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Best Jigsaws of 2021 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

As a versatile, easy-to-use, and portable tool, a jigsaw deserves a place in everybody’s arsenal. But choosing the best one can be tricky. Learn more about the Best Jigsaws of 2021 complete reviews with comparisons so you never lose them again.

Some models offer a smooth cutting experience with minimal vibration, but others may jump all over the place and provide a subpar cut. To help you make an educated choice, this article features some of the best jigsaws.

There’s also a comprehensive buyers’ guide at the end, so you’ll be able to choose the Best Jigsaws that fits your budget and needs.

Best Jigsaws Reviews

Black + Decker BDEJS4C

Black + Decker is a tool manufacturer that needs little introduction. The company is famous for producing reliable gear for novice and veteran handyman – the BDEJS4C jigsaw is no different. With this in mind, the jigsaw in this review is geared more towards light to moderate users. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on power or cutting precision.

Product Highlights

The BDEJS4C is a corded jigsaw with a 4A motor. This should be more than enough power to cut through different types of wood, even if it’s a bit thicker.

The jigsaw features orbital blade action and variable cutting speed. Due to this, the BDEJS4C provides smooth precision cuts without splintering or wobble. You get a base plate that tilts to 45°, allowing you to cut bevels with ease.

The saw has an integrated blower to keep the dust away from your cutting surface. And there are four orbital presets that match different cutting scenarios. If you’re worried about fiddly blade changes, this Black + Decker has you covered.

The blade clamp is operated without additional tools, so you can quickly switch blades midway through your project. Speaking of which, the package comes with one wood-cutting blade included, and you get a hex key as well.

The Good

Measuring 4.4lbs and 3.6” x 8.9” x 10.7” this jigsaw is quite lightweight and portable. The cutting action is smooth with minimal to no vibrations. But bear in mind, vibrations may actually depend on the cutting material and your technique. Anyway, easy operation and well-designed grip are major highlights, in addition to reliable service.

The Bad 

In all frankness, there’s very little that doesn’t go in favor of this jigsaw. You’re purchasing a well-built tool from a reliable manufacturer. Plus, there’s a 1-year warranty included. But this jigsaw doesn’t come with a protective toolbox, though this isn’t a deal-breaker by any means.

Lightweight for easy handling.Small blade only suitable for the smallest jobs.
Battery-powered means no emissions.Have to remember to charge battery.
Comfortable grip.Battery may run out mid-job.
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SKIL JS314901 Corded Jig Saw

If you’re looking for a jigsaw that can handle a greater workload, this Skil might be right up your alley. Armed with a powerful motor and superior cutting capabilities, this tool will find a place in the workshops of more-demanding users.

Product Highlights

Equipped with a 6A motor, this unit is among the most powerful models in the top 5 jigsaws comparison. As such, it offers super-smooth cutting action and speed that’s hard to rival. And there’s no reason to stress about splintering or uneven cuts.

Aside from the powerful motor, the Skil features orbital cutting action. And there are four positions to control the orbital cut. To be exact, you can dial in the settings for speed or smooth cuts, depending on the material you’re cutting.

The speed trigger is also variable and adjusts to the speed of the cut. When it comes to compatible blades, the Skil takes U and T-shank blades. And you can change blades without any tools.

In a similar fashion, the saw’s footplate adjusts for different angles, and you can do it by hand. But this isn’t the end of user-friendly design. This model also has a tool rest, custom-designed to stop the blade from ruining your material.

The Good

Since hobby jigsaws are usually around 4A, the extra “horsepower” with this Skil is really handy. It allows for greater versatility of the saw and improves cutting precision. This model features a laser guide, so you don’t need to worry if you’re moving in a straight line or not. What’s more, the rubberized grip feels great in the hand and may help prevent fatigue.

The Bad

You’d be hard-pressed to find negative things about the Skil, and it really lives up to expectations. But this model is a bit bigger and heavier. If the extra weight and size are well compensated with superior ergonomics and very low vibration.

