The Best Massage Shower Head on the Market

The Best Massage Shower Head on the Market

After a long, stressful day, there’s nothing better than taking a long, hot shower — except for taking a long, hot shower that feels like a massage.

There are a lot of options out there if you’re looking for a massage showerhead, and it can be difficult to choose. How do you figure out which is the best massage shower head for your bathroom?

Well, you’re in the right place because we did the hard work for you. We found the best massage shower head on the market and we’re going to show you exactly why it’s so amazing.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Waterpik Twin Turbo PowerPulse Massage Shower Head to understand what makes it the best.

The Waterpik Twin Turbo PowerPulse Massage Shower Head

Diameter: 4.5 inches

Gallons Per Minute: 2.5 GPM

Spray Modes: Full Body Spray, Full Body Spray + Twin Massage, Twin Massage, PowerSpray, Twin Massage + PowerSpray, Advanced Mist + PowerSpray

Finishes: Chrome

History of the Brand Waterpik

Waterpik is an American company. It started as Aqua Tec Corporation in 1962. Waterpik’s very first product was an oral irrigator which has become synonymous with the word Waterpik.

Their biggest moneymaker is now their pulsating shower headline and for good reason.

Waterpik PowerPulse’s Spray Modes


Full Body Spray: The first of six spray modes is the Full Body Spray. Both shower jets spray full force to cover your body.

There won’t be a spot the shower head doesn’t reach. 

Twin Massage: The Twin Massage spray mode is a spray that gives you a light massage. It’s perfect for sensitive muscles.

It’s also perfect for a long and stressful day at work.

Full Body Spray + Twin Massage:  This spray mode gives you the best of both worlds. You receive a Full Body Spray to make washing yourself easier.

Plus, you get the light massage to relax your body.

PowerSpray: PowerSpray gives you an advanced and tougher massage. This mode creates a full blast spray for those aching muscles.

It’ll blast away all those knots you’ve been carrying around in your neck and back.

Twin Massage + PowerSpray: With this spray mode, you get a mixture of a soft massage and a hard massage. It goes all out.

Advanced Mist + PowerSpray: This spray mode gives you that full massage. The type that massages away all that stress. It also gives you a nice mist, like it’s raining.

Other features

OptiFLOW Technology: WaterPik’s OptiFLOW technology improves water force in your shower head.

It works by efficiently channeling, including at low water pressure. It gives you 30% more water force than your average showerhead. 

Spray Disc: The spray disc on this shower head is 4.25 inches. It has twin turbojets so you get double the spray and pulse.

Nozzle: The nozzle is anti-clog which is a bonus. It also makes cleaning the nozzle a lot easier on you down the road.

Fewer calcium deposits will build up in the nozzle, ruining your water and water pressure.


Hand-Held: This is not a fixed shower head. It has a five-foot chrome hose that lets you rinse all over your body.

You have five feet to stretch the hose out which comes in handy for bathing kids.

Flexibility: Since it’s a hand-heldit’s super flexible and easy to use. You won’t struggle to get the showerhead in the direction you need for the best massaging effects.

The flexibility is great with such an easy-to-maneuver shower head.

Durability: The majority of this shower head is made of chrome. Chrome is a lot more of a heavy-duty metal than people realize.

First, it’s perfect for showers and wet environments. It doesn’t corrode from frequent exposure to water.

Chrome is also tough and durable. It can take a beating without falling apart. And it still keeps it lightweight.

You won’t need to replace this shower head for a long, long time. Which is great considering the affordable price.



  • The hose to this shower head is made of rubber. We don’t trust the quality of a rubber hose and it’s uncomfortable to use. You can replace it with a hose from better material.
  • The mist setting needs improvement. Waterpik is slacking with this model compared to other shower heads on the market.
  • The spray disc is only 4.5 inches in width. We prefer a wider spray disc when possible. The hand-held feature makes this issue a little easier. You can still get to all your nooks and crevices.

Our Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The bottom line 

This Waterpik Twin Turbo PowerPulse is the best massage shower head on the market right now, hands down. It has a sleek design that looks attractive in any bathroom, no matter the bathroom.

But it doesn’t end there. The high-quality chrome makes it durable and free from corrosion. The OptiFLOW technology feature makes it stand out from all other showerheads.

It’s easy to clean and has good flow and a wonderful massage while also being water saving.

While this water-saving showerhead may be such a high-quality shower head, It’s at an affordable price.

This massaging shower head was designed to last a long time without losing its quality. It’s a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality massage shower head.

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And if you’re embarking on a full bathroom renovation, find inspiration with our 4 Shower Wall Material Ideas.

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