How to Choose the Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

How to Choose the Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

Deciding which is the best long range wireless security camera system takes some research. Most people who want this are looking for an outdoor camera that can see as well as record clear videos of long-distance areas from where they are installed. A good home security system can be used to keep an eye on a barn, farm area, long driveways, large property or parking lots and need to be able to allow a clear look at faces, car details and license plates. The best long range wireless security system needs to include night vision as well, so it works 24 hours per day.

Learning what to look for in a long range wireless security camera system

There are four things that you need to look at when learning how to choose the best long range wireless camera: High Definition (HD), solid night vision, an optical zoom lens and the quality of the long range wireless.

1. High Definition (HD)

Security camera technology gets better with each new camera release. There are brands of long range CCTV cameras that now have high definition in the range or 1080p, 4MP and some even have 4K. There is no comparison between these newer cameras and the older digital surveillance ones. The new cameras can get images and videos that show lots of detail even from a long distance.

Determining what definition you’ll need is part of choosing a camera. Knowing if 1080p is enough to get the information you need from your cameras is important. Can you see a license plate or people’s faces at 150-200 meters away? You want to determine the pixels per foot (PPF) of the camera you are looking at then you can understand how far a camera is able tosee.

Determining the PPF is done by taking the camera’s resolution height (height pixels) and divide it by the field of view. This will give you the PPF. The camera you choose should have at least 40PPF if you are hoping to be able to see faces clearly or perhaps a license plate.

2. Night Vision

While it is important to have good daytime video quality, the night is even more important. However, it is tougher in places that are more rural or have no nighttime lighting. You want a wireless security camera that gives you good pictures and videos in low light or no light conditions. Most long range cameras tend to have IR lights built-in,but the higher the number and the better the quality of those lights, then the better the camera will see in dark conditions.

3. Optical Zoom Lens

A good outdoor security camera should have a varifocal zoom lens. This is much better than one that has a fixed lens. The varifocal will allow the viewer to zoom in for better detail as well as zooming out to get a wider perspective on the view. Optical zoom is better than a digital one, as the optical zoom will give a better video quality. 4X optical zoom featuring a 2.8mm-12mm zoom lens with an extended viewing angle is a great feature. When deciding on which camera is best for you, assess how large of an outdoor area it will be covering. 4X optical zoom should be good for most. Adding in pan and tilt can be an added benefit as well.

4. Wi-Fi Range

Many users prefer wireless outdoor security cameras over hard-wired ones. However, you have to make sure the camera that is chosen has good signal strength and connectivity. Dual-band wireless cameras are great for both. They have long range radio signals as well as good video transmission for over 250’. These cameras can be installed anywhere a Wi-Fi signal will reach. There are also ways to deal with interference as well as boosting a signal. The other option is a 4G cell security camera, so it is working off cell signals rather than Wi-Fi.

Best long range wireless security camera system

Reolink GoThe #1 best long range wireless security camera system

This is a great security camera system with lots of good features. It has 1080p full HD, 33’ Night vision, an optical zoom lens that covers 100 degrees and is wireless. It has 3G and 4G-LTE capabilities and runs on battery power that can be solar-powered or charged by a 5V 2A phone adapter. There are no wires and no worries around having to find power outlets. It is weatherproof and can withstand varying temperatures. This system’s ability to use alternative methods of power means that you are never without it even in a power outage. If it is using solar power, you are not beholden to the grid. This is a great system for a good price.

YESKAMO Long Range Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System

This camera system has a spotlight and alarm, so it is not only watching out for intruders but warning them away. It records and has dual motion sensors, so you won’t have repetitive false alarms. It has an email alert and phone app notification when something triggers it. The camera is 1080p that HD and has two-way audio. It is waterproof and offers 100 feet of night vision. They have extenders to enhance the signal if the cameras are placed farther out. Good qualities for mid-range areas.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Outdoor PTZ IP Camera

If you want a solid wireless camera with a clear long range vision, then this one will work well. It has a 1080P HD camera with an adjustable viewing angle. It works in all types of weather and can see up to almost 350’ away. It has low light capability and night vision. It is dual-band Wi-Fi, making monitoring easy. It accesses cloud storage and has wireless AES/WPA2 encryption. This is a great camera for security needs.

Final Thoughts

The biggest problem with many home security systems is they are either hardwired or have little ability to work any distance away from the building itself. These long range cameras overcome these issues and work well in areas that are usually less visible.When you understand how to choose the best long range wireless security camera system, your focus should fall to a camera system like Reolink Go. They are a little more expensive than the average system,but thegood quality cameras with multiple charging options are well worth the peace of mind that comes from it.

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