How to Choose the Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

How to Choose the Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

A long range wireless security camera with night vision can see up to 100 feet away at night. Some security cameras even feature colored night vision for accurate object identification, even in the complete cover of darkness.

And with their wireless connectivity, the security cameras auto-pair with the NVR to record security videos without requiring wires.

But if you decide to go with wired security cameras, you can hide their wires for a neat-looking installation!

Therefore, installing wireless security cameras is hassle-free and takes a short time. Here’s how to choose the best long range wireless security camera system.

If you’re looking to bolster home security, you want to invest in a long range wireless camera. Such a camera allows you to monitor your property around the clock.

We can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to choose the best long-range security cameras. You want to do this to get the best surveillance around your home.

But there’s one problem: the market has plenty of security cameras, and not all of them are best for you.

If you’re looking for the best wireless security camera system for your home, you’ve come to the right place!

We will take you through some wireless security cameras that might suit you better based on their cutting-edge features and exceptional performances.

Also, we will take you through some features to consider when sourcing security cameras for your home. So, be sure to read on for more information.

Best long range wireless security camera system

YESKAMO Long Range Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System

YESKAMO Long Range is a complete set of 4 security cameras with a monitor and storage device. Although you get 4 security cameras, you can expand video surveillance around your home by adding 4 additional security cameras to the setup.

And this gives you a better view of the entire home.

The security cameras have 3MP UHD lenses for capturing exceptional video quality. Also, the cameras feature floodlights. A smart PIR motion sensor activates the floodlight when it picks up motion in front of the camera.

As a result, the built-in siren alarm and floodlight scare away the intruder for added home security. The PIR motion sensor is so accurate, thus eliminating false alarms.

Also, your outdoor security cameras come with a 16-inch monitor. The monitor also boasts a 1080P screen resolution for watching clear video feed quality.

Also, this monitor features an HDMI port for a live view of the security feed on a bigger screen. The casing is high-quality for durable performance. Also, the monitor features a metallic detachable holder.

Besides boasting 3MP lenses, the surveillance cameras have a 100° view angle. Also, the cameras feature 2-way communication.

Since LED floodlights illuminate the monitored area, you can see objects up to 100 feet away at night. And this makes each long range security camera effective even at night.

The security cameras are wireless for hassle-free installation. They boast an IP66 waterproof casing to monitor your home in any weather.

You also get a 2TB video recorder for storing your security footage. The wireless security camera system automatically pairs, allowing you to plug and play for easy usage.

If you require long-range security cameras that can see up to 100 feet away, you have this set to pick.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions15.7 x 7.8 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight12.17 pounds
Camera Resolution1080p
Audio2 Way Audio
Storage Capacity2TB
2-way audio communication.It only includes 4 cameras.
Highly accurate motion detection.Unresponsive customer support.
Wireless connectivity.
Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System Reviews

Vosker V200 Cellular Security Camera Built-in Solar Panel

VOSKER V200 CELLULAR SECURITY CAMERA is a stand-alone long range wireless camera that monitors your home in any weather. Since you will leave it outside after installation, it will need to handle any weather outdoors.

Fortunately, it boasts an excellent IP65 weatherproof rating to work optimally under any weather. 

This stand-alone range wireless security camera also features a built-in solar panel. This solar panel is on top of the unit for maximum solar energy absorption.

And this makes the security camera ideal for monitoring off-grid homes.

The unit requires 8 AA batteries to function. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the batteries. And that means you will spend a few more bucks on batteries.

The security camera includes an 8GB SD card for storing the recorded security videos. 

The camera boasts a cutting-edge AI to identify your guests accurately. You will then receive security alerts direct to your smartphone via the VOSKER app.

The security camera uses 4G-LTE wireless connectivity to send you notifications in real time. It included a sim card for this particular function. As such, you can keep a close tab on your home remotely.

As you’d expect from a long range wireless security camera, the unit detects motion up to 100 feet away. Only a handful of motion sensors boast this range, meaning the unit qualifies as one of the best long-range cameras to pick.

If you’re looking for a security camera that is easy to install and monitors your property round the clock, you have this camera to pick.

