egg white.

How much power do sous vide cookers use?

This depends on the model. For example, the Gourmia GSV138 Digital Sous Vide Machine uses 1200 Watts of electricity to function, while Anova Culinary Sous Vide only uses 750 Watts.

Therefore, electric power consumption depends on the model of your preferred sous vide cooker.

What is the benefit of vacuum-sealing food?

Vacuum sealing food could extend its shelf-life significantly. This practice could preserve food and make it stay up to 8× longer. What’s more, your food will lock in its color and nutrients.

And that means tasting yummy even after storing it for some time. Vacuum sealing food could also eliminate freezer burns. Therefore, it is an excellent food storage and preservation technique.

Can I charge my vacuum sealer?

Yes, you could recharge your vacuum sealer if the battery is rechargeable. A vacuum sealer such as LORDSON Vacuum Sealer is rechargeable.

It comes with a USB cable for adding more juice if the battery runs out of charge. You can find other vacuum sealers like it, which are portable enough if you move around a lot.

Wrap Up

Buying the best home sous vide equipment gives you value for money. The best sous vide appliances cook food to the exact level of doneness as restaurant-quality sous vide foods. Also, these appliances are durable, meaning they will serve you for an extended period.

But you will consider a few things when shopping for sous vide equipment. Fortunately, your search is shorter than before since we have presented you with a buyer’s guide.

Also, we have listed a few sous vide equipment that might be best for you. Consider investing in the best sous vide equipment and cook food like a pro within your kitchen space!

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