Great price.Can be difficult to start.
OxyPower technology for lower emissions.Lightweight & only suitable for smaller jobs.
Intertia chain brake for safety.Some buyers report idling issues.
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Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw

As hinted in the name, this Makita jigsaw has all the bells and whistles you might expect. It’s the most powerful unit in the top 5 jigsaws comparison chart and it comes with a lot of extras. More importantly, the tool has a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Product Highlights

With a 6.5A 500-3, 100 SPM motor, and 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting deliver faster and more accurate cuts in a variety of materials. In fact. the Makita top handle jig saw combines power and performance with reduced vibration and ease-of-use features. The result is a versatile Jigsaw ideal for a full range of cutting applications.

The Makita JV0600K is engineered with a powerful 6.5 AMP motor and a variable speed control dial (500 – 3,100 SPM) for optimal cutting performance in a variety of materials. The internal counterbalance system is engineered for reduced vibration and improved comfort, so the tool user gets top cutting performance with less vibration.

The die-cast aluminum base adjusts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees right or left with an on-board wrench for fast bevel adjustments.

The Good

The Makita JV0600K has three orbital settings plus straight cutting, and features an ergonomically-designed rubberized grip to provide more comfort and control. A through-the-body dust port for use with a vacuum provides efficient dust management. The saw also features a large trigger switch with lock-on button for extended use.

The Bad

As said, this jigsaw is in the great value for the money category and there are no real downsides to it. The plastic housing, however, could be of better quality. If this is a subjective observation and the machine feels well put together and sturdy.

Hefty 60cc engine.No tool-less chain tension adjustment.
Longer bar for big jobs.Buyers say controls feel a bit "flimsy".
LowVib anti-vibration system for easy handling.Considerably higher price.
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BOSCH JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw

German engineering and pedigree are hard to rival. The Bosch JS260 is one of the most reliable and durable jigsaws around. But it comes with a price that reflects the premium materials, motor, and design; you’re investing in a tool that may last for decades.

Product Highlights

This Bosch has a 6A motor, which might not sound like a lot, but it’s capable of up to 3,100 SPM. The machine has variable speed controls, and there’s a speed dial and an accelerator trigger. The jigsaw is orbital, of course, and there are four settings.

However, these features appear in most other jigsaws. But what makes the JS260 special? For starters, the Bosch has a precision-engineered plunging mechanism. This prevents damage to the cutting material, helps minimize vibrations, and provides better accuracy.

The jigsaw has a dust blower and it’s on at all times, but there’s no outlet to connect a vacuum cleaner. Be that as it may, the footplate is one of the main selling points. It’s fashioned from heavy-gauge steel, providing sturdiness that might be superior to some other models.

As for the blade clamp, it’s multidirectional and supports T-shanks only. For those who already have a collection of U-shank blades this is a drawback. But when you factor in the saw’s power, precision, and build quality, it’s a happy compromise.

The Good

Aside from getting a machine from one of the most renowned manufacturers, you’re buying a unit that’s built to last. At 5.3lbs and 4.2” x 10.1” x 13” is on the bigger and heavier side. But this isn’t surprising given the use of heavy-duty steel and other materials. And the JS260 is one of the most comfortable tools to use.

The Bad

This model doesn’t have any drawbacks. And the biggest limitation is that you can only use T-shanks. Then, it would be nice to have a laser guide, especially for this price point, but there isn’t one. Nevertheless, these don’t take away from the machine’s precision and cutting power.

Budget-friendly price.Shorter cutting bar makes bigger jobs difficult.
Reliable brand.Buyers report clutch cover is hard to remove.
Solid construction.Some buyers complain of flimsy choke switch.
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MILWAUKEE’S 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw

Whichever way you look at it, the Milwaukee is a small mean jigsaw machine. It’s super compact and lightweight, yet powerful enough to handle different projects with ease. More importantly, the M12 is the only battery-powered jigsaw on this list. Therefore, it wins some points for portability as well.

