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Best Impact Wrench for Home Needs in 2021

If you’re a handy person who often works on your own car or maintains your home machinery yourself, you will most likely have a good air impact wrench in your toolbox. Here are the best impact wrench for home needs in 2021 review.

However, not all impact wrenches may be suitable for your home maintenance projects, and it is important to thoroughly assess your options to make sure you find the right one.

Keep reading to learn what an impact wrench is and the best one for your home maintenance needs.

What Is an Impact Wrench?

In short, an impact wrench is a power tool used for loosening or tightening various nuts and bolts. Impact wrenches have a hammering mechanism that provides strong, quick blows to bolts that would otherwise require extensive manual power to remove, making this tool suitable for even rusted or oversized bolts that are difficult to turn.

Impact wrenches are a common power tool in the automotive industry, but you can also use them for a variety of home maintenance tasks, including:

  • Car repairs
  • Removing wheels
  • Maintaining heavy equipment
  • Assembling products

There are also several different types of impact wrenches:

  • Corded (Electric): A corded impact wrench is electric, and therefore needs to be plugged into a power socket for use. They contain an electric motor that drives the hammer units, transferring its motion to the output shaft. The main con is that corded impact wrenches are not very portable, and you may be limited when it comes to where you can use them.
  • Cordless (Battery-powered): The main advantage of a cordless impact wrench is that it is highly portable, making it an easy tool to throw in the back of your trunk in case you ever need to perform a quick tire change. Unfortunately, the batteries in a cordless impact wrench can drain quickly, so that is something to keep ahead of.
  • Pneumatic: A pneumatic impact wrench is compressed air-powered and commonly used in the automotive industry. It is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t heat up, thanks to the circulating air compressor. The downside to pneumatic impact wrenches is that they need an air compressor, which may take away from the portability and efficiency of the tool.

A ½-inch impact wrench is the best choice, as it is versatile enough for general use, and it is the minimum recommended size for automotive tasks.

The Best Impact Wrench

When it comes to the best impact wrench, it’s best not to be frugal and to buy the best impact wrench that you can afford. The best impact wrenches will provide the right amount of nut busting torque (turning power) for the toughest jobs you intend to use it for.

Listed below are the 4 best impact wrenches for you to consider, based on their ratings and manufacturer quality.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench Kit with Detent Pin Anvil

The DEWALT 20V Max XR Cordless Impact Wrench can deliver up to 1,560 pounds of fastening torque, while the tool itself only weighs 3.5 pounds and omits the inconvenience of a long cord. The small size makes it ideal for small spaces.

Because it features precision control, this impact torque wrench pauses before impacting to help prevent overtightening. At 2,700 ipms, this tool works on even the toughest wood, masonry, and metal. The kit comes with batteries, which come with a 3-year service warranty and provide up to 10 amp-hours of capacity.

Ingersoll Rand 1/2″ 20V Cordless Impact Wrench

The Ingersoll Rand 1/2 inch 20V Cordless Impact wrench can deliver 1,500 pounds of torque and 1,000 pounds of maximum torque, giving it a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.

This impact wrench includes four modes: MAX power, mid-power, wrench tight, and hand tight, making it ideal for tackling almost any job, no matter how difficult. Its brushless motor delivers durability and efficiency, while its shadowless LED light wing is ideal for small and dark spaces.

Milwaukee 2854-20 M18 18V Fuel 3/8″ Compact Impact Wrench W/ Friction Ring

The Milwaukee 2854-20 M18 Impact Wrench promises to remove stubborn and high torque fasteners twice as fast as other similar impact wrenches. It is one of the most compact impact wrenches that you will find, as it only measures about 9 inches in length, making it another great option for small spaces.

Don’t let its compact size fool you: this impact wrench delivers 1,000 pounds of fastening torque and 1400 pounds torque. It also comes with several features, including a friction ring designed to ensure quick and easy socket changes, 4-mode drive control and premium rubber overmold to provide you with ultimate comfort during prolonged use.

ACDelco ANI405A-NK1 Pneumatic Heavy Duty Twin Hammer

The ACDelco ANI405A-NK1 Pneumatic Impact Wrench delivers 500 pounds of torque and offers 5-speed ups at up to 8,000 RPM, making it a versatile tool for many tasks. Slim yet sturdy, this pneumatic impact wrench proves to be durable and long-lasting thanks to its user-friendly design.

This impact wrench is lightweight with an ergonomic soft-grip handle to comfort your hands during long working hours. The design makes it easy to use and balance while helping to reduce vibration and fatigue. This pneumatic impact wrench also comes with lubricating oil and an air adapter hose.

Final Thoughts

The best impact wrench is one that you can use for your toughest home maintenance jobs, whether it be as complicated as putting in lag bolts for a new deck you are building or as simple as changing your tires. The right impact wrench can make many tasks for DIY enthusiasts much easier and more efficient. If you buy the best impact wrench the first time, chances are that you will not need to replace it for a while.

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