Model NumberVSKV200US
Product Dimensions1.29 x 1.73 x 2.9 inches
Item Weight1 pounds
Camera Resolution1920×1080
Storage Capacity32Gb
Built-in solar panel.It doesn't include AA batteries.
Long-range motion detection.It doesn't work in extreme weather.
AI image recognition.
Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System Reviews

EverGrow Wireless Security Dual Mode Camera System

EVERGROW WIRELESS SECURITY cameras are wireless to ease the installation process. Once you’ve mounted them onto a wall, they connect to the NVR wirelessly.

The security cameras feature 3.6mm lenses that record videos and images at 2304 × 1296p resolution. The result of this is unmatched picture clarity.

Also, the security cameras boast IP66 weatherproof rating to work under any weather. The cameras feature PIR motion sensors to detect movements on your lawn with accuracy.

PIR technology is so accurate that it eliminates false alarms. As a result, you will only get accurate snapshot email alerts to your smartphone or tablet.

Your eight cameras feature built-in microphones and speakers. That means they allow you to communicate with your guests remotely.

2-way audio communication is a feature you could use to give instructions to guests, and it’s a good thing the security cameras have it.

Since the cameras also boast night vision, you can monitor your home 24/7. The NVR boasts a whopping 1TB storage space. As a result, it keeps the security feeds for ten days.

Even though the IP cameras are wireless, you will still connect them to a power supply.

The NVR is dual-band to connect to different Wi-Fi frequencies. Then it allows you to access recorded videos via an app remotely. The cameras can even directly connect to your home network, allowing you to view live feeds.

The security cameras monitor your home day and night and can see up to 98 feet away at night. Therefore, they are another long-range security camera option.

Model NumberCAM-WIFI-8CH-A-2MP
Product Dimensions14 x 8 x 16 inches
Item Weight12.97 pounds
Camera Resolution1296p
Audio2 Way Audio
Storage Capacity1TB Hard Drive
1080P FHD video recording.It has troubleshooting issues.
Long-range color night vision.Non-existent tech support.
2-way communication.
Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System Reviews

Hiseeu 2K Wireless Security Camera System

Hiseeu 2K Wireless Security Camera System comprises a set of 8 security cameras. The security cameras boast unrivaled 2K Ultra-HD lenses for capturing videos and images in exceptional quality.

What’s more, the cameras feature LEDs for illuminating the monitored area at night. As a result, they see up to 65 feet away. 

The cameras even feature AI human detection for precise motion detection. Since the AI technology is very accurate, you will receive accurate alarms if the cameras see anyone on your property.

The cameras also take on any weather since their casing meets the IP66 weatherproof rating. And that means monitoring your home around the clock in any weather.

The security cameras connect wirelessly to a 3TB NVR for hassle-free installation. However, they only connect via a Wi-Fi network 2.4GHz. Another downside would be the one-way audio communication.

And that means you can’t get an audio response from your visitor.

The NVR also connects to your home network wirelessly. You can then access the recorded videos remotely from a smartphone or iPad. Of course, you will download the free EseeCloud app on your control panel.

With an ample 3TB HDD, the NVR records security videos for 50 days, thanks to H.265+ video compression.

If you require a set of 8 security cameras looking in every direction, you can pick this long-range security system. The cameras hold up well under any weather, and they are easy to install.

Model NumberWKIT-8HB612-3T
Product Dimensions6.73 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches
Item Weight13.27 pounds
Camera Resolution1296P
Audio2 way Audio
Storage Capacity3TB Hard Drive
2k UHD video recording.One-way communication.
65 feet long-range motion detection.The app doesn't allow for rewind.
AI human detection technology.
Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System Reviews

xmartO 8CH 1080p HD Outdoor Wireless Security Surveillance Camera System

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XMARTO 8CH 1080P HD cameras are 8 in number, allowing you to monitor all the areas you need to keep under the radar. The cameras boast a 1080P resolution for high-quality video recording.

The recorded videos retain exceptional quality even at night. As such, these are security cameras you also want to consider having within your home.

The night vision performance is incredible; you can see objects up to 80 feet away at night. Even though the cameras don’t feature 2-way audio communication, they still allow you to connect an external microphone to audio monitor the surroundings.

And to handle the weather outdoors better, each camera meets IP66 weather-resistant rating.