Product Highlights

Weighing only 3.8 lbs. and measuring 8” in length, you’ll hardly feel the M12 in your hand. That said, the weight doesn’t include the battery. But even when you add the battery, the jigsaw is still much lighter than most other models.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify the amperage, but the machine delivers up to 2,800 SPM. Due to this, it’s safe to assume that the motor is at a bit less than 6A. This jigsaw has the proprietary Hybrid Grip for better handling and ergonomics. And this design makes the triggering action more convenient.

The M12 includes a Quik-Lok, Milwaukee’s mechanism for tool-free blade switch. And this unit works with T-shank blades. You can tilt the footplate to 45°, and there’s a lock that secures the plate at 90°. This action is tool-free as well.

Being a cordless unit, the M12 features a fuel gauge that shows you how much juice is left in the battery. There’s also an LED to cast light onto the cut line and keep you from making wobbly cuts. Finally, a non-marring shoe safeguards your material and allows for a pristine finish.

The Good

Pistol-like grip and clever design are the main selling points of this jigsaw. Combine that with compactness and portability, and you’re getting a tool that can handle outdoor projects. For some users, the LED light might work better than a laser guide, but that’s a matter of personal preference. And yes, there is a counter-balancing mechanism to offset the vibrations.

The Bad

There’s nothing bad about this jigsaw, but it ships without the battery. Therefore, you’d need to factor in the cost of that unless you already have a compatible battery. Like some other jigsaws, the M12 works with T-shanks only and there are no accessories. But the manufacturer backs the product with a 5-year warranty.

Quieter than gas-powered models.Buyers complain of cheap plastic gears.
Longer blade for bigger jobs.Chain tensioner can be difficult to adjust.
Budget-friendly price.Low price means lower quality.
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Jigsaw Buyer’s Guide

By now, you’ve probably picked out one or two favorites from the top 5 jigsaws comparison chart. To help you zero in on the one for your needs, the following sections cover some of the most important characteristics. You’ll get a better understanding of different types, power, orbital settings, and more.

Types of Jigsaws

The industry differentiates two main types of jigsaws cordless and corded. The latter is hooked directly to a power outlet, and if you’re working outdoors, you’d probably need an auxiliary power cord.

The corded jigsaws tend to be more powerful and consume more energy. But you shouldn’t take this as a downside. These units usually provide a seamless cutting experience for longer periods of time.

Cordless jigsaws, on the other hand, are portable, lightweight, and may have a lower SPM. Nevertheless, they’re often the weapon of choice for tradesmen who are frequently on the road.


A jigsaw’s blade gets powered via a motor that delivers speed and vibration to the cutting element. SPM (strokes per minute) is the measurement of speed and most models offer around 3,000 SPM.

As a rule, commercial jigsaws have 6A motors, which are powerful enough to handle different kinds of wood and some metals. When it comes to metal, the blade also plays an important part. Simply put, you shouldn’t attempt to cut metal with a blade for wood.

However, 6A and 3,000 SPM are plenty powerful for both hobbyists and those who handle more demanding projects. Of course, there are models with higher amperage and SPM. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see any major improvements when the machine is in action.

Much the same way, clever engineering with some 4A jigsaws allows for SPM and precision found in more powerful units.

Orbital Settings

Orbital settings are there to help the blade remain in line with the circular movement. As a result, you’ll be able to cut straight lines much faster.

Commonly, there are between four and six orbital settings. And they allow you to zero in on the accuracy and speed as per your project demands. As indicated, the higher setting you choose the faster you’ll be able to saw.

And if you want a more accurate cut, dial down the settings to 0 or 1. The numbers are only exemplary, and the labeling could be different on the model you choose.

Handle Type

Without a doubt, handle type can make or break your sawing experience. There are two types of handles – top and barrel grip. But these rules aren’t set in stone and, for example, the Milwaukee M12 has a great pistol handle.

The majority of jigsaws actually come with a top handle that are very comfortable to use. The thing you should look for is an ergonomic rubberized grip. This makes the cutting action less strenuous for your hands and should prevent you from gripping the tool too hard.

As for barrel grip jigsaws, the handle doubles as a motor housing. Due to this, the saw has a lower center of gravity, thus greater accuracy. These units have an additional knob above the cutting head, so you can easily use the tool with two hands.

Choosing one or the other is a matter of personal preference if the top handle models might be more compact.


You won’t go wrong with any of the well-known brands, and the household names are Black + Decker, Milwaukee, and Bosch, to name but a few.

Each of the given brands has an entire line of jigsaws to meet the needs of any user. And what they offer is pretty much neck and neck. So, what are the differentiating factors you should consider?

First of all, you should check the jigsaw’s power and blade compatibility. Most brands work with T-shank blades and fall within the 4A-6A power range. But if you happen to have U-shank blades, the unit needs to support them as well.

Then there’s the design and compactness. Milwaukee, for example, has arguably the best design, and their models aren’t bulky. But Bosch isn’t far behind, and the German manufacture has some of the most comfortable tools you can find.

To make the right decision, weigh your sawing needs against the unique characteristics of a brand.

Jigsaws FAQs

How do you use a jigsaw to cut curves?

Cutting curves takes some preparation and practice. To begin, make sure you understand the properties of the material to zero-in on the orbital settings. The softer the material the higher the cutting speed, and vice versa.

That out of the way, make sure to secure the cutting surface onto your workbench so it doesn’t wobble or move. Otherwise, a very long plank might start jumping at you the moment you saw the first few inches.

Finally, trace out and measure the curve. And yes, you should measure three times and cut only once. While measuring, don’t forget to factor in the width of the blade. If this step is optional and may depend on the project you’re doing.

How to change a jigsaw blade

If your jigsaw features a tool-free mechanism, changing blades is a walk in the park. There’s usually a switch or a dial you need to pull to release the blade. Then you insert the blade back into the slot and push the dial or the switch back.

Some jigsaws click when the blade is inserted to signal it’s gone all the way up. But this doesn’t mean the blade is secure, you still need to return the locking mechanism to its original position.

How do you use a jigsaw to cut a straight line?

When cutting a straight line, the same precautions apply as if you’re cutting curves. The tricky part is to remain on the line and trace it at a 90° angle. To minimize the chance for error, it’s best to use some sort of a laser guide.

You start from the lower section of the cutting material and work your way up. It’s also advisable to pull the trigger half an inch before the blade meets the material to avoid splintering. And don’t angle the footplate believing it’ll make the cutting easier.

What is a jigsaw tool?

A jigsaw is a power tool that consists of a reciprocating blade, electric motor, and plastic housing. The tool also has a pivoting footplate to cut bezels and create miter joints. But this is something you probably already know.

What’s interesting is the jigsaw’s origin. In the mid-twentieth century, a Swiss engineer switched the needle on a sewing machine with a blade to create the world’s first jigsaw. The idea soon turned into a company that was later obtained by Bosch.

Can a jigsaw cut 2×4?

Yes, you can cut 2×4 with a jigsaw, but there are certain criteria to be met.

Keep the flex and drift at a minimum and you need a powerful saw and specific blade. The blade’s tooth count should be ten or lower. Blades for thick wood usually have a wide kerf and lower TPI, so you should expect a rough cut.

Final Verdict

No matter which tool from the top 5 jigsaw comparison chart you select, you won’t be making the wrong choice. But which one has the optimal balance of price, cutting power, and compactness?

The Black + Decker BDEJS4C is the jigsaw that ticks all the right boxes. It has a 4A motor, orbital controls, and it’s ready to use right out of the box. What’s more, it’s among the most comfortable and compact u

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