The cameras also feature motion sensors to alert you to any intrusion. You can be sure to receive email alerts if the cameras pick up motion within the monitored zones.

The mobile app on your smartphone allows you to receive messages about your home security.

The featured NVR has a whopping 2TB storage space. Since this NVR has a Wi-Fi router built-in, your cameras auto-pair with it from greater distances.

Therefore, the system establishes long-range wireless connectivity for hassle-free video recording and setup.

Wireless connectivity also ensures you can remotely playback the recorded security videos from your control panel. You only have to connect the cameras and the NVR to a power supply, and they auto-pair.

And that makes installation a lot easier. Therefore, consider this security camera set.

Model NumberWPS2088-2TB
Product Dimensions10.8 x 13.2 x 11 inches
Item Weight0.176 ounces
Camera Resolution1080p
Audio2 Way Audio
Storage Capacity2TB
1080P HD video recording.Motion sensors aren't very sensitive.
2TB HDD NVR.No built-in microphones.
Efficient remote access.
Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System Reviews

How To Choose the Best Long Range Security Cameras

You will check for some features to get the best outdoor security cameras for surveilling your home. Besides checking for wireless connectivity, you also want to check features such as long range surveillance, weatherproof rating, night vision, and motion sensors.

More information about these features and a few more is in the buyer’s guide below:

Two-Way Audio Communication

Two-way audio communication is a standard feature in the best long range wireless camera. It allows you to communicate with your visitors and get audio feedback.

Security cameras with this feature have a microphone and speaker built-in. 

The microphone records audio, allowing you to hear the surrounding sound. On the other hand, the built-in speaker communicates your spoken words to the visitors.

As a result, you will communicate effectively with your guests. Since this feature allows you to pass a message across to the package delivery agent, you want to pick wireless cameras with this feature.

Night Vision

The goal is to monitor your home 24/7. And that means monitoring your precious investment even at night (yes, your home is an investment you want to protect at all costs).

A security camera with night vision and incredible optical zoom can monitor your home in the complete cover of darkness.

As such, you want to pick security cameras with night vision. What’s more, some security cameras even feature colored night vision for more accurate object identification at night.

These are the security cameras to prioritize. 

Besides going for colored night vision, you want to check the night vision range. Some security cameras can see up to 100 feet away at night, qualifying them as long range wireless security cameras.

Also, these are the cameras you want to prioritize. In summary, you want to prioritize long-range and colored night vision cameras when shopping.

Weatherproof Rating

You will mount your wireless security cameras on the wall outside and leave them to survey your home. Since they will face the rough outdoors, they should be weatherproof.

But how do you pick weatherproof security cameras from a market flooded with these home devices?

Well, you will check the IP rating. Weatherproof security cameras boast IP65 and above rating. Such cameras have a casing that prevents moisture entry into the delicate components.

As a result, they work exceptionally fine even when it is raining. Weatherproof design is essential for optimal performance under any weather. Therefore, check for IP rating to ensure it stands at an incredible IP65.

You can also pick security cameras with higher IP ratings for the best performance under different atmospheric conditions.

The Camera Resolution

The resolution plays a crucial role in making the recorded videos crystal clear. A security camera with a higher resolution records clearer videos than a camera with a lower resolution.

But high-resolution videos take up more space. As such, your NVR will need to boast more storage space.

You want to pick security cameras with at least 1080P resolution or something much higher than this, like a 2K resolution. Such cameras record clearer videos, allowing you to make out objects in the frames.

You could also check the megapixels, but this doesn’t affect the resolution as many people might think.

But more megapixels mean better optical zoom while retaining picture clarity. As such, you also want to pay attention to the megapixel rating of the security cameras

. A 3MP lens works excellently. But you can always aim higher for better picture clarity even after cropping the final picture. Of course, there are a few more features you will check for when buying security cameras

Field of View

Security camera lenses can monitor a given area at once, but this depends on their field of view. Wide-angle lenses monitor wider areas. Usually, the field of view is in degrees.

The higher the degree ratings, the wider the field of view. Some lenses feature only a 100° field of view. But some lenses boast a whopping 180° field of view.

You want to consider the field of view when shopping for security cameras. Specifically, you want wider fields of view to monitor your property from all angles possible.

Since you have a 100° – 180° range to choose from, you want to go for the highest field of view possible. You can pick megapixel security cameras as they have wider fields of view.

Motion Detection Capability

Security cameras keep an eye on your property when you’re away. They look into directions you set them to look and record everything that happens. Also, they allow you to monitor live events.

But not every event is worth your attention. You only want to pay attention to events such as intrusion or vandalism.

Motion detection alerts you to the intrusion that could lead to vandalism or loss of property. As such, you want to ensure your preferred security cameras have motion sensors.

Also, you can check to see if the security cameras feature built-in speakers to sound a siren alarm. 

But that’s not all – you also want to check the motion detection technology. Security cameras with passive infrared sensors are very accurate. Some with AI human detection are even more accurate.

They don’t trigger false alarms resulting from false motion triggers like passing vehicles or wind. Therefore, consider security cameras with PIR or AI human detection technology.

NVR Storage Size

Some security cameras such as VOSKER V200, come as stand-alone units. But many cameras come as a set, including a network video recorder (NVR) for recording the security videos.

You can then access the recordings remotely via a control panel or a monitor.

Therefore, the NVR is an essential component of a security camera as it stores recorded footage. That means you have to consider its storage size before buying the security camera set.

The more space the NVR boasts, the more video files it can store. You can find NVR storage sizes ranging from 1TB to over 100TB (though these storage units come at a premium price).

If you want to store high-resolution videos, your NVR will require more space. So, consider going for NVR with above 2TB of space if you want to store more security files over an extended period. 

Wireless Connectivity

Security cameras communicate with the NVR through Wi-Fi if they boast a wireless design. At least this makes installation a lot easier since you will not lay down the wires.

The NVR then records what security cameras see. Accessing the NVR from anywhere is possible via a dedicated mobile app.

Since wireless connectivity makes installation very easy, you want to invest in a wireless security camera system. Also, you want to pick security cameras that can connect to the NVR wirelessly from far out.

These long range security cameras maintain the wireless connection for an efficiently working security system. 

The Power Supply

Even though your wireless security cameras connect wirelessly to the NVR, they still need a power supply to function.

Security cameras such as Sequro Guardpro and many others in this review require a power adapter to connect them to a power supply. 

On the other side, some security cameras require batteries to function. A good example, in this case, would be the VOSKER V200. That means you will consider the power supply before buying security cameras.

Battery-powered cameras with a solar panel suit off-grid homes best.


How much resolution do my security cameras need?

Your security cameras need at least 1080P resolution to record crisp security videos. Security cameras with 2MP feature 1920 × 1080 pixels horizontally and vertically, respectively.

These security cameras allow you to have clear videos. You could also choose 4MP cameras that boast 1440P resolution, 5MP cameras with 1920P, or 8MP security cameras boasting a whopping 2160P resolution.

The higher the resolution, the better the video clarity.

How far away do I install my wireless security cameras?

Wireless security cameras should be within a given range to maintain their wireless connection to the NVR. Usually, they connect wirelessly to the NVR up to 300 meters out.

So, you want to keep your security cameras within this radius. Of course, this range varies. As such, check your security cameras for radius range before installing them.

Can security cameras see objects through the rain?

Yes, some special security cameras can see objects through the rain, fog, and even smoke. Specifically, thermal security cameras boast this capability.

If you’re looking for the best surveillance under such atmospheric conditions, you want to invest in the best thermal security cameras.

How far does a long range wireless camera see?

Your long range wireless camera could see up to 100 feet away at night. That means you can spot potential intruders before they pose any danger.

As such, you should invest in long range wireless security cameras.

Wrap Up

A long range wireless camera is what you need to monitor your home or property around the clock. It connects wirelessly from far out to your NVR, allowing the NVR to record every event.

Also, the security camera can connect to your home network from a great distance to allow you to view live feeds from a mobile app. And with the motion detection capability, the camera alerts you to potential dangers.

As a result, you will take action when you still can.

A wireless security camera system is a worthwhile investment, and you want to choose the best system on the market.

Fortunately, that’s easier than before since we have included a buyer’s guide to help you out. You can also check the cameras we have reviewed to see which ones suit your needs best.

If you want to keep an eye on your home regardless of your location, you should invest in the long range wireless security camera system